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September 30, 2002

On November 3rd, Hellfest 2002 is taking place at The Rosetta Bar in Belfast, Ireland and will feature the following acts: KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and DERANGED among others.

NILE have been confirmed for Beast Feast 2002.

A tour featuring KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, DERANGED and RIFFMASTER GENERAL hits the UK on the following dates: October 27 – Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes, October 28 – Patti Pavillion, Swansea, October 29 – Camden Underworld, London, October 30 – JB’s, Dudley, October 31 – The Station, Bristol, November 1 – Rio’s, Bradford, November 2 – Eamon Dorans, Dublin and November 3 – Rosetta Bar, Belfast.

DYING FETUS are currently writing material for their forthcoming Relapse full-length to be titled "Stop At Nothing". The album will be out in January. Tracks on the release will include: ‘Schematics’, ‘One Shot, One Kill’, ‘Stop At Nothing’ and ‘Forced Elimination’.

EXHUMED are now writing for their new album, due out through Relapse in early 2003.

NASUM are writing for their upcoming full length for Relapse. The band will once again record in Soundlab Studios. Expect a spring, 2003 release date.

REGURGITATE‘s new EP, "Hate-Filled Vengeance", will be released in October. The release was recorded at Soundlab Studios and mastered by Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER).

SKINLESS are currently writing for their upcoming album, tentatively titled "From Sacrifice To Survival". Look for it in early 2003. Tracks on the release will include: ‘Nexus In Hell’, ‘Miscreant’, ‘Deathwork’, ‘From Sacrifice To Survival’, ‘Contrition’ and ‘Ill Refute’.

A video for VOMITORY‘s ‘Nailed, Quartered, Consumed’ track is in the works by Lowlife Media. Footage for the clip is taken from the group’s recent show at Wacken Open Air. In tour news, Vomitory will invade Poland during the Thrash ’em All Festivals that run from October 1st through 10th. Other acts on the tour include MONSTROSITY, TRAUMA, SCEPTIC, LOST SOUL, DISSENTER and CONTEMPT.

DEICIDE‘s upcoming tour has lost three of its support acts, ANTAEUS, INCISION and CENTINEX. Promoters in Bradford, London, Trier, Vosselaar, Paris, Ludwigsburg and Warszawa are against having more than three bands on the bill, which led to the cancellations. The tour organizer apologizes for this situation.

MYSTIC CIRCLE‘s "Damien" album is out through Massacre in a limited edition digipak with the bonus track ‘Cry Little Sister’.

Century Media Records have issued the following statement regarding the planned tour featuring BORKNAGAR, FINNTROLL, SUIDAKRA, SUSPERIA and WINDIR: "Cheers Maniacs! Unfortunately we have to confirm the rumours. Due to organizational problems the tour is canceled. The Norwegian dates will take place as scheduled. They kick off on October 3rd at Zeche Carl in Essen and wrap up on October 25th at Stundentsamfunnet in Aas."

According to their website, IMPALED NAZARENE will start the recordings of their 8th studio album in March 2003 at Astia Studio’s with Anssi Kippo in charge again.

DARKNESS ETERNAL‘s website (www.deternal.darkgod.net) has been updated with all the latest happenings of the band. New reviews and links have been added as well.

IN AETERNUM have parted ways with Necropolis Records. The band is currently finishing their new album, which will be released by a new label, to be announced soon. http://inaeternum.cjb.net

Finnish melodic Death Metal act FARMAKON was signed by Elitist Records The band will start recording their as-yet untitled debut album in the new year.

Russian blackened, symphonic Doom act FOREST STREAM will release their album "Tears Of Mortal Solitude" in early 2002.

Russian avant-garde experimentalists RAKOTH are presently in the studio putting the finishing touches to their new album "Tiny Deaths".

EPHEL DUATH are currently recording their new album "The Painter’s Palette". The bass and the drums have already been recorded, and the rest is being done during November.

