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June 29, 2004

BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL 2004 is over. Last weekend ten thousands of headbangers (among them VOICES readers to be spotted as well) conquered the city of Balingen, Germany, to watch bands such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, DEATH ANGEL, TESTAMENT, QUEENSRYCHE (performing their "Operation Mindcrime" album which almost caused one VOICES writer to break into tears), OMEN, SHOK PARIS, RUFFIANS, ICED EARTH or ALICE COOPER. Next year’s 10th BYH Festival on the 24th and 25th of June 2005 will feature TWISTED SISTER, MOTÖRHEAD, DORO, GAMMA RAY, NEVERMORE, AXEL RUDI PELL, KROKUS, JAG PANZER, DESTRUCTION, AMON AMARTH, TANKARD, DEMON plus ten more big acts as well as a "very special guest". Once again, the most relaxed big Metal Festival is gonna take place in Balingen, Germany. www.bang-your-head.de

June 28, 2004

Danish Death Metallers EXMORTEM have severed ties with Osmose Records after only one release – 2002’s "Pestilence Empire". The band are currently negotiating a new deal which will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, the band have revealed the tracklisting for their as-yet-untitled new album via their official website (www.exmortem.com). Tracks to appear on the forthcoming release include: ‘Parasite Paradise’, ‘Flesh Havoc’, ‘Black Walls Of Misery’, ‘The Human Rape Symphony’, ‘Division Of Genocide Pleasure’, ‘Bitter Disciplin’, ‘Fix Of Negativity’, ‘Graveside Mourning Ritual’ and ‘Symbols Of Inhumanity’.

GOD DETHRONED will enter Berno Studios in Malmö, Sweden on July 14th to begin recording the follow-up to 2003’s "Into The Lungs Of Hell". Nine new songs are ready to be laid down for the as-yet-untitled effort, which is tentatively due in late 2004 / early 2005. In other news, God Dethroned, who recently replaced bassist Beef with a musician named Henk, have been confirmed for the Occult Fest 2004, a two-day event set to take place September 3rd – 4th in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. Other bands scheduled to appear at the festival include PLEURISY, MORTUARY IOD, KATAFALK, MAKILADORAS, AS IT BURNS and MORNING. More info: www.occultfest.nl.

According to the official INVOCATOR website (www.invocator.com) drummer Jakob Gundel is a part of a new as-yet-untitled project. The band, so far consisting of Gundel, as well as Anders Høeg and Mikkel Sandager from MERCENARY, has recorded a 5-song promo. The style is described as "some sort of melodic Thrash." Stay tuned for more information. In related news, the site also reports that Invocator guitarist Flemming’s project SCAVENGER recorded a 3-song promo at Jacob Hansen’s studio, Hansen Studio, in the beginning of June. The group have found a singer in Sweden’s Lawrence Mackrory, who sang on DARKANE’s debut album, "Rusted Angel". The vocals haven’t been recorded yet but will be done as soon as possible.

Century Media has set September 7th as the release date for new albums from Sweden’s Death Metal godfathers GRAVE and UNLEASHED. GRAVE’s new album, "Fiendish Regression", was recorded at Abyss Studios with producers Tommy and Peter Tägtgren. UNLEASHED’s seventh release, "Sworn Allegiance", was mixed by Fredrik Folkare at Chrome Studios and mastered by Peter In de Betou from Tailor Maid Productions (DIMMU BORGIR, AMON AMARTH, KATATONIA, etc). "Sworn Allegiance" features the following tracklisting: ‘Winterland’, ‘Destruction (Of The Race Of Men)’, ‘Only The Dead’, ‘The Longships Are Coming’, ‘Helljoy’, ‘Insane For Blood’, ‘I Bring You Death’, ‘Attack!’, ‘CEO’, ‘One Night In Nazareth’, ‘Praised Be The Lord’, ‘Metalheads’, ‘To Miklagård’ and ‘Long Live The Beast’.

Canuck Thrash legends RAZOR have hired a production company and will be filming their upcoming appearance at this year’s Gates Of Hell Festival scheduled to take place at FunHause in Toronto, ON on July 24th. As previously reported, the line-up also features Canuck icons EXCITER and ANVIL alongside WARMACHINE, ROTTING, NITEMARE, VISIONS OF THE NIGHT, WILL OF THE ANCIENTS and SOUL LESS DIVINE.

