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June 30, 2002

SATHANAS have just released a new 3 song promo, which also includes a Bathory cover. It is limited to 1000 copies and sells for $3.00 from: sathanas.paul@verizon.net

DREAMS OF DAMNATION‘s new website is online now at: www.dreamsofdamnation.org You can check out an mp3 of the brand new song ‘The Bloodletting’ featuring the band’s new female singer

June 28, 2002

MALEVOLENT CREATION are set to record their 8th full length album on July 10th with producer Jean Francois Dagenais (better known as guitarist / producer for Kataklysm) at Greenhouse FX Studios in Tampa Florida. The new album titled "The Will To Kill" will be the first to feature new vocalist Kyle Symons (Hate Plow) and new drummer Justin DiPinto (ex-Divine Rapture).17 songs will be recorded during these sessions – 14 new tracks, 2 re-recorded songs from their 3rd album "Stillborn" (‘Dominated Resurgency’ and ‘Carnivorous Misgivings’) and a cover of ‘Metal Militia’ from Metallica (for a tribute CD on Nuclear Blast Records). The band has also signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records who will release "The Will To Kill" throughout Europe later this year. "The Will To Kill" will be released in the US and Canada through Arctic Music. Look for Malevolent Creation on tour later this year. http://malevolentcreation.cjb.net

LUNARIS, the Progressive Black / Death Metal band featuring members of Spiral Architect, Satyricon and Borknagar will unleash their debut album ".. The Infinite" on September 2nd in Europe, with the US release a short while after (to be confirmed). You will find a little taste of things to come here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/lunaris2.mp3

RAKOTH are presently recording their new album "Tiny Deaths" for Elitist Records in Moscow. Expect some eccentric, experimental folk-ish Avant-Metal.

Russian Black Doom act FOREST STREAM are close to the completion of their debut album, entitled "Tears Of Mortal Solitude". You can already check out a demo MP3 as a taste of things to come: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/foreststream.mp3.

EPHEL DUATH have completed some demo recordings as pre-production for their upcoming "The Painter’s Palette" album. Main man Davide has assembled a line-up of great musicians, including two members who also play in freeform Jazz bands. These influences will make Ephel Duath more organic, crazier, more layered and multidimensional than ever before.

June 24, 2002

CATTLE DECAPITATION‘s new album "To Serve Man" has been recorded mixed and mastered. Expect this new slab of grinding metallic gore to be in stores July 29th. The German Metal Blade distributor SPV refused to put the album in the stores due to the brutal artwork by Wes Benscoter. This means that "To Serve Man" will be available in Germany only through the usual mailoder companies. www.cattledecapitation.com

BEYOND THE EMBRACE are confirmed for the 2002 Death Across America U.S. Tour. This tour will mark the bands first cross-country jaunt, and is tentatively scheduled to begin on August 8th. The full line up has yet to be announced. For those who may not yet know, BEYOND THE EMBRACE has parted ways with drummer and long time friend Mike Bresciani. Recruited to replace Bresciani is Kevin Camille. Camille’s former bands include Voices Forming Weapons and Roswell. www.beyondthembrace.com

June 23, 2002

It’s official KREATOR and DESTRUCTION are coming back to North America on the Hell Comes To Your Town 2002 Tour. CEPHALIC CARNAGE and December complete the bill. It is scheduled to begin on September 12th and run until October 15th.

KRISIUN will be on the road in Europe with VADER and DECAPITATED for 5 – 6 weeks, beginning in late August. For more info go to: www.krisiun.com.br

LOCK UP‘s performance at the Hultsfred Festival on June 13th was a complete success. Fueled on the World Cup results of the day before and numerous cans of Red Bull, the band tore through a 20 song set in around 40 minutes, recorded for a radio broadcast and filmed for the festival website the crowd seemed to enjoy every minute.

