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February 23, 2004

Nuclear Blast have confirmed that DEATH ANGEL‘s forthcoming album, "The Art Of Dying", will be released in the US on May 4th. As previously reported, "The Art Of Dying" will hit the stores in Europeon April 27th. The album features the following tracklisting: ‘Thrown To The Wolves’, ‘5 Steps Of Freedom’, ‘Thicker Than Blood’, ‘The Devil Incarnate’, ‘Famine’, ‘Prophecy’, ‘No’, ‘Spirit’, ‘IV’, ‘Land OfBlood’, ‘Never Me’ and ‘Word To The Wise’.

CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s March 6th show with HYPOCRISY, EXHUMED and VILE that was recently canceled due to the sudden closing of L’Amours night club will now take place at the Cricket Club in Irvington, New Jersey.

SATYRICON featuring a special and exclusive set with Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE have been booked to headline the Blackstage at this year’s Wacken Open Air on Saturday, August 7th. The 15th anniversary of W:O:A will take place August 5-8, 2004 in Wacken, Germany.

IMPIETY recently signed a two album deal with Agonia Records. The band had left Osmose Productions in Oct 2003. Impiety is set to record their fourth full length album this July at Ambox Studios in Mexico. No title has been announced yet. Impiety is currently recording three songs atthe same studio for a split 7" EP with SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, soon to be released by Unholy Horde Records.

SOUL OF DARKNESS is nearing completion of their debut album, "Torment In Withering Existence", due out this spring through Skyscraper. The album features Dominik (NECRONOMICON) who executed all bass tracksin the studio.

Black Lotus Records artists THRAWN are currently in Black Lounge Studios recording their debut album, "Dispiritism". Black Lotus will release the album later this year. Tracks to appear on the release include: ‘Dispirited Chambers’, ‘Patriots Of Sin (Aeturnum Essentia)’, ‘Dreamscape Domain’,’Transcendence Duology’, ‘Light Creates Shadows’, ‘Carpe Noctem’, ‘Behind The Lodge Door’, ‘Oath To Endure’, ‘Desensitizer’, ‘Form InTransition’ and ‘Welcome Home’.

DEATHWITCH have posted the following message at their official website: "Deathwitch are working on new material for recording sessions to be made later this year. There have also been some changes in the line-up, no comments or information on the changes at the moment." Deathwitch’s latest release, "Violence Blasphemy Sodomy", is out nowthrough Earache / Wicked World.

According to ZYKLON‘s official website (www.zyklontribe.com) the band are confirmed for a London headline show on March 6th at The Underworld. Zyklon recently started their European tour with ARCH ENEMY and STAMPIN’ GROUND.

February 21, 2004

After another period of silence we figured it was about time to get some first hand, updated information from Rick Cortez of California’s SADISTIC INTENT about the current status of one of the best Death Metal bands around these days: "We have been rehearsing with our new guitar player! We tried out a few guys and we finally found some one who can play our music right. It looks like we should be doing our first show in March. The guys from San Francisco’s Morbosidad are having a record release party and they want us to do the show. They also got Chris Reifert’s (ex – Death / Autopsy) band called Abscess to do it as well. We are just waiting for them to confirm a venue. They wanted us to headline but we would rather open up for Abscess. First of all, our record is not out yet, and second, our new guitarist needs to learn more songs. We currently only have seven songs ready for the live situation. Back to the recording, we have not been in the studio for several months! Bernie just has not been available. I finally spoke with him recently though. I actually saw Bernie a few weeks ago at an Agent Steel / Helloween show in Hollywood. He apologized for not being around and let me know that we should be back at work this month. I told Bernie that I would like to finish the guitars and then figure out where we stand then. You see, we got a guitar tone that we’re pleased with so I want to definitely finish the guitars with him. However, I do not want to be put on hold for another year. I understand he has his own life and being busy and so on, but we need to finish this recording. I have nothing against Bernie, I really appreciate his help. I just want to get this recording done! I’ve had a few conversations with people who think that we’re in there recording all this time. That is not the case at all. Our new guitar player has a home studio so maybe we can finish it there. He already said he won’t charge us so that would be a positive thing because we don’t have much money. Dark Realm is alive but it’s not like we’re rich or anything. The money that’s made basically goes back into the shop to pay all the overhead costs. If we had the money, we could afford an available studio and we wouldn’t be taking so long with the recording. Even though we don’t have a proper budget, I don’t feel like rushing through the recording leaving mistakes and stuff. Someone I know said just to hurry up and get it done quick without worrying about it. I don’t want to take forever or anything, but at the same time I don’t want to leave things that are going to permanently bug me. It’s a challenge but so far we have not compromised and it’s the tightest Sadistic Intent recording yet! I can’t wait to finally have it done!!! Sometimes I feel like it’s never going to be done! At least the band as well as the shop is still alive. We literally lost thousands of dollars which also translated into lost time and then we lost our other guitar player! Things were looking pretty dismal but like I said earlier, at least we’re actually rehearsing again looking forward to some gigs! Regardless of any trends, Sadistic Intent is going to return and summon total dark unholy Death Metal!!!"

