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August 29, 2005

According to a forum posting on MetalManiacs.com, MAYHEM‘s Necrobutcher got killed in a car crash in Oslo yesterday. More news on this as soon as it’s confirmed.

ARES KINGDOM has signed with Nuclear War Now! Productions. Before the LP comes out next spring NWN! will issue the "Firestorm Redemption" 12" single. A couple months after the album a second single called "Failsafe" will be issued. Each will have non-LP bonus tracks on the B sides.

August 28, 2005

Brazil’s REVIOLENCE will be recording their first CD in September. It will feature ten songs (produced by Marcello Pompeu and Héros Trench) and two additional video clips. The band’s new line up includes guitarist Fabio Moya.

Blabbermouth.net just posted the following sad news: VOIVOD guitarist Denis "Piggy" D’Amour passed away Friday night (August 26) at approximately 11:45 p.m. due to complications from advanced colon cancer – so advanced that the disease had spread to his liver. D’Amour slipped into a coma Thursday night and died less than 24 hours later in the palliative care unit of a Montreal hospital, surrounded by family and friends. He was 45 years old.

August 27, 2005

After amongst 3 year of silence, Cleveland’s DISLIMB is back in the scene with new projects. The band has inked a deal with Permeated Records for the repress of their debut MCD "Bleeding Anxiety", released in 2002 by US label Comatose Music as a split CD with Dyscrasia. The new version is remastered, comes with renewed artwork and 2 live video bonustracks. The band will restart live activities in late September. A new website will be designed and posted soon.

STENCH OF DISMEMBERMENT‘s debut MCD "Cannibalistic Urge" will see the light in September and it will be available through Permeated Records.

August 26, 2005

The following news were posted on the official VOIVOD website: "Our good friend and guitar hero Denis D’Amour aka Piggy is very ill. We are helping Denis in every way that we can to feel comfortable while he fights to get healthy. Denis is a very private person and does not want to make a big deal about his illness, so we will not be able to answer questions about his condition or give any other details at this time. We appreciate your understanding. Please feel welcome to send any notes, good words and positive vibes to Piggy at one or both of the following contacts and we will make sure he gets to read them. Email Address: piggy@voivod.com, Subject: Get Well Piggy, Mailing Address: Chophouse Records Attn: Denis "Piggy" D’Amour, 454 Las Gallinas Avenue # 353, San Rafael, CA 94903-3618."

August 24, 2005

RESURRECTURIS, the Italian cult Death Metal band, has released their second album "The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell". It’s an 8 song affair with a total running time of 35 minutes featuring artwork by Italian artist Daniele Cudini. The album can be downloaded for FREE in MP3 format complete with cover design from the official RESURRECTURIS website www.resurrecturis.com! Those who want a digipak version of the album can order it for 5 Euro. RESURRECTURIS is currently looking for license deals, distribution deals (they also accept trades), gigs, airplay and reviews: all interested parties should get in touch with them.

August 22, 2005

As previously reported, PATHS OF POSSESSION, the Florida-based Death Metal band fronted by CANNIBAL CORPSE vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, have confirmed that the release of their debut, "Promises In Blood", is October 4th via Metal Blade Records. The band have made the album track ‘Bleek The Meek’ available via DownloadPunk.com at this location. Recorded at Mana Recording Studios in Tampa, FL, "Promises In Blood" features the following confirmed tracklisting: ‘Darklands’, ‘Butcher’s Bargain’, ‘Bleed The Meek’, ‘The Second Coming’, ‘Where The Empty Gods Lie’, ‘Heart For A Heart’, ‘In My Eyes’, ‘Erzsebet’, ‘Promises In Blood’, ‘Bring Me The Head Of Christ’, ‘Through The Fiery Halls’ and ‘The Icy Flow Of Death’.

