January 17, 2005

MORBID ANGEL have posted a new publicity photo of the band featuring returned vocalist / bassist David Vincent, guitarist Trey Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval. You can check it out here. In other news, Relapse Recording artists NECROPHAGIST has been selected as one of the opening acts on the upcoming Morbid Angel "Masters Of Chaos" Tour in Europe. Check out our tourdates section for exact dates.

According to MÖRK GRYNING‘s official website (www.mork-gryning.com) Jonas Berndt, a.k.a. Goth, is leaving Mörk Gryning. Goth: "Mörk Gryning is no more. Yesterday I called everyone in the band and told them I’m leaving. I know many people will be disappointed because of this decision I’ve made, but I’m afraid it was something I had to do. Black or Death Metal simply doesn’t attract me in the way it used to do. I’ve always loved what we have done but I have lost the spark you so dearly need when you’re in a band like this. Thanks to all old and new fans who has supported us during the years. We have decided to publish the material we have been working on the latest months, and you can download the songs below." The following tracks are available for download: ‘The Aurora’, ‘All Discarded’, ‘Disguise My Parting’ and ‘Pure’.

The following message has been posted at DESTRUCTION‘s official website (www.destruction.de): "We would like to bring the speculations and rumours about a label chance of Destruction to an end! After four terrific and successful years with Nuclear Blast, the decision to work with a new label wasn’t easy at all. We would like to thank Markus Staiger and his team for the great friendship and the fantastic work! They had a big participation of the positive progress of our reunion! AFM Records is the new partner of our trust! The contracts will get signed within the next days! The new album will be released via AFM / Soulfood here in Central Europe and through other distribution partners of the label worldwide, a little later this summer! The pre-production is running at full blast. Because of the intense worldwide touring, it feels that the band never sounded tighter and more motivated than at this present moment! Watch out for the new riff monster that will write Thrash Metal history! And that’s a fuckin’ promise!"

CENTINEX have updated their official website (www.centinex.org) with the following message: "We need your help. Get Centinex to play at the Swedish Hultsfreds Festival 2005. Click on this link, vote for three bands – one of them Centinex of course – and press "önska". Thanx a lot for your support." As previously reported, Centinex have announced that their next album will be titled "World Declension". The album, the band’s follow up to "Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos", will be recorded in March, 2005 for a June release through Cold Records. More info on the release as it becomes available.

GORGOROTH have posted the following update at their official website: "Gorgoroth’s plans to go in studio have been delayed. Anticipated plans for studio time and recording schedules conflicted with an already booked timetable at Grieghallen Studios. The band will however lay down drum tracks for Gorgoroth’s eagerly awaited and upcoming album, "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" at Lydriket Studios, on January 14th in it’s stead. Check back for further updates as the album’s development progresses forward."

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