March 10, 2009

"Single Ticket To Paradise" is HEARSE‘s brand new, fifth full length album. The album is produced by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia, Dissection) and has a bonus DVD "Live In Holland" containing 5 live tracks, edited by Maurice Swinkels (Legion of the Damned), a massive picture chapter and the video for the track ‘Sundown’, edited by Owe Lingval (Noturnal Rites, Wolf, Stratovarius). Release date: May 4, 2009. A brand new song (‘Sundown’) can be found exclusively at the HEARSE myspace site

15 years after ABSTRACT ALEGEBRA‘s debut album, the mighty guitar duo Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate / Memento Mori, ex Candlemass) and Simon Johansson (Memory Garden / ex Steel Attack / Fifth Reason) is back. BIBLEBLACK is the 2007 Grammy Nominee Mike Wead’s brainchild. Mike gathered 4 talented and experienced Swedish musicians to create intense, melodic and cathcy modern Metal. Simon Johansson on rhythm guitars, Thobias Lung (The Bereaved) on drums and Natas members Kacpar Rozanski on vocals and Jonas Bulund on bass. The guest vocals by Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack / Tad Morose), Kristian Andrén (Memento Mori / Fifth Reason) and Matthias Ljung (Hearse) complete the clean vocals section. The album is mixed by Fredrik Groth (The Storyteller), the artwork was made by Hules (Memory Garden / Gravedigger / Annihilator). The album "The Black Swan Epilogue" will be released in 2 different formats: limited edition digipak with additional artwork and the regular jewelcase with a bonus DVD. The album will be released on May 4, 2009. Video and music:

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