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January 28, 2010

Italy’s UNDEAD CREEP will start recording their full-length album in May / June, to be released by Dark Blasphemies Records (Spain) and Dark Descent Records (U.S.) later this year. Check out the band’s official Myspace site www.myspace.com/undeadcreep666 for sound samples of their demo.

January 27, 2010

BLOODY SIGN‘s third full length album "Chaos Echoes" is in the pressing right plant now and should be out in February 2010 via Blood Harvest Records in Europe, followed by a digi-sleeve version with different artwork for the US market to be released by Ibex Moon Fecords in early 2010. A gatefold LP version will be unleashed in Spring time, through Blood Harvest as well. Two new songs have been added to the band’s myspace page www.myspace.com/bloodysign now. A picture of the frontcover and other parts of the artwork, created by artist Stefan Thanneur, can be seen at the blog section of www.manifeste.net. The album’s track listing reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘Chord Temple’, ‘Down To Hell’, ‘For The Unknown’, ‘Voice From The Depths – bass interlude’, ‘The Call’, ‘Primordial Sound’, ‘Symphony Of Bones – drum interlude’, ‘Words Of Death’, ‘Khordê’s Funerals – guitar Interlude’, ‘Tongues Of Shadows’ and ‘Outro’.

January 26, 2010

GOMORAH have posted a video for the song ‘Excrement’, off of their debut "By The Means Of Violence" online at this location. The video, filmed by acclaimed director Scott Hansen (Bury Your Dead, We Were Gentlemen) is a four-minute display of visual brutality which perfectly captures the song’s bludgeoning essence. The band had this to say about the video: "Shooting a music video is stuff that you dream about as kids and now that we’ve finally accomplished something we felt was so far fetched, we feel the possibilities for this band are endless! Scott was an awesome guy to shoot with and he helped get the most brutal video possible and brings out what the song is about. It shows a glimpse into the last moments of a schizophrenic serial-killer and the battle between one identity and the other. Once the realization is made that the two "people" is one person he thrives to take the life of his last victim… himself. It’s great to find someone who can take a concept out of thin air and turn it into such a complete visual and audio stimulating experience!" Stills from the video shoot can be seen by going to www.myspace.com/gomorahmetal.

MASTER have revealed the final tracklisting for their upcoming full-length album "The Human Machine". It will contain 10 tracks and was recorded at Shaark Studios in Bzenec, Czech Republic with Petr Nejezchleba and Pavel Hlavica at the engineering helm. Produced by Speckmann, Pradlovsky and Nejezchleba. The tracklisting are as follow: ‘The Human Machine’, ‘It’s What Your Country Can Do For You’, ‘Twisted Truth’, ‘True Color’, ‘Suppress Free Thinking’, ‘A Replica Of Invention’, ‘Faceless Victims Expelled’, ‘Worship The Sun’, ‘The Lack Of Space’ and ‘Impale To Kill’. A 50-second video trailer for ‘The Human Machine’, which include excerpts from the new album, is now available at this location. MASTER is currently on the "Masters Of Hate" Brazilian tour, with support acts Predator and After Death, whom recently met with a mishap with two of the band members from After Death drowned in a beach accident.

January 24, 2010

Swedish old school Death Metallers INTERMENT have issued the following statement: "Our debut album is taking form, everything except the vocals have been recorded. We have set "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" as the title and the plan is to finish everything around early February. The track listing is: ‘Night Of The Undead’, ‘Torn From The Grave’, ‘Stench Of Flesh’, ‘Morbid Death’, ‘Sacrificial Torment’, ‘The Pestilence’, ‘Where Death Will Increase’, ‘Dreaming In Dead’ and ‘Eternal Darkness’. The old Carnage classic ‘Torn Apart’ was also nailed down on tape but we don’t know yet if we will include it on the final album. Time shall tell…"Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" should be released in April through Pulverised and backed up by some European live massacres. Keep your filthy eyes open!!" For all further info check out www.interment.se or www.myspace.com/intermenthorde.

