October 13, 2009

EXUMER have released their first new song in 23 years, titled ‘Waking The Fire’, featuring founding member Mem V. Stein on vocals. The song is taken from their new 2-track demo, which was partially recorded in Hawaii and Germany during the band’s last tour earlier this year.Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "I tracked the vocals for ‘Waking The Fire’, in Hawaii with Paul (guitars / vocals), last year and the entire band tracked the rest of the music in Germany during our "5 Nights of Fire" tour. This should give people an idea of how committed we are to the project and the logistical challenges involved with keeping the band going. Nevertheless, we find the results nothing short of amazing and the song’s aggression and energy speaks for itself. At this point, we have written over half of the new album and I think we should be able to record the whole CD early next year. Right now, we will start looking for a recording or label deal and there are also concrete plans for a European tour next April / May, as well as festival appearances in summer 2010." EXUMER have posted ‘Waking The Fire’ at www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire and www.exumer1985.com

DETERIOROT has been asked to headline at a 2 day Black and Death Metal Festival in NJ on Friday December 18th. This will be the first live performance DETERIOROT has played since June 2002. Songs from "The Faithless" will be performed for the first time live. For more details check out our tourdates section.

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