HATE ETERNAL will be on the road this summer for the In Their Darkened Shrines Tour, a coast-to-coast US tour with NILE, ARCH ENEMY and ORIGIN. The dates kick off on July 6th at the Cotton Club in Atlanta, GA and wrap up on August 11th at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

INSISION have confirmed that they will be playing with IMMOLATION on their UK dates: December 8th – Rio’s in Bradford and 9th – The Garage in London

ARMAGEDDON‘s third record, "Three", is out in Japan. The band features ARCH ENEMY guitarist Christopher Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson.

Rumors suggest that despite incarceration, a new DISSECTION album will eventually surface, with Bard Faust on drums

CENTINEX will see their past four albums reissued through Candlelight. The titles, "Bloodhunt", "Hellbrigade", "Malleus Maleficarum" and "Reborn Through Flames" will be released through the label on September 17th.

NAGLFAR‘s hard to find debut, "Vittra", is available now through Century Media

OBSCENE EULOGY have inked a deal with Killjoy’s Baphomet Records.

Drummer Musa has left EPICEDIUM for family reasons. The band is looking for a very experienced and reliable replacement now. If you are interested or if you know of a good drummer, please get in touch with the band at: EPICEDIUM, c/o Bruno Galletta, Alt Schwanheim 12, 60529 Frankfurt, Germany, Phone/Fax: ++49-(0)69/355510, em@il: epicedium@rmn.net, Homepage: welcome.to/epicedium

June 21, 2002

AMON AMARTH are going to record their new album "Versus The World" in August at Berno studios in Sweden. A few song titles include ‘Bloodshed’, ‘Vs. The World’, ‘… And Soon The World Will Cease To Be’, ‘Death In Fire’, ‘Across The Rainbow Bridge’ and ‘For The Stabwounds In Our Backs’.

June 20, 2002

We figured it’s about time to give you a little update on the happenings in the SADISTIC INTENT camp. Guitarist Rick once more supplied a couple of news for you: "As far as the record, it has been delayed because Bernie (Versailles – producer) has been busy with ENGINE. We’ve been averaging like two days a week and currently we’ve been out for over a week and expect to get back in at the end of the month. I wish I could snap my fingers and have it done but it does not happen that way. Perhaps you are wondering why not finish at another studio, well, we simply can’t afford it. Bernie gave us the best deal by far. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining Bernie, I’m just mentioning some of the reasons for the delay. Moving along, I wanted to let you know about a rough mix we sent to Necropolis Records. We still have to EQ the guitars and the overal mix so it’s gonna get better. I personally didn’t want to release it but Necropolis really wanted a sample and now it’s up on there web site available for download. You can check it out if you’d like at necropolisrecords.com/index.html." Needless to say that the rough mix already sounds extreeeeemely promising, so make sure to give it a listen!

ANCIENT RITES finally recorded their long-awaited live-CD / DVD in a completely packed Biebob-club in Belgium on last Friday. According to the band it was a very succesful show so the final result should become very interesting.

BLOOD RED THRONE is currently working in the studio to record their 2nd full-length album. The working title is "Affiliated With The Suffering". Tchort and his "evil" partners in crime are planning to record 12 tracks. Some of the songtitles are ‘A Dream Of Death’, ‘Bleeders Lament’, ‘Chaos Rising’, ‘Unleashing Hell’, ‘Deadly Intentions’, ‘Razor Jack’, ‘Gather The Dead’ and ‘Mercy Killings’. Futhermore the band is ready to hit the road to support the album in the rest of Europe.

DEMONS OF DIRT are working on new material for their next album. The band is also planning to record a cover of Disrespect’s ‘One Man Down’.

DIMENSION F3H is currently recording their debut album "Reaping The World Winds". The album will be mixed in studio Fredman in Sweden. The studio line-up now consist of mastermind Morfeus (Limbonic Art), Stian Lindaas Kristoffersen (drums) and Nesmoth (vocals).

HEARSE is also in the studio to record their upcoming 7" EP and their debut full-length album titled "Dominion Reptialian". The core of Hearse exists around ex-Arch Enemy frontman Johan Liiva (vocals and bass) and Max Thornell (drums), with the addition of Mattias Ljung (guitars).

