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March 30, 2004

Black Metal legends, THORNS‘ mastermind, Snorre Ruch has been keeping busy with a variety of extra musical activities involving interesting exponents of the art world since the band’s long awaited and much acclaimed self-titled debut in 2002. In the past few months alone, Snorre has created Thorns Ltd, a separate outlet from Thorns, dedicated to making experimental music tailored specifically for art exhibitions. Contemporary Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard’s exhibition at the Palais De Tokyo museum in Paris was Thorns Ltd’s debut. A new composition will premier at New York artist, Banks Violet’s show in London in September this year. More detailed information on location, date and how to get hold of those recordings will be released shortly. Snorre’s extreme musical project and inspiration behind many of today’s Black Metal bands, Thorns, however, is still his priority. He has been writing music for the new release as well as auditioning musicians for future Thorns live shows. "I already have a title for it but I am not going to disclose that just yet ‘cos the album will not be out before next year", he teased earlier today. "I intend to have between 15 to 25 tracks on there, 10 of which will be made into surround remixes and included in a different release. And whether that is going to be a Moonfog, internet or some other company’s is something to be decided later on. I am very open about the structure of the new album right now." As to whom will record the vocals this time around, Snorre hinted at guest appearances on the odd track but confirmed that he is keen to follow the debut direction. "I hope to use Satyr again and Aldrahan has already expressed an interest in doing vocals so that’s great." In true Thorns’ style, expect the unexpected.

March 29, 2004

PECCATUM (featuring none other than ex-EMPEROR singer / guitarist Ihsahn and wife Ihriel) have set May 25th as the official North American release date for their new album, "Lost In Reverie", through The End Records (April 19th in Europe via Mnemosyne Productions / Voices Music). Also, Peccatum have revamped their website. Please visit www.peccatum.com for more info.

INCANTATION has inked a deal with Listenable Records. The band has entered Mars Recording Studios in Cleveland, Ohio on March 5th to start work on their eighth full length album, "Decimate Christendom", due out in July. Incantation are confirmed for this year’s the Fuck The Commerce VII festival, scheduled to take place May 29th – 31st in Neiden, Germany.

ENTHRONED are currently searching for a new permanent drummer. Those who wish to try out for the position can send tapes or messages to: Enthroned – rue Maroquette 24 – 5650 Fraire – Belgium. Send email to: ibex@skynet.be. Enthroned will record their next album, "XES Haereticum", in April and May at Spiderhouse Studios with producer Harris Johns. The new album is the follow-up to "Carnage In Worlds Beyond".

March 26, 2004

GEHENNA‘s long awaited third album on Moonfog will be delayed for a further couple of months as the band’s driving force, Sanrabb will be busy playing additional guitar on Mayhem’s upcoming European tour. Relaxing at Oslo’s most (in)famous pub, Elm Street, after a hard day’s rehearsal with the legendary Black Metal fourpiece, Sanrabb stressed his commitment to completing the album as soon as the Mayhem tour is over. "I cannot wait to finish the album now," he enthused. "It sounds a lot darker and more extreme than anything we have done in the past and it will be a purer Black Metal album this time around."

March 25, 2004

Trauma Records from Colombia is releasing a limited edition CD (500 hand numbered copies) of DECEASED, entitled "Legions Of Arrggghhhh". The CD features 74 minutes of demo material and unreleased songs. For further info contact J. Claros from Trauma Records at: traumarkhan@hotmail.com

March 22, 2004

TORTURE KILLER started writing material for their second album, tentatively titled "Multiple Counts Of Murder". Some songtitles to appear on the album are ‘Obsessed In Homicide’, ‘Another Random Killing’, ‘A Violent Scene Of Death’ and ‘Cannibal Gluttony’. Torture Killer is also confirmed to support Vader on the Finnish dates of their upcoming Scandinavian Tour. Last but not least the band has completed its line-up with bassplayer Torniainen.

SEVERE TORTURE will hit the European road again in May with Skinless. Tourdates to be announced soon. Furthermore the band is writing new material for their upcoming 3rd album, to be recorded later this year.

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH currently have 8 new songs written for what will become their 2nd full-length album. The album will be recorded throughout the upcoming year and will probably see the light of day at some reasonable point after the debut-album "A Beautiful Sickness" is released through Karmageddon Media on the 31st of May. Once again the band will be self-producing and tracking at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia, USA.

