Beyond Salvation
(Revenge Productions)

Great, they are back: the in-official successors of TERRORIZER and they’re still reigning supreme!!! Two years ago I was blown away by their debut CD which was in my eyes the best try so far (forget all copycats) to repeat the class of “World Downfall” (the record)! WORLD DOWNFALL (the band) is a German band, highly influenced by TERRORIZER, adding a few Hard- / Crustcore influences to their mix but all in all it’s TERRORIZER in pure culture. I have to tell you that I like the new TERRORIZER CD alot, nevertheless I think that WORLD DOWNFALL are the better choice right now than our highly appreciated originators. And now they are returning with their 2nd strike and this one is deadly, too! You see that I didn’t lose any words about the songs so far and I don’t want to start talking about single songs here, I only have to suggest to let the music talk and therefore all of you please have a look on and check the download-section as the band offers both releases as a free download!!! Or to put it in the own words of the band (printed on the sleeves of both releases): “Feel free and encouraged to copy this recording for everyone who asks for it. Spread the virus. No copyright.” Please get your own opinion about WORLD DOWNFALL by listening to the mp3s, but if you like the recordings PLEASE support the band by buying the original versions directly from the band – and I’m sure you’ll like them, and I hope you do them a favour afterwards buy supporting them with buying their releases! I count on you, friends!! Support the underground and that’s what this band stands for! Check out asap!!!

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

WORLD DOWNFALL interviews:

WORLD DOWNFALL - by Thomas Ehrmann

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