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December 23, 2001

CHILDREN OF BODOM‘s website, www.cobhc.com, reports that the band are currently in discussions for a record deal. Until a deal is set there will be no new material from the band. Following their scheduled Christmas shows COB will take their time composing and rehearsing new songs.

CARNAL FORGE, of which three members really do work in a mental institution, will release their new album, "Please… Die!", on January 22nd in North America. The band will be heading out for a European tour with MORTICIAN and YATTERING in January 2002.

CRYPTOPSY are tentatively planning a North American headlining tour for April.

Mrs. Heidi Solberg Tveitan’s (a.k.a. Ihriel, wife if Ihsahn) project, formerly DIES MISERERE, has been renamed STAR OF ASH. The album is scheduled for post-production / mixing early Spring 2002. According to the Jester Records website, Jester / Ulver mastermind Chris Rygg reports, "Since having listened to the pre-production of the material it seems perfectly clear to me that this girl is gonna shut the mouths of the disbelievers once and for all. We are happy to bring aboard some real girl power".

IMMEMORIAL have released their new album, "Temple Of Retribution". It’s out on the Blackend label.

BEHEMOTH will soon take a rest to concentrate on their next album, due out in September 2002. Before that release Avantgarde Music will likely release some back catalogue re-issues or a live DVD from the band. Behemoth’s recent UK tour ran into a little bad luck, with the tour not being able to visit Ireland. The band promises their Irish fans that they’ll return as soon as possible.

CARPATHIAN FOREST will soon enter the studio to record a couple of new songs and four cover versions to be included on a yet-to-be-titled release that will also feature some live recordings. The band will then take a break before recording a new studio album.

OPERA IX will be in Damage Inc. studio (ANATHEMA) in Italy in January and February to record their new album, "Maleventum". Tracks to appear on the release include: ‘Maleventum’, ‘Princess Of The Ancient’, ‘Unearthed Arcana’, ‘In The Dark I Found The Reflection Of The Hidden Mirrors’, ‘Muscaria’, ‘Forgotten Gods’ and ‘In The Raven’s Eye’. The band would like to point out that they have NOT split up nor are they planning to disband as a result of the departure of kicked out band members Cadaveria and Flegias.

DARK SANCTUARY will record their new album at Prophecy’s Studio-E in Germany in the first few months of 2002. This will be the bands first release with new vocalist Dame Pandora.

Finland’s DIABLERIE are currently working on a new album.

Avantgarde Music will release TAAKE‘s new album, "Bjoergvin", in January.

RAVENTHRONE‘s new album, "Endless Conflict Theorem", will be released in January through Avantgarde. The tracklisting: ‘The Gargoyle’, ‘The Eaters Of The Dead’, ‘Among Whispering Walls’, ‘Soul Storm’, ‘Endless Conflict Theorem’, ‘The Oath’, ‘The Dragon Of The Night Sky’, ‘A Night Among The Ruins Of Basra’, ‘Wayfarer’s Song’, ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Serenade For The Dead’.

EVOKEN are currently working on their forthcoming album. The 10 minute plus songs such as ‘Coveting Elysium’, ‘The Last Of Vitality’ and ‘Antithesis Of Light’ are described by the band as "our Darkest material to date, mesmerizing, hypnotic doom with a few things not expected on an Evoken album".

It appears that a line-up revolution is happening within MORTUARY DRAPE. Reports have vocalist / founding member Wildness Perversion kicking out the entire staff except bassist Left Hand Preacher, who is now carrying over the guitar role. It seems new members were found immediately and the recording of their next album has not been disrupted.

Sweden’s SHINING are now signed to Avantgarde. The band will record their new album at Abyss Studio. For more info on the band check out their website at: http://shiningband.cjb.net.

Finland’s FRAGILEHOLLOW, featuring members of RAPTURE and DIABLERIE, have inked a deal with Avantgarde. The band were previously known as PROPHET. The band have been compared to KATATONIA and ANATHEMA. For more on the band go to www.brokenpromise.cjb.net.

Avantgarde have signed Poland’s STROMMHOUSHELD. The band are said to be "dark, mysterious and weird". For more go to: www.strommoussheld.prv.pl.

Next year IN THE WOODS will release a live double album from their last gig in Kristiansand, Norway. A video (and maybe DVD) is also planned.

EWIGHEIM, the new band featuring Yantit (EISREGEN) and Allen B. Konstanz (THE VISION BLEAK), will release their debut album, "Mord Nicht Ohne Grund", next year through Prophecy.

