March 18, 2002

GOREAPHOBIA‘s original members from the first demo Alex Bouks, Henny Piotrowski and Craig Smilowski are together again for the first time since 1990. Their rather Black Metal-ish sounding frontman "No One" went on to other projects. Ever since they have been working on new material, which will be in the vein of the first demo – "… short, fast, to the point and catchy" . The band even decided to scrap all of the songs from their "Return To The Shadowlands" 2001 promo to restart with brandnew material. We’ll keep you posted.

Dark Realm Records has obtained North and South American rights to re-release "Violence And Blasphemy" from Polish Death / Black Metallers WITCHMASTER. The album is scheduled for an April 2002 release. During the same month Dark Realm Records will reissue PENTACLE’s "Ancient Death" CD with an added bonus track for this exclusive North American release. They also have copies of the "Reaching The Veil Of Death" MCD from America’s Death Metal artist THE CHASM available for trade now.

Here’s another update on the happenings in the SADISTIC INTENT camp: "For the past few months Bernie Versailles (studio / engineer) has been occupied recording not just one, but two full length records with his own groups (Agent Steel / Engine). Therefore, SADISTIC INTENT has not been in the studio since October, 2001. Regardless, it is imperative for the band that Dark Realm Records must continue and it certainly has been busy in that aspect… Nevertheless, the fact is Bernie also has other projects so unfortunately we expect more delays (hopefully not as long as this last one!), but he has agreed to get back on task with SADISTIC INTENT by late March and make it a priority. The session has already been through so many set backs that we anticipate things can only get better! Relatively speaking, there is not a lot of re-tracking left so if all goes as planned, the recording should be done by the summer. After that, it will be up to Necropolis Records to schedule a release date. On the subject of recordings, SADISTIC INTENT has decided to release the cover of ‘The Exorcist’ by the legendary Death Metal gods Possessed, featuring Jeff Becerra on vocals!!! It is a complete honor for SADISTIC INTENT to have collaborated with such an important and pioneering artist of the Death / Black Metal scene! To simply put it (for those who know Metal history!), the voice behind albums such as "Seven Churches" and "Beyond The Gates"!!! The song has been recorded for a couple years now and finally it shall be released by the cult German label, Iron Pegasus Records! It will be a limited edition picture disc 7" EP, also featuring the re-recorded classic (originally written in 1988!) SADISTIC INTENT song entitled ‘Morbid Faith’! This is an exclusive version and not the same one featured on the "Thrashing Holocaust" compilation by Necropolis Records. Further information on "The Exorcist / Morbid Faith" as it comes along… As far as the Web Lair updates, some new photo’s have been added to the Off Stage Photo Galleries. Some of them include members of Possessed, Slayer, Destruction, Morbid Angel, Immortal, Dissection, Enslaved, In Aeternum and several others! More photo’s will be added in the near future. In other news, SADISTIC INTENT just recently returned from a couple of shows in New Jersey and New York with Destroyer666, Nun Slaughter, Bloodstorm & others! We would like to thank all of those who helped make these events possible and last but not least, to the diehards who were present at The Destruction Festivals! The next appearance will be in Los Angeles at The Hell Fest 2002. This is the first L.A. show in well over a year for SADISTIC INTENT! It also marks the end of an era for the band with it’s current line-up. After being a member of the group for over a decade, Vince Cervera has decided to "move on". It was a mutual understanding and now we would like to take this moment to wish him luck. As far as the future of SADISTIC INTENT, we already have a promising guitar player in mind and will begin rehearsing shortly after The Hell Fest. Once again, another obstacle but it will not stop us! Embracing the unholy spirit, it shall only make us stronger…"

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