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November 27, 2001

To help Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH, CONTROL DENIED), Nuclear Blast have added an auction page to their website. There, you may bid for three cymbals which were signed by various bands during the Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze Festivals. Some of the bands were: SAXON, DORO, STRATOVARIUS, LEFAY, NEVERMORE, THE HAUNTED, MORTICIAN, WITCHERY and AT THE GATES among others. Proceeds from this auction will be given to Chuck to help him with his therapy. Check it out at: www.nuclearblast.de/auction

Guitarist Marcus Sunesson (THE CROWN) is filling the vacant guitar slot for THE HAUNTED‘s North American tour. The Crown have just about finished their new CD featuring new vocalist Thomas Lindberg (AT THE GATES).

CATASTROPHIC drummer Rob Maresca has inked his own endorsement deal with Axxis Percussion.

According to KNAC.com, Doug Harper, a friend of former TESTAMENT / DEATH / OBITUARY guitarist James Murphy has set up an E-bay auction of autographed copies of James’s two solo CD’s with the proceeds going to James’recovery fund. Murphy is fighting a benign brain tumor.

After a year of controversy, including a full investigation by Norwegian Parliament, the CADAVER INC Murder Scene Clean-Up and Corpse Removal Service has gone out of business. Meanwhile, the CadaverInc.com domain has been taken over by CADAVER INC, the band. See www.CadaverInc.com for the latest info on the band

VADER have enlisted new bassist, Simon (ex-HUNTER). Their forthcoming album, "Epitaph", will be recorded in January / February.

Nuclear Blast plan to release a special DISSECTION VHS/DVD featuring rare video footage of their past tours. The label are desperately searching for people that own master tapes or good copies of Dissection video bootlegs. There won’t be a release if the band doesn’t get more material to choose from. For further info, check www.nuclearblast.de/events/diss_video.htm

RED HARVEST are currently in preproduction for their upcoming album. The band will be recording in November at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio with American producer Neil Kernon. More news to come regarding title, release date and touring dates.

AMON AMARTH‘s first U.S. tour, in support of MARDUK, kicks off on January 11th at The Lab in St. Paul, NM and wraps up on February 3rd at The Mason Jar in Phoenix, AZ.

LIMBONIC ART are currently preparing for a new full-length album. The band will most likely be recording the album in the end of the year. No album title confirmed. More news to come. The following album’s from Limbonic Art’s back-catalogue have just been put out on license in the U.S. via Candlelight Records: "Moon In The Scorpio", "In Abhorrence Dementia" and "Ad Noctum – Dynasty Of Death". All albums include bonus tracks.

APOTHEOSIS (Malta), who signed with NAP already back in 1998 have FINALLY started the recording of their debut album.

SIRIUS has currently finished their contract with NAP and have decided to sign with Nuclear Blast. NAP will still push and promote "Aeons Of Magick" and "Spectral Transition – Dimension Sirius". "Spectral Transitions" has just been put out on license in the U.S. via Candlelight Records.

NAP has decided not to open further options with TIDFALL and WYNJARA. Neither of these bands are any longer under contract with NAP. Tidfall has currently signed with Nuclear Blast. NAP will still push and promote their "Circular Supremacy" and Wynjara’s self titled album. Tidfall’s "Circular Supremacy" will be out on license via Candlelight U.S. early next year.

MAYHEM guitarist Blasphemer will begin recording his debut solo CD in December / January for Seasons Of Mist.

MARDUK‘s forthcoming box set, "Blackcrowned", is set for release on January 21st. The set is limited to 10,000 copies and will contain 2 CD’s with unreleased and hard to find material and a video cassette with over 1 hour of live clips and a booklet with all unpublished lyrics and full biography. The 2 CD’s will be released as limited edition vinyl versions, 500 copies each on black vinyl and picture disc.

Guitarist Linus Ekström and vocalist Kicki Höijertz have left SIEBENBÜRGEN and have been replaced by Fredrik Folkare and Turid Walderhaug respectively. The band’s new album, "Plagued Be Thy Angel", is due out through Napalm in early December.