ORPLID‘s new album is nearly finished and will be released soon.

This coming spring, Prophecy will release the German edition of the the book "Lords Of Chaos" by Miachael Moynihan (BLOOD AXIS) and Didrik Söderlind. The book will be released with a double CD, with liner notes by Michael Moynihan. The disc will document the history of occult music in the 20th century from early Blues to modern Electronica and various styles of Rock music. There will be many rare and unreleased tracks on the compilation.

SOLEFALD‘s Cornelius’ book, "Gebura Muse", was published in hardbound version by Norway’s oldest and largest publisher, H. Aschehoug & Company, a very prestigious honor for any writer. Translated excerpts from the Norwegian text are interspersed throughout the lyrics of ‘Pills Against The Ageless Ills’. In related news, Lazare has also done some acting on Norwegian television, working with one of the most famous Norwegian comedians who has a talk show every Friday. One of their skits was a Black Metal parody for the fictitious band COUNT BLOOD. Lars played the drummer in the band whose role was to "diss" the band every Friday for 2 1/2 months.

KRIEG will release their new album, "Destruction Ritual", through Red Stream at the end of December. A limited edition LP edition will be available in spring 2002.

SECRETS OF THE MOON release their debut album, "Stronghold Of The Inviolables", in January through Red Stream. The band features ex-members of MARTYRIUM.

JUDAS ISCARIOT will release their new album, "To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding", on January 25th through Red Stream.

HIDDEN are preparing to record their debut album, "Spectral Magnitude", for Red Stream.

HIMINBJORG‘s "Haunted Shores" CD is out through Red Stream on December 24th. The CD comes in an eight panel digipak.

WINDS‘ "Reflections Of The I" album will be licensed and available domestically in the U.S. through The End Records.

KHOLD began recording their new album, "Phantom", on December 17th. They are aiming for a March release.

SATYRICON will open their new website, www.satyricon.no, around New Year.

THORNS have been nominated by the Norwegian Award ALARM in the category for Best Metal Album of 2001.

December 22, 2001

Original SLAYER drummer, Dave Lombardo, is confirmed to "guest star" with the band for the next leg of their "God Hates Us All" U.S. tour, beginning January 24 in New Haven, Connecticut. Due to a chronic elbow injury, Paul Bostaph, SLAYER drummer for the past several years, is leaving the band. Bostaph feels he is unable to continue performing to his fullest potential and greatest intensity. Bostaph says, "It’s been an unbelievable ride with SLAYER. Playing with these guys has been an incredible high point in my career, and I am really grateful for the experience." SLAYER bandmates Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman and Tom Araya are all indebted for Paul’s contributions. Guitarist Kerry King said "Paul has been an incredible part of our band and we will definitely miss his talent. We wish him all the best." Dave Lombardo is SLAYER’s original drummer who recorded with the band on some of their most acclaimed releases, including "Reign In Blood" and "Seasons In The Abyss". Most recently Lombardo has been recording and touring with Mike Patton’s band FANTOMAS and working on a solo recording. Lombardo says, "It’s great to be back with SLAYER for the tour – I’m psyched to get out there and kick-ass with them again." His reappearance is greatly welcomed and highly-anticipated. Singer Tom Araya notes, "A lot of fans have been looking forward to Dave coming back; it feels great to have him playing with us for a while."

December 21, 2001

CENTINEX have secured Johan Ahlberg – from the band Subdive – to fill in as the new session guitarist. At the moment they are busy rehersing both new, old and very old material for upcoming shows and tours. The first confirmed dates for 2002 will be revealed soon. The release dates for their next album "Diabolical Desolation" are set to March 11th in Europe and March 19th in America.

December 18, 2001

Finlands finest DEMIGOD has finally finished recording their second album "Shadow Mechanics" and it’s going to be released Feb.4, 2002 by Spikefarm records. The new album includes various material from tight Death / Thrash riffing to slow melancholic stuff. http://demigod.xrs.net

SATYRICON were recently visited in the studio by guest artists Anja Garbarek and Knut Schreiner (EUROBOYS, ex-TURBONEGRO). The band are currently awaiting further contributions from Phil Anselmo (PANTERA, NECROPHAGIA) and David Vincent (GENITORTURES, ex-MORBID ANGEL).

KHOLD will enter the studio on December 17th to record their new album. A title has not yet been chosen.

SIEBENBURGEN‘s new album, "Plagued Be Thy Angel" is out now through Hammerheart.