January 23, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio’s Death / Grinders EMBALMER are currently writing material for their next full length album, to be entitled "The Apocalyptic Bloodshower" (label tba). According to the band "the new material is spewing out sicker than ever, and sounding way more intense and brutal than any of the previous stuff." The album is announced as being a return to the classick elements of their "Rotting Remains" and "There Was Blood Everywhere" releases of the ’90s, "but with faster, face peeling grinds, a heavier overall sound / production, and all the trademark brutal and tortured vocals that gave the band a great buzz in the mid ’90s, leading to their previous deal with Relapse Records." EMBALER have just released a brand new "2009 Promo II" that will be shopped to labels, and also be available for free through the band’s myspace site www.myspace.com/embalmerband. The material originally appeared on their 2009 promo, but it got completely re-mixed / mastered with brand new vocals and other improvements. These tracks will also appear on a split 7" EP with Regurgitation (OH), to be released by Goatgrind Records later this year. The Regurgitation side will feature a song from their previously unreleased "Clitoraldectomy" EP to be out on on CD through Comatose Music this year. The EPs will be limited to 350 hand-numbered copies on green vinyl. Also, EMBALMER will be releasing a 12" LP version of the "Into The Oven" demo and the ’92 "Taxidermist" tape through Hells Headbangers. You can expect expanded layout with plenty of old photos / show flyers / ads, etc. The band has also just released some new "Limbs In The Grinder" hoodies through Gorefiend Merch (www.gorefiendmerch.com) and also agreed for the release of full color "13 Faces Of Death" short- and longsleeve shirts, that will feature a totally updated design with full sleeve-prints and the original artwork by Mike Majewski.

January 22, 2010

Blabbermouth.net have posted the following news: Joe Ptacek, former vocalist of the long-defunct 1990s Illinois Death Metal band BROKEN HOPE, died last night (Wednesday, January 20) of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 37 years old.

Two musicians from the band AFTER DEATH from the UK died yesterday afternoon (Thursday, January 21) drowned in a beach in Aracaju, Sergipe, near 4 and a half hours by bus from Salvador. They are: Leon Villalba and Timothy Kennelly. They are the supporting act for the MASTER tour in Brazil along with Brazilian Predator. The Brazilian site infonet.com.br says: "A tragedy killed two young foreigners from the British band After Death. They were in the Sergipe capital Aracaju for a show with the American band MASTER that would take place on Friday, 22 at a street parking in Santo Amaro, center of the city. According to the soldier Rodrigo, from the Fire Department, the two young men were bathing in the Atalaia beach, around 14:30, near the Aquarium when they drowned. According to the soldier, teams from the Fire Department were deployed, but when they arrived on the scene, they found only the body of guitarist Leon Villalba, 21. Bassist Timothy Kennelly, 18, remains missing. The soldier said that when the drowning happened, the beach did not show any current. "We do not know what happened, because the site did not contain any ditch or stream and also the floor of the tide was dry," laments the soldier, pointing out that the foreigners may have been victims of lack of experience on entering the water. Another site said that one of the guys was drowning and the other tried to save him, but ended up drowning too. The label Death Toll Records, responsible for the tour, has posted the following official statement: "Despite the death of members Leon Villalba and Timothy Kennelly (body not found yet) of the London based band AFTER DEATH drowning in Aracaju, the "Masters of Hate Tour 2010" will continue, mainly, in awe to the public. In talks with members of AFTER DEATH they said "we are all still grieving and shocked by what has happened, but we have assurances that they would like the shows were made. Do this in tribute to them!".