During a gig with PUNGENT STENCH, DISASTROUS MURMUR und DEATH REALITY in Zwickau’s "Alarm Club" on September 27, someone stole a guitar effect tool (Digitech DNX-1, 40 x 20cm in size, metallic grey, with 4 pedals, a big volume-pedal and a green / red display – value approx. 500,-Euro) as well as some guitar accessoires (tools, belt) from the band THORNESBREED. The band is willing to pay a reward of 25,- Euro for useful indications in getting their stuff back. Contact: andre@thornesbreed.de

September 27, 2002

According to Metallysee all 3 support bands on the DEICIDE tour (ANTAEUS, INCISION and CENTINEX) got cancelled.

EXMORTEM have finished recording their new album "Pestilence Empire" and will enter Feedback studios on the 30th this month to do the mix. Some artwork, titles and maybe a small pre-listen will be presented during next month or so, on www.exmortem.com

SATYRICON‘s new album "Volcano" will hit the European streets on October 21 via Capitol.

DARKTHRONE‘s Nocturno Culto and Fenriz are about to enter the studio to record their next album, which is supposed to be released in early 2003. In the meantime "Goatlord" (new) and "Panzerfaust" (re-release) will be released on vinyl this fall.

DHG will enter the studio in Denmark for their new album, planned for an early spring release.

EIBON will complete their self-titled album in September.

A new edition of WONGRAVEN‘s "Fjelltronen" will be released this fall. It features new artwork and booklet.

OPETH will be releasing their new album "Deliverance" on November 04, 2002.

September 26, 2002

EMBALMING THEATRE from Switzerland have been signed by Razorback Records. According to a label info, they are "a must listen for fans of bands like Machetazo, Squash Bowels, etc." The band has released many split 7" EP’s with Agathocles, Final Exit, Unholy Grave, and soon splits with Sewn Shut, Gored Face and more to come. Their debut full-length CD is supposed to be released late Summer 2003. In the meantime, you can check out some mp3’s on the band’s website. www.embalmingtheatre.ch, label contact: Razorback Records, PO Box 321, Farmingville, NY 11738, USA, www.razorbackrecords.com, wnocera@aol.com

The three RAZOR CD’s that currently appeared on Ebay seem to be official re-issues. Walter Giardetti, the sales manager of Unidisc Music Inc. in Canada (the label that put them out), just sent us the following statement: "Dear Mr. Stover, yes, we have re-issued and re-mastered 3 of RAZOR’s albums on CD… If they have Unidisc’s logo and bar codes on them, then they should be legitimate… They are "Executioner’s Song" (#ATM-0103), "Evil Invaders" (#ATM-0112) and "Malicious Intent"(#ATM-0116). We will also be re-releasing CD’s by ANVIL and KILLER DWARFS in the near future." You can check out the original label flyer here.

September 25, 2002

The drummer for the upcoming PESSIMIST US tour will be Mike Perigo, who played in Cadaver Symposium, the former band of M. Harrison (Misery Index). The band continues to write for the next release and will return to Omega Studios (Rockville, MD) this Fall to record an EP tentatively titled "For Stronger Than Death Is Hate". Lost Disciple Records has just re-pressed all PESSIMIST CDs including "Blood For The Gods" and the debut "Cult Of The Initiated".