Castle Music UK will be issuing a four-CD VENOM box set dubbed "MMV" on September 26th. According to a press release, "MMV is the first ever fully comprehensive 4-CD box set that traces the entire career of this seminal Metal band. Compiled and re-mastered by Cronos (bass / vocals), the set features demos, outtakes, rare tracks and alternative versions including radio spots and an exclusive interview with Metro Radio from 1983. Also featured is a complete disc of live and re-recorded tracks from the rare and highly collectable Assault series of albums. Aside from the music, the box set also contains an essay by Classic Rock and Totalrock Radio’s Malcolm Dome and brand new Cronos artwork is included, alongside rare photos and images of memorabilia from his personal collection. A fully comprehensive discography and replica period poster complete the set, making it an absolutely essential purchase for fans of the genre-defining band." Disc One: ‘Black Metal’ (remix), ‘Bloodlust’, ‘In League With Satan’, ‘Welcome To Hell’, ‘Sons Of Satan’, ‘Schizo’, ‘1000 Days In Sodom’, ‘Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)’, ‘In Nomine Satanas’, ‘Bitch Witch’ (outtake), ‘Manitou’ (bonus track), ‘Countess Bathory’, ‘Heaven’s On Fire’, ‘To Hell And Back’, ‘Acid Queen’, ‘Hounds Of Hell’ (outtake), ‘Raise The Dead’ (1st demo), ‘Red Light Fever’ (1st demo), ‘Angel Dust’ (1st demo), ‘Die Hard’, ‘At War With Satan’ (intro / preview). Disc Two: Intro Tape 83/84, ‘At War With Satan’, ‘At War With Satan’ (TV adverts), ‘Rip Ride’, ‘Cry Wolf’, ‘Stand Up (And Be Counted)’, ‘Lady Lust’, ‘7 Gates Of Hell’, ‘Warhead’, Venom Radio I.D., ‘Angel Dust (Lead Weight)’, ‘Mystique’, ‘Wing And A Prayer’, ‘Possessed’ (remix), Intro Tape 85/86, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Satanachist’, ‘F.O.A.D.’ Disc Three: Intro 1996 (bonus track), ‘Bloodlust’ (bonus track), ‘The Evil One’, ‘All Devils Eve’, ‘God’s Forsaken’, ‘Judgement Day’, ‘Senile Decay’ (outtake), ‘Snots Shit’ (outtake), ‘Dead On Arriva’l (outtake), ‘Sadist (Mistress Of The Whip)’, ‘The Chanting Of The Priests’ (live), ‘Buried Alive’ / ‘Love Amongst The Dead’ (live), ‘Flytrap’, ‘Welcome To Hell’ / ‘Bloodlust’ (live), ‘Witching Hour’ (live) – play, ‘Teacher’s Pet’ / ‘Poison’ / ‘Teacher’s Pet’ (live). Disc Four (The Assault Series): ‘Nightmare’ (re-recorded version), ‘Too Loud (For The Crowd)’ (re-recorded version), ‘Bloodlust’ (re-recorded version), ‘Black Metal’ (re-recorded version), ‘Bursting Out’ (60 Minute Plus), ‘7 Gates Of Hell’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Countess Bathory’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Welcome To Hell’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Warhead’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Die Hard’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘In Nomine Satanas’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Buried Alive’ (Hammersmith 1984 live), ‘Manitou’ (Abbey Road version), Metro Radio Interview, ‘Venom’ (bonus track). To view the artwork head here.

Swedish Death Metallers UNLEASHED have posted the following update at their website: "(We) are now preparing for the "Up From The Ground" Festival next week (August 26th – 27th in Gemunden / Steinwiesen, Germany). We will bring along our DVD camera for this to record some extra material for our upcoming DVD… so be loud if you want your voice on it! Also, just a week after the festival we’ll be shipping out for the Harvest Festival Tour all over Europe (with NILE, BEHEMOTH, PUNGENT STENCH, INCANTATION, BELPHEGOR – dates here). We have dug up the song ‘The Defender’ for this one… so prepare to scream along in the chorus!" As previously reported, Unleashed also filmed their July 1 concert at the "With Full Force" Festival at Airfield Roitzschjora in Löbnitz (near Leipzig), Germany. Expect their DVD to be issued by Century Media in early 2006.