SIEGFRIED have released a new album, Drachenherz, through Napalm…

MEDULLA NOCTE have officially split up.

SATYRICON have completed the recording of their new album and are currently waiting to mix.

November 20, 2001

DESTRUCTION have a new drummer, 31-year old Marc Reign (ex-GUNJAH, ORTH) from Berlin, Germany.

Century Media Records and World Management have resigned UNLEASHED to a new worldwide record deal. The band is currently recording tracks in their native Stockholm, Sweden, for an early 2002 release.

MÖRK GRYNING will release his third album, "Maelstrom Chaos", on November 25th.

CENTINEX guitarist Kenneth Wiklund has left the band due to loss of interest. This wasn’t a major surprise as the decision has been hanging in the air for quite some time already. Centinex will remain a four-piece until further notice and in contrary to some rumours has not yet found a new axeman to replace Wiklund.


Jane Schuldiner, mother of DEATH / CONTROL DENIED frontman Chuck Schuldiner posted the following recently: "Dear fans and friends, I want to tell you that Chuck has been very ill for three weeks in the hospital with pneumonia, but is now on the road to recovery and will hopefully be home soon. While it was unexpected, when a person is undergoing chemotherapy, a low immune system keeps that person vulnerable to other illnesses. That is why I have not answered Chuck’s email for some time, I am there with him. I will keep you posted with how he is doing".

THYRFING are going to remix their new album, tentatively titled "The Fourth Outrage", during December. It is due out in April 2002.

MORTIIS have announced two UK shows in December, the 17th at Hop & Grape in Manchester and the 18th at Mean Fiddler in London.

IMPALED NAZARENE have released a vinyl LP version of their "Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace" album through Osmose.

ANOREXIA NERVOSA‘s "New Obscurantis Order" album is now available on vinyl LP format through Osmose.

VIKING CROWN‘s new album, "Banished Rhythmic Hate", is out now through Seasons Of Mist. Guesting on the album is PANTERA’s Phil Anselmo.

A Various Artist Tribute To MAYHEM is out now through Wounded Love / Avantgarde. Artists on the collection include IMMORTAL, EMPEROR, DARK FUNERAL, BEHEMOTH, VADER, GORGOROTH, LIMBONIC ART, CARPATHIAN FOREST, ABSU, GEHENNA, SETH and KEEP OF KALESSIN.

VESPERIAN SORROW‘s second album, "Psychotic Sculpture", is out soon.

Cornelius Jakhelln from SOLEFALD has published his first book named "Gebura Muse". The book is a collection of metaphysical poetry in Norwegian and includes a conversation with the devil as well. Book# ISBN 82-03-18467-7. In March / April the band will be back at the studio again to work on the follow up to "Pills Against Ageless Ills". For more info head to www.solefald.org

Century Media have signed German black metal act SUIDAKRA.

ANCIENT‘s upcoming tour in support of their new album, "Proxima Centauri", kicks off on November 26th in Prattein, Switzerland and wraps up on December 14th in Scharding, Austria. Also on the bill are STORMLORD and THYRANE.

November 13, 2001

GALLERY OF DARKNESS will release their 2nd MCD, containing four tracks of utterly brutal sickness, in November / December.

SIX FEET UNDER‘s "True Carnage" album will be released in Japan on November 25th with an exclusive bonus track.

IN FLAMES will display their brand of extreme metal on the second leg of SLIPKNOT’s U.S. tour. Also on the bill are 40 BELOW SUMMER. The dates kick off on November 20th at Brown county Arena in Green Bay, WI and wrap up on December 21st at 7 Flags Center in Des Moines, IA.

Due to manufacturing problems, the vinyl and picture disc releases of EMPEROR‘s "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise" album has been delayed. The LP will now be released on November 22nd, with the picture disc being released on December 16th.

SKINLESS have amicably parted ways with drummer Bob Beaulac. Beaulac has been replaced with ex-MORTICIAN drummer George Torres.