The release of FUNERAL PROCESSION‘s new demo "Solar Eclipse" is delayed until mid of October. The demo will include three new songs as well as a Mayhem cover. Distributors, labels & mags should contact Devil Worship Records (ritual666@poczta.onet.pl) for wholesale prices or promotional copies. The band’s guitarist, Iwein, has left the band after the recordings in order to concentrate more on his own bands Iwein and Carpe Noctem and Count Gothmog will leave Germany to live in Clydach / Wales on September 27th, so he may not be able to answer e-mails and snail-mail within the next week. Both addresses (e-mail and normal post) are still remain active until a new one has been posted on the band’s homepage. Ordinary mail will be forwarded to Wales but it may take some time until there will be a possibillity to answer. It is also unsure yet when a new internet-connection will have been set up, so it also may take some time until the band’s website will be updated again. All pre-ordered demos or trades will be sent out as soon as possible, but anyone else interested in the demo is adviced to order it directly from Devil Worship Records as this way there will be no delay until everything is fixed in Wales. Nightfog Productions (http://nightfog.cjb.net) is going to release a FUNERAL PROCESSION-shirt this autumn. The shirt will be limited to 30 copies. Anyone interested in this shirt should directly contact Nightfog Productions as the band won’t sell the shirts. www.funeralprocession.net

CENTINEX need your help! Do you have any Centinex live photos laying around? Or are you able to create Centinex wallpapers, winamp-skins, screensavers etc? Then send them your material and get it published on the CENTINEX website. Quality stuff will be rewarded with free goods. www.centinex.org

September 24, 2002

GOD DETHRONED have changed their album title. The next album will now definitely be called "Into The Lungs Of Hell". The band is about to enter the Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden and is looking forward to their first recordings outside their home country.

The release of the new AMON AMARTH album "Versus The World" has been postponed to the 18th of November. The first pressing will be a limited "Viking Edition" with tons of extra material on a bonus CD.

The third full length album from ABOMINATOR will be entitled, "Nuctemeron Descent" and will feature 9 tracks. It is supposed to be completed by the end of the year.

The new album of SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION will be released by Osmose Productions in the beginning of 2003.

The FUNERUS website is online. This is the band that John McEntee and Kyle Severn from Incantation helped reform last year with original members Brad Heiple and John’s wife, Jill McEntee. For more info on Funerus go to: www.funerus.com

September 23, 2002

BEEHLER, featuring Dan Beehler (ex-EXCITER – vocals, drums), Allan Johnson (ex-EXCITER – bass), Scott Walsh (guitar) and Sean Brophy (guitar), have finished recording their first demo and are set to mix it in the next week. According to the band the new material "sounds more like an album than a demo."

MISERY INDEX have finally inked a long term deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band just performed on the Death Across America Tour together with their labelmates from Kataklysm. The band is concentrating on writing material for their upcoming full-length album which they hope to record by January, with a release slated for April/May of 2003.

NASTY SAVAGE have reformed and have just finished recording two songs that will be released with some classic demo material through Crook’d Records.

BLOOD OF CHRIST‘s new album, "As the Rain Gently Falls", is out now. The band will embark on a full scale Canadian tour in two weeks with KATAKLYSM and NECRONOMICON. The dates kick off on September 22nd at The Daily Grind in North Bay, ON and wrap up on October 11th at The Underground in Ottawa, ON.

QUO VADIS will enter Pierre Remillard’s (OBLIVEON, CRYPTOPSY) studio in the next few weeks to record their new album, due out through Skyscraper in early 2003. In related news, guitarist Arie Itman is no longer part of the band and MARTYR’s Daniel Mongrain is filling in temporarily. Meanwhile, the band have decided to become a five piece and are now looking for a full time vocalist. Auditions are underway.

NAPALM DEATH have endorsed an official DVD to be released on September 21st. "Punishment In Capitals" features a 75 minute concert recorded at ULU London on April 27th 2002, along with a host of bonus material including a 45 minute documentary, exclusive interviews with the band and the fans along with never before seen live footage from around the world (including Japan & Chile).

SEVERE TORTURE have been banned from playing in Switzerland, because the cover for current album, "Misanthropic Carnage", was deemed perverse, sick and offensive. The album is available through Hammerheart.

HATE ETERNAL‘s "King Of All Kings" release is out in Japan on October 9th through Toy’s Factory. It will feature an exclusive bonus track.

