The Executioner
(Helldprod Records)

VECTIS ("crowbar" in Latin) is a young band (literally, as the guys are still teenagers) from the north of Portugal. For some reason, most younger bands in the country tend to play Death or Black Metal, Metalcore / PANTERA influenced modern Metal, or now other forms of symphonic stuff, weird fusions and such. There is nearly no old school Black / Thrash Metal at all, so it was a big surprise to come across these very young dudes playing what can be best described as a sort of SODOM – worship, era "In The Sign Of Evil" (including chaotic off tempo drumming and low-fi production). VECTIS were formed in 2018, and this year they released this debut demo tape, with less than ten minutes of music that nevertheless impressed me. Pressing play, and after an intro of a mood-setting antichristian nature, we are taken on to the three tracks included in "The Executioner". The tape does not include the lyrics but judging from ‘Bastard Son Of God’ (whose lyrics they published online) and what I can hear from the other songs, the themes are very blasphemous and pretty much along the lines of, say, SARCÓFAGO’s "I.N.R.I." album (minus the evil broken English). My favourite track is maybe ‘Warriors Of Hell’ but I hesitate because all three songs are pretty much on the same level. Other than that, the vocals are fine and aggressive, the guitar leads are actually simple but slick, together with hellraising guitar riffs and rhythm section. They were a trio when they recorded this tape, but meanwhile got a bass player. Listen to the guys and know more at;

Ricardo Campos

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