February 04, 2005

Deimos (bass) is no longer a member of BLOODY SIGN. Lead vocalist Hagend has taken over the bass duties (as well as still doing vocals). He has already played bass in previous bands so it was an obvious choice. The band will continue as a trio. Coming later this year BLOODY SIGN will also be doing a split EP with unholy Death gore Metallers RADEMASSAKER from Germany. This will be a split release between Ibex Moon Records and Redrum Records. Look out for BLOODY SIGN on tour in Eastern Europe with the Czech Black / Death Metal band AVENGER in April 2005. The tour will hit France, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Romania.

FUNERUS has returned from their "Festering the United States" Tour 2005. FUNERUS would like to send out a big thanks to all the Metallers that came out to the shows and showed support to the bands along with everyone that had made the tour possible. There are a few limited edition tour shirts still available. Visit the FUNERUS website for ordering info at: www.funerus.com

Displeased Records will re-release CRYPTOPSY‘s debut "Blasphemy Made Flesh" with its original cover and complete new artwork on CD. For the first time also available on LP! Both versions available from late March 2005. In related news, Jon Levasseur left the band.

Both INCRIMINATED and THRONEUM delivered material for a limited split 7", to be issued in early summer 2005 via From Beyond Productions.

INFINITED HATE just finished the recordings of their second album "Heaven Termination" at Excess Studios.

Last week Deathstrike Records from Germany released a vinyl version of the NOCTURNAL "Arrival Of The Carnivore" album, recently issued on CD via From Beyond Productions. It comes with a gatefold cover, poster and bonus track (Violent Force cover). Available from both Deathstrike and Displeased.

Having laid low for a long while, Polish grinders REINFECTION are back from the undead. A limited 7" with exclusive tracks (originally scheduled for a 2002 release) will be released through From Beyond Productions later this year.

After many delays RESUSCITATOR finally were able to hand over the master of the upcoming "A Warrior’s Death" album. Expect a mix of later Immortal and recent Enthroned. Out in late April 2005.

With alternative cover artwork, From Beyond Productions will present a limited vinyl version of the "Tyranny Returns" album of SARGEIST in late April, with a CD version out now on Moribund Records.

UTUK XUL is currently working on a European tour. More news will follow as soon as the dates are set.

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