The Canadian release of NIGHT IN GALES‘ "Necrodynamic" album has been set for October 31st. As an exclusive bonus, the release will include the complete "Sylphlike" EP, never before available in Canada.

DYING FETUS has recently hired Mike Kimball to fill the second guitar position. According to the band’s website "Mike met all necessary qualifications that we were looking for. He is a tremendous soloist, rhythm player, lyricist, and songwriter. We want to thank everyone who submitted video applications and tried out with us. Mike will be debuting with Fetus on the upcoming European X-mas Festivals with SIX FEET UNDER."

KATAKLYSM‘s "From Shadows To Dust" Canadian tour, which also features NECRONOMICON and BLOOD OF CHRIST begins on September 22 in North Bay at The Daily Grind and ends on October 11th in Ottawa at the Underground.

DIABOLIC have made an amicable split with vocalist Paul Ouellette. His replacement is Robert Cardenas (ex-COFFIN TEXTS). The new line-up are now writing for their next album, due for release next Spring. Says the band, "The new material promises the unrelenting intensity and dynamics that Diabolic is known for." Meanwhile, Diabolic will kick off their European Vengeance Tour 2002 on November 2nd in Rotterdam, Netherlands. BEHEMOTH and DESTROYER 666 are also on the tour.

MORBID ANGEL have posted the following at their website, www.morbidangel.com, "In case you see it – yes, it is David’s voice and Morbid Angel on the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards 2002 commercial. The clip includes music and vocals from the song ‘Rapture’, and will be broadcast internationally from now until October 15th. It is eerily similar to the original ‘Rapture’ video directed by Tony Kunenwalder…"

SOUL OF DARKNESS have been selected to appear on the "Into The Blizzard Vol. 2" album and will participate in the official record launch event, scheduled for December 1st, 2002 at Montreal’s Foufounes Electriques.

SATYRICON‘s "Volcano" entered the Norwegian Album Chart at position #4. In related news, the band have finalized the dates for their upcoming Scandinavian tour and have added a Polish festival appearance at the end of October. The dates begin on October 3rd in Tromso, NOR and wrap up on October 26th at the Mystic Festival in Katowice, POL.

ULVER have supplied the music for the soundtrack to the Swedish short film Lyckantropen. The album will be released through Jester Records in mid-October.

NORDVARGR‘s new album, "Awaken", will be released in a strictly limited edition digipak CD in October through Code 666 / Eibon Records.

DARKTHRONE‘s "Goatlord" album will be out on limited edition vinyl LP this year. The release will come in a gatefold sleeve and will contain words from Fenriz regarding the recording period. Meanwhile, the band will begin rehearsing for their new album in Oslo, Norway beginning on September 20th. The new album is expected out in February 2003.

BATHORY‘s new collection, "Katalog", will be out soon in Europe. This album is a compilation of the band’s material from 1984 – 2001.

September 20, 2002

Christian Bass has decided to leave NIGHT IN GALES. Here’s his official statement: "Yes, the rumours have been true and I gonna leave NIGHT IN GALES in October. After 7 years I felt something like stagnation coming up. So, I thought about doing something new, something that makes me burn again. Surely, also some unnecessary personal and musical differences made this descision even easier, but weren’t the main part of it. So, there is no reason to say that this split was needed to be done but is better in some ways. I really hope that the rest comes up again and finds a good drummer and record label again! All the best from here dudes!!! Anyone interested in my "old job" should write the guys at: tobias_bruchmann@yahoo.de, stahlkopp@yahoo.de, frank666@t-online.de For the people who think that I am out of business as I leave NIGHT IN GALES. YOU ARE WRONG!!! I already started a new Band called DEADSOIL with ex-members of COPYKILL and DRIFT. Look out for a release early / mid 2003. This will have my main priority, and it moshes up your bootie! Keep your eyes’n’ears open wide for this one. Also, some more BLOODRED BACTERIA (www.bb.ecocentricrecords.com) releases are released and planned again. Just have a look at our webspace! The old GODZ AT WAR (www.people.freenet.de/godzatwar) recordings are gonna be released soon on CD through Heavy Metal Rock Records Brazil. Maybe there will also be some new stuff? There are also talks about various excellent projects that should come up in 2003. So, I am not dead because of leaving NIGHT IN GALES. GOT IT? I also wanna thank DEW-SCENTED and SIX REASONS TO KILL for giving me the opportunity as a stand-in drummer and getting me on the road. Always again!?! If anyone wants to get in contact with me, just mail and and I will get back 100%. So, hope to hear from you and have a good night. Keep It Evil. Chris ChrBass@aol.com."

