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April 30, 2005

DEW-SCENTED, who just returned home from some shows with GRAVE, have just spent two days in Leipzig, shooting their first ever video clip for the song ‘Turn To Ash’ from their upcoming new album "Issue VI". Nuclear Blast Records will release the new album on June 20th in Europe and the first pressing will include a bonus DVD. Apart from the video clip, the DVD will feature 17 live-tracks, recorded at various shows from the last years in Paris, Strasbourg, Ludwigsburg, Summer Breeze Festival and the Wacken Festival as well as parts of a brand new show in Ludwigshafen at the "Metal Meeting XVII" festival in front of some 700 people. In June DEW-SCENTED will return to Japan to do another tour over there with High On Fire and Misery Signals. At the same time Soundholic Records is releasing "Issue VI" in Japan (with the exclusive bonus track ‘Full-Blown Revenge’). Guitarist Flo is no longer with the band and was replaced by Marvin Vriesde (Blo.Torch and Severe Torture), who already toured with the band in 1996 and also filled-in for their European tour in 2002. Next weekend DEW-SCENTED will head out to the US to play at the Minneapolis Mayhem Festival with Sodom, Sadus, Usurper and many other bands. A full North American tour is planned for November. For more info check out www.dew-scented.net

April 29, 2005

SOVEREIGNTY PRODUCTIONS is currently looking for talented underground Black Metal acts. The label is specialized in Black Metal, with a focus on innovative and modern sounds and styles. Conact and further info via www.sovereignty-productions.de

April 28, 2005

Here’s an official press statement from the organizers of the FUCK THE COMMERCE FESTIVAL: "Hello friends of the FTC, unfortunately, we must make a regrettable announcement for you. Unfortunately, ABSCESS won’t play FTC this year. To correct it at once; this isn’t in any case a fould of the band!!! There have been some communication problems which we are responsible for and that’s finaly the reason why ABSCESS cannot come. Among the organization of a festival regrettable faults happen now from time to time and it’s twice regrettable that this happened the second time for ABSCESS but we cannot change it at this time. We hope that you won’t critisize the band for our foult and that nevertheless you’ll have a lot of fun on FTC VIII. We will do our best to book additional a good underground – band for the Thursday. Many thanks for your understanding. All other bands are confirmed!!!" www.fuck-the-commerce.com

April 26, 2005

One of the most extreme festivals of the year, the OBSCENE EXTREME 2005 festival, will take place on July 07 – 09 in Trutnov, Czech. Republic. So far, the following bands are confirmed: BLOOD DUSTER, PUNGENT STENCH, DISFEAR, Haemorrhage, REGURGITATE, AVULSED, YACÖPSE, PURGATORY, DEAD, BOMBSTRIKE, ISCAARUM, LENG TCH’E, INFERIA, KRONOS, INGROWING, DISKONOT, CAEDERE, DEVILYN, STOMA, SCREAMIN DAEMON, MINDSNARE, MALIGNANT TUMOR, DISFIGURED CORPSE, HOLOCAUSTO CANNIBAL, DEATH REALITY and more. Tickets will be EUR 20 / 600 CZK (including a festival CD) and you’ll get an amazing campsite and festival area. For more info visit: www.obscene.cz

"Tide & Law", the re-release of the two SUN DESCENDS EPs has been delayed due to problems at the Brazilian print plant. Marquee Records stated that they are currently talking to the print plant in order to expedite the process, hoping for a quick resolve. More info at www.sundescends.com

April 25, 2005

TESTAMENT have made another bootleg DVD available at their official website, this time featuring the original lineup of Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitar), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Greg Christian (bass) and Louie Clemente (drums). Entitled "TESTAMENT – Live At The Country Club – Los Angeles, CA", it was filmed on October 6, 1989 by Walter Morgan / Deadly Embrace. The tracklist is as follows: ‘Practice What You Preach’, ‘Sins Of Omission’, ‘The Haunting’, ‘The New Order’, ‘The Time Is Coming’, ‘The Preacher’, ‘The Greenhouse Effect’, guitar solo, ‘Perilous Nations’, ‘Into The Pit’, ‘The Ballad’, ‘A Day Of Reckoning’, ‘Trial By Fire’, ‘Blessed In Contempt’, ‘Burnt Offerings’, ‘Apocalyptic City’, ‘Do Or Die’, ‘C.O.T.L.O.D.’ and ‘Disciples Of The Watch’. For more information go to www.testamentlegions.com/merch2.htm.