INCANTATION bassist Chuck Sherwood has issued the following update from the band’s well received "Vengeful Scapegoat" Tour through Europe with DIVINE EVE, HATE, NOCTUM, and NERVE. "INCANTATION returns to Europe once again! With all of the previous experiences John [McEntee] and Kyle [Severn] have had they were prepared for another hellish assault on the "old world." As for Alex [Bouks] and I, our journey into the unknown began on our arrival to London’s Heathrow Airport. With the sights and sounds of our first show Nottingham delivered at The Central! The fans and support there were great. Playing a mixture of older and newer material and utilizing a return of the dual guitar attack we plunged into battle with a more diversified set. The journey continued to Leeds where we were faced with a cancellation when we heard that the club’s roof had caved-in, although that was never confirmed because locals seemed just as surprised as we were to hear it. Off to a good start only to restart and build momentum yet again. Regardless of the setback, we made good of the situation. We visited local metal purveyors the Hellraiser shop in Leeds. Highly recommended! Then it was off to the pub to drown in the microbrews of England. After a fresh start again the following day the fires had spread to Edinburgh. The Scots were nothing short of killer. Amongst four-story stone buildings and rolling cobblestone streets we found ourselves at the Bannerman’s. And in the bowels of that club in a dank and dark room the fans crushed and thrashed their support. The owners and staff were equally considerate and helpful in many ways. Fuckin’ amazing first experience, personally speaking! Our trip back to the origins of the tour led us south to London where were we played The Electrowerkz. The promotion team there was even helping set up and break down the stage in between bands. We’d be hard pressed to find that kind of local support in the States. Here in Europe it’s almost expected. London’s fans filled the Electrowerkz and made for an energetic and awesome show; powerful reactions in the form of fists and horns held high over the course of one of our alternating sets. We reintroduced some songs that hadn’t crept from the darkness in years. After no sleep – maybe 45 minutes in the past three days – and a short ferry ride from the UK into Belgium we played the Las Cenobites and saw some familiar faces for all of us. John and Alex reunited with Laurent from Listenable after a 19-year gap and were laughing over old photos. Sabathan, an old comrade, of John’s, and I showed up where he and I talked after nine years of lost contact. The show was awesome with the likes of our personal friends shoulder to shoulder amongst the other warriors who came out that night and unleashed hell on earth. The other bands whom we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with – DIVINE EVE, HATE, NOCTUM, and NERVE – have all been great and I know it will result in long lasting comradeship and future endeavors. Suffice to say, my experience in Europe thus far and to be within the ranks of such a legendary project as INCANTATION has been nothing short of killer. In Holland we were amongst our comrades in ASPHYX and PENTACLE and a packed room of hellions that came out (on a Monday night, mind you) to the Little Devil in Tilburg and made the night immortal. The show and all who were participating made our stay memorable. It was everything from the sound to handling the tucked away stage and endless help in the form of plastic bags for merch and drink tickets for Holland’s own Grolsch, which I think everyone agreed is far better over here on tap. We followed up that night with an 18th century cottage at which we slept. Everything was brilliant. A final hails again to everyone involved! Upon crossing over to the desolate village of Luynes, France, near Marseille, last night it was nothing like its appearance when the smoke filled room of the Le Korigan exploded with chaos once the bands hit the stage. The reaction of these French psychos was something to behold! An amazing time was had by all, despite the shadow looming over some of us. It’s very easy to get sick on the road and with that not stopping or holding us back, onward we charged into battle. With France left destroyed in our wake, it’s off to Spain!"

January 20, 2010

Drummer Markus "Raelin" Peez has left Germany’s old school Death Metallers HATESPAWN. The band will continue on as a two-piece, as in the early days. Here’s an official statement that the other members have posted on their official myspace site www.myspace.com/hatespawnofficial: "We wish you all the best with your future projects! Thank you for a great time, brother! We hope you will always remember our killer days!"

Israeli Death Metallers SALEM have revealed the album artwork and final tracklisting on the group’s upcoming seventh full-length album entitled "Playing God And Other Short Stories". Also appearing as special guest singer on this album is the acclaimed At The Gates frontman Tomas Lindberg, who shared vocal duties on ‘The Mark Of The Beast Part 1’ and sang exclusively on ‘The Mark Of The Beast Part 2’. SALEM also did a rendition of one of Bob Marley’s most recognizable song – ‘Exodus’; giving it their own unique but nevertheless an aggressive touch with their version of the song. Tracklisting: ‘Drums Of The Dead Part 1’, ‘Drums Of The Dead part 2’, ‘The Privileged Dead’, ‘Exodus’ (Bob Marley cover), ‘Downfall Of Paris Part 1’, ‘Downfall Of Paris Part 2’, ‘The Mark Of The Beast Part 1’ (featuring Tomas Lindberg on guest vocals), ‘Beast Lullaby’, ‘The Mark Of The Beast Part 2’ (featuring Tomas Lindberg on vocals), ‘The Mark of The Beast Part 3’, ‘I Hate Pigs!’ and ‘Playing God’. "Playing God And Other Short Stories" was recorded at Harold Studios in Israel and mastered by UE Nastasi at the prestigious Sterling Sound NYC. On the explanation of the album artwork for "Playing God And Other Short Stories", SALEM skinsman Nir Nakav states: "The cover is based around Adinkra, a West African symbol system. The symbol we used is called Gye Nyame and it means "Except for God". This unique and beautiful symbol is ubiquitous in Ghana. It is by far the most popular for use in decoration and also a reflection on the deeply religious character of the Ghanaian people." For more info check out www.myspace.com/salemband.