September 19, 2002

MALEVOLENT CREATION have completed work on their 8th studio album "The Will To Kill". Recorded and mixed at Mana Recording Studio in Tampa, Florida this is the first release to feature Kyle Symons on vocals. The album was produced by Jean-Francois Dagenais and it is the band’s first release for Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. It will be released on Arctic Music in North America and everywhere else. James Murphy laid down a few solos for the song ‘Assassin Squad’ which really brings an old school feel to the track. Release date for the US is November 5th and for Europe November 11th. Also US and European tour’s are in the works. Offered on the band’s website is a preview to the new album with a free download for the 2nd track ‘Pillage And Burn’. The track listing for the new album is as follows: ‘The Will To Kill’, ‘Pillage And Burn’, ‘All That Remains’, ‘With Murderous Precision’, ‘Lifeblood’, ‘Assassin Squad’, ‘Rebirth Of Terror’, ‘Superior Firepower’, ‘Divide And Conquer’, ‘The Cardinals Law’ and ‘Burnt Beyond Recognition’. http://malevolentcreation.cjb.net

Tumba Records have organized the BLACK SEPTEMBER FESTIVAL which features the best Brazilian acts from Black Metal to brutal Death Metal passing thru Thrash Metal and other undergorund music styles. With 2 stages and 19 bands, this years edition features two international bands, HATE ETERNAL and SADISM. The fest also has a huge Metal market with the best Brazilian labels and magazines. Check out the stage schedule in our tourdates section. All further info you may find here: www.tumbarecords.net and www.tumbarecords.com.br

September 18, 2002

The "Generation Armageddon" Festival Tour with DISMEMBER, ANCIENT RITES, PRIMORDIAL, SEPTIC FLESH, BLOOD RED THRONE and IMPIOUS is canceled.

September 17, 2002

NECROBLASPHEME will enter a studio in Paris on September 21th to record the album "Introducing Pure Violence". The release is planned for November 2002.

The Swedisch band STORMRIDER (old school Death / Black) have just been signed by Destructive Records. The recording of the album will start on February 17th, 2003 at Studio Abyss (Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth…) in Sweden. Further info: www.destructive-records.com

September 13, 2002

NORDVARGR, the solo-project from MZ.412’s mastermind will be released in a strictly limited edition digipak cd in October 2002, as a coproduction between code666 and Eibon Records. "Awaken" is supposed to feature "… thick, massive and utterly dark soundscapes of true black ambience created by one of the founders of the now legendary Swedish industrial scene."

Some words from EXMORTEM: "Hello there, just a short note from the studio… The new Exmortem album will be called: "Pestilence Empire". Everything is going as planned in the studio and we are extremely satisfied with the result so far!!! The songs just keep on growing with each new layer of guitar and bass and we haven’t even begun to ad vocals yet!! Another update will follow in a few weeks!!!"

RAVAGER is nowadays working as a three piece band. After two years Eric has decided to leave the band, due to different goals and interests in his life. The band will be playing the upcoming live shows this way and then maybe a bass player replacement will be needed, since Antimo will take over the second guitar. RAVAGER is currently working very hard, writing new tracks for their second album, planned to be recorded between February and April 2003. Some new songs are ‘Crestfallen Of Divinity’, ‘Hades Rises’, ‘Antagonist Grim’, ‘Through Honor And Fury’ and ‘In The Depths’.

