July 28, 2003

A new ORDER FROM CHAOS record in the works to be released by Merciless Records on CD and double LP later this year. It will be called "Imperium: The Apocalyptic Visions" and features the band’s second 1988 demo "Inhumanities," a particularly good rehearsal from Christmas 1988, and some live stuff. It will be about 75 minutes long. The band is not reforming though.

The Earache sublabel Wicked World recently signed DEATHWITCH to their roster. Having carved an ugly path with their previous releases "Triumphant Devastation" (1996), "Dawn Of Armageddon" (1997), "The Ultimate Death" (1998) and "Monumental Mutilations" (1999), the band is once again ready to bring their puked-up slop n’ roll to their ever appreciative audience in the form of "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy" later this year. Wicked World’s Dan Tobin has this to say about Deathwitch: "Deathwitch are all about confrontation – if you don’t like it, well, chances are they’re gonna carry on regardless. They don’t give a fuck what you think anyway. This is about playing Death Metal with fire in your guts, not about pretending to have a higher message to deliver, or even a defined purpose, its just great, primitive Death Metal about not giving a damn, its about fighting, its about death, its about disregarding morality and about doing what the fuck you wanna do whenever and wherever you wanna do it." "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy" was recorded in Fuck Recording and Magick Sound Studio with the line up of Terror (vocals, guitar and bass), Slade Doom (guitar) and Morbid Juttu (drums). An official release date will be issued soon.

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