According to a posting at their website, MARDUK will be entering the studio in the middle of July to begin the recording seessions of their upcoming ninth full length album. The band’s webmaster added: "We haven’t recieved any working title for the album yet and the only song title we can confirm so far is ‘Throne Of Rats’, a song that the band debuted when they headlined the Motala Metal Festival. The new album will be recorded at the local Endarker Studio (in Norrköping, Sweden). More information will be posted soon." As previously reported, the album is set to be released in November and will be followed by a massive world tour.

CRADLE OF FILTH are now half way through the mixing process of their forthcoming album, "Nymphetamine", which is currently scheduled for a late September release through Roadrunner. Mixing for this should be complete by the 1st week of July. The band’s A&R representative Mike Gitter had this to say: "I would have to say without a doubt, it’s CRADLE OF FILTH’s best record. Not merely a great CRADLE OF FILTH record, but a great Metal record. Both longtime fans and casual listeners will be pretty fuckin’ surprised."

SAMAEL have set "Reign Of Light" as the title of their new album. Recorded in Switzerland and mixed in Sweden, it will feature 11 new tracks including: ‘High Above’, ‘On Earth’, ‘Reign Of Light’, ‘As The Sun’, ‘Further’, ‘Oriental Dawn’, ‘Heliopolis’ and ‘Door Of Celestial Peace’ as well as three other songs. The album is set to be released this fall on Galactical Recordings with exclusive license to Musikvertreib for Switzerland and Regain Records for Europe / Asia. An American deal still has to be worked out.

ANOREXIA NERVOSA are currently finishing the recording of their upcoming album, "Redemption Process", at Drudenhaus Studios in France. The album will be mastered at the Cutting Room in Sweden. Tracks set to appear on the release include (in no particular order): ‘Antinferno’, ‘The Worship Manifesto’, ‘Sister September’, ‘Codex-Veritas’, ‘Mass Absolution’, ‘The Shining’ and ‘An Amen’. "Redemption Process" is scheduled for and early October release via Listenable Records.

Nick Barker (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, BRUJERIA, LOCK-UP) made a special signing appearance at yesterday’s DARK FUNERAL in-store signing at Dark Realm Records in Downey, California. Dark Funeral performed at the Gathering Of The Bestial Legion festival at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA.

June 24, 2004

The upcoming PENTACLE album will be released through the German label Iron Pegasus Records. Here’s the band’s official statement about it: "Some people already expected this, but now it is official. We’re happy to work with Costa again. As some of you know he already released our split 10" with Desaster some years ago. He also arranged the booklet for the "Ancient Death" MLP. Each time it was a pleasure to work with him. He is 100% dedicated to the scene and has released many outstanding albums of bands like Desaster, Zemial, Hadez, Mortuary Drape, Sadistic Intent, Beherit, Sabbat and many more. We are truly convinced we have found the right label for our Metal madness! The cooperation with Iron Pegasus Records will have the positive outcome of three formats of the new album: CD, limited LP and limited PD. Again, Harrow Productions in Losser (The Netherlands) has been chosen as recording studio. The recordings will take place in September and October. We hope to record 10 or 11 new songs. Former Order From Chaos – and current Ares Kingdom-guitarist Chuck Keller has contributed a track which will be featured on the new album. You can expect something a bit different from the normal Pentacle material, but be aware this song is not a filler! It will give the album an extra impulse of old school energy. Thanks in advance for the great song, Chuck! Manuel Tinnemans, who was also responsible for the covers of "… Rides the Moonstorm", "Ancient Death" and the upcoming "Archaic Undead Fury" split with Blood Storm, will again take care of the artwork. He has promised us a masterpiece! We didn’t expect anything else."

June 21, 2004

According to Roadrunner, OBITUARY currently have four songs written and ready to go, and are hard at work on more new material. Although studio time for the band’s return has not been set, the classic Obituary line up (John Tardy – vocals, Trevor Peres – guitars, Allen West – guitars, Frank Watkins – bass, Donald Tardy – drums) are set to deliver a new album in the near future.