HATE ETERNAL‘s new track ‘Behold Judas’ can currently be downloaded here. ‘Behold Judas’ is lifted from Hate Eternal’s new album, "I, Monarch". The album’s tracklisting is as follows: ‘Two Demons’, ‘Behold Judas’, ‘The Victorious Reign’, ‘To Know Our Enemies’, ‘I, Monarch’, ‘Path To The Eternal Gods’, ‘The Plague Of Humanity’, ‘It Is Our Will’, ‘Sons Of Darkness’ and ‘Faceless One’. "I, Monarch" will see a June 28th release in the US and June 27th in the UK and Europe.

Candlelight USA with Regain Records has confirmed May 31st as the stateside release of "De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine", the long-awaited live album from Sweden’s DARK FUNERAL. Recorded during the band’s 2003 tour of South American (including stops in Brazil, Chile and Colombia), "De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine" features a selection of material that spans the band’s decade-long career. Released in Europe for some time, the delayed release is sure to please the band’s extensive US fanbase. "We are very excited to finally see the official release date of "De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine" in the US", says guitarist Lord Ahriman. "Due to label problems it has been a long time since we’ve been active for the US market, however things are finally changing for the better. We want our fans to know that we are gearing up for a killer year that will not only include this release but a new record, video, DVD and worldwide touring." The tracklisting for "De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine" is confirmed as: ‘Intro’, ‘The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire’, ‘An Apprentice Of Satan’, ‘The Dawn Of No More Rises’, ‘Thy Legions Come’, ‘Hail Murder’, ‘Goddess Of Sodomy’, ‘The Secrets Of The Black Arts’, ‘Vobiscum Satanas’, ‘Shadows Over Transylvania’, ‘Open The Gates’, ‘Ineffable Kings Of Darkness’, ‘Thus I Have Spoken’, ‘My Dark Desires’ and ‘Armageddon Finally Comes’.

According to Roadrunner’s UK website, OBITUARY‘s forthcoming self-titled reunion album will be issued on July 11. It is expected that North America will follow on July 12th. The album is now recorded, mixed and mastered. As previously reported, OBITUARY recorded the album with legendary producer Scott Burns and Mark Prator at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, FA. The record was mastered by Tom Morris.

DISGORGE have posted the following update at their official website (www.disgorge.us): "DISGORGE are set to play Tokyo’s first Deathfest, April 30th, were they will play the "Parallels Of Infinite Torture" album live in its entirety. Check out the track ‘Abhorrent Desecration Of Thee Iniquity’ off of DISGORGE’s Crash Music debut album, "Parallels Of Infinite Torture", which hits stores everywhere May 17th." "Parallels Of Infinite Torture", contains "over forty minutes of sheer brutality." The tracklist is as follows: ‘Revealed In Obscurity’, ‘Enthroned Abominations’ (mp3), ‘Atonement’, ‘Abhorrent Desecration Of Thee Iniquity’ (mp3), ‘Forgotten Scriptures’, ‘Descending Upon Convulsive Devourments’, ‘Condemned To Sufferance’, ‘Parallels Of Infinite Torture’, ‘Asphyxiation Of Thee Oppressed’ and ‘Ominous Sigils Of Ungodly Ruins’.

Holland’s old school Thrashers OCCULT have posted the video for the track ‘The Bleeding’ at their website here. The track is from the band’s new album, "Malevolent Rapture", out now through Karmageddon Media. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Stage One Studio in Germany, under the supervision of producer Andy Classen (DEW-SCENTED, CALLENISH CIRCLE, TANKARD).

April 18, 2005

Earache Records have posted the new video for EXMORTEM‘s ‘Bitter Disciplin’ track. The song is taken from the band’s latest album, "Nihilistic Contentment". You can check it out here.

AURA NOIR bassist / vocalist Apollyon has posted the following message at the band’s official website (www.auranoir.com) in regards to guitarist Aggressor, who fell from the fourth floor of a building in Oslo, Norway on March 26th: "Carl Michael’s (aka Aggressor) condition is constantly improving. He’s waking up these days but it’s a long and delicate process that most probably is beyond painful for him both physically and mentally. Like ourselves he doesn’t have any idea of what really happened. Doctors are of course very modest when asked about his future. Then again they’re honest, so personally I consider it good news when they haven’t said anything for a long time. I think they would have told us by now if they knew of anything specific that is impossible to train back to decent shape. His family appreciates all of the support. Hades Rise! Come on Aggressor!!! – Apollyon."

In a recent interview with www.BraveWords.com, NECROPHAGIA / ex – IMMORTAL bassist Iscariah revealed that former Immortal frontman Abbath is currently hammering out new music. "I spoke to Abbath a few months ago and he’s keeping himself busy doing a demo with the guitar player from ENSLAVED. It’s taken quite some time because just before I moved to the UK (over a year ago) he came to my house and played some of the music to me. It’s got an "At The Heart Of Winter" kind of feel to it. It’s really heavy, really stong material. You can definitely hear who wrote it, and that’s a compliment. It’s brilliant stuff. I can’t wait for him to get back out there. Abbath is an amazing artist and an amazing stage presence. He needs to be out there."

