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August 26, 2003

On the 3rd of November Metal Blade Records will release a CANNIBAL CORPSE boxset entitled "15 Year Killing Spree" to celebrate the band’s 15th birthday. The set will include three CDs and one DVD. This boxset WILL NOT be released in Germany! It will be released in all other countries, but not in Germany for reasons everybody knows if you look at the tracklist, which goes like this: Disc One – "Best Of Volume 1": ‘Shredded Humans’, ‘Put Them To Death’, ‘Born In A Casket’, ‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’, ‘Gutted’, ‘Covered With Sores’, ‘Vomit The Soul’, ‘Hammer Smashed Face’, ‘Addicted To Vaginal Skin’, ‘The Cryptic Stench’, ‘Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead’, ‘Stripped, Raped And Strangled’, ‘The Pick-Axe Murders’, ‘The Bleeding’, ‘Zero The Hero’. Disc Two – "Best Of Volume 2": ‘Devoured By Vermin’, ‘Disfigured’, ‘Monolith’, ‘I Will Kill You’, ‘Sentenced To Burn’, ‘Gallery Of Suicide’, ‘Dead Human Collection’, ‘The Spine Splitter’, ‘Pounded Into Dust’, ‘I Cum Blood’ – Live, ‘Fucked With A Knife’ – Live, ‘Unleashing The Bloodthirsty’ – Live, ‘Meathook Sodomy’ – Live, ‘Savage Butchery’, ‘Pit Of Zombies’, ‘Sanded Faceless’, ‘Systematic Elimination’. Disc Three – Previously unreleased material: "89 Demo": ‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’, ‘The Undead Will Feast’, ‘Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains’, ‘Put Them To Death’, ‘Bloody Chunks’. "Created To Kill" sessions: ‘Unburied Horror’, ‘Mummified In Barbed Wire’, ‘Gallery Of The Obscene’, ‘To Kill Myself’, ‘Bloodlands’, ‘Puncture Wound Massacre’, ‘Devoured By Vermin’. "Gallery Of Suicide" demo: ‘Chambers Of Blood’, ‘Dismembered And Molested’, ‘Gallery Of Suicide’, ‘Unite The Dead’, ‘Crushing The Despised’, ‘Headless’. Cover songs: ‘Bethany Home (A Place To Die)’, ‘Endless Pain’, ‘Behind Bars’. Disc Four (DVD) – "1st Live Cannibal Corpse Show 1989": ‘Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains’, ‘The Undead Will Feast’, ‘Escape The Torment’, ‘Bloody Chunks’, ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’, ‘Put Them To Death’, ‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’. "Butchered At Birth" studio footage 1991: Drum sessions & bass guitar overdub. "Cannibal Corpse Eats Moscow Alive 1993": ‘Shredded Humans’, ‘The Cryptic Stench’, ‘Meathook Sodomy’, ‘Edible Autopsy’, ‘I Cum Blood’, ‘Gutted’, ‘Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s Cunt’, ‘Beyond The Cemetery’, ‘A Skull Full Of Maggots’. "Live At The Palace In Hollywood, CA 2002": ‘From Skin To Liquid’, ‘Savage Butchery’, ‘Devoured By Vermin’, ‘Stripped, Raped And Strangled’, ‘Disposal Of The Body’, ‘Pounded Into Dust’, ‘Addicted To Vaginal Skin’, ‘Meathook Sodomy’, ‘Pit Of Zombies’, ‘Hammer Smashed Face’. All further info at: www.cannibalcorpse.net

Florida’s CONTORTED are currently recording their debut album for Still Dead Productions. The title of the album is gonna be "Of Worldly Sins" and some song titles are: ‘Carnage Of Withered Remains’, ‘Hellish Miscreant’, ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ etc.

August 25, 2003

KONKHRA have just confirmed their headlining European Tour as well as their first ever performance in Israel, on Oct. 16th as part of the Metalist Festival. The tour hits the following countries so far: Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Israel. The band is currently in the process of negotiating offers from Greece and South Africa. Check out www.konkhra.com for all further details.

According to www.moonfog.com, several of Moonfog’s most prominent artists are currently in the studio. DHG (Dodheimsgard) and GEHENNA have started recording their new albums, KHOLD are currently in pre-production for their next output and new Moonfog signees DISIPLIN are also presently in the studio to record their debut.

