June 19, 2002

Here’s the offical statement from HYPNOSIA‘s Cab concerning the band’s split up: "It was not an easy decision, but it was the only way out, at least as I saw it. I had myself done virtually everything in the band all these years, and it became too much. I did all music, all lyrics, answered all letters / e-mails, were in contact with all mags / zines, gig-organizers, record labels, financed all shirts / promotion stuff, and I felt I didn’t get the support needed from my fellow band mates. This situation haunted me for a long time, but I always thought it would get better, because during the years we got a very respected name and a loyal following in the underground, at least in Europe. But change never came. Keeping a band going takes alot of time, and besides that, I work in shift, fulltime, at a very heavy and exhausting job. I have plans of putting a new band together, but it will take time finding serious underground freaks, who live for metal. The music I have written the last year or so is leaning more towards Possessed / early Morbid Angel. In time I’ll get something together, until then – DEATH METAL!!!"

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