OCCULT is already working on their next album, scheduled to be recorded in October at Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen.

NECROPHOBIC will soon start writing material for their upcoming, yet untitled, 5th full-length album. Recordings are scheduled for later this year. More detailed information about the album to be revealed soon.

ARTHEMESIA is proud to announce that the Dr. K.H. ("the best Finnish Metal drummer") will sit down behind the drumkit for the band’s upcoming album titled "ShamaNatahS – II Describe I Mind". Recordings for the drums will start late May and after that the band will hit Christslayer Studios to record all other instruments. Worldwide release for the album is scheduled for autumn. For a sneak preview you can download 2 promo-songs (‘Death Executed By Complex Actions’ and ‘Mors Principium Est’) from the band’s official website www.arthemesia.blackmetal.fi

According to their official website (www.junglerot.net), JUNGLE ROT will be releasing their new album, "Fueled By Hate", on June 15th through Olympic / Century Media. In other news, the band are looking for someone who would like to help design a new website for them. If interested, contact the band via Jerry at jrotbass@hotmail.com

The new CANNIBAL CORPSE album, "The Wretched Spawn", has entered the German album charts at # 74. This is a good showing considering that many copies of the album were imported to Germany from abroad due to the more brutal artwork of that version. In tour news, as previously reported, Cannibal Corpse will headline the No Mercy Festivals European tour which features HYPOCRISY, KATAKLYSM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, VOMITORY, EXHUMED, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and PREJUDICE.

Crash Music have signed a four album deal with Black Metal act I.C.E. (IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT). The band will hit the studio later this month. Look for a summer release.

Swedish Black Metal act BLODSRIT are currently completing their upcoming album, "Helveteshymner", which will be recorded in Soundlab Studios, Sweden at the end of May. A new video for the track ‘Praise Suicide’ will be filmed in April. BLODSRIT’s last album was 2003’s "Ocularis Infernum".

Nocturnal Art Productions will reissue THOU SHALT SUFFER‘s "Into The Woods Of Belial" album on April 12th in Europe and on May 4th in the US (through Candlelight). The reissue features new artwork. The original album, recorded in 1991, features Samoth, Ihsahn and Ildjarn. The album was never before available in the US.

March 20, 2004

RESURRECTED are currently negotiating with some labels concerning a new deal and are furthermore working hard on the new material for their new album to be released beginning of next year. ‘Until You Kill Yourself’ and ‘Hidden By Disguise’ are two news tracks which will be presented live at the band’s upcoming shows. For all further info, check out www.resurrected.net

March 14, 2004

DESTRUCTION‘s "Eternal Devastation" (1986) and "Infernal Overkill" (1985) albums have been reissued in Europe through Steamhammer on limited edition picture disc vinyl (1,000 copies).

CREST OF DARKNESS have revealed through their official website (www.crestofdarkness.com) that they are rehearsing with an extra guitarist, Kjell Arne Hubred, for their upcoming live dates. The first date that the band will perform with two guitarists will be the upcoming show at Betong in Oslo, Norway on April 2nd. Aslo on the bill for the Betong date are Norway’s WYRUZ.

ABRUPTUM will release their new album on March 15th through Regain Records. Entitled "Casus Luciferi", the release will be available on standard CD, vinyl LP and picture disc vinyl.

SAMAEL (www.samael.info) have nearly completed writing for their forthcoming new album. The band expect to enter the studio in April to begin recording. In live news, Samael will soon be announcing their festival appearance schedule for this summer. More news as it becomes available.

According to a posting on their website by leader Johnny Hedlund, UNLEASHED have completed recording their forthcoming album. The post added: "We are currently analyzing the final details before the mixing and mastering. We are naturally very excited about it all. We are also looking forward to playing the festivals this summer. You better believe we ain’t holding back for nothing! Keep looking in to our website from time to time for more info as we proceed." Expect the followup to 2003’s "Hell’s Unleashed" later this year through Century Media.