Drummer Sean Reinert (CYNIC, DEATH, GORDION KNOT) has rejoined AGHORA (www.aghora.org) and will record the band’s new album with them in L.A. this fall. The band will also now feature female vocalist Susie Green. Her and Danishta Rivero will exchange vocals on the new album, due out in early 2004.

UNMOORED‘s former lead guitarist, Tomas Johansson, has rejoined the band. Their new album, "Indefinite Soul-Extension", is due out through Code666 on October 27th. The band’s website, www.unmoored.com, is up and running again after server changes.

HANDFUL OF HATE are ready to unleash their new album, "ViceCrown". Artwork on the release comes from state-of-the-art studio www.NeonTrinityKill.com. The album is set for release on October 27th through Code666. A full UK tour will follow shortly after. See the band’s new official website at: www.handfulofhate.com

Norway’s ATROX plan to shoot a video to promote the release of their brand new album, "Orgasm", due out through Code666 on October 27th. The albums artwork comes courtesy of Atrox lead singer Monika Edvarsen. For more on the band go to: www.atrox-web.com

ZYKLON‘s official website, www.zyklontribe.com, reports that the US release of the band’s forthcoming "Aeon" album has been pushed back to September 23rd. In related news, Zyklon have just completed a video for the track ‘Psyklon Aeon’, from the new album. The clip will premier at "Aeon"’s release party in Oslo, Norway on September 19th. Also performing at the party are VOID and DISIPLIN.

DARKNESS ETERNAL bassist George will be playing session bass for Mexican / Chicago death mongers THE CHASM. The shows will take place on September 19th and 20th in Cudahy, WI and Chicago, IL, respectively. For more details please visit The Chasm’s official website, located at (www.enterthedeathcult.com).

According to a post by bassist Henka T. Blacksmith on CHILDREN OF BODOM‘s official website, SINERGY guitarist Roope Latvala has stepped in to replace Alexander Kuoppala, who recently quit the band for personal reasons. Latvala is not a full time member (as yet); he has simply agreed to fill in until the end of the "Hate Crew Deathroll" tour, which winds up at the end of the year.

DESTRUCTION release their "Metal Discharge" album in Europe on September 22nd through Nuclear Blast. The first edition 2CD set features bonus cover songs and rare demos.

MORBID ANGEL‘s "Heretic" album will be released on 2LP and limited edition 2CD sets through Earache on September 22nd.

MORRIGAN are currently recording their third CD "Celts", which is supposed to be released in December 2003 / January 2004 on the band’s own label Horns Of Cernunos Prod. Later on there is also gonna be a re-release of MAYHEMIC TRUTH’s "In Memoriam" CD (with different artwork and bonus material), a MORRIGAN / SARGATANAS split 7"EP and maybe some releases of other bands as well. For more info write to balor@freenet.de or visit www.morrigan.org

August 24, 2003

Swedish Death Metal maniacs INSISION are currently working on new material for their forthcoming second album for Wicked World / Earache Records, which will hopefully be released in early 2004. At this point the band has the following seven songs finished: ‘Havoc’, ‘Immanent Vision’, ‘No Belief’, ‘Plague Mass’, ‘The Foul Smell Of Humans’, ‘In The Gallows’ and ‘… And We’ll Wash It All Away’. For further info go to: www.insision.com

August 17, 2003

Poland’s Still Dead Productions is going to release a 6-song MCD by EVISICIUM within the next months. The disc will be entitled "Underneath The Buried" and contains the band’s three demo songs (totally re-mastered with new vocal tracks though) as well as three brandnew tunes. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Buzzard Feeding Frenzy’, ‘Underneath The Buried’, ‘Relapse Into Darkness’, ‘Cannibal Jihad’, ‘Ribspreader’ and ‘Unmarked Grave’. In case you still don’t know – EVISCIUM is the new band of former ROTTREVORE guitarist / vocalist Mark Mastro and DERKETA’s guitarist / vocalist Sharon Baskovsky (who’s playing bass now). All further info at: www.eviscium.com

August 15, 2003

SEVERE TORTURE have recruited an extra guitarplayer to their line-up: "We met Marvin (Blo.Torch) during the Cannibal Corpse tour last year were he played (guest) guitar for Dew-Scented. Currently we are writing stuff for the upcoming album based on 2 guitars and it sounds absolutely killer!!!" Unfortunately Severe Torture will not be able to participate on the re-scheduled European tour with Hate Eternal and Dying Fetus in January 2004.