DECAPITATED have completed the recording of "Nihility", the follow-up to their 1999 debut, "Winds Of Creation". The U.S. and European release is set for early 2002. The tracklisting: ‘Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer)’, ‘Eternity Too Short’, ‘Mother War’, ‘Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)’, ‘Names’, ‘Spheres Of Madness’, ‘Babylon’s Pride’ and ‘Symmetry Of Zero’.

INSISION have finished recording their debut album for Earache / Wicked World in Berno Studios, Sweden. "Beneath The Folds Of Flesh" is set for U.S. release in spring 2002. Produced by Berno Paulson and Johan Axelsson, the album has the following tracklisting: ‘World Impaled’, ‘Trapped Within’, ‘Sado God’, ‘Temple Of Flesh’, ‘Rewind Into Chaos’, ‘Impamiiz Graa’, ‘He’s My Fever’, ‘Before My Altar’ and ‘Ex Oblivion’.

LOCK UP have completed their new album, "Hate Breeds Suffering". The release features new vocalist Tomas Lindberg (THE CROWN) and returning members Nick Barker (DIMMU BORGIR), Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) and Jesse Pintado (Napalm Death). The suffering starts February 2002.

Originally scheduled for July in Soundsuite Studio, SETH will record their new album, "Divine X", in December at the Excess Studio in Netherland. Arkames will not take part to the recording of the vocal lines.

ROTTING CHRIST are back working on new songs for their next full-length.

According to Metal Update, French cult film director Olivier Assayas plans to use classic DARKTHRONE music in his forthcoming S&M movie.

LORD BELIAL has finished the recording of the new album, "Angelgrinder", due out through No Fashion in March 2002. The recording of the 40 minute, eight song album was done at Los Angered Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden and was engineered by Andy LaRoque. Starting in April the band will tour Germany, Belgium and Holland with SATANIC SLAUGHTER. The dates will be published at www.lordbelial.com and at Satanic Slaughter’s webpage: http://hem.passagen.se/ztefdark/.

SINS OF OMISSION have released a new album, "Flesh On Your Bones", recorded at Studio Underground. Marten Hansen (ex-A CANOROUS QUINTET) has taken over on vocals and Mattias Ekblad (ex-MORTIFIER, MORK GRYNING) has joined to help Martin out with the killer leads. The tracklisting: ‘Intro’, ‘The Secret Agenda’, ‘Pound For Pound’, ‘(R)Evolution’, ‘Angel Killers’, ‘The Rape’, ‘Of Innocence’, ‘A Wicked Slaughterhouse Tale’, ‘The Grinder’, ‘Sinners Redemption’ and ‘Angel Of Death’ (SLAYER cover).

LUX OCCULTA will release their fourth full-length album, "The Mother And The Enemy", in Portugal on November 19th through Maquiavel Music. The album will be released in Europe on January 7th, 2002. The band will also begin a tour of Poland in November in support of KRISIUN. Other acts on the bill include VADER, BEHEMOTH, HATE, SCEPTIC, ESQARIAL and BELFEGOR.

EPHEL DUATH have completed recording their debut, "Rephormula". The U.S. release is set for early 2002.

Earache and Elitist Records have signed a four album deal with RAKOTH.

BURIAL PLACE is back with an EP-Tape titled "Damnation". It comes with professional layout, and contains two tracks plus intro and outro, for a running time of about 15 minutes.

A new book, "The Rock Detector – The A-Z Of Black Metal", is out now. The 400 page book features detailed biographies, line up listings, discographies and track listings of over 2000 bands including CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, EMPEROR, MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, MARDUK and more. The book examines the Black Ambient scene, Viking Metal, Grindcore, Noisecore and even Christian Black Metal.

CRADLE OF FILTH will release their "Bitter Suites To Succubi" album on vinyl, complete with a gatefold sleeve.

According to Blabbermouth, Mirai from Japanese avantgarde metal outfit SIGH will be collaborating with PANTERA vocalist Philip Anselmo and NECROPHAGIA frontman Killjoy on a project by the name of ENOCH.