September 12, 2002

SIX FEET UNDER recorded live footage for their new CD / DVD release "Double Dead" at the Lab in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 14th for a November 4th 2002 release (European release date). The show was professionally shot on film by Dave Roth, who directed ‘The Day The Dead Walked’, ‘Victim of the Paranoid’, and ‘Manipulation’ videos, and was digitally recorded live by Chris Carroll who worked with the band on the "Maximum Violence", "Graveyard Classics", and "True Carnage" CDs. Songs recorded from shows in WA and CO will also be featured on the live CD, which will be released as set hence the title "Double Dead". Also included on the DVD is the rare in store signing that took place at Root Cellar Records in St. Paul, MN. DVD box: ‘The Day The Dead Walked’, ‘The Murderers’, ‘Waiting For Decay’, ‘Impulse To Disembowel’, ‘Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane’, ‘No Warning Shot’, ‘Silent Violence’, ‘The Enemy Inside’, ‘Victim Of The Paranoid’, ‘Manipulation’, ‘Torn to the Bone’, ‘4:20’, ‘Bonesaw’ and ‘Torture Killer’. Special Features: inside Death Metal, photo gallery, discography. DVD: Recorded live on June 14, 2002 at The Lab in St. Paul, MN – no overdubs were used! Cover artwork by Paul Booth (www.lastrites.com). Bonus audio CD: ‘War Is Coming’, ‘A Journey Into Darkness’, ‘Revenge Of The Zombie’ (all recorded in Seattle, WA), ‘Night Visions’ (recorded during sound check in Seattle, WA) and ‘Hacked To Pieces’ (recorded in Denver, CO).

CANNIBAL CORPSE will be releasing "Worm Infested", a six song EP including three unreleased tracks from their most recent release, "Gore Obsessed", a Japanese bonus track, a European bonus track, and a limited edition bonus track that appeared on "Gore Obsessed. "Worm Infested" is a strictly limited edition collectors EP, which will only be available through the initial pressing. The exact release date for the European release is not set yet, but it looks like a late October / early November release. "Worm Infested" tracklisting: ‘Systematic Elimination’ (previously unreleased), ‘Worm Infested’ (previously unreleased), ‘Demon’s Night’ (previously unreleased cover song of ACCEPT), ‘The Undead Will Feast’ (previously released in Japan only), ‘Confessions’ (previously only released on the European version of "Live Cannibalism"), ‘No Remorse’ (METALLICA cover, previously only released as a limited edition bonus track on "Gore Obsessed").

Florida’s BRUTALITY has reunited, but are still lacking in a suitable drummer. They’re programming the drum tracks on a drum computer at the moment, but that is only supposed to be for temporarily usage. So, anyone reading this in the Tampa, Florida area can contact the band at the following phone number: (813) 933 2312. You will get an answering machine, but if you identify yourself Mausolus will pick up if he’s there.

September 09, 2002

KREATOR will tour England and Ireland with support from DESTRUCTION from October 27th at the Woughton Centre in Milton Keynes, England to November 3rd at the Rosetta Bar in Belfast, North Ireland.

A Neil Kernon remixed version of MACABRE‘s "Grim Reality" album will be released next year via Decomposed Records. In tour news, Macabre will be on the road in North America with CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL, CATTLE DECAPITATION and CEPHALIC CARNAGE in November and December, and will also hit Europe in December with SIX FEET UNDER, MARDUK, HATE ETERNAL, DYING FETUS, IMPALED NAZERENE and IMMOLATION.

CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEW-SCENTED, SEVERE TORTURE and VIU DRAKH hit the road in Europe from September 19th in Eindhoven, NL until October 19th in Rotterdam, NL.