August 20, 2005

According to www.blabbermouth.net former VADER drummer Krzysztof "Docent" Raczkowski (a.k.a. Doc) has passed away at age 35. This has been confirmed by VADER’s official web site, www.vader.pl in the meantime. No further details about his death are currently available.

The video for ‘Synthetic Sin Zero’ from CENTINEX’ latest opus "World Declension" is now available for download at www.centinex.org/media.htm. The US release date for "World Declension" has been moved to September 6th.

August 19, 2005

According to an official Razorback Records statement, all three members of California’s Grindcore / Death Metal act BLOOD FREAK were killed in a car accident last weekend. "They had left Anaheim, BLOOD FREAK’s hometown, on Friday morning and were driving to Seattle so they could begin recording their long-awaited second album, "Live Fast, Die Young And Leave A Flesh-Eating Corpse", this week. The album was to have been the second released by Razorback Records. Jason (Grinter, bass / vocals) and the boys were about to head into Portland when something went wrong and their rented van veered off the road. Tragically, all three passengers were killed in the crash. Exactly what went wrong with BLOOD FREAK’s van isn’t known yet. We hope to have more details soon. What we do know is that Razorback Records and the Horror Hive mourns the deaths of our fellow gore-hounds in BLOOD FREAK, a band that rose out of the obscurity of the ’80s / early ’90s Death Metal / Goregrind underground only to be lost before its time…"

August 17, 2005

"Auf Alten Wegen", the debut album by GRAUPEL, has just been released on the small, but fine Cold Dimensions label. On September 18th, the seventh LUNAR AURORA full length "Mond" is about to follow. Both releases will be out on CD and a small edition on vinyl. The LP versions will be out together with the CD versions and are done in cooperation with Deviant Records. For more information go to www.cold-dimensions.de

August 16, 2005

EXMORTEM‘s guitarist Martin is very thrilled to announce that he will from now on be a fulltime member of ILLDISPOSED. "I’ve known the guys for many years and we have always had a great time together. I’ve wanted to play something different besides EXMORTEM for a while now, so this is just the perfect timing for me to join ILLDISPOSED". This will however not affect his work in EXMORTEM and the band will continue their work on the upcoming album and the planned, as well as new, live dates. Here is the official statement from the ILLDISPOSED camp: "We are proud to announce the newest member of ILLDISPOSED: Guitarist Martin Thim. Martin is known for his long time work with the Danish Death Metallers EXMORTEM, and he has been a friend of ILLDISPOSED for many years. Martin begins in the band immediately, both playing live and participating in creating the next album. Therefore we are aiming to give some of the new songs a more hard and brutal twist. The next album will be out on Roadrunner Records early 2006."

August 15, 2005

Issue # 10 of Germany’s MYSTICAL MUSIC ZINE has just been released! Along with a shitload of reviews you will be able to read in-depth interviews with BOLT THROWER, NIHILIST, MERCILESS, GOREFEST, NAGLFAR, KAAMOS, MISERY INDEX, ROTTEN SOUND, ABORTED, NOMINON, IN AETERNUM CADAVER, INSISION, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, CENTINEX, DEADBORN, SINNERS BLEED, DISINTER, DEFLESHED, FLESH MADE SIN and NIGHTRAGE. This anniversary issue consists of more than 100 A4 size pages in total! You can order a copy for 4 Euro (ppd. in Germany) / 6 Euro (ppd. rest of the world) from: MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine, Emerlandweg 11, 73529 Strassdorf, Germany, email: hauber@mystical-music.de, website: www.mystical-music.de

In support of the re-release of the entire ATHEIST back catalogue Relapse Records have made an ATHEIST e-card available which can be viewed / accessed here: www.relapse.com/ecards/atheist

The drumtracks for ARSEBREED‘s debut album "Munching The Rotten" have been recorded as of now. Soon the rest of the album will be finished off. The album consists of a good dose of US styled Death Metal, technical and chaotic riffage together with some good old slamming catchiness every now and then. The band consists of Dutch Death Metal icons coming from Disavowed, Pyaemia & Mangled.