November 10, 2001

Due to personal problems AB:NORM drummer Gianni Cutrona won’t be able to play with the band for the next two years. That’s why AB:NORM is in need for a replacement. Interested people can get in touch with the band at: www.ab-norm.de or inside@ab-norm.de

On December 13, Iron Pegasus Records will release new EP’s by DESASTER ("Souls of Infernity") and SADISTIC INTENT ("Morbid Faith", which also includes the band’s incredible cover of POSSESSED’s ‘The Exorcist’ featuring Jeff Becerra himself as a guest singer!!!). A limited edition picture disc (500 copies) of SABBAT’s "Satanasworld" (incl. 1 bonus song) will hit the streets the same day. Further info: www.ironpegasus.com

November 05, 2001

IMMORTAL just finished the recordings of their Nuclear Blast debut "Sons Of Northern Darkness". The album will include the following tracks: ‘One By One’, ‘Sons Of Northern Darkness’, ‘Tyrants’, ‘Demonium’, ‘Within The Dark Mind’, ‘In My Kingdom Cold’, ‘Antarctica’ and the eight minutes long ‘Beyond The North Waves’. The release date is scheduled for February 2002, followed by a European tour in spring with labelmates HYPOCRISY.

The studio date for the second DISINCARNATE album will be delayed due to James Murphy’s ongoing recovery from recent brain surgery.

RAZOR are working on their new album, "Anger Management", to be released in late 2002. Tracks to appear on the album include: ‘Anger Management’, ‘Served’, ‘Search My Sweat’, ‘Only Losers’, ‘Mr. Anti’ and ‘My Undertaker’. In related news, Hypnotic Records plan to re-release all of RAZOR’s albums on CD. They will feature full liner notes and some new artwork. The first to be reissued are: "Open Hostility", "Shotgun Justice" and "Violent Restitution".

CENTINEX will release their Candlelight debut, "Diabolical Desolation", in March. The band are arranging for a U.S. tour next spring.

BOLT THROWER‘s "Honour-Valour-Pride" album will be available on double LP format from November 19th.

IMMEMORIAL have inked a deal with Conquer Records to release their new album, "Monologue", in November.

LOWBROW have released their second album, "Sex, Violence, Death". The supergroup features Allen West (ex-SIX FEET UNDER) and former NASTY SAVAGE members Ben Meyer, Curtis Beeson and Richard Bateman. The album was recorded at Tampa’s Morrisound Studios.

UNLEASHED have resigned to Century Media. The band are currently recording in Sweden for an early 2002 release.

THE CROWN guitarist Marcus Sunesson is filling in for Mike Wead on THE HAUNTED’s current U.S. tour.

WARHAMMER have inked a three album deal with Nuclear Blast.

INTERNAL BLEEDING‘s new album, "Hatefuel", will include songs dealing with the September 11th terrorist attack. The album is scheduled to be recorded early next year for a mid-200 release through Olympic.

SIRIUS are working on their new album, to be recorded in January / February. The album marks a "HUGE" change in sound for the band. The band’s Carlos describes the new material as being "more in the style of bands like STATIC-X, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD or even hints of SLIPKNOT or ROB ZOMBIE – all this mixed with huge electro-industrial components experimentation."

SUMMONING release their new album, "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Yo", on November 5th through Napalm.

SIEGFRIED release a new album, "Drachenherz", on November 12th through Napalm.

Early next year ZYKLON will start working on new material (and a few remixes) for a mini-album. A full-length album will be released later in 2002.

SOURCE OF TIDE will release a new album in mid-February through Candlelight.

AGALLOCH will enter the studio next month to record their second album. The band hopes to be finished with the recording and mixing sometime in December.

Dark Horizon artists FOG have signed with World War III Records for the release of their debut CD, Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come, which was originally released in April. The LP version of the album will be out soon through Dark Horizon. The band are currently working on their next album. They will enter the studio in late November/December.