PUNGENT STENCH‘s Holy Inquisition tour kicks off on September 8th at Przestrzen Graffenberga in Warsaw, POL. The dates conclude on November 16th at Oho in Oberwart, Austria.

LOWBROW, featuring former OBITUARY / SIX FEET UNDER guitarist Allen West, is doing a US tour which begins on September 13th in Tampa, FL at The Brass Mug and ends on September 26th in Orlando, FL. Check out the LOWBROW site for tour updates – www.lowbrow.50megs.com

According to DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz, the band is "working hard on new songs all the time and the process is going very well! We’re extremely enthusiastic about the new material, which, so far, can be described as somewhat of a mix between Dimmu’s old school sounding classic tunes and new militant death marches!"

In a recent interview with Britain’s Live4Metal, DEICIDE drummer Steve Asheim revealed details about the band’s forthcoming album: "We’ve got three or four songs we’ve been working with. It sounds like DEICIDE. It’s all it’s cracked up to be DEICIDE-wise. It’ll be heavy with brutal vocals, Satanic, and slobbering."

LIMBONIC ART‘s "Ultimate Death Worship" album is being released in Europe on double-vinyl.

GORGOROTH have entered the studio in their hometown of Bergen, Norway. According to King Ov Hell, "Eight brutal, Satanic tracks have already been recorded." Infernus, King and Kvitrafn have finished their parts and are awaiting the release of Ghaal from prison, sometime in September. In other news, guitarist Tormentor has left the band. No official word on why he chose to depart, but Gorgoroth has decided to continue as a four-piece. They will use a session guitarist for live performances.

The Generation Armageddon Festival tour takes place in Europe through October and November. Acts on the bill include: IMPIOUS, BLOOD RED THRONE, SEPTIC FLESH, PRIMORDIAL, ANCIENT RITES and DISMEMBER. The dates kick off on October 28th at a yet-to-be-confirmed venue in the UK and wrap up on November 25th at a venue in Portugal.

SATYRICON will tour in October beginning on the 3rd at Stroket/Driv in Tromso, NOR and wrapping up on October 12th at Rockefeller in Oslo, NOR.

IMP Records in Germany have reissued RAZOR‘s classic "Evil Invaders" and "Malicious Intent" albums on CD.

AMON AMARTH finished the recordings for their fourth longplayer "Versus The World" in the Berno studios, Malmö, Sweden. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Death In Fire’, ‘For The Stabwounds In Our Backs’, ‘Where Silent Gods Stand Guard’, ‘Vs. The World’, ‘Across The Rainbow Bridge’, ‘Down The Slopes Of Death’, ‘Thousand Years Of Oppression’, ‘Bloodshed’ and ‘… And Soon The World Will Cease To Be’. The album will be released on the 4th of November, 2002. The limited first edition will be a double-CD with lots of bonus material. The content of the second CD is not confirmed yet, but will be announced soon.

A second edition (pink vinyl) of the DRILLER KILLER / VIU DRAKH Split EP is in the making…

September 07, 2002

Dutch Death / Thrashers KATAFALK have been signed by Cold Blood Industries. Their debut "Storm Of The Horde" will be recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Holland (My Mind’s Mine a.o.) this month.

THE WOUNDED have made their first VHS Video with live performances, backstage stuff and the original ‘Billet Doux’ – videoclip (as seen on TMF). The video will soon be available at the merchandise stand during live shows and throughout their website (www.the-wounded.nl)

DEAD HEAD are currently working on their new album "Assumption Is The Mother Of All Fuckups". The recordings are planned for January 2003.

TO ELYSIUM are currently writing material for their next album, as well as Daemusinem.

DISSENTER will be touring in Holland at the end of October.

September 06, 2002

VOID OF SILENCE have completed their search for a new singer. After having tested many proposals and candidates from all around the world, VOID OF SILENCE decided to join forces with Alan Nemtheanga, wellknown singer from Irish top band PRIMORDIAL. The great and immediate feeling between the band and the singer and his great will to join VOID OF SILENCE, not to mention the incredible artistic qualities and the experience Alan got after so many years in Primordial, lead the band to choose Alan as the new official member of the band. VOID OF SILENCE is now ready to start the creative process for the new album, out on Code666 in 2003.