According to SLAYER‘s official website (www.americanrecordings.com/slayer/), the band are currently recording their first studio album with the original members since 1992’s "Seasons In The Abyss". A new album is expected through American Recordings sometime this year. In other Slayer news, the group were named "Best Band" in Revolver magazine’s 2004 Readers Poll. They will appear on the cover of the magazine on March 30th with Bam Margera. Slayer will perform on the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage show on April 19th. Also, the group will appear on MTV’s Viva La Bam in an upcoming episode. More details as they become available.

HIDDEN IN THE FOG‘s "Abstract Maelstrom Paragon" MCD has been declared "demo of the month" in Germany’s Metal Hammer (issue March 2004). Congratulation, guys, maybe this finally makes the record companies wake the fuck up!

March 13, 2004

THE CHASM have finally set up a recording date to start the production of the new album "The Spell of Retribution" (tentative title), on April 19th. The record will be tracked down at Soto Sound Studios in Palatine, IL and produced by Daniel Corchado. THE CHASM have written ten new songs with an approximate running time of 65 minutes. Some final songtitles are: ‘Fortress’, ‘Conqueror And Warlord’ and ‘Manifest My Intervention’. This is supposed to be "the most conceptual album (lyrical-wise speaking) THE CHASM has created". The majority of the songs is dealing with the excruciating process of ones search for the relics of an honorable past, gaining and recollecting strength from the ecstasy of lost and memorable travels (in mind and spirit) and re-constructing a vicious and undying force to decimate the scum that surround the spirit of those who still walk strong and proud. If everything goes as planned the release date for the album will be on announced shortly. For all further info, check out the band’s website: www.enterthedeathcult.com

March 11, 2004

The long awaited third album from HEATHEN is scheduled for release on March 31, 2004 and entitled "Recovered". The band began this project in 1992, but tracks remained archived and unfinished until 2003 when, with the help of engineer and co-producer Rob Beaton, the salvaged early recordings were completed for the new 9 song disc. Covers of ‘Death On Two Legs’ by Queen, ‘Holy War’ by Thin Lizzy, ‘Hellbound’ by Tygers of Pan Tang, ‘Eye Of The Storm’ by Sweet Savage are clear indicators why this band was one of – if not the – best bands to come out of the 80s Thrash Metal days. The newest original track, ‘In memory of…’, written and dedicated to former band member Randy Laird and his girlfriend, as well as lead vocal David White’s brother Jeffrey whose untimely losses occurred in 1991 has deep personal meaning to the band members. The remaining songs that make up this full-length album are tracks from Heathen’s "Opiate Of The Masses" demo, the pre-production to their 1991 release "Victims Of Deception". These include ‘Hypnotized’, ‘Opiate Of The Masses’, ‘Timeless Cell Of Prophecy’ and ‘Mercy Is No Virtue’. The band wanted to include these tracks to preserve and to share with the hardcore fans around the world. "Recovered" is just a taste of what is to come, the band is currently writing what will soon be a collection of all new and all original songs for its up coming release in the near future. Limited Edition signed digipaks of the album are available on Heathen’s website www.heatheninc.com. "This is the chance to get a glimpse of Heathen of yesterday, today and tomorrow", said lead singer Dave White about Heathen "Uncovered", an extended play DVD to closely follow the CD release. It features a new music video, behind the scenes rehearsal footage, in-depth interviews, photo gallery and lots of Heathen uncovered. Pre-orders are available from www.heatheninc.com mid-March.

The band line-up of this year’s installment of BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL is complete: ICED EARTH are confirmed as the second headlining act of the event taking place in Germany at the Messegelände of Balingen on the 25th and 26th of June. The billing looks as follows: ICED EARTH, ALICE COOPER, WHITE LION, QUEENSRYCHE, MAGNUM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, TESTAMENT, U.F.O., GOTTHARD, ANTHRAX, PRIMAL FEAR, LILLIAN AXE, DEATH ANGEL, BLAZE, OMEN, KINGDOM COME, ANGEL, SHOK PARIS, BALLISTIC, RUFFIANS, CAGE and MAJESTY. For more info click: www.bang-your-head.de

The third VOID OF SILENCE album, featuring new vocalist Alan Nemtheanga from Primordial is completed and will be released in digipak before the summer of 2004 on code666. www.voidofsilence.com

After 3 long years since "The Dark Blood Rising", Swedish Industrial Black Metallers DIABOLICUM are in the studio to record not one but 2 albums! "Infant Sacrifices" and "Vengeance" are the working titles and a release date through code666 is expected for this Autumn / Winter.