According to Nuclear Blast, Baltimore’s MISERY INDEX are currently recording a three track EP entitled "Dissent". The EP will include the songs ‘The Imperial Ambition’, ‘Exception To The Ruled’ and ‘Multiply By Fire’, and will be released in late summer. The band is preparing a DVD called "Misery Index DVD Volume 1". It features footage of Misery Index concerts from all over the world, bonus material and more.

According to a posting on their website, after dealing with many American booking agents BEHEMOTH have decided to work with Firstrow Talent, who will now represent the band in North America and will book all the American tours in support to their upcoming album "Demigod". According to leader Nergal "It looks like for "Demigod" we’re gonna tour as much as possible on the US continent, and after doing some European touring with KRISIUN and INCANTATION later this year, USA is gonna be our main priority. See ya all there!"

June 14, 2004

Members of TRANSPORT LEAGUE, DIMENSION ZERO, TAETRE and NIGHTSHADE have reportedly gotten together to form a Black Metal side project under the name GAFFLA KNIFVUR. Currently seeking a record deal, the band’s music is described as "very much is the same vein as EMPEROR and similar bands, but with really humoristic lyrics in Swedish that deal primarily with evilistic and satanic chefs".

DEW-SCENTED are currently taking some time off to write new songs for the follow-up album to "Impact". According to the band, "the song-writing is turning out really good and the material is excitingly varied so far (of course really aggressive too), so that we are definitely already looking forward to completing some more songs." Their plan is to record the next album around December 2004 with Andy Classen again at his Stage One studio, release date is scheduled sometime for Spring 2005 through Nuclear Blast Records. The official new location for the band’s website will be www.dew-scented.net now as they were having server trouble with their .de and .com domains before.

June 09, 2004

Blabbermouth.net additionally reported today that legendary video director and founding BATHORY member Jonas Åkerlund has spoken to Sweden’s Expressen newspaper about the passing of BATHORY mastermind Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg from what is believed to be heart failure. Forsberg, who was known to have been battling heart problems for years, was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday (June 7). He was 39 years old. "It’s so sad. He had much more to offer," Åkerlund said. Jonas, who formed the band with Forsberg in the early ’80s, went on to have a successful video-directing career, having worked with the likes of METALLICA, PRODIGY, MADONNA and U2. "[BATHORY came onto the scene] extremely early," Åkerlund said. "People like Marilyn Manson, Billy Corgan and the members of METALLICA have all come up to me and have told me that they listened to BATHORY." According to Åkerlund, it was Thomas Forsberg’s creativity that made the band such an influence on so many younger metal acts. "[Quorthon] had a high cult status," Jonas said. "He wasn’t interested in attention, he just wanted to play his music."

The following news was posted by www.blabbermouth.net and is not confirmed yet, so don’t quote us on it. BATHORY mastermind Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday, June 7, informed sources have confirmed to Blabbermouth.net. The 39-year-old son of Black Mark Records owner Börje Forsberg, long considered one of black metal’s founders, died of an apparent heart failure. More information as it becomes available.

June 08, 2004

Jeremy Turner (ex-ORIGIN) will be the replacement for Jack Owen in CANNIBAL CORPSE on the band’s upcoming tours. Jack quit earlier this month. It is not sure yet if Jeremy will be a permanent replacement, but according to the band "… so far he’s doing very well… learning 18 songs in less than 3 weeks is a tough job, and we want to thank Jeremy for working hard to get the job done."

CRIMINAL keyboardist Mark Royce has been fired from the band after failing to show up for the band’s recent tour of Chile. Royce joined the band in 2002 along with Robin Eaglestone (bass) and Zac O’Neil (drums). "He really didn’t leave us much of a choice", comments frontman Anton Reisenegger. "Two days before leaving for Chile, he just disappeared. He wasn’t answering our calls or text messages, nothing. Obviously, we went anyway, had a great fuckin’ tour, came back, and still no word from him. So basically I sent him an e-mail telling him he was out of the band. He responded to that, saying he understood. You go figure. That leaves Rod, Zac and me as CRIMINAL at the moment, but we hope to find a permanent bassist soon, and we shall carry on as a four piece, like it was meant to be. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any keyboards on the next album, but I’m really against getting a full-time keyboard player, because they’re always going to be like a ‘fringe member’, as Mark himself once put it. I’d rather use a session player." In other news, the whole sold-out Chilean tour was documented on video, with the footage currently being edited into a video clip for the song ‘Deconstruction’, which comes off the band’s latest album "No Gods No Masters". The clip, which is being directed by Roberto Fuentes, who had previously worked with the band on the video clip for ‘El Azote’ and CRIMINAL’s as-yet-unreleased home video entitled "Video Azote", should be finished in June.