February 19, 2004

Steve Cannon, editor-in-chief of the world’s oldest and longest running Internet-based music magazine Vibrations of Doom, has joined the reunited Atlanta thrash band HALLOWS EVE. "It all started with an interest in getting an interview with HALLOWS EVE", explained Steve. "Tommy Stewart and I discussed what it would take to get this band back together. This has been a long-standing dream of mine, and to finally announce the return of Atlanta’s first Thrash band in history is awesome," he continued. "Tommy Stewart returns on bass, and of course I am handling vocal duties. In addition, we welcome "Tales Of Terror" album guitarist Skellator (now known as Skully) back into the fold. This is an exciting addition, as Skully has always been mentioned, but until today has never toured with HALLOWS EVE. We have also been in contact with original guitarist David Stuart and may be adding him on board as well. A drummer that Tommy works with will complete the lineup. We’ve already had an offer to play a major music festival in March this year, but as we are unprepared, we had to turn it down. We will be playing shows in the Atlanta area and then will try to take to the road. As a footnote, I actually had a chance to audition with HALLOWS EVE before I moved to the Atlanta area, but was unable to procure a demo tape for the band. Now, over eight years later, the dream finally materializes and HALLOWS EVE will take the Metal world by the throat!"

February 15, 2004

BLOODY SIGN have begun negotiations with Ibex Moon Records (label created by John Mc Entee from Incantation) for the pressing and the promotion of their album "Vana Vigala Loits". For further info, check out the band’s website www.bloodysign.fr.st

February 09, 2004

VADER have begun recording their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled new album. The band’s drummer, Doc, is now in Hertz Studio recording his parts, which will be finished off in PR studios later. The remaining members of the band will enter the studio on February 16th to complete recording the guitars and vocals.

HYPOCRISY‘s forthcoming new album, "Arrival", will be released in Japan with a bonus track on March 24th via Avalon. The release will feature nine tracks and will be released elsewhere through Nuclear Blast this spring. Tracks to appear on the release include ‘Slave To The Parasite’, ‘Dead Sky Dawning’, ‘Arrival’, ‘Eyes Of Eternity’, ‘War Within’ and four others.

EXODUS are the latest act to be added to the bill for the 2004 Rock Hard Festival (www.rockhard.de), scheduled to take place May 29th and 30th at Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The confirmed line-up now includes: EXODUS, MALEVOLENT CREATION, NAGLFAR, MACHINE HEAD, IN EXTREMO, LACUNA COIL, DOOMSWORD, STRATOVARIUS, RAGE, DEAD SOUL TRIBE and DESASTER.

AZAGHAL‘s (www.blackterrormetal.cjb.net) forthcoming new album, "Perkeleen Luoma (Perkelle Creation)", has been mastered and will be released on March 10th. The album will include a video for ‘Kyy’, which was shot in January.

February 05, 2004

The MORBIDE FESTSPIELE 6,66 VHS-video is currently in the production stage with a scheduled release for late February. You can expect live footage from Bonestorm, Harmony Dies, Eminenz, Blood, Manos, Ingrowing, Hellblazer, Birdflesh, Desecration, Prostitute Disfigurement, Neuraxis and Exhumed.

IMMORTAL RITES‘ debut album "Art Of Devolution" was produced by Alex Krull (ATROCITY) at Mastersound Studios. Guest musicians include Alex Krull and Martin Schmidt from ATROCITY as well as Liv Kristine (ex -THEATRE OF TRAGEDY / LEAVES EYE). The album will be released on March 15th 2004. The band plans to appear on various summer festivals like Summer Breeze or Party-San.

Baltimore, Maryland’s DARK DISCLIPLE have signed with Morbid Records and their first album "Unholy Hate Gore" will see the light of day on March 15, 2004.

HAEMORRHAGE have been confirmed for the Party-San-Festival.

Extreme US grinders WACO JESUS will tour Europe with ISACAARUM between March 11th and April 4th. Please refer to the Metal media or the Morbid website for tour dates.

HYPNOS have decided to produce their third album under the supervision of Harris Johns again. Release can be expected in late 2004. The band will go on tour with Altar afterwards.