ANCIENT RITES keyboardist Domingo Smets has left the band due to the ever-popular "musical differences" and has been replaced by OBLIVION / DANSE MACABRE keysman Davy Wouters.

BORKNAGAR have been nominated by the Norwegian price ALARM in the category for Best Metal Album of 2001.

The INFERNO FESTIVAL 2002 will be held in Oslo, Norway on March 29th and 30th (Easter Weekend) at the Rockefeller and John Dee venues. Confirmed bands include DODHEIMSGARD, BEHEMOTH and WINTERSORG. Approximately 20 more bands will be added, with the headliner to be announced on January 18th.

MARDUK‘s rescheduled U.S. tour kicks of on January 11th at The Lab in St. Paul, MN. Also on the bill are AMON AMARTH and DIABOLIC.

AGATHODAIMON are currently working on a European tour for March, along with three other bands. There’s also a new poll online at their website where you can choose your favourite song from "Chapter III", and also the one you like least. This might influence their choice of songs which will be picked to play live. Visit their website at www.agathodaimon.de

REQUIEM have finished the recording / mixing of their album. It will be mastered at Finnvox Studios (STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH). The front-cover will be done by mega-artist Jason Juta, wait for some of pure fantasy.

RUPTURE CHRIST have booked the studio sessions for the 2nd week of February.

NIGHTSIDE‘s new line-up features Shax (Vocals), Diabolus Sylvarum (guitars), Beleth (drums) and Zyldajh Daimos (bass).

MARDUK‘s "Blackcrowned I" and "Blackcrowned II" are available on LP and picture disc LP through Regain.

Singer Johan Liiva (ex-ARCH ENEMY) has a new album out in Japan called "Deus Deceptor" under the band name of NON-EXIST. The album was produced by HYPOCRISY frontman Peter Tagtgren.

CENTURIAN‘s new album, "Liber ZarZax", will be out in the US and Canada on February 5th through Olympic / Century Media. The release will also be available in LP format in January through Germany’s Perverted Taste Records. The band will also be featured on a Hellspawn / Necropolis tribute to MORBID ANGEL, due out in January.

SLAYER taped footage for a live DVD at the San Francisco, CA Warfield show on Friday December 7th.

DESTRUCTION‘s new drummer is Marc Reign, formerly of ORTH and GUNJAH. His predecessor, Sven Vormann, revealed that he left the band because he simply hates touring.

DEEDS OF FLESH will release remixed and remastered versions of their debut album, "Trading Pieces", and their second album, "Inbreeding The Antropophagi", on January 7th through Displeased.

December 15, 2001

After another split-up about two months ago, GOREAPHOBIA is finally back again. Next to Craig Smilowski (drums) and Alex Bouks (guitar), the new line-up nowadays consists of original guitar player "Henni ", Jay Lawrence on bass and ex-INCANTATION / DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY vocalist Craig Pillard. Right now the band is working on two new songs and a complete set of GOREAPHOBIA classics. We’ll keep you posted.

December 11, 2001

In light of the canceled Slipknot tour, IN FLAMES have journeyed to a secluded cabin in the woods to begin some prerecording on their new release. They have decided to remove themselves from the distractions of home and hammer out some songs. A fall 2002 release is anticipated.

DIMENSION ZERO‘s "Silent Night Fever" album will be released through Regain Records on January 14th. The band features Glenn Ljungstrom (ex-IN FLAMES) and Jesper Stromblad (In Flames). The album will also be available on LP and limited edition Picture LP.

The Forever Underground Festival will take place on February 15th – 16th at the Lost Creek Building in Clarksburg, WV. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 for a one day pass and $30 for a two day pass. Confirmed acts include: FLESHGRIND, CINERARY, DISGORGE, PESSIMIST, BRODEQUIN, WACO JESUS, KRYPTIK EMBRACE, MOLDED HATE, DYSCRASIA, REGURGITATION, INFERNAL DOMINION, MORTALITY, PUTRILAGE, SAPROGENIC, LEUKORRHEA and DISEMBOWL. For ticket info go to: nile26378@yahoo.com or call 304.745.3903 (ask for JR).

For DEW-SCENTED‘s upcoming performances the band will add a second, yet-to-be-named guitar player. Vocalist Leif Jensen commented, "We’ve been looking for about two years, but this new guy is really cool. He joined us on stage recently for the last two songs and played great." As of now, the band has no permanent plans to expand to a five-piece other than for live performances. Jensen left the possibility open, though, by adding, "We will see if we can continue with him. It’s just more power with a double axe attack!"