According to a posting at Cold Records official website, IN BATTLE and the label have gone separate ways. Cold remarked says: "They did have four albums left on the contract, but we released them for free. No bad blood between us. Good luck guys to becoming rockstars." The Swedish Death Metallers are working on some new material for their next album, which they hope to release in late 2005.

April 16, 2005

FUNERAL PROCESSION‘s vinyl-version of the "Legion Cymru" 7"EP is finally out now. It comes in a foldover sleeve with coloured cover, black vinyl, a b/w-sticker and is limited to 333 handnumbered copies. The CassEP-version (pro-cover / pro-tape, 5 bonustracks) will most likely be available within the next weeks. The limited MCD boxset as well as the "Wolfish Storms…" shirt are sold out. Millennial Visions are considering to reprint the MCD as an ordinary jewelcase-version, but this is very unlikely to happen during the next months. The Bathory Tribute to which Alboîn (Geist) and Count Gothmog have contributed a song under the name of The Lonesome Procession has been cancelled by Total Holocaust Records as Black Mark (who hold the rights to all Bathory songs) were not willing to cooperate with Total Holocaust. The song however is available on the FUNERAL PROCESSION website www.funeralprocession.net, in the "Download" section. The band’s next live appearances will be on May 14th in Gouda (The Netherlands) with Ordo Draconis and on July 8th or 9th at this year’s Under The Black Sun festival near Berlin. With one or two forthcoming exceptions, these are most probably the only performances of Funeral Procession in the next 15 months mainly because the band wishes to concentrate on forthcoming recordings and releases.

April 15, 2005

ZARATHUSTRA have finished the recordings of their new MCD at Swedish Necromorbus Studio. The mini-CD (limited to 1000 copies) and the vinyl-version (limited to 500 copies) will be released in May. The titles of the 4 songs are ‘Slave Mortality’, ‘Become Eternal’, ‘Master Morality’ and ‘… Of Serpents And Swords’. The playing time will be around 21minutes. Vinyl bonus will be the cover-version ‘Sphinx’ of the German Black Metal band POISON. The coverartwork (painted by Chris "Thorncross" Moyen) can already be checked out at the band’s website www.zarathustra-online.net

VOMIT THE SOUL has signed with the US label Comatose Music (Lividity, Lust Of Decay, Dyscrasia, Necrotic Disgorgement, etc.), that will release the band’s first full length album "Portraits Of Inhuman Abomination" at the and of summer 2005, together with t-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and other merchandise. The album will be recorded at Heart Beat Studio in Zianigo di Mirano (Venice) from April 16th to April 23rd. Joel (Pyaemia) is taking care of the artwork. All further info at www.vomitthesoul.com or www.comatosemusic.com

The website of SOVEREIGNTY PRODUCTIONS (www.sovereignty-productions.de), the new label of Sonic Reign members Sebastian Schneider and Benjamin Borucki is finally online. Besides comprehensive information about Sonic Reign you’ll also get two new, exclusive MP3s from the pre-recording-session of their forthcoming album "Raw, Dark, Pure". Furthermore the last release of the band, the debut-MCD "The Decline Portrait", will soon be available via the Modern Black Metal label for the absolute lowest price of 9,-€ (ppd. in Germany) or 8,-€ + shipping (rest of the world). A studio-diary and video-clips of the recording-session will keep interested people up to date in what’s going on in the studio from end of this month on.

REVENANT have signed a deal for a limited CD release entitled "The Burning Ground" with Spain’s Xtreem Music. The CD will feature all the classic Revenant demos from 1987-1995 on a single CD (14 tracks in total), including many unreleased songs, ancient demo tracks, alternate versions of classic songs and a live version of ‘The Unearthly’ recorded on the "Prophecies" European tour. The original tapes were transferred to digital format and mixed and mastered this winter. The CD will also contain a 14 page booklet of classic artwork, photos, and flyers from the band’s long career. The photos were contributed by various people and they include rare photos of REVENANT with many of their friends from the underground, including Ripping Corpse, Immolation and Deceased. Henry Veggian also wrote a short essay for the booklet. The CD will be released in June, 2005. You can already check out the cover art on the band’s website at www.revenant.ws. The band also found a box of classic longsleeve shirts which they will be selling to anyone who’s interested. The shirts are black and on the front you’ll get a large red and white tribal version of the "R" logo (the same one that appears on the "Overman" CD cover). The back features a large Revenant logo (in block letters) over a photo of the band’s line-up, circa 1993. Beneath it are written the lyrics "Rise-Destroy-Rebuild" from the song "The Faithless." The same song title is printed in large letters down the left sleeve. The majority are size large, but there are about a half dozen XL size shirts as well. The shirts are being sold for twenty USD (plus a few bucks for shipping, depending on where you live). Since the supply is strictly limited, you should contact them soon!