Tourdates for the full European tour for VISCERAL BLEEDING, directly supporting DEICIDE are up now at the Neurotic Records website (www.neurotic-records.com). The band will hit most European countries with this one returning to some old ones as well as exploring some new ones. After this tour the band will concentrate on finishing the as of yet untitled third full length album.

Even though the full European tour with EXHUMED, SEVERE TORTURE an PSYCROPTIC has recently been canceled, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT are still confirmed on two of the original dates. Apart from that the band will play Switzerland next weekend on the Mountains Of Death festival and will embark on a mini tour with Macabre and Dutch Flesh Made Sin right after that.

Work on the new PANZERCHRIST album, featuring Bo Summer of Illdisposed, is proceeding. The lyrics on the follow up album to "Room Service", which is tentatively entiteled "Batallion Beast", will once again be in German. The band has now decided to utilize a session drummer for the new album, and will announce who this session drummer will be later on.

ENTHRONED vocalist / bassist Lord Sabathan will lend his bass skills to DEMONIC CHRIST for their next album. The U.S. act will record their new album in September. In other ENTHRONED news, the band are looking for a new webmaster. Interested parties can contact the band at booking@enthroned-horde.com

RIGOR MORTIS have a new MySpace page at www.myspace.com/rigormortis. The band have posted the following message: "It’s official!!! For the first time in almost 17 years… the classic Rigor Mortis lineup (Mike Scaccia, Casey Orr, Harden Harrison and Bruce Corbitt) will be performing live together on stage." In related news, Casey Orr has started the Official Rigor Mortis Fan Group. You can keep up with the show announcements, updates and post your feedback there. Join the group now at http://groups.myspace.com/officialrigormortis.

EQUINOX have posted the following update at their website (www.EquinoxMetal.com): "Florida’s Legendary Black / Death Metal group EQUINOX will enter Diet Of Worms (www.dietofworms.com) studio (MORBID ANGEL, DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST) in Tampa Florida this week to record a new 5 song EP, tentatively titled "Wretched & Nameless". The recording marks a new chapter in the groups 12 year history, featuring a newly revamped lineup and direction with the addition of Gabriel Lewandowski (ACHERON, HELLWITCH) on drums, and Nate Lawres (ARUSPEX, WARBUTCHER) on rhythm guitars and keyboards. According to vocalist / bassist Matt "Darkness" Wagner, "The new direction of EQUINOX is certainly much more aggressive, technical, and overall more epic than ever before! The additions of both Nate and Gabriel have helped push the envelope of aggression that EQUINOX has lacked in the past, taking us back to our Death Metal roots." EQUINOX’s latest full length album, "Journey Into Oblivion", was released in 2003 by the now seemingly defunct Still Dead Records (Poland). "Still Dead disappeared completely on us for the 2nd time in our relationship, leaving EQUINOX High and Dry, with all of our hopes of releasing a new album now put on hold" says guitarist / founder Pete Slate, "EQUINOX are now forced to start over, and with this new EP, we will be actively seeking a new record deal for the next release! The new material just gets better and better the longer we have to work with it, however, we are anxious to get into the studio to release this EP, and show the labels, and the world that EQUINOX is alive, kicking, and stronger than ever!" EQUINOX’s next live appearance is scheduled for Saturday, August 27th at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando.