Dark Horizon in conjunction with Realms Of Darkness will release a split CD featuring NEBRON, HORDES OF THE LUNAR ECLIPSE and ALLFATHER.

have released their new album, "Panta Rhei". The 13 song album includes a bonus track, a cover of MASTER’S HAMMER’s ‘Black Halo’. For info on obtaining this release go to: www.ritual.d2.cz

NAGLFAR are currently busy recording their next full-length album, "Sheol", and hope to release it in the spring of 2002.

OLD MAN’S CHILD will begin recording their new album on April 15th at Fredman Studios in Gothenberg, Sweden. DIMMU BORGIR drummer Nick Barker will play drums and Galder will take care of all other instruments.

APRIL ETHEREAL will join NILE and BEHEMOTH on their upcoming UK tour which kicks off on November 30th in Milton Keynes and wraps on December 10th in Bristol.

BORKNAGAR‘s new album, "Empiricism", due out on January 22nd, has the following tracklisting: ‘The Genuine Pulse’, ‘Gods Of My World’, ‘The Black Canvas’, ‘Matter & Motion’, ‘Soul Sphere’, ‘Inherit The Earth’, ‘The Stellar Dome’, ‘Four Element Synchronicity’, ‘Liberated’ and ‘The View Of Everlast’.

BATHORY‘s "Destroyer Of Worlds" album is available on limited edition picture disc LP.

Earache Records has signed USURPER. Says Usurper vocalist General Diabolical Slaughter: "Signing with Earache is a great opportunity. It is the obvious next step in the progression of Usurper. We’re excited and are looking forward to entering the studio to deliver our strongest record to date. And as always, Metal Forever!" While the band finishes work on its Earache debut, Earache will reissue the band’s "Visions From The Gods" and "Necronemesis".

November 01, 2001

AETERNUS has released their new album "Ascension Of Terror" this month. The band will do a few promotional shows in the Benelux in January, after which a longer tour as support to BENEDICTION is possibly scheduled for March 2002.

ALAS‘s mastermind Erik Rutan is busy with production jobs (a.o. INTERNECINE) and is looking into the plan of playing live in 2002. Maybe some festivals will be witnessing ALAS in 2002.

ANCIENT RITES will embark on a full European tour during December supported by MYSTIC CIRCLE and ABORTUS. Possibly live-recordings will be made on this tour for an official live-CD / DVD for early 2002. Meanwhile they are invited for a big festival in Spain, taking place in March 2002. Of course Jan and Gunther are also busy with their side-project DANSE MACABRE.

AVRIGUS has annouced no concrete plans yet for a new album.

BLOOD RED THRONE, the band around Tchort (ex-almost every Norwegian band!) and Dod (Satyricon) might tour early 2002.

CRUACHAN‘s "Folk-Lore" is being released in January 2002. It looks as if they will support Dropkick Murphy’s on some shows in the Netherlands and the band wants to tour Europe in Spring 2002 as well. The album is produced by the legendary Shane MacGowan (of the notorious The Pogues).

DISMEMBER is rehearsing for their first album on Hammerheart which is supposed to be recorded in the winter time.

DIMENSION F3H has done all the pre-production for their album. Morfeus (LIMBONIC ART’s mastermind) describes the music as a much more easy version of his main band, so expect futuristic / modern Metal with mystic touches and an industrial sound.

Fans of Swedish Death Metal in the Rock’n Roll way should watch out for DEMONS OF DIRT. The band will release a 3-song single-CD in December, followed by their debut album in February.

EXMORTEM just finished touring together with MANGLED.

HYPNOSIA is working on songs for their second album.

INTERNECINE is laying the final touches on their debut-album "The Book Of The Lambs…", which is produced by Erik Rutan in Florida. Due to legal reasons the recording line-up remains secret at the moment, but it’s said that "there is a wild bunch of top musicians gathered in that studio…"

IMPIOUS signed with Hammerheart Records after two albums on Black Sun Records. But don’t expect a new album before Summer 2002.

INFERNAL will not yet record their full length due to line-up problems.