IMPIOUS recently finished the recordings for their upcoming album "The Killer" in Studio Mega (a.o. The Crown).

MACABRE just had their 1986 debut recording "Grim Reality" remixed by Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Queensryche). Furthermore the debut of the Macabre Minstrels (Macabre unplugged!) is near completion. On top of that the band is preparing the recordings for their upcoming new album "Murder Metal". And last but not least Macabre will play this years Wacken Open Air and Milwaukee Metal Fest.

MONSTROSITY recently returned from a very succesful Mexican and South American tour. Monstrosity will head to Europe in September for a big European Tour with Dying Fetus (US), Houwitser (NL) and Intervalle Bizarre (CZECH).

NECROPHOBIC is currently preparing for their German festival appearances at Wacken Open Air and Party San Open Air.

PRIMORDIAL will do some Irish clubshows before the band plays at Wacken Open Air in August. Furtermore they will do a mini-tour in the Benelux at the end of September with Dutch band Callenish Circle.

SATARIEL found a new management in Metal Fortress that should provide them with more liveshows and festivals. The band is also writing new material for their 3rd album.

SEPTIC FLESH are currently recording their new album in Studio Fredman in Sweden.

June 19, 2002

Here’s the offical statement from HYPNOSIA‘s Cab concerning the band’s split up: "It was not an easy decision, but it was the only way out, at least as I saw it. I had myself done virtually everything in the band all these years, and it became too much. I did all music, all lyrics, answered all letters / e-mails, were in contact with all mags / zines, gig-organizers, record labels, financed all shirts / promotion stuff, and I felt I didn’t get the support needed from my fellow band mates. This situation haunted me for a long time, but I always thought it would get better, because during the years we got a very respected name and a loyal following in the underground, at least in Europe. But change never came. Keeping a band going takes alot of time, and besides that, I work in shift, fulltime, at a very heavy and exhausting job. I have plans of putting a new band together, but it will take time finding serious underground freaks, who live for metal. The music I have written the last year or so is leaning more towards Possessed / early Morbid Angel. In time I’ll get something together, until then – DEATH METAL!!!"

June 18, 2002

GRAVE will now release their new album, "Back From The Grave", in September. Originally due in June, the release has been moved forward due to the band’s European tour, which ended on June 2nd. The album wasn’t finished before the start of the tour. Nine songs have been recorded and mixing / mastering will take place at the end of June.

After seven years HYPNOSIA have disbanded. The members wish to thank all those that supported them over the years.

THE KOVENANT are going into the studio on the 20th of June. You can also check it out at www.woodhouse.de since they are going to put up webcameras in the studio. They are also putting together a DVD / VHS, with tour & studio stuff, shows, videos etc, which is supposed to be out by the beginning of next year. A remix album is also in the making.

ANCIENT RITES plan to record their June 14th show in Beibob, Belgium for a live CD / double LP / DVD and VHS.

DEICIDE, BEHEMOTH, DESTROYER 666, DIABOLIC, ANTAEUS, and CENTINEX will tour Europe together in November. The confirmed dates are: 9th – Exil in Trier, Germany, 10th – Beibob in Voxxelaar, Belgium, 11th – Zeche Carl in Essen, Germany, 12th – La Locomotive in Paris, France and 13th – After Club in Amneville, France.

INCANTATION‘s new album, "Blasphemy", will be out in Europe on June 17th through Candlelight, in North America on June 18th through Necropolis and on July 10th in Brazil through Moria Records. The band’s 2002 / 2003 Blasphemous World Assault tour will take in Europe, North America and South America.

Australia’s ASTRIAAL will enter Sunshine Studios on June 17th to record their new album, tentatively titled "Renascent Misanthropy". The album will be engineered by Lachlan Mitchell (ex-NAZXUL), and will feature eight tracks. Also, the band’s recently recorded two-track "Throne To Perish" 7" EP should be released by US label Dark Horizon in September 2002.