April 05, 2005

From Beyond Productions will issue a limited vinyl version of the very first ASPHYX album, "Embrace The Death". Originally written in 1988/89 and recorded in 1990, the original label couldn’t manage, and the album ended up as a CD release via Century Media in 1996. For the first time on vinyl, this version will contain original artwork from that era as well as early days pictures and a biography by Bob Bagchus (drummer).

ABIGAIL is finishing up the recordings of their 3rd full length album, for a release via Nuclear War Now Productions late summer.

CIANIDE will participate in an Antiseen tribute album. A split 7" with Spanish horror Grinders Machetazo is expected late next month.

"Downward Spiral: The Promise Of Worse To Come" is the working title of the fully recorded new album by the Black / Death Metal horde INCRIMINATED. It should be out in late September 2005.

MANEGARM will do a small tour through Holland in the first week of June. The band is currently finalizing their upcoming album "Vredens Tid".

NACHTMYSTIUM and From Beyond Productions agreed on a limited 7" and Pic 7", to be issued late May 2005. Expect harsh Black Metal.

UTUK XUL just issued a split CD with fellow country men MEPHIZTOPHEL via the Colombian label Hell Attacks.

Analripper (ex-Pyorrhoea) is the new vocalist of SPHERE. The band is currently rehearsing new material, which they describe themselves as being "brutal murderous Death Metal". Three new tracks are ready now (‘Deceived’, ‘Greed’ and ‘Hate Legalized Inside’). Those of you who are in Warsaw on the 6th of May can see them play at the Progresja Club with Switzerland’s Necropolis and local band Implicite. The current SPHERE line-up is as follows: Analripper – vocals, Thorn – drums, Lukas – guitar, Cthulhu – guitar and Bur – bass. More info at www.sphere.metal.pl

April 04, 2005

The following update has been posted at Nocturnal Art Production’s official website (www.nocturnalart.com): "After many years and a successful relationship, Nocturnal Art and RED HARVEST have agreed to part ways. Red Harvest is already hard at work on new material. Nocturnal Art wishes them the best of luck on their quest for a new label and all future efforts."

April 01, 2005

In case you’re looking for some real basic Heavy Metal every once in a while (not the type of "happy" Metal that bands like HAMMERFALL etc. established, but something closer to NWOBHM meets early 80s Metal), make sure to check out the debut full length by Estonia’s HERALD "Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast", which will be released via Area Death Productions on April 10, 2005. The band definitely knows where this music originally comes from and delivers ten tracks of classic Metal, with very traditional riffing and great powerful vocals. Not really suitable for our review section, but still worthy to be checked out. All further info you may find at http://adp.areadeath.net.

Here’s an official statement from BESTIAL MOCKERY concerning their new album "Gospel Of The Insane": "The work on the new album has truly been a curse and a strange descent into the depths of insanity and madness. Although we’ve done more gigs and tours since February 2004 and up to date then ever before during our 10 years of existence and hence also stepped up a level in the live ritual violence and sickness, I have been more or less locked up since march 2004 in different mental institutions, soul asylums, hospital departments etc. Therefore have the title which was set since long before these events unfolded as a self-fulfilling prophecy and double curse and blessing and its inner meaning been revealed to me during my time in imprisonment and isolation in a truly disgusting and horrifying way. If "Evoke The Desecrator" carried the spirits of damnation and death within it, it is nothing compared to madness catalyst which this album gonna be. I have also worked on the vocals and even recorded some of them inside the walls of these institutions. And when I was granted to leave after months, 9 out of 10 cases have been just to go to rehearsals, get drunk, stoned, ripped and twisted with the good people and then go straight back in again. Which also have been a very bizarre, confusing but inspiring experience. After endless nights of pain, agony, despair and eternal desolation all the sudden making new songs, go mad, preparing gigs and new mini-tours with the others of this warmongering horde have been sick. Anyhow to cut the crap now you know the background. Now we are currently preparing to record tracks like ‘The Punishment Of Pure Hellpain’, ‘Black Metal Slaughter’, ‘Out From The Cold Straight To Hell’, ‘Self-Destructive Salvation’, ‘Tyrant Of Hells Land’, ‘Morbid Chainsaw Execution’, ‘Slut-Fuck-Cult’ and ‘Father In Heaven’ for the "Gospel Of The Insane" LP / CD. – Master fucking Motorsåg on Crucifixtion Day 2005."