Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum
(Infernus Rex)

In case you want a lesson on how to ruin a fantastic record, ask the guy (yes, he is alone) in the French VOCIFERIAN, he can give you good tips if one judges from the outcome of this mini-effort. Indeed, don’t get fooled by the running time indicated above, because half of this CD is occupied by an atrocious noisy “experiment” paradoxically bearing the title track, as if it heralds the whole VOCIFERIAN concept. That leaves us with four real tracks, and these are truly fantastic. To give you an idea, mix DAMNATION (the Polish one, “Coronation” era), ANTAEUS (“Cut Your Flesh…” era) plus a touch of MOLESTED (the magnificent “Blod-Draum”) and you will get a fair representation of what classy VOCIFERIAN can be. The song structures verges towards complexity without crossing the border of useless complication, the production is raw to the bone and clear as crystal at the same time, the vocals reminds me those of Oystein G. Brun (in MOLESTED), so what more can we expect? Well, simply a full length made with at least eight tracks of the calibre of these sadly too short excellent four ones. To sum it up: great moniker, great logo, cool layout, and great music except for a shitty “experimental” galore. You MUST check this out. To me, this record is at the same time one of the highlights for 2005 and the worst album of the same year. www.infernusrex.com.

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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