January 19, 2010

Ventura, CA-based Stockholm-styled Death Metallers, FATALIST, have released a video for the sone ‘Frozen Epitaph’ from their Ibex Moon Records debut, "The Depths Of Inhumanity". Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll had the following to say about the video, which can be viewed here: "So here is our video for ‘Frozen Epitaph’. The song is from our recently released album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" on Ibex Moon Records. This video was made to promote the European release of our album on January 19th, 2010. It was a lot of hard work and it was totally low budget, but we think it does the job. Shooting this video was the first time the 4 of us were even in the same room for at least 6 months and it was probably the last time as well. We want to thank Frank Boross and Rachel Burkdoll for all of the work they put into making this video a reality. Also a special thanks to John from Ibex Moon for funding the project. Now go and watch this fucking video!!!" In other news, FATALIST recently parted ways with Wes Caley and Tyler Castro. FATALIST is now looking for a full time singer. You can contact the band through their myspace site www.myspace.com/fatalist666 for more info.

The following news we just received from APOKALYPTIC RAIDS‘ frontman Leon Manssur: "Our 4th album is already recorded. We are now mastering and doing the cover layout. It was delayed due to some private problems, but now things are being sorted out… We had a lineup change (drummer) in 2007, a Brazilian tour in 2008, and since then lots of gigs, more than 30 shows in 2 years was way beyond what we used to do. In 2009, we started going after some endorsements besides recording our 4th album. We have a new website online, www.apokalypticraids.com. It has a blog where we are trying to keep up with news and a webstore, and I’m working on a photo album of our 10+ year history… Aside from the new album, we recorded some extra tracks, and we plan to release some split eps in the near future…"

January 14, 2010

Currently trekking across Europe as part of the "Vengeful Scapegoat" Tour with HATE, DIVINE EVE, NOCTUM and NERVE, INCANTATION guitarist / vocalist John McEntee has sent word that tonight’s show (1/14/10) at Rios in Leeds (UK) has been canceled due to heavy snowfall causing the club’s roof to cave in. No other dates are expected to be affected by what is being called "the worst winter in the UK in about five years."

January 12, 2010

After years of total unavailability, Displeased Records will reissue SACRED REICH‘s 1993 album "Independent" on March 15, 2010. The re-release will feature upgraded layout, to-the-point remastering plus the following 5 bonus tracks: ‘A Question’, ‘Let’s Have A War’ (FEAR cover) and ‘Who’s To blame’ (all 3 from the "A Question" EP), ‘Big Picture’ (MDC cover) and ‘Crawling’ [radio edit] (both from the "Crawling" EP). It will be available as a limited edition digipak (2000 copies, incl. a free patch) and jewel box (the first 500 will also include the free patch). For more info and pre-orders go to www.displeasedrecords.com.

Ventura, CA Death Metal band FATALIST is searching for a vocalist. The following statement is from guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll: "FATALIST is looking for a singer. We need someone who can handle the vocals from the debut album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" and be able to add a new spin to the formula as well. The singer needs to be able to practice at least once a week and be able to perform live as well. Transportation and a good attitude are required. Message us on Myspace for more information. www.myspace.com/fatalist666, www.fatalistband.com."

January 11, 2010

NECROWRETCH‘s second demo "Necrollections" is now available through Aural Offerings Records. More info at www.auralofferings.com

January 09, 2010

Spanish Dark Blasphemies Records have signed Helsinki’s old school Death Metallers FROM CASKET. The band will shortly record their debut full length which is scheduled for a late 2010 release. More info at www.myspace.com/fromcasket

January 06, 2010

BLOOD REVOLT, featuring J Read and Vermin of AOA / REVENGE, with A.A. Nemtheanga from PRIMORDIAL handling vocal duties, will enter the studio in January to record their debut for Ireland’s Invictus Productions. Expect an April / May release.

Gene Palubicki is busy laying the groundwork for the upcoming APOCALYPSE COMMAND yet to be titled full length. Assisting in the recording will be CJS and VK of DIOCLETIAN. Black / Death Metal in the vein of SARCOFAGO’s "INRI" is what is to be expected.

NEGATIVE PLANE will enter the studio shortly to record their second album "Stained Glass Revelations", the follow-up to their "Et In Saecula Saeculorum" debut album (released via Ajna in 2006). European dates are being planned and touring possibilities are currently being discussed for later 2010.

Canada’s TYRANTS BLOOD will shortly see their second full-length album "Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" unleashed by Invictus. Numerous pressing plant issues have held the album up, which has been paid for in full for months now. Expect a musical mixture of POSSESSED, SADUS, MORBID ANGEL, DESTRUCTION and MORBID SAINT.

WITCHRIST will release their debut full-length album in early 2010 through Invictus Productions.