UK noise Black Metallers THE AXIS OF PERDITION signed a contract with code666 to release the next album scheduled for early 2005. After their debut "Corridors" on Rage Of Achilles Records, the Post-Apocalyptic Duo is working on the second album. The band takes their inspiration from the ugliness decay of their urban environment, integrated into a darker and more nightmarish dimension of twisted post-apocalyptic mayhem. They reflect this in their sound which a combination of harsh, violent passages, and discordant, ugly guitar work reminiscent of the classic early 90s Black Metal sound injected with an extra dose of misanthropic disgust, with their penchant for sinister dark ambient / industrial soundscaping, topped off with some of the most bilious, unconventional vocal outpourings that the scene has been subjected to.

March 09, 2004

TEARS OF DECAY have recorded two new songs for a split release with Brodequin which will be out in April / May on Cudgel Agency. Additionally a split tape with Gorezone is planned, to be released only in Mexico. For further information, check out www.tears-of-decay.de

March 08, 2004

INSISION entered Sound Lab Studio in Orebro, Sweden yesterday to begin work on their forthcoming album, tentatively titled "Revealed And Worshipped". The album is being produced by NASUM guitarist Mieszko Talarczykand and the band promise to "deliver audio violence like never before." In other news, Insision are also confirmed for the Mega Metal festival being held at ready for the MEGA METAL fest in Kungstradgarden in Stockholm, Sweden on August 20th.

Although US Death Metal act DEVOURMENT called it a day earlier this year, Displeased have bought the rights to the recordings of their final album, "1.3.8." The album features former vocalist Ruben Rosas.

INTERNAL SUFFERING are scheduled to enter Mana Studios in Tampa, FA with producer Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, ex-MORBID ANGEL) in April. Original drummer Fabio Ramirez (INFERNAL HATE / CARNAL) has rejoined the band and although guitarist Leandro broke his arm recently the band are hungry to follow up 2002’s "Chaotic Matrix".

The recording process of the long awaited sixth studio album from BORKNAGAR called "Epic" is now complete. The album will be released in June or July 2004 by Century Media. "Epic" features 12 new songs featuring Vintersorg on vocals and one instrumental track. The band parted ways with bass player Tyr before recording his parts of the album and all bass parts were done by drummer Asgeir Mickelson. Epic is currently being mixed.

DIMMU BORGIR won the Norwegian Grammy award, Spellemannsprisen, in the Metal category for their album "Death Cult Armageddon". The ceremony was held in Oslo, Norway on Saturday February 28th and broadcast live on national Norwegian TV.

Candlelight Records (www.candlelightrecords.co.uk) have revealed that CADAVER will release their new album, "Necrosis", through the label on April 19th in the UK (April 20th in North America).

March 07, 2004

HIRAX are currently putting the finishing touches on their latest studio recording "The New Age Of Terror". The album is being recorded and produced by Michael Rozon (Melvins, Adrenaline O.D.) at Speed Semen Clove Factory in North Hollywood, CA. "This is going to be our most powerful record to date", vocalist Katon De Pena said. "It’s dangerously fast and heavy." "The New Age Of Terror" will be released this spring on Deep Six Records as well as Hirax’s label Black Devil Records on CD format as well as limited edition picture disc. HIRAX will headline two U.S. festivals beginning in late April as well as a show at the infamously legendary New York club CBGB, which will be HIRAX’s first-ever appearance on the East coast. The band will head to Europe in June and July for more festival appearances. Check out our tour dates section, www.hirax.org or www.blackdevilrecords.com for further details.

March 01, 2004

The upcoming Brutal Domination Tour 2004 will feature INTERNAL SUFFERING, INCINERATE, STABWOUND and EMETH. The tour will sweep through the US this summer, from the last weekend in July, through the Central Illinois Metalfest on August 13th / 14th. Stay tuned for dates, to be announced soon.

US Black / Death Metal act RESUSCITATOR (www.resuscitator.net) have inked a deal with Displeased Records / From Beyond. The label will release the band’s debut album, "Cursed Visions From His Infernal Realm", this spring. A new full length album from the band (working title "A Warrior’s Death") will surface later this year.