LIVIDITY have found a new guy to handle the low end frequencies in Chris Champbell and plan to record the follow-up to "Til Only The Sick Remain". The release is scheduled for late 2004. LIVIDITY are supposed to play this year’s Fuck The Commerce Festival.

PROFANATION are not 100% satisfied with the recordings of their second mu-sick-al output "Its Lunch Time Again", so they will undertake major reconstruction.

COCK AND BALL TORTURE have completed the recordings to their third, still untitled album.

Chicago’s DISINTER are currently adding the finishing touches to their new album "As We Burn".

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT & PROFANATION will hit the stage at the Obscene Festival.

February 02, 2004

WINDS have completed work on their forthcoming new album, "The Imaginary Direction Of Time", due out through The End Records in April. "The Imaginary Direction Of Time" features the following tracklisting: ‘What Is Beauty’, ‘Sounds Like Desolation’, ‘Theory Of Relativity’, ‘Visions Of Perfection’, ‘The Fireworks Of Genesis’, ‘Under The Stars’, ‘A Moment For Reflection’, ‘Time Without End’, ‘The Final End’, ‘Beyond Fate’, ‘Silence In Despair’ and ‘Infinity’.

GREEN CARNATION have decided to release a full-length album, as opposed to their original plan to release a MCD. The band have already begun work on pre-production demos of new songs for the album, which will be recorded from late August. A pre-production sample of one new song will be featured on the upcoming DVD which will be recorded in Poland at the end of January.

Mexico’s HACAVITZ have signed a two album deal with Osmose Productions. The band will enter the studio in February or March to record their self titled debut 7" single.

Spain’s AVULSED has inked a deal with Metal Age Production for their next full-length. The band are currently working on 11 new songs for the follow-up to "Yearning For The Grotesque" which will be recorded in July. Watch for a September release.


MINNESOTA METALFEST have announced that the following bands have been added to their line-up: TESTAMENT, VITAL REMAINS, BODY COUNT, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, FOREST OF IMPALED, JUNGLE ROT. The fest will be held on March 19th and 20th at the Aldrich Arena in Maplewood, MN. More acts will be announced soon.

NECRONOMICON‘s Rob "The Witch" has revealed that the band’s 1991 demo, "Morbid Ritual", will be reissued. "There’s been a lot of demand for it, so we’re working on a reissue", he confirmed. A label has yet to be announced for the project. Rob also relayed that the band is in writing mode and several fresh tunes are done, despite the fact that a new album, "The Sacred Medicines", was released in late 2003.

VOID OF SILENCE (www.voidofsilence.com) have finished writing their forthcoming new album, "Human Antithesis", due out later this year through Code666. The band has now begun the recording sessions at Sick Lab Studios in Rome, Italy. The group’s new vocalist, Alan Nemtheanga (PRIMORDIAL) will be in Italy in February to record the vocals for the album. The tracklisting and cover art will be revealed soon.

CANNIBAL CORPSE have announced that they will play a string of dates in Mexico on May 28th, 29th and 30th. The band will furthermore be signing autographs at the Relapse Retail Store in Philadelphia, PA (608 South 4th) on Sunday, March 7th at 4pm EST.

February 01, 2004

Thanx to all people and bands involved that made yesterday’s completely SOLD OUT VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE 10th Anniversary Festival such a big success!! We feel very sorry for all those of you who couldn’t get in anymore (next time we certainly have to book a bigger venue!) and for some of the technical problems. We hope you all still had the same fun as we had! Watch this space for an upcoming big feature on the whole event within the next couple of weeks.

Since last week, SODOM began putting stuff together for their first ever DVD release. Currently, they are working themselves through almost 200 hours of video tapes as well as boxes full of jurassic photos. One thing that already points out at the moment: it’s probably going to be a double-disc-set. As archives are not fully complete, the band is asking you for your help once more: they’re still seeking old / rare / obscure material, especially: fotos (promotional shots, live pics, backstage etc.), tourposters, rare releases (picture discs, digi packs, singles etc.), bootlegs (video and audio), video clips (especially the disappeared Ursel-video), TV appearances, interviews / reviews (magazines, TV). So, if you own anything of that kind, please contact them through konz@sodomized.info. Don’t forget some information e.g. year, label, tracklist etc. Five of you will be randomly picked to win one of five handsigned DVDs.

Sweden’s IN AETERNUM have a new website running. The new address is www.inaeternum.com. The band has also recorded two new songs that will appear on a forthcoming 7" or mini CD, to be released on Agonia Records sometime in March. The new line-up at the moment is: David Larsson – guitar / vocals, Daniel N Sahlin – 7 string lead guitar and Perra Karlsson – drums.IN AETERNUM are currently working on material for their next album to be recorded during the summer.