THE LUGUBRE HORDE are back and have a webpage back online at http://lugubre.cjb.net. The band are set to play Berlin’s Under The Black Sun festival, which takes place on July 5th and 6th. Other acts on the bill include TAAKE, TSJUDER, ROOT, URGEHAL, WATAIN and more. In other live news, the band are scheduled to appear on July 10th in Leper, Belgium with TAAKE and MORRIGAN, and on September 20th they’ll perform in Hengelo, Holland with BLACK WITCHERY, ARMAGEDDA and more. They will also play the Drakkar Festival in Holland in December. Meanwhile, the band will enter the studio in July to record their 2002 promo and a new album.

Germany’s LIVING DEATH will see their ’85 classic album "Metal Revolution" reissued through Shark Records with several bonus live tracks that were recorded in ’84. The tracklisting: ‘Killing Machine’, ‘Grippin’ A Heart’, ‘Rulers Must Come’, ‘Screaming From A Chamber’, ‘Intro’, ‘Shadow Of A Dream’, ‘Panic & Hysteria’, ‘Road Of Destiny’, ‘Deep In Hell’, ‘You And Me’ (live), ‘Living Death’ (live), ‘Bloody Dance’ (live), ‘My Victim’ (live) and ‘Nightline’ (live).

June 17, 2002

This is the final billing for this year’s X-Mass Festivals: SIX FEET UNDER, MARDUK, DYING FETUS, HATE ETERNAL, IMPALED NAZARENE, IMMOLATION, MACABRE, MYSTIC CIRCLE and KATAKLYSM. The shows will take place between December 11 and December 22, 2002. The exact dates will be published shortly.

June 15, 2002

Wannes of PENTACLE will do some co-vocals for the Dutch band Izegrim for the song ‘Under The Banners Of Hatred’. This song will be released on their forthcoming album. PENTACLE has furthermore been asked to participate in a NECROVORE – tribute. This 10" is going to be released through the Dutch label From Beyond Records (NecroSchizma, Pentagram, Bathym / Sathanas). 4 bands will each cover a track of the legendary "1987 rehearsal / demo". Pentacle has chosen to record the track ‘Divuus De Mortuus’. It’s not sure when this 10" will be released. Other bands who are going to participate haven’t been confirmed yet, though Blood Storm have shown big interest in contributing ‘Toxic Decay’.

The third HATE FOREST album "Purity" is being mixed this week. Meanwhile their second is already out on cassette. You can find out more about this band and download an mp3 from the following URL: www.supernalmusic.com/labels/supernal/hate_forest.htm.

Due to manufacturing problems, Supernal Music have had to put back the release date for the 10" split picture disc with MAYHEM. The new release date is 1 July. The split 10" picture disc is, at any rate, already sold out. Individual customers may still pre-order, but there are very few copies left right now. www.supernalmusic.com

The work on the second THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL album seems to be well under way. It is to be titled "Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua". Tracks already penned are: ‘Og’s Last Stand’, ‘Giant Spiders From Hell’, ‘The Hanging Gallows Of Babylon’, A Beauteous Mill Of Murder’ and ‘The Embalming Of God’. Mirai from SIGH, Vincent Crowley from ACHERON, Huw Lloyd Langton plus others will contribute to the album, which is set for release during the first quarter of 2003. You can download an mp3 from the following URL: www.supernalmusic.com/labels/supernal/meads_asphodel.htm. Under FERLY005CD you will find a link called "more info" – when you click it a separate window pops up with information about "The Excommunication Of Christ", where you will find the link to the mp3.

Supernal Music have a number of re-issues planed for this year, including BEHEMOTH‘s "From The Pagan Vastlands", DEINONYCHUS "Ark Of Thought", and MAYHEM "Out From The Dark" picture disc.

ALASTOR will record a new CD ("Face The Barbarian Alastor") in July which should be out in Autumn 2002.

AMON in the line-up of Dr. Fe (vox) and Larva Krupica (guit) are still searching for members to complete their lineup and record new material sometime in Autumn 2002.