GORGOROTH are keeping busy planning, writing and rehearsing for the next album. The band plans to enter the studio early next year to record the follow-up to 2000’s "Incipit Sathanas".

PUNGENT STENCH‘s new album, "Masters Of Moral – Servants Of Sin", was recorded in July 2001 and features 10 new tracks, including classics such as ‘Loot Shoot Electrocute’, ‘Rex Paedophilus’ and ‘Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me’. Look for this sick and twisted disc when it is released on January 22nd.

TERROR 2000‘s new album, "Faster Disaster", will be released this summer. Songs on the disc will include: ‘Formula Flame Feast’, ‘Burn Out In Blood’ and ‘Terror 2001’.

VOMITORY have finished recording their new album, "Blood Rapture". Mastering of the release will be done this month. The tracklisting: ‘Chaos Fury’, ‘Hollow Retribution’, ‘Blessed And Forsaken’, ‘Madness Prevails’, ‘Redeemed In Flames’, ‘Rotting Hill’, ‘Nailed, Quartered, Consumed’, ‘Blood Rapture’ and an as-yet-to-be-titled track.

THE CROWN are heading back into Studio Mega to remaster their new album, "Crowned In Terror", due out in March.

SANATORIUM have received an offer from Crash Music to license their "Internal Womb Cannibalism" album for North America. The new remastered version will be released on February 12th. The band plan to do weekend tours of Austria in March over three or four weekends. They are also scheduled to perform for the first time in the U.S. at the Ohio Death Fest 2002.

GOD DETHRONED are back from Greece where they did a couple of shows with MARDUK. Jens describes the experience as "Awesome, we felt very welcome and played quite good as well, for our standards." The band plan on taking the next couple of months to focus on their other bands and writing the next GOD DETHRONED album. When asked about touring plans Jens noted that "hopefully we’ll get the chance to tour the States in spring or maybe summer and maybe do some fests this Summer as well…"

Norway’s WINDS have inked a deal with The End Records for North and South America. The bands new album, "Reflections Of The I", will be released in April. Check out the bands website at: www.winds.nu

APRIL ETHEREAL has won Poland Radio’s Album Of The Month award for their "Advent" release. The band are currently on a UK tour.

SALEM has inked a three album deal with Germany’s KMG / System Shock. The label has released music from VADER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, KRABATHOR, MASTER and more. More info can be found at all.at/salem and KMG’s official site, www.impact-records.de/ or www.kmg-rec.de

Austria’s NERTHUS have released their new album, "Escape From Suction", through CCP.

RAGNAROK‘s new album, "In Nomine Satanas", will be out on January 21st through Regain. It will also be available in LP and Picture Disc LP formats.

The MARDUK tour that was canceled after the September 11th attacks is back on. The tour kicks off on January 11th, 2002 at The Lab in St. Paul, MN and wraps up on February 9th at the Creepy Crawl in St. Louis, MO. Support on the dates comes from AMON AMARTH and DIABOLIC.

DARKWELL have begun recording a new MCD, "Conflict Of Interest". The set should be complete by years end and will be released in March. It will feature four new tracks, one cover version, one live track and two live videos.

ANCIENT have scheduled a string of Spanish shows from February 21st to 24th. For further info go to: www.xtreemmusic.com

MACABRE and NECROPHOBIC are confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2002, to take place in Germany in August.

DORN‘s "Falschheit" album is out now through CCP.

SIEBENBURGEN‘s Marcus Ehlin has NOT left the band, contrary to internet rumor. However, since the recording of their "Plagued Be Thy Angel" release, due to personal and musical differences, K. Hoijetzt and Linus Ekström have parted ways with the band. The band are now preparing for an upcoming tour with HOLLENTHON.

NUNSLAUGHTER‘s new live album, "Devil Metal", consists of two shows recorded in Lorain, OH and New York City. The limited edition CD is available for $16 (U.S.). Go to http://warhymns.cjb.net.

Regain Records has reissued ramastered versions of the following albums: DERANGED‘s second album, "High On Blood" (with bonus material), EMBRACED‘s "Amorous Anathema" (with two bonus tracks), NAGLFAR‘s "Vittra" (with three bonus tracks) and EUCHARIST‘s "A Velvet Creation" (two bonus tracks). LP versions are also available.