On Monday, 10th of May VADER entered Radio Gdansk Studio to record their new full length album entitled "The Beast". The band only took a one day break to play a show along with METALLICA and SLIPKNOT in Chorzów. Peter and Doc’s replacement Daray spent the first two weeks working together in the studio, being joined later by Mauser and Novy to complete the recordings. The album is being produced by Piotr Lukaszewski ("Reign Forever World", "Revelations", "Blood"). A limited edition of "The Beast" will feature a bonus DVD with specials, like a studio report, two brand new video clips, an interview with Peter, a fragment of the band’s show at the Polish Woodstock Festival and other bonus stuff. More details will follow soon.

"Crowned Unholy" is a remake of the THE CROWN‘s fifth album "Crowned In Terror", which will be released on August 9, 2004 via Metal Blade Europe. It features re-recorded vocal tracks by Johan, re-recorded bass tracks by Magnus, a new version of the intro (originally written by Marko, now programmed by Janne), drum sound digitally enhanced by Janne, and cool synthesizer-spiced parts here and there, all programmed by Janne. The whole remake and remix / mastering was made / performed at Bohus Sound Recording with Dragan Tanaskovic. Janne Saarenpää (drums) comments the release: "Finally ‘Crowned in Terror = Crowned Unholy’ sounds just the way it’s supposed to! After a long, LONG journey through different studios and mastering facilities we once again achieved the unique CROWN sound, this time at Bohus Sound Recording and nowhere else. When you hear Johan’s voice in the BRUTAL new mix, you will once again realize that you’ve been struck by the magic of THE CROWN! A perfect ending for quite a ride that lasted for 14 years!" "Crowned Unholy" will be released with a free bonus DVD, the content is not confirmed yet, while the front cover is nearly done and will be released soon.

June 03, 2004

Metal War Productions will be releasing the new RELLIK material (see news from yesterday) as a MCD in the coming months. All further info at: www.metalwarprod.com

June 02, 2004

The Running Order for the WACKEN OPEN AIR is online, featuring bands like DEICIDE, MAYHEM, DESTRUCTION and exclusive performances like SATYRICON feat. NOCTURNO CULTO of DARKTHRONE or the reunion show of the NWoBHM legend SATAN featuring Steve Ramsey and Graeme English (both SKYCLAD) and Brian Ross (BLITZKRIEG) or even DORO getting together with her former band WARLOCK! Check out which bands you’re gonna see 2 months in advance at our tourdates section or more detailed at: www.wacken-open-air.de

Fans of aggressive old school Heavy / Thrash Metal with killing vokillz listen up. RELLIK from the US have made new songs available through their website www.rellik.us. No pseudo-retro shit, but heartedly performed Metal you 80s freaks might really enjoy, so check it out. For all people interested in namedropping: ex – GOREAPHOBIA / ex – IMMOLATION member Craig Smilowski plays in RELLIK.

June 01, 2004

The following bands are confirmed for this year’s UNDER THE BLACK SUN Festival: ANAEL, IMPALED NAZARENE, SATANIC WARMASTER, INQUISITION, ISVIND, AVENGER, DARK STORM, HEYDNBLUT, AZAGHAL, MERRIMACK, FLUISTERWOUD, ACHERON and NEGURA BUNGET. The festival takes place on July 09 – 10, 2004 at the Ahlimbsmühle in Milmersdorf (near Templin), Germany. Pre-sale tickets are available for 25,- Euro (+ tax and postage), at the door 30,- Euro, Day ticket: 20,- Euro. Camping and parking is for free.

A few weeks ago bassist Lenny Blade left NOMINON because of personal reasons. At the same time NOMINON inked a new deal with Singaporian record label Konqueror Records. As of now the band is writing new tracks for the album which is set to be recorded at Necromorbus studio later in 2004, for an early next year release. NOMINON is also auditioning several bassplayers to find out a special one to fill Lenny’s shoes. Interested parties should contact: nominon@lycos.com or else check the website www.nominon.com for all the latest news.