October 05, 2002

Premonition Records will release the debut album "Hacked To Death" of DECAPITATED RP (RP stands for Republica Ng Philipinas), an brutal old school Death Metal band from the Philippines. The label will also handle the CD release of MANTAK‘s "Eye Of Deviant" album (the tape version will be released by Nebula Productions). It will include 5 bonus tracks from their previous cassette EP. Both releases will be out within the next months / early 2003. The LACERATE MCD is now available, so interested distributors should get in touch with Premonition at: premonition-records@t-online.de

Chile’s THORNAFIRE are looking for German distributors willing to sell their MCD "Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus" (see reviews for further details). The band promises really good prices. Contact: mcnamarath@hotmail.com

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