VADER will release three limited edition double CD box sets on December 21st. They are: Metal Box – "Live In Japan" / "De Profundis", Metal Box – "Reborn In Chaos" / "Sothis" and Metal Box – "Darkest Age" / "Kingdom"

December 10, 2001

Florida’s blackend Death Metal lunatics EQUINOX have a 13-track sampler CD-R available that features a couple of unfinished, raw instrumental versions of brandnew songs, five covertunes (by MAIDEN, PRIEST, SABBATH, SLAYER, MERCYFUL FATE), as well as four excerpts of very promising and unique sounding material that was recorded in Morrisound Studio (by Jim & Tom Morris) in order to appear on their "Journey Into Oblivion" full length. The album was originally supposed to be released by the Polish company Still Dead Productions, but as they ended up having financial problems, EQUINOX had to change plans and are in search for a new label now to take over the project. So, all seriously interested companies should immediately get in touch with the band via e-mail at the following address: EquinoxMetal@yahoo.com All further details can be found at: www.geocities.com/EquinoxMetal

December 07, 2001

Spanish Grindcore legends HAEMORRHAGE are currently working in the studio, recording their fourth album for Morbid Records, entitled "Morgue Sweet Home", which is supposed to be released on March 25, 2002. A limited picture LP will be available too. The band will play next year’s WITH FULL FORCE festival and there are plans for a complete European tour as well.

OBSCENITY will record their seventh album "Cold-Blooded Murder" in December, which will be mastered at the famous Morrisound Studios. The release is also scheduled for March 25, 2002. Do not miss the band on the No Mercy festival tour.

HYPNOS will be supporting HYPOCRISY and IMMORTAL on tour in April next year.

US cult porn Grinders LIVIDITY will record their third album "… Till Only Sick Remain" in March, with a release scheduled for June 24th. Besides their appearance at next year’s FUCK THE COMMERCE festival a full European tour is also in the making.

VOMITORIAL CORPULENCE will move from Australia to the USA to record their second CD "Insalubrious Collagery Of Pernicious Sepsis Infestation". The album release has been scheduled for June 24, 2002.

Old school satanic Death Metallers EVIL INCARNATE are currently on an extensive tour throughout the US and Mexico. They have plans for a new release early 2002 (working title is "Waiting For His Return"). Zion (DISINTER) and Xaphan (HATE PLOW) have been recruited as guest musicians. The band also has a new drummer named Aaron Moravic.

December 04, 2001

IMMORTAL‘s forthcoming album will have the following tracklisting: ‘One By One’, ‘Sons Of Northern Darkness’, ‘Tyrants’, ‘Demonium’, ‘Within The Dark Mind’, ‘In My Kingdom Old’, ‘Antarctica’ and ‘Beyond The North Waves’.

ROTTING CHRIST will enter Stage One Studios this spring to record their new album. The album will be produced by Andy Classen and Sakis. Also, the old Rotting Christ logo is going to be back with the new album, which is said to be more "black" than ever.

EPHEL DUATH have completed recording their Earache/Elitist debut, Rephormula.

December WOLVES have finished recording "Blasterpiece Theatre", the follow-up to 1999’s "Completely Dehumanized". The album is set for U.S. release in spring 2002.

BORKNAGAR is planning a return North American summer tour for the first time since the Kings of Terror Tour in 1999.

VINTERSORG will enter Ballerina Audio to record their new album on December 10th. The bands forthcoming DVD release has been postponed, but work will resume on that after the album is completed…

VISCERAL EVISCARATION‘s "Incessant Desire For Palatable Flesh" will be rereleased with new artwork and a remastered sound in early 2002…

HOLLENTHON is scheduled to embark on a European Tour with labelmates

SIEBENBÜRGEN in late January / early February 2002. They have also confirmed that they’ll appear at Wacken on August 3rd. Due out in March, the release will contain 4 new tracks, one cover version, one live track, as well as 2 live videos and other goodies.

SIEBENBÜRGEN have parted ways with K. Hoijetzt and Linus Ekström…

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE will enter Sound Suite studios on April 1.

Code666 is releasing a compilation in 2002 featuring unreleased tracks of their entire label-roster: ABORYM, AGHORA VOID OF SILENCE, DIABOLICUM, ENID, RAKOTH, EPHEL DUATH, BLOODSHED, MALDOROR, NEGURA BUNGET, ABORTUS among others.

