December 13, 2004

DEVILYN‘s new album "11" is set to be released after the first of the new year. Longstanding member, Bony, offers his opinions on the forthcoming disc: "After a few years, we return with an album that starts a new chapter in band’s history. After all that time, I managed to recreate DEVILYN, with people who perfectly understand my concept / conviction. We managed to bring all my visions to life. I think it’s exactly what I always wanted DEVILYN’s music to be like, and I find this material to be the best of all our albums. Words like dynamic, brutality, intensity and technique are not enough to describe "11". For me, it’s like turning to a different space of Death Metal. First of all, everything’s clear and much more understandable. We made a lot of changes in sound. Drums are very strong and clear, and Domin plays very fast. Guitars are really heavy and clear as well, due to Erian’s feel and Cyprian’s professionalism. The technical skills of Michal are first rate and the lyrics Tolovy wrote are easy to hear and understand. We’re completely satisfied with all we did during such a short recording session. We are proud of this album. It’s our own masterpiece." For more information on the band go to

Norwegian Black Metallers CARPATHIAN FOREST have issued the following update: "The Carpathian bastards are finally ready for the road again for a full European headliner tour – the first full tour since the 2001 tour with BEHEMOTH. With more than 50 classic CF Black Metal songs to choose from, the band have rehearsed a new live set featuring several old CF live classics as well as brand-new-never-played-live-before songs for the upcoming The Art Of Provocation 2005 world tour! The band is also very pleased to announce the return of Vrangsinn on bass!"

ANVIL‘s next release will be their 13th studio album. They may be calling it "This Is Thirteen", or TIT for short. They plan on having 13 songs on the CD and the cover will be a superstitious theme, as in a broken mirror, black cat and the anvil under a ladder.

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