"DVOD-1", the first DVD from VOIVOD, will be released by MVD (Music Video Distributors) on October 25th. With a running time of 80 minutes, "DVOD-1" covers the original line-up period (1983-1991). Included are all the ’80s videos, plus rare live and studio performances of classic VOIVOD songs. The complete tracklisting is as follows: Videos: ‘Voivod’ – 1984, ‘Ripping Headaches’ – 1986, ‘Ravenous Medicine’ – 1987, ‘Tribal Convictions’ – 1988, ‘Psychic Vacuum’ – 1988, ‘Astronomy Domine’ – 1989. Live Footage: Montreal Spectrum 10/20/86 – ‘Blower’; Montreal Spectrum 8/20/88 – ‘Tribal Convictions’, ‘Ravenous Medicine’; Montreal Musiqueplus 1989 – ‘The Unknown Knows’, ‘Inner Combustion/Missing Sequences / Nothing Face’; Montreal Backstreet 5/24/91 – ‘Inner Combustion’, ‘Freedoom’. To view the cover art, click here.

Swedish Black Metallers DARK FUNERAL have revealed through their website (www.darkfuneral.se) that they have named their new album "Attero Totus Sanctus". The album will be released through Regain Records on October 24th.

Florida-based Death Metallers HATE ETERNAL have issued the following statement regarding the cancellation of their upcoming European tour: "Due to urgent family matters HATE ETERNAL will not be able to perform on their upcoming European tour in Sept / Oct 2005. First we want to apologize to Johan from Metalysee Agency and to all the bands on the tour as well as all the disappointed fans that were excited to see us. We will reschedule the tour in Europe next year in spring 2006. Thank you for your understanding."

DESTRUCTION have confirmed the release dates for their forthcoming album, "Inventor Of Evil". They are as follows: Europe: August 22nd via AFM Records, Japan: August 24th via King Records, South America: September 30th via Laser and North America: October 25th via Candlelight Records.

Chicago’s MACABRE will be shooting their very first DVD during their upcoming European tour. According to a statement, the band are performing "Club dates, hitting places like Denmark and Scotland where they have not performed in over 10 years… They will be adding songs to their set that they haven’t played in many many years as well as songs they have never performed live. They will bring a video recorder with them to get all kinds of shots at all the shows, but they will be taping one specific show with multiple professional cameras and professional sound recorded by Jo Peeters at Bibelot in Dordrecht, Holland on Friday, August 26th. This is the one show not to be missed be part of Macabre history."

UK metallers BAL-SAGOTH have issued the following brief recording update: "Work on sixth album still incomplete. Release date delayed until late 2005 or early 2006 as a result." The as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2001’s "Atlantis Ascendant" will be issued by Nuclear Blast.

August 12, 2005

"Ominous Message Of Brutality" is the title of a "new" PROTECTOR CD, that is to be looked upon as the sequel to 2003’s "Echoes From The Past" CD on I Hate Records. The songs are put in the same chronological running order and begin with 4 live tracks recorded in Braunschweig on the 1st of May 1989. Then comes the 1989 LP "Urm The Mad" and lastly the 1990 MLP "Leviathan’s Desire", 17 tracks with a total playing time of 65:18 minutes. Stylistically the booklet also follows in the footsteps of the "Echoes…" CD, having 24 pages featuring loads of lyrics, pictures and liner notes by Martin Missy. The sound has not been meddled with this time either. In connection to the release of the album there will be PROTECTOR t-shirts available for purchase at the I Hate Records website http://ihaterecords.cjb.net/ and through a few selected other sources. The shirts will be limited in number and will never be re-printed in the same design again. http://members.chello.se/martin.missy/

On September 19th, I Hate Records will finally re-release MAYHEMIC TRUTH‘s "In Memoriam" CD (originally on Iron Pegasus Records), enhanced with the band’s "Promotape 94". 14 tracks in total, with a playing time of 64 minutes. The track list for it reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘Lady Morgaine’, ‘When Thousand Candles Cry’, ‘Morrigan’, ‘Carrion Of War’, ‘Fire And Ice’, ‘Conspiracy Of The Golden Angels’, ‘Bluot Era Hathu’, ‘Cythraw’, ‘Hymn Of The Crow’, ‘And Only The Flames Remember To Long Forgotten Cries’, ‘God In Ruins (Your Blood Is Like An Ocean)’, ‘Our Gateway Is An Rainbow’ and ‘The Child Of Mayhem’. MAYHEMIC TRUTH / MORRIGAN site: www.morrigan.org

