June 21, 2010

BLASPHERIAN‘s EP "Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation" will shortly be re-released by Deathgasm Records, including two bonus tracks (‘Unholy Blood’ from the sold out split 7" with EVIL INCARNATE and ‘To Walk The Path Of Unrighteousness’ from the split 7" with ADUMUS) as well as the "Summoning Of The Infernal Hordes" 2006 rehearsal demo. The band had this to say about the reissue: "When we wrote this we were doing something that was missing in the U.S. scene. We were mixing satanic Death Metal with elements of Doom and bestial lacerations that seem so commonplace these days." Deathgasm Records will also be releasing the upcoming BLASPHERIAN album "Infernal Warriors Of Death". The band is excited, to say the least, about the lethal projectile. "You can expect much more of the same, but mixed with more feeling and speed. Imagine BLASPHERIAN’s patented style melded with Incantation, Immolation and Possessed."

A brand new track entitled ‘Night Of The Undead’, which comes off INTERMENT‘s debut album "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy", is now available online. You can check it out at INTERMENT official Myspace page. In an unofficial statement release the band comments: "The track ‘Night Of The Undead’ summarizes the album supremely and brings forth the dark and filthy Swedish old school Death the band has been delivering for over 20 years!!" The release date for "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" will be announced soon. The tracklisting reads like this: ‘Eternal Darkness’, ‘Torn From The Grave’, ‘Dreaming In Dead’, ‘Stench Of Flesh’, ‘Where Death Will Increase’, ‘Sacrificial Torment’, ‘Night Of The Undead’, ‘Morbid Death’ and ‘The Pestilence’.

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