After this year’s BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL with acts such as TWISTED SISTER, DIO, AMON AMARTH, HYPOCRISY, OVERKILL, HIRAX, DESTRUCTOR and many others, the most relaxed festival among the big German ones already presents the first confirmed acts for next year. The list of artists set to perform at the BANG YOUR HEAD!!!-festival 2004 at Balingen, Germany, 25th / 26th of June, so far: PRIMAL FEAR, LILIAN AXE, ANGEL, BLAZE, OMEN, CAGE and MAJESTY. All further details about the festival may be found at the BYH-homepage at www.bang-your-head.de. Tickets are available at the ticket-hotline (+49-74 57-9 13 93) and pretty soon via the homepage as well. Details about ordering may be found there as well. Prices will be 55, – Euro (plus shipping) at presales. Tickets are limited to a number of 22000. By this the organisators want to ensure that the special and relaxed atmosphere of the event won’t suffer.

August 12, 2003

PROFANITY‘s online voting (where you could select the band’s next covertune) is over now. 5000 people participated in it and have chosen OBITUARY’s ‘Slowly We Rot’. In early September the band will head for Tel Aviv, Israel to play a headliner show at the Maccabi Music Factory club and next year PROFANITY will finally play the Maryland Deathfest in the US. The songwriting for their next album "HateRed Hell Within" is almost finished by now, so they will start looking for a new label, to release the album, soon. All further info at: www.profanity.de

August 11, 2003

Here’s an official press statement, straight from the desk of SELBSTMORD SERVICES: "Selbstmord Services have been accused of being a rip-off label because of the turbulences we’ve had within the company. Well, this is certainly not the case as Selbstmord Services exist merely to spread propaganda., And does propaganda get around when not providing people with it? Not really, so rethink! Secondly, because of this, people believe that CRAFT and FORGOTTEN TOMB have left us in search for other labels. This is also not true! FORGOTTEN TOMB was, due to many factors all seriously involved individuals know of, a necessity for us to leave behind, and we did this by selling the rights for their second album to Adipocere Records of France. Concerning CRAFT, a personal agreement between the band and the label which was made when signing the contract had to separate the two of us from each other after the release of their second album and of course the re-issue of their first. Selbstmord Services fully supports the decision of CRAFT and hope they’ll bless our world with many years of unpleasant existence, Hail!"

The NATTEFROST album, "Blood And Vomit" won’t be released before November and the already infamous KROHM debut album, "A World Through Dead Eyes" not before December.

Selbstmord Services will release BLOODLINE‘s debut album "Werewolf Training" on the 11th of September. Make sure to reserve your copy of the limited vinyl edition which will be released a few weeks later containing a free poster and one obscure postcard! BLOODLINE will also support SHINING on their "Razors Across Europe" tour. For more information, check out our tourdates section.

ZAVORASH are currently in the studio recording their new album with the working-title "Nihilistic Ascension And Spiritual Death". Their debut release "In Odium Veritas" is also going to be issued next month featuring a summary of the bands career this far. Make sure to visit their new web-site to learn more of self-realisation and death at: www.zavorash.tk

ONDSKAPT‘s full-length album "Draco Sit Mihi Dux" has finally been released through Selbstmord Services. An exclusive vinyl edition is to be issued by The Ajna Offensive later this year. The band’s mini album, "Slave Under His Immortal Will", which was issued as a limited edition 10" vinyl release last year, was supposedly to be released in its CD version at this present time as well. However, the entire product was misprinted and the label had to send off new films to their new printer to be able to release this monument once and for all. All previous mistakes in the past and up till now have been caused by a factory located in the Czech Republic, nameed GZ Digital Media. Selbstmord Services have now officially changed factory and are now printing all coming items via Sony Industries, so the past problems should be cleared up by this.

Quebec-based technical Deathsters QUO VADIS continue work on their third album. The recording of the guitar, bass and vocal tracks will be complete by the end of September. The band have also confirmed the following shows: August 29th in Ottawa, August 30th in Amos, November 8th in Trois-Rivieres for the Trois-Rivieres Metal Festival with MARTYR, November 9th in St-Jerome and November 15th in Montreal with SYMPHONY X. Head to www.quovadis.qc.ca for more info.