COUNTESS‘ Orlok is putting together material for a new CD called "Tales Of Blasphemy And Desecration". A rough mix version of a new song (‘Confessions Of A Polytheist’) is up on www.metalgospel.com in the HYMNALS section.

DEVIL LEE ROT is the solo project of Devil Lee Rot, frontman for PAGAN RITES. DEVIL LEE ROT offer pure Heavy Metal with a nod towards the NWOBHM and nothing else. DEVIL LEE ROT has agreed to a CD release of "Hellscraper / A Little Devil Ain’t Enough" which should be out before the Summer.

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY are awaiting the unlimited re-release of "Castrate The Redeemer" in July.

GRAVEWURM released their second CD "Dark Souls Of Hell" on May 24th and will go into the studio again in August to record a yet untitled 3rd CD with the help of session members.

HATEFUL AGONY from Munich (Germany) are currently recording their second CD and expect to finish the job in September.

HATEWORK are recording right now and should be done by late July so their yet untitled CD might be out before the Autumn.

HERETIC were unhappy with the first version and decided to re-record "Devilworshipper" to achieve an even more rotten and bestial sound.

MEGIDDO are still mixing "The Atavism Of Evil" planned for a July 2002 release. At the same time the unlimited version of "The Devil And The Whore" should be available.

MORRIGAN sold out the numbered version of "Enter The Sea Of Flames" in one week. Unnumbered versions of "Enter…" as well as of the first CD "Plague Waste And Death" are available for wholesale / trade as you are reading this. For further details contact: blackgoat@barbarianwrath.org The planned tour with BLASPHEMY had to be cancelled.

NUNSLAUGHTER are preparing the recording of their long awaited new CD "Goat" for Revenge Productions and will record a second yet untitled part of "Radio Damnation" in Autumn 2002 for Barbarian Wrath. Even before that an unlimited version of the long sold out first part is supposed to be out.

SARGATANAS are planning to record a new yet untitled CD in Autumn 2002.

SCYTHE just released their first CD "On My Way Home" and are working on new material.

SITHLORD have almost finished "The Return To Godless Times" planned for a July release.

STINY PLAMENU are awaiting the release of their second CD "Rany Cernym Kovem" in September 2002. New material is in the making.

The 3rd TEARSTAINED album will be called "Final Thoughts" and will include 8 new songs and 2 hidden coversongs.

THARGOS are recording right now and should be done by August so "KillFukk" might be out by September 2002. The band is trying to set up a tour throughout Germany and Austria in August 2002. Interested local promotors should contact the band immediately. cy@possessed.de

THE CHASM are currently recording "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire". Planned release date is August 2002.

WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS just released "Black Sun Shall Rise" through Moribund Records and are in the final stages of mixing "Feasting On Christ".

June 14, 2002

Guitarist Anders Björler has rejoined Swedish Thrashers THE HAUNTED. Björler, who left the group last September in order to concentrate on his university studies, announced his decision to come back to the band earlier today, according to frontman Marco Aro, who described himself as "stunned" by the news. As previously reported, THE HAUNTED have booked five weeks at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden beginning on August 26th for the recording of their forthcoming third full-length CD, due in early 2003 through Earache Records. Although Björler’s involvement in the songwriting process for the forthcoming album has been relatively minimal thus far, he is expected to be contribute heavily to the new material before the group enter the studio to begin tracking the follow-up to the quintet’s acclaimed "The Haunted Made Me Do It" CD (2000). Since Anders’ departure from the group late last year, THE HAUNTED have been utilizing the services of THE CROWN guitarist Marcus Sunesson, who performed with the band during their most recent live appearance at Stockholm’s The Shrine on May 31st.

June 13, 2002

The new AURORA BOREALIS CD "Time, Unveiled" is complete and will be released July 1, 2002 on Nightsky Productions in the USA. The recording features Tim Yeung (Ex-HATE ETERNAL) on drums. The CD will also be released early 2003 in Europe on Die Hard Music.

