The End Is Here
(Dead Center Productions)

San Francisco’s WARHEAD pays homage to their hometown with a mid paced Thrash Metal debut, "The End Is Here". There are EXCITER and RAZOR overtones, mainly due to the vocals from the also guitarist Max Pitner, who could try to add more bite to his performance. Production wise, the sound is a little thin. I mean, all the instruments are there and the mix is clear, but it seems they wanted that 80s vibe too bad. I do think that WARHEAD needs more speed and power if they want their music to be more aggressive. The first 3 tracks didn’t impress me at all, although track 4, ‘Right To Die’, started with a great riff, but then never really got anywhere. The last 2 tracks suffered from the same issue. I guess that is the main obstacle off "The End Is Here". WARHEAD haven´t reached that breaking point. They need to set themselves apart and work on their identity as a band. Although, this is band to look out for in the near future, if they decide on which kind of Thrash Metal they want to play. www.facebook.com/warheadmetal, www.myspace.com/hevvymetal, www.deadcenter666.com

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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