London’s CENTURIONS GHOST have been signed by I Hate Records. The band, that has been around since 2001 will release their debut album "A Sign Of Things To Come" on September 19th and are musically a critic’s worst nightmare, being heralded as a Doom, Black and Death Metal band. According to a label info they are supposed to be "a mixture of all of these, constructing songs that have an epic flow and overwhelming heaviosity." In recent reviews CENTURIONS GHOST have been compared to CELTIC FROST, USURPER, VENOM, CANDLEMASS and CATHEDRAL and been voted 3rd best unsigned band in UK’s Terrorizer magazine end of year poll 2003 and 2004 respectively. The track listing for " A Sign Of Things To Come" is: ‘Devils Disciple’, ‘Stigmartysm’, ‘Requiem For The Haunted Heart’, ‘Empyrean (Circle Of God)’, ‘Suzanna’, ‘Misery Serenade’ and ‘The Eighth Deadly Sin’. For more info check out www.centurionsghost.com

August 08, 2005

The "Heidenlärm 2005" concert with ABSURD, MORRIGAN and FORGOTTEN DARKNESS got cancelled due to the fear of the German state security police that this was gonna be a Neo-Nazi meeting. MORRIGAN’s Balor send us the following official statement about this: "We (the band MORRIGAN) know all members of this band and we can say that we never saw them once making a Hitler salute, shouting "Sieg Heil" or stuff like that. I often talked with Wolf about this and he always said that the ideology behind the band is pure Paganism and nothing else. We can 100% confirm that this is the truth, because we know the lyrics of the last CDs and they exclusively deal with German mythology and stuff of the medival times… Other bands in the so-called Black Metal scene like DARKTHRONE (just remember the slogan "Norsk Arisk Black Metal") or BURZUM are dealing with some right-wing topics and nobody cares, because these bands are not from Germany and only do it for the shocking aspect. Why must we Germans always be blamed for things that are more than 60 years ago and other countries like Italy and Japan that cooperated with Germany during WW2 get away with it? Well, if you listen to the new ABSURD stuff and read the lyrics carefully I think even the last enemy of this band will see, that there’s no radical right-wing topics in the music or the lyrics… FUCK HYPOCRITICAL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!!! – Balor of MORRIGAN."

Both KAAMOS albums will be released as gatefold vinyl editions on Imperium Productions. They will be strictly limited to 500 copies each and include a poster. First out will be the debut album in late August; "Lucifer Rising" is to follow during late autumn. Inquires can be directed to imperiumproductions@t-online.de. The band’s appearance at this year’s Party San festival unfortunately had to be cancelled due to reasons they could not foresee. KAAMOS hopes to play there next year.

August 07, 2005

Sweden’s IRON FIST PRODUCTIONS is back in business. The label that already brought us the two great demo 7"es by MERCILESS and CDs by MAZE OF TORMENT and HYPNOSIA in the past has just released the new DEVIL LEE ROT CD "At Hell’s Deep" (available from Twilight Vertrieb or Iron Pegasus). Other releases on the label are 7"es by Sweden’s DAMNATION as well as LPs and / or CDs by EARTH, DECEIVER, CELESTIAL PAIN, HARM’S WAY and a re-issue of MAZE OF TORMENT’s debut full length "The Force". For all further info check out the label’s website ww.ironfistrec.cjb.net