September 05, 2002

Dutch Death Metal maniacs SEVERE TORTURE are banned from the stages in Switzerland. The band was scheduled to play in the Z7 venue in Switzerland on their upcoming European tour as support for Cannibal Corpse. Official reason for this ban is the (according to the local promoter) perverse, disgusting and very offensive cover artwork of their new album "Misanthropic Carnage", which (also according to the local promoter) shows a total lack of respect for other human beings. Severe Torture hereby appologizes to their Swiss fans and they hope to play in Switzerland soon! On top of that the normal album-version got censored for the official shop distribution in Germany. So for Germany the album is available in a limited edition with censored cover artwork.

The new NEFAS CD "Seven Times Seven" will be out in Sept. / Oct. on Bones Brigade (http://bones.brigade.free.fr)

September 03, 2002

INFERNAL MAJESTY‘s ‘Death Of Heaven’ track is available at MP3.com. This demo version differs from the CD version. The band are now back in rehearsals and are booking shows for October and November.

FUNERAL INCEPTION‘s "Anthems Of Disenchantment" album is out now through Warpath Records. The new band was formed by ex-BLOODY GORE’s Mithos (bass) and Rio (guitars) along with members Doni (vocals) and Pandi SDS (drums). Bloody Gore no longer exists since the departure of Sony (drummer).

DECAPITATED have finished shooting their first video, after completing their coast-to-coast US tour. The track is ‘Spheres Of Madness’, off the band’s latest album, "Nihility". Director Dave Bone describes the video as "a homage to one of the greatest horror flicks ever made."

HOUWITSER have parted ways with guitarist Michel Alderliefsten.

DEMIGOD have added TORN drummer Tuomo Latvala as a replacement for founding member Seppo Taatila.

As reported by Blabbermouth, EXODUS are making plans to go into Tornillo, Texas’ Sonic Ranch Studios in late October or early November to begin recording their new album. Producer Andy Sneap will head up the project and mix the album at Backstage in Derbyshire, England.

After four years apart, SUFFOCATION have regrouped and are currently rehearsing for some upcoming shows and possibly a new album. The band’s lineup is said to include: Mike Smith (drums), Terrance Hobbs (guitar), Guy Marchais (INTERNAL BLEEDING / guitar), Frank Mullen (vocals) and Josh Barohn (bass).

CALLENISH CIRCLE plan to record their new album in January 2003. The band will head to the Stage One Studio for four weeks to record their fourth full-length album with producer Andy Classen. Niklas Sundin will be responsible for the artwork.

NECRONOMICON will tour with KATAKLYSM and BLOOD OF CHRIST in September. Dates will be announced soon.

Unique Leader Records will release BRUTUS‘ new album. An early 2003 release is expected.

DEEDS OF FLESH are working on material for a new release in early 2003. So far they have completed five tracks, one being over 12 minutes in length.

DARK ANGEL have reunited, including four of the members that appeared on the classic "Leave Scars" album; Jim Durkin (guitar), Eric Meyer (guitar), Ron Rinehart (vocals) and Gene Hoglan (drums). The bands plans for the future will be revealed soon.

SATYRICON‘s new album, "Volcano", has been released in Scandinavia through EMI and will appear in the rest of Europe on October 21st. According to their website, deals with Asia and North America are still pending.

MARDUK are planning to do two promo clips in connection with the release of their next album. There’s also plans to record a full concert for a DVD release, which will also contain the promo clips and a lot of additional material.

USURPER have their website up and running at www.usurper.us. Meanwhile, the band are preparing to go into the studio with producer Neil Kernon to record their Earache debut, due out in early 2003.