TIDFALL have a new website, www.tidfall.net, to go along with their new studio album, "Nucleus". As well concentrating on the production of "Nucleus", the band also paid attention to the visuals and hired famous Scandinavian designers Jens Karlsson and Vegar Bakken to design the album art and the new website, respectively. "Nucleus" is released on August 4th.

Scottish Death Metallers PATHOGEN, who have toured with VADER and DECAPITATED, have inked a deal with Brutalized Records (www.brutalizedrecords.com). Downloads from the band are currently available at: http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/575/pathogen_uk.html

OBSCENE EULOGY have completed recording their new album. The forthcoming release again features vocals from Mika Luttinen, with NECROPHAGIA’s Killjoy guesting on one track. A late September / early October release is expected.

ABORTED (www.goremageddon.be) release their third full-length album, "Goremageddon", on August 12th in the US through Olympic.

Finnish Death Metallers SCENT OF FLESH will begin recording their second album, "Valor In Hatred", in September at Music Bros studios. The 40+ minute album is due out at the end of 2003.

The DESTRUCTION OF OZ FESTIVAL, scheduled to take place in Australia with SODOM, CRYPTOPSY, MARDUK and others, has been canceled due to poor ticket sales. For an explanation from the event organizer go to: www.destructionofozfestival.com

EQUIMANTHORN, the distinctive Sumerian and ambient group led by Equitant (ABSU, EQUITANT) and Proscriptor (Absu, MELECHESH) have reformed along with Mark Riddick and Michael Riddick (THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK), David Harbour (KING DIAMOND, CHASTAIN). The band’s third album, "Second Sephira Cella", is currently under construction and will feature a host of special guest appearances.

MEADS OF ASPHODEL have finished recording their forthcoming album, "Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua". The guys are putting the finishing touches to the album which is scheduled for an October release through Supernal Music.

DRUDKH‘s debut album, "Forgotten Legends" was scheduled for a June release. However, due to a number of production delays the album will now be released in August. Meanwhile, a second album from the band, "Autumn Aurora", was recorded earlier this year and will be released later.

After years of silence, BLACK FUNERAL will release their new album, "Belial Arisen", on September 15th.

HAEMORRHAGE are hard at work putting the finishing touches to their DVD entitled, "Visions From The Morgue". Included are two video clips, live footage from the 2002 With Full Force Festival, the band’s history and some special features. The release is scheduled for winter 2003 / 2004 through Morbid Records.

The new DISINTER album, "Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead", is scheduled for a winter release through Morbid Records. The double CD features a bonus disc of the entire record reworked with symphonic remix and cello.

BEWITCHED plan to reissue their "Hibernum In Perpetuum" album with bonus demo material and a video shot at a gig where the band opened for DIMMU BORGIR.

In cooperation with Conquer Records, DAMNATION is releasing "Resurrection Of Azarath", a compilation featuring: "Rebel Souls" (1996), "Coronation" (1998), an unreleased promo from 1998 featuring two covers (KING DIAMOND’s ‘Mansion In Darkness’ and MORBID ANGEL’s ‘Bleed For The Devil’).

August 05, 2003

THE CROWN have finished the recordings for their brandnew album "Possessed 13" at Studio Fredman. It will be released in Europe as a limited edition double CD digipak first (no confirmation about the rest of the world yet), with different (but related) artwork. Here’s the final tracklist. Disc 1: ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Face Of Destruction / Deep Hit Of Death’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Cold Is The Grave’, ‘Dream Bloody Hell’ (instrumental), ‘Morningstar Rising’, ‘Are You Morbid?’, ‘Bow To None’, ‘Kill Em All’, ‘Natashead Overdrive’, ‘Zombiefied’, ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’ and ‘In Memoriam’ (instrumental). Disc 2: ‘Last Rite’ (the band’s very first "pro" recording from ’92), the whole "Forever Heaven Gone" demo ’93 (‘Seventh Gate’, ‘Deadspawn’, ‘Diachronic Damnation’, ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, ‘Beyond Where Darkness Dwells’, ‘Forever Heaven Gone’), the whole "Forget The Light" demo ’94 (‘Soulicide Demon-Might’, ‘Godless’, ‘Neverending Dream’, ‘Candles’), ‘Burnin’ Leather’ (a Bathory cover) and ‘Rebel Angel’ (demo version). All demosongs got remastered for this release. The album’s supposed to hit the stores on October 20th 2003.