June 12, 2002


MALEVOLENT CREATION‘s "Envenomed" album will be reissued with 3 bonus tracks: ‘Perish In Flames’ (DARK ANGEL cover song), ‘Epileptic Seizure’ (re-recorded from their 89 demo) and ‘Confirmed Kill’ (re-recorded from their 87 debut demo). These are the final recordings with original vocalist Brett Hoffmann on vocals. The band’s 8th full length album titled "The Will To Kill" with new vocalist Kyle Symons (HATE PLOW) will be out October 2002. The band has also inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records from Germany who will be releasing "The Will To Kill" in Europe. http://malevolentcreation.cjb.net

Norway’s Black Metal act CELEBRATUM recorded their debut album "Mirrored Revelations" at Abyss Studio’s in Sweden with producer Tommy Tagtgren. The album will be out in August 2002. http://celebratum.cjb.net

Sweden’s Death / Thrasher ETERNAL LIES will release their debut CD "Spiritual Deception" in August 2002,

KULT OV AZAZEL‘s "Triumph Of Fire" will be re-released on 12" vinyl in July. It will be limited to 300 copies with the first 100 printed on clear vinyl. Kult Ov Azazel has been working with new drummer Goss "The Hammer" on writing the next full length titled "Oculus Infernum." This is the first time in years the band has been functioning as a full unit and welcome Goss as a permanent member to the horde. www.kultovazazel.com

HOMO IRATUS will release a new MCD in August. "Knowledge… Their Enemy" features 2 videos, a new unreleased track from the upcoming 2nd full length, a SEPULTURA cover with ethnic Greek instrumentation and 2 tracks from their debut CD "Human Consumes Human." www.homoiratus.com

Sweden’s IMMERSED IN BLOOD are soon to begin recording their debut for Arctic Music. www.immersedinblood.net

HATE PLOW vocalist Kyle Symons has joined MALEVOLENT CREATION full time and HATE PLOW (who also features guitarists Rob Barrett and Phil Fasciana from MALEVOLENT CREATION) will put the band on hold for a while until recording for the new MALEVOLENT CREATION album is finished this summer. The band will record their 3rd and most likely final album when time permits. http://hateplow.cjb.net

SIX FEET UNDER will be recording a live CD and DVD at the Lab in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 14th for an early 2003 release. According to frontman Chris Barnes, "this is gonna be professionally shot on film by Dave Roth, who directed ‘The Day The Dead Walked’, ‘Victim of the Paranoid’, and ‘Manipulation’ videos, and will be digitally recorded live by Chris Carroll [who’d worked with us on the "Maximum Violence", "Graveyard", and "True Carnage" CDs]. Songs from the show will also be featured on a live CD, which will coincide with the release of the video. This is gonna be 100% pro, so if you want to see your ugly fuckin’ face show up on our vid-make it to this show, if its the last thing you ever do!! Prepare yourself…"

June 10, 2002

Earache Records will re-release AT THE GATES‘ milestone "Slaughter Of The Soul" this summer. The reissue features 6 bonus tracks, new artwork, and new liner notes by At The Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg. The bonus tracks are: ‘Legion’ (Slaughterlord cover), ‘The Dying’ (from the oringial album sessions), ‘Unto Others’ (demo version), ‘Nausea’ (demo version), ‘Captor Of Sin’ (Slayer cover) and ‘Blister Verklighet’ (No Security cover, never released).

