October 11, 2002

BETHLEHEM are finishing up on "Suicide Radio" – an interactive CD-rom, which features the band’s music, short movies / videos, pictures, links, hidden secrets and more.

HIDDEN have started work on their next record, which will be released on Baphomet Records.

NOKTURNE will put out their second CD through Baphomet Records. The album will also include a Destruction cover.

ENSLAVED has just completed their 7th and yet untitled studio album. The recordings went extremely well and where yet again produced by the band them selves, Pytten and Jørgen Træen. The mixing will take part in January and the final release is set to the 3rd of March next year. Some new titles are ‘As Fire Swept Clean The Earth’, ‘Ridicule Swarm’ and ‘Queen Of Night’. On September 24, 2002 Enslaved played a show at Landmark – Bergen Kunsthall. The band was invited to perform as special guests at the opening ceremony of an art exibition featuring modern grotesque & horror art. Landmark is a highly profiled institution in the Norwegian art society, and coming from a background like Enslaved, this was a rather unusual event for an extreme Metal band. The show was a combination of multimedia effects with flames projected on the walls of the entire hall and the band playing. Enslaved already did a couple of new tunes in the 40 minutes long set. After that the band headed for Poland to record a DVD to be unleashed right after Christmas and are currently in dialogue with a movie director for a possible promo shot of one of the songs for the coming album. If this takes place, it will probably be released as bonus CD-ROM on the forthcoming album.

THE RAVENOUS mini CD "Three On A Meethook" (which features four brand new tracks) is almost ready for release. It will be available as a digipak.

NECROPHAGIA have recorded two tracks for their upcoming DVD. ‘To Sleep With The Dead’ and ‘The Fog’ will not appear anywhere else.

THANATOS will release their "Beyond Terror" MCD via Baphomet Records.

Blood Fire Death will issue a live NARGAROTH 7" from their tour with Krieg.

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