August 05, 2005

Germany’s Black / Thrashers DESASTER will be releasing their brandnew album "Angelwhore" on August 20th, 2005 via Iron Pegasus Records. According to a label info, the album is musically supposed to go back to "Tyrants Of The Netherworld", with the typical DESASTER atmosphere known from "Hellfire’s Dominion" and a giant, really heavy production… More info you may find at www.iron-pegasus.com or www.total-desaster.de

August 03, 2005

Denmark’s Death squadron EXMORTEM have a new session bass player. His name is Rune Koldby, who also plays in Spectral Mortuary. So, the line-up is now: Martin ‘Sigtyr’ Thim (guitar), Andreas Schubert (guitar), Rune Koldby (bass), Simon Petersen (vocals) and Morten Siersbaek (drums). www.exmortem.com

August 02, 2005

CENTAURUS-A are currently looking for gigs. You can contact them through their new website. www.centaurus-a.de.

August 01, 2005

Germany’s pure Death Metal zine UNHOLY TERROR has a new website online. It can be found at the slightly changed URL www.unholyterror.de (the old address is no longer in service).

Nuclear Blast will release GOREFEST‘s new album, "La Muerte", on October 30th. Tracks to appear on the release include: ‘Man To Fall’, ‘You Could Make Me Kill’, ‘The New Gods’, ‘When The Dead Walk The Earth’, ‘Malicious Intent’, ‘Of Death And Chaos (A Grand Finale)’, ”Till Fingers Bleed’ and ‘The Fifth Crusade’. Check out www.gorefest.nl for regular updates.

Displeased Records have signed ABOMINATOR to a new deal. The band, who were previously on Osmose, plan to issue a new album via Displeased later this year.

CARPATHIAN FOREST have posted the following message at their website: "Carpathian Forest returns from South America. We had a blast and we tried whatever the continent had to offer to sleezy Norwegians. It’s only Rock n Roll! Thanks to Edu, Claudio, Nelson, Carlo(s), Douglas and other people who participated in the tour. See you in August / September next year!"

DESTRUCTION have updated their website (www.destruction.de) with the tracklisting for their new album, "Inventor Of Evil". As previously reported, AFM Records will release the album on August 22nd. "Inventor Of Evil" will be available in various formats: CD, limited edition digipak CD and LP, and will include the "headbanging anthem" ‘The Alliance Of Hellhoundz’, which features 10 different Metal singers from all Heavy Metal styles singing together for tolerance and unity of the scene. Vocalists include: Biff (SAXON), DORO PESCH, Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR), Speed (SOILWORK), Paul DiAnno (ex – IRON MAIDEN / KILLERS), Messiah (CANDLEMASS), Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL), Peavy (RAGE), Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY / PAIN) and DESTRUCTION frontman Schmier. "Inventor Of Evil" tracklisting: ‘Soul Collector’, ‘The Defiance Will Remain’, ‘The Alliance Of Helloundz’, ‘No Mans Land’, ‘The Calm Before The Storm’, ‘The Chosen Ones’, ‘Dealer Of Hostility’, ‘Under Surveillance’, ‘Seeds Of Hate’, ‘Twist Of Fate’, ‘Killing Machine’ and ‘Memories If Nothingness’. Digipak bonus tracks: ‘We Are The Road Crew’ (MOTÖRHEAD cover), ‘The Alliance Of Hellhoundz’ (Schmier vocals only), videoclip, wallpapers. Japan bonus tracks: ‘Eternal Ban’ (re-recording), ‘The Alliance of Hellhoundz’ (Karaoke Version).

Swedish Black Metallers DISSECTION have posted the following message at their website (www.dissection.nu): "We have decided to make official to the fans the new Rough-Mix promo that we currently are showing to the record companies. Bear in mind that this is a rough mix and not the final sound quality. It is a taster of some of the material on the upcoming full-length album. We recommend you to burn it down to a CD and listen to it on a good stereo system for best sound quality! Dissection are now finally about to make the decision which label to work with!" As previously reported, Dissection began recording their long-awaited third album on February 2nd at Black Syndicate Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.