Here’s some news on the new BEZERKER album "Dissimulate", from the band directly: "For the past few months we have been confined in our studio in Melbourne, Australia to record our new album, "Dissimulate". These new works are definitely a natural progression from our debut album "The Berzerker". We have recorded 13 new tracks and our own intrepretation of Carcass’ ‘Corporal Jigsaw Quandary’. The production of "Dissimulate" sees a bigger sounding album, more powerful than our debut, "The Berzerker". The new material is much more varied. We have included many different variations of grind beats as well as more diverse vocal styles and rhythms, while retaining the low / high vocal trade off and machine gun vocals from the first album. One huge change for us from the first album is the fact that we have live drums! Our drummer did an amazing job of laying down the new tracks at the most incredible speeds. The kick and snare are still triggered with sounds similar to the first album, but with all the live feel that a real drummer can bring us. We have raised the bar with regard to the speeds previously used in music with this album. The world speed drumming record could well have been shattered… you will be astounded! We are all very happy with the new material as it complements our debut, "The Berzeker", so well. Lyrically, the band continues to show our disgust at humanity and the world. For fans of "The Berzerker", all the speed and brutality remains as strong as ever with the song writing taking on more of a group effort. We’re looking forward to getting back out on the road and touring across the globe. We have had the chance to play most of our new material to our Australian fans and the wait is almost over for the rest of the world. We look forward to seeing you all on the road. You have been warned…" www.theberzerker.com

DECEMBER has finished work on their first video, for the track ‘Host’ (off their Earache debut, "The Lament Configuration). The video was shot in and around December’s desert-like hometown of Reno, Nevada. www.december1.com

December WOLVES’ XXX video, "Porn Again Christian", is now available online in various formats at: www.earache.com/info/agreement.html Directed by Hollywood’s #1 rock n’ roll porno tycoon, Matt Zane, this is the video England’s Kerrang Magazine calls "The sickest video ever"!!! See for yourself! www.dehumanizetheworld.com, www.mattzane.com, www.zanevideo.com

Check the new issue of Revolver Magazine (July / Aug 02) for an exclusive interview with HATE ETERNAL, conducted by the High Priestess of Loud Rock, Amy Sciaretto. Catch HATE ETERNAL this summer on tour with Nile, Arch Enemy, and Origin, and look for HATE ETERNAL’s new album, "King Of All Kings", out on Earache this fall. www.hateeternal.com

Earache Records has signed the progressive Black / Death metal band LUNARIS. Hailing from Norway, Lunaris features members of Borknagar, Satyricon, 1349, and Spiral Architect. This is no "super group" or "side project" band though. Lunaris are a full-fledged, fully working band with the ambition and dedication it takes to become a genuine force in the metal scene. The band has already completed the work on their debut album, "The Infinite", and Earache plans to release the album in August. Lunaris recorded "The Infinite" with drummer Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect & Borknagar), guitarists Azarak (Spiral Architect & Satyricon) and M (backing vocals), bassist and vocalist Maztema (Spiral Architect), vocalist Balfori (ex-1349) and keyboardist Ray. However, Mickelson is now out of the band and Lunaris replaced him with Janos Di Croce. An advance track from "The Infinite" entitled ‘Of The One’ can be found here: www.elitistrecords.co.uk/lunaris2.mp3

Chuck Schuldiner’s mom, Jane Schuldiner, kindly supplied us with the following news concerning the rumors about a possible "early demo collection" CD by DEATH: "I know people out have Chuck’s demos and are trading / selling them and I think if they do, then why not us? We have not yet because at one time Chuck had said to his sister that he did not want them released. At this point we have to rethink that position because of the medical costs that are astronomical, and the legal costs of fighting a record label in court for Chuck’s rights. It seems that certain people have owed a great deal of money to Chuck and have not paid, and now because he is no longer here are not planning to pay the debt owed to him. As a matter of fact, it was said that maybe he would die and they would not have to pay him. He was very hurt when he heard that and so were we, his family. So we will gladly fight for him, as we promised Chuck we would do. So I guess the answer is that we are still thinking about it. I know a lot of fans want us to, and the fans wishes were always important to Chuck, and now to us. We will reach a decision soon and let everybody know."

June 08, 2002

The murderer of Kettenhund Records founder ANDREAS LACHER was sentenced to 12 years yesterday morning (the first four years in jail and the rest in a psychatry). You will find a more detailed article about this case here (written in German though).

