Mythos Daemonium
(Lux Inframundis Productions)

OK, first things first for those uninitiated with this band. The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Daniel Corchado (THE CHASM), he also contributed some synths to this record. Main composer Roberto Valle also has strong connections with THE CHASM and played in the cult Mexican Death Metal horde CENOTAPH. And the drummer Antonio Leon also beats the skins in THE CHASM. Now onto the actual record… It consists of 6 lengthy compositions which could be described as raw sounding, richly layered symphonies of dark atmospheric Metal with strong influences from Heavy and Death Metal. Tempos are usually kept at mid-pace, but there’s just enough variation to keep you hooked throughout the whole record. It sounds very dynamic and well-prepared, you can feel and hear the hard work that went into creation and production of “Mythos Daemonium”. This is NOT a cut-and-paste, dime-a-dozen, run-of-the-mill crap filling today’s overcrowded scene. Closest comparisons besides strong THE CHASM connection, would be DISSECTION with some majestic BATHORY moments, but THY ONLY FORGOTTEN has a very strong identity of their own, so don’t rely on my name dropping too much, hehe. I have to mention ‘Of Eternal Tolls’, the fastest and most varied track, bearing the old school Death Metal torch forward. Very fast start, assaulting breakdown into an evil-sounding midpart which then keeps unfolding and draging you into the deepest pits of Hell. Another favourite is the closing ‘Dark Angel Of The Four Winds’ – an almost 9 minutes crushingly chilling opus of highest calibre Heavy Metal… of Death! In fact every track has something interesting to offer and I could go on describing them here, but I’d rather say that if you like your Metal heavy and dark, with punishing drum cannonades, occasional chant, majestic riffs and demonic vocals drenched in reverb and delay, coming as yet another instrument rather than being put into central focus, then be sure to get this limited EP as soon as possible (out December 2009). because devilish gems like this don’t come out too often. Highly recommended! Contacts:,

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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