ENID has left CCP Records and signed a long-term deal with the Italian label Code666. The band’s third album, "Seelenspiegel (Soul Mirror)" features the following nine tracks: ‘Soulglass’, ‘Land Of The Lost’, ‘Nexus’, ‘Patience’s Ring’, ‘Interlude’, ‘Forbidden Site’, ‘… And Soon Will Fall The Days…’, ‘Seelenfrieden’ and ‘Helios’ Niedergang’. The album is scheduled for February 5th.

INCANTATION have signed to Candlelight for Europe. The band will head to Europe in February with the following dates confirmed so far: 1/2 London (UK), 3/2 Bradford (UK), 8/2 Stadijk Nijmegen (NL) , 9/2 Hengelo (NL), 15/2 Leipzig (D), 17/2 Vienna (A) and 21/2 Milan (I)…

MYRKSKOG is gearing up to begin recording on their second album. The band has confirmed studio time in March to record the album with an early summer release expected.

HOLY MOSES have pulled out of the Hell Comes To Your Town European tour, featuring DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and SODOM.

DECEASED are set to appear on an upcoming DRI tribute CD with a cover of ‘Mad Man’. The band will also soon release a DVD, "Digital Underground", through Malt Soda Records and a 20 song history of covers with new / unreleased tracks through Crook’d Records. They have also filmed a video for the track ‘It’s Alive’.

DYING FETUS is looking for a fan(s) to design the next album’s artwork. All entries must be in either jpg or gif format. Please send all entries to contest@dyingfetus.com The band have recorded a new track, ‘Vengeance Unleashed’. It’s the first song recorded by the new line-up and will be released on a split 7"with Finland’s DEEP RED.

MORTICIAN will tour Europe in January and February with support from YATTERING and CARNAL FORGE. A limited edition picture disc of the band’s "Domain Of Death" album is now available through Germany’s Morbid Records.

NASUM will release a discography set in 2002 through Relapse. The album will include about 120 songs on two CD’s with a fat booklet including lyrics and early photos.

NILE are at work on their next album. Tracks will include ‘The Blessed Dead’, ‘Execration Text’, ‘Kheftiu Asar Butchiu’,’Sarcophagus’, ‘In Their Nighted Shrines’ and ‘Invocation To Sedetious Heresy’. The band will embark on their second headlining tour of the UK in December and will be on the X-Mass Fests in Europe with CANNIBAL CORPSE, KREATOR, MARDUK, KRISIUN, DARK FUNERAL and VOMITORY.

NOMINON have inked a deal with Relapse. A new album is expected in late 2002.

ORIGIN are currently writing songs for their next full-length, "Inhuman Evolution". Tracks will include ‘Inhuman’, ‘Meat For The Beast’, ‘Portal’ and ‘Awaken The Suffering’.

REGURGITATE have just completed some new songs for a forthcoming 12" on Putrid Filth Conspiracy / M&M Records. The tracks were recorded at Mieszko Talarczyk’s (NASUM) Soundlab Studio with Mieszko engineering.

SKINLESS have amicably parted ways with drummer Bob Beaulac. Beaulac has been replaced with ex-MORTICIAN drummer George Torres.

BROKEN HOPE have parted ways with the Martyr Music Group.

DECAPITATED have completed recording "Nihility", the follow-up to their 1999 Earache / Wicked World debut, "Winds Of Creation". U.S. and European release is set for early 2002. The tracklisting: ‘Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer)’, ‘Eternity Too Short’, ‘Mother War’, ‘Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)’, ‘Names’, ‘Spheres Of Madness’, ‘Babylon’s Pride’ and ‘Symmetry Of Zero’.

INSISION have finished recording their debut album for Earache / Wicked World in Berno Studios, Sweden. Entitled "Beneath The Folds Of Flesh", the album is set for U.S. release in spring 2002. Produced by Berno Paulson and Johan Axelsson, the album has nine tracks including: ‘World Impaled’, ‘Trapped Within’, ‘Sado God’, ‘Temple Of Flesh’, ‘Rewind Into Chaos’, ‘Impamiiz Graa’, ‘He’s My Fever’, ‘Before My Altar’ and ‘Ex Oblivion’.

Listenable Records are re-issuing two of their classic catalogue albums: LUCIFERION‘s "Demonication (The Manifest)" and ANCIENT‘s "Svartalvheim".

DEEDS OF FLESH will re-issue their second album, "Inbreeding The Antropophagi", on January 7th through Displeased.

Century Media is reissuing … AND OCEANS‘ first two CDs as a specially-priced double-disc set complete with both "The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts" and "The Symmetry Of I, The Circle Of O", plus bonus tracks from the long out-of-print 2CD set of "Symmetry".