November 21, 2003

In December ARTHEMESIA will start the pre-production for their upcoming "ShamaNatahS" album. The band will record demo-versions of the songs ‘Patheme’, ‘The Order Of The Opposite Force’, ‘ShamaNatahS’ and ‘Transcendental Mindflow – Into The Cosmos Unknown’. According to bandleader Valtias the band can announce a new drummer soon: "We are very optimistic about the drummer-situation, it’s about 90% sure we will get one of the best Finnish drummers to record this album. We will announce his name very soon".

The cover artwork for the upcoming CRUACHAN album ("Pagan") will be painted by John Howe, the leading JRR Tolkien illustrator and the conceptual artist from The Lord of the Rings movies. A brand-new sound sample of the "Pagan" album can be downloaded on the band’s website

DIMENSION F3H recently said farewell to Mr. Thunderforce (drums) and session bass player Mr. Krokmo. In an official statement Dimension F3h mastermind Morfeus explains: "Since both could not spend enough time on Dimension F3h the decision was made to end the co-operation. No hard feelings from any of us. We have already recruited a new bass session member in the person of Mr. Moe and a drummer is on the testing stage at the moment".

Vocalist Johan Liiva decided to leave his other band Non Exist to concentrate on HEARSE.

MORIFADE is confirmed to play at the upcoming 2000 Decibel Festival. The festival will take place in Bengtsfors, Sweden on the 21st and 22nd of May 2004.

NECROPHOBIC will perform live with Naglfar as support at Norrlands Operan in Umea, Sweden on the 13th of December. A new album is to be recorded in 2004.

PRIMORDIAL will perform live at Rosetta Bar in Belfast, N. Ireland on the 27th of December.

Official statement by George Zacharopoulos (band manager Septic Flesh): "It is my sad duty to inform you that SEPTIC FLESH has officially split up. After serious thinking the band decided that, due to various circumstances, they can no longer operate as a collective unit. Therefore a journey of 13 years came to an end. The band send their regards to all their fans and followers of the dreamlord, who remained loyal to the band all these years and sustained the nightmare of Septic Flesh alive. We will never forget you. The Deamons will be watching you!"

SOULREAPER will perform live at the Nocturnal Club in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 13th of December.

THYRFING guitarist Henrik Svegsjö has taken off for a 6 month trip to New Zealand. Due to this (among other things) no further live-gigs will be done until the summer of 2004. In the meanwhile, the rest of the band will put on their thinking-hats and try to create the most fundamental parts of what will be the fifth Thyrfing album. The first bricks have been laid and they promise us that they will present an album in the usual Thyrfing-tradition.

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