Where Pale Winds Take Them High
(Evil Spell Records / Undercover Records)

From the very first seconds of this new EP, when the reverb-drenched toms are heard – it’s clear that you are listening to a band that knows how to make their old school Metal sound convincing. Rarely will you stumble across a Metal album that has such a great organic sound as "Where Pale Winds Take Them High" does. After a 2+ minutes long instrumental intro that is comprised of nice riffs that could easily compliment a good traditional Heavy Metal album – the vocals kick in, the tempo rises and there is no doubt left that we’ve got quite an interesting Black / Thrash band here, one that doesn’t simply mimic another band, the way too many German bands that play this style nowadays do. Having followed this band since their debut demo, I noticed that they really progressed and found their own sound in their 2nd album "Past Midnight…". After 3 years of silence and after a pretty significant line-up change (now their former lead guitarist Sascha is taking care of the drumming duties), WITCHING HOUR sounds stronger than ever. Each one of the tracks has memorable riffs and the overall songwriting is much more interesting than what would be expected from a band that plays this genre in 2014. I have no idea when WITCHING HOUR’s next full length album will be released, but I surely hope that it won’t take them long to make one and I’m oh so sure that this album will rule, judging by this great MLP! www.facebook.com/pages/witching-hour/130038867066311, www.undercover-records.de

Sergei Pismeny

Sergei Pismeny

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