June 07, 2002

IMPIETY will record their 3rd album at Berno Studios, Sweden from July 1 to July 20 with producer Berno Paulsson. The Album is titled "Kaos Kommand 696" and will feature ten tracks. The cover art will exclusive be supplied by both JP Fournier and Desmond Sia respectively. The release date is tentatively set for October 2002.

Pete Helmkamp is now a member of REVENGE

MELECHESH will record their their album "Sphynx" for Osmose Productions in November and December at Andy LaRoque’s Los Angered Studios in Sweden.

June 05, 2002

THE CROWN and Tomas Lindberg have parted ways due to personal differences, any questions to this statement will be answered with "no comments".

French ANTAEUS will release their new album "De Principii Evangelikum" on September 23rd. The band will hit the road in November on tour with DEICIDE.

June 04, 2002

MONSTROSITY have just returned from Brazil and a three week tour of Mexico. On May 7, 2002 their album "Millennium" was reissued by Conquest Music and in September the band will head to Europe for the third time visiting at least eleven countries and playing 50 shows before returning to the States.

June 01, 2002

After their split-up with Metal Blade Records New York’s IMMOLATION have signed a new deal with Listenable Records for 3 albums. The band has already started the recordings of their new album, which will be entitled "Unholy Cult". Here are the titles: ‘Of Martyrs And Men’, ‘Sinful Nature’, ‘Unholy Cult’,’ Wolf Among The Flock’, ‘Reluctant Messiah’,’ A Kingdom Divided’,’ Rival The Eminen’t and ‘Bring Them Down.’ "Unholy Cult" is scheduled for a late October release. One Mp3 of a new track will be posted on the Listenable website www.listenable.net shortly. IMMOLATION will do a headlining tour in December with DERANGED, MYSTIC CIRCLE and Sweden’s INSISION, followed by the X mas festivals all over Europe with other bands like DYING FETUS, MACABRE, SIX FEET UNDER and more to be confirmed shortly.

DERANGED‘s fifth album ‘Plainfield Cemetary’ is currently being recorded at Berno studios (THE QUILL, VOMITORY, THE HAUNTED) and will be released in early September.

Listenable Records have signed MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, a young Finish melodic Heavy / Death Metal act. You will find an Mp3 of one their demo songs on the label’s website www.listenable.net. Their style is like a stunning mixture of Heavy Metal permeated with late CARCASS / CHILDREN OF BODOM overtones.

Listenable Records are distributing ETERNAL GRAY‘s debut album "Kindless". The band was formed by ex members of BETRAYER. "Kindless" was recorded by Tommy Tägtgren, in Abyss studios Sweden, with the help of Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY) and Schmier (DESTRUCTION). Both are also doing backing vocals. The album is available for 14Euros ppd. ($15 outside Europe) from www.listenable.net. Check out the band’s website at www.eternalgray.com

ABORTED‘s new album will be entitled "The Saw And The Carnage Done" and should be recorded in November, scheduled for a February 2003 release. The band furthermore recorded their live-set at the IMMORTAL / HYPOCRISY show in Lille (F) last month. 3 songs from that session will be taken for an upcoming split live 10" vinyl with EXHUMED, coming out on Listenable in Autumn. Expect this to be extremely limited.

Due to the fact that both releases not exactly fit into the musical boundaries of our magazine, but still might appeal to some of you dark minded souls, checking in here more often, we at least decided to give the new DANZIG and THE 69 EYES records a short mention here. While Glenn and the gang finally delivered a very promising new full length by the name of "777 – I Luciferi" (Spitfire Records) again, that – despite some remaining modern overtones – turned out a lot more basic and "Lucifuge" / "Danzig" orientated again, Finland’s THE 69 EYES didn’t manage to live up to the high expectations, based on their strong last album and disappointed me quite a bit. "Paris Kills" (Roadrunner Records) is a lot more mellow and poppy sounding than their highly successful predecessors "Blessed Be" and "Wasting The Dawn". Finnish Gothic music not necessarily has to sound this lame as the new SENTENCED record impressively proved.