DIOCLETIAN are in the process of demoing material for their second full length "War Of All Against All". The band is also set to release some split EPs on various other labels. They are also planning a tour of Europe and the USA in 2010.

SANGUIS IMPEREM will record their debut, yet to be titled full length for Invictus in early / mid 2010. On the heels of the soon to be released split 12" with NOCTURNAL BLOOD, expect more brutal Death Metal militancy from this US quartet.

The official street dates for the upcoming re-issue album of Swedish Death Metallers MY OWN GRAVE have been set as 19th of January 2010 for North American territories and 27th of January 2010 for European territories.

January 05, 2010

Ibex Moon Records (www.ibexmoonrecords.com) have signed California’s Black / Thrashers GRAVEHILL (www.myspace.com/gravehill666). The label will first of all re-release the band’s 2009’s debut full length "Rites Of The Pentagram" on 12" vinyl (with a special packaging, strictly for die-hard collectors) and CD (including the 5 song "Metal Of Death / Advocation Of Murder And Suicide" EP, complete with new packaging). The vinyl edition will be out in February / March 2010, the CD will follow in the Spring. GRAVEHILL’s sophomore record "Pravus Tyrannis" will once again be recorded at Trench Studios with engineer John Haddad. Some songtitles set to appear on the album are ‘Unholy Executioner’, ‘Suffer No Man To Live’, ‘When All Roads Lead To Hell’, ‘Devil Worshiper’ and ‘War Prayers’. The release is planned for the Summer of 2010. In early 2010 Relapse Records will furthermore release a strictly limited Death Metal vinyl 7" EP series, featuring one band per side. The first one will feature GRAVEHILL and CARDIAC ARREST. This exclusive release features the GRAVEHILL song ‘Of Wolves And Wickedness’, recorded during the "Metal Of Death / Advocation Of Murder And Suicide" EP session. The EP series will eventually see a CD release as well. Check out www.relapse.com for more details.

INCANTATION will return to the stage at Urbana, IL’s Canopy Club for the Central Illinois Metal Fest. "The sickest fest in the Midwest" will take place on July 23-24, 2010 and also feature Ibex Moon Records label mates ACHERON. Guitarist, vocalist, and Ibex Moon chief John McEntee had this to say about the special performance: "It will be great once again to play the mighty Central Illinois Metal Fest. We played a few years back and the reaction was overwhelming. Of course, it’s an honor to play the fest again. We are planning to make this a very special performance of our "Diabolical Conquest" album. This will be our first time playing every song off the album live during one set. It’ll be a great opportunity to see us play some songs we haven’t played in quite some time. The Central Illinois Metal Fest is always a great time and extremely well organized. CIMF is definitely one of North America’s premier metal fests and we are proud to again be a part of it. Thanks to the CIMF staff for giving us this opportunity." For more info check out www.myspace.com/centralillinoismetalfest. "Also, we will be playing the Stonehenge Festival in Holland on July 31st. This will be our first time playing the Stonehenge Festival and it definitely is an honor to be part of it. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the fest from our friends and bands that have played it, so we are definitely looking forward to it." More info on that you’ll find at the official website www.stonehengefestival.nl

January 03, 2010

Norwegian Black Metallers DEN SAAKALDTE have recruited Anders Kobro, long time drummer with CARPATHIAN FOREST, to their ranks to replace the departing Uruz. Kobro, will join the band with immediate effect, and begin rehearsing for next years’ live appearances and upcoming recording sessions. Originally founded as a solo project by guitarist Sykelig in 2006, DEN SAAKALDTE’s line up now includes Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING, SKITLIV) on vocals, Seidemann (1349, PANTHEON I) on bass, Kvebek (PANTHEON I, ex-1349) on guitars, and Honey Lucius (DHG) on synths and effects. The band recently inked a deal with Pulverised Records for the release of the second full-length album, due out in 2010, and new material is currently being prepared. Also due for release shortly on Aesthetic Death Records, are two versions of DEN SAAKALDTE’s "Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon", which was originally released in early 2008 on Eerie Art Records. The new versions will be available on CD in digipak format, and on LP in a gatefold edition, limited to 500 copies. Both versions will include bonus tracks not previously available, with artwork designed by DEN SAAKALDTE’s Sykelig. The same goes for the double LP edition of "All Hail Pessimism", soon to be released in 500 limited copies by Temple Of Darkness Records. This edition will also include an exclusive cover of PENTAGRAM(US)’s ‘Wheel Of Fortune’. For all further info, check out the band’s official myspace site www.myspace.com/densaakaldte