Skaftafell: The Conjunction Of The Elements

The second album in less than a year’s time from this French Black Metal one-man-army and "Skaftafell" or Act II begins where "To Usthenjokull" ended. This time our protagonist is still traveling through time and space dimensions on a flying Drakkar. Arriving in a lonely valley where Ouros the Master of Time calls the 4 Elements to destroy and start a new world. Sounds kind of comic book doesn’t it? The Fantastic Four or something. Anyhow I digress…The Drakkar or ship our hero rides, passes through this cataclysm and finally arrives in a doomed place where the human civilization, who are damned to live eternally, have settled and now call home. This CD tells about the eternal and extreme cycle of nature and the pathetic side of human beings. Seven songs of this pure madness are here for the undiscerning Black Metal patriot and for those that are willing, Meltear, the force that is behind USTHEN, is looking across the globe for an international promotional and / or label deal for these two albums. If you can assist than get in contact. USTHEN is strictly for fans of newer DARKTHRONE, GRAVELAND, ENSLAVED, UNHOLY, EDGE OF SANITY, DEATH, BATHORY and of course ARCTURUS. Contact: Florian "Meltear" Decroix or

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

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