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February 27, 2010

DEMONIC CREMATOR‘s "My Dying Breath…" 7" EP is out now through Scottish Bestial Invasion Records. Between March and May the label has announced more releases by a.o. Throneum, Evil Incarnate, Skull Fist and Morbid Execution.

February 23, 2010

Polish Thrashers CHAIN REACTION will release their second album "Cutthroat Melodies" in May 2010 via Kolony Records in Europe. The band has also been confirmed for Latvian Fonofest (July 9-10, 2010). Further information: www.chainreaction.pl, www.fonofest.com

The second KOLONY METAL FEST will take place on the 12th of June 2010 in Brescia (near Milan, Northern Italy). The first confirmed act is De Profundis from the UK. Two more foreign and two more Italian acts will be confirmed on a later date. For more info and updates visit www.kolonyrecords.com.

The 3rd PERSEFONE album "Shin-Ken" was released beginning of February. The band will start their tour with Obituary on the 4th of March and will play 15 gigs in Holland, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy. PERSEFONE have also been confirmed for the Hungarian Metalfest Open Air (May 23, 2010) and Dong Open Air (July 23-24, 2010). More info at www.myspace.com/persefoneband, www.metalfest.eu, http://dong.walismus.de/en/main

Israeli Extreme Metallers SALEM has officially released the brand new track ‘Drums Of The Dead Part 1’ on the band’s official Myspace page www.myspace.com/salemband, taken off the upcoming new album entitled "Playing God And Other Short Stories".

February 22, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio based Death / Grinders EMBALMER have been confirmed to headline the Pre-Fest for the Central Illinois Metalfest. This pre-fest show will take place on July 22nd, at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois (the same venue as the fest). Other acts on the bill include PUTRID PILE, HUMAN FILLETED, LEPROSO, ARMOROS and WHAT THOU WILL. The Band had this to say about the fest: "We are very happy to be headlining the pre-fest! Having played this fest 2 years before, we know exactly what kind of sick, party-filled weekend we’re in for. We look forward to delivering a crushing live performance, and thank Matt Bishop for having us help kick off the weekend in a sick way!!" Information on the fest / pre-fest can be found at www.myspace.com/centralillinoismetalfest or www.myspace.com/embalmerband

February 21, 2010

The reprint of the debut issue of DOWNTUNED & MORBID zine is now available from Detest Records (www.detestrecords.com). The zine features interviews with a.o. BOMBS OF HADES, VANHELGD, STENCH OF DECAY, LIE IN RUINS, GRAVELESS, VASAELETH, ASCENDED, GRAVEYARD, INVIDIOUS, etc. plus several reviews. A single copy sells for 4 Euro (+ shipping), if you order more than one copy you’ll get it for 3 Euro (+ shipping).

The 12" version of KRYPTS‘ "Open The Crypt" demo will be available from Detest Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records within the next 10 days, the second demo tape of Sweden’s PUTRID will be released by Detest Records within a week.

DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION from Belgium will release their first demo tape pretty soon. Expect raw punkish Black Metal, inspired by VENOM, WARFARE, DISCHARGE and GG ALLIN. For more info check out www.myspace.com/dawnofcrucifixion

February 20, 2010

Aphelion Productions will be releasing a couple of old AUTOPSY related projects next month. First up is a compilation of DOOMED. This band consisted of Chris and Danny from AUTOPSY along with the Boogieman. The CD consists of both 7"es they released (for Peaceville collector’s club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at AUTOPSY shows. All tracks appear on CD for the first time. Also due for release at the same time is a compilation of the band FUNERAL from California. This was formed by Eric Cutler when he left AUTOPSY along with sometimes AUTOPSY member Steve Digorgio. The CD consists of the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable" with Eric’s trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout. For more info and updates check out the label’s website at www.aphelionproductions.net

February 19, 2010

Irish Black / Death Metallers FOR RUIN will be supporting Austria’s Belphegor on their upcoming UK tour, in association with Balor Music. The band will play 4 dates in the UK in early April. For the exact dates check out our tourdates section.

February 18, 2010

The first issue of COMPILATION OF DEATH zine is available now. This 104 pages fat monster of a zine is pro printed, written in English and features old and new interviews with bands like Funebrarum, Anima Damnata, Dead Congregation, Pek, Sanguis Imperem, Ignivomous, Demise (Usa), Morgue (Usa), Crypt of Kerberos, Nicola Costantini of EncYclopedia of Svensk DÖds Metal and Frank Stöver of VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE (ooops…). It also reprints various interviews from old and classic zines like: Slayer, Putrefaction, Suppuration, Thanatography, Spikehead, Disincarnate, Mega’zine, Decibel Storm, Mould, Voices From The DarkSide, Metallic Butcher, etc. It sells for 20 US$ in the US (registered airmail shipping) or 18 Euros in the rest of the world (shipping also with registered airmail). For all further info check this out. Compilation of Death zine also needs serious collaborators for interviews and reviews. Death Metal maniacs with a big knowledge about the scene, its bands and old zines can drop them a line at these two contacts: Gabriel "The Exhumator" Gatica (compilationofdeath@hotmail.com) or Joseph Curwen (joseph_curwen@hotmail.com – paypal account too).

FUNERUS is currently working on the follow up to their debut album, "Festering Earth". Bassist Jill McEntee issued the following statement: "FUNERUS will be playing Obscene Extreme Fest 2010 and Kaltenbach Open Air 2010. We are very excited to be a part of both of these festivals! This will be our first time playing both the Czech Republic and Austria. We look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting alot of new ones."

INCANTATION will be a featured headliner at the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic and are playing Austria’s Kaltenback Open Air Festival as well. Guitarist / founder John McEntee had this to say regarding the upcoming appearances: "We are proud to announce that we will be one of the headliners for the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic. We have heard a lot of great things about this festival and are looking forward to it very much. There are numerous other great Death Metal and Grind bands playing so I’m sure it will be a great time. I would also like to thank the festival organizers for including my other band FUNERUS on the festival. We look forward to putting on a totally kick ass show and we plan on making this a very special performance for all of our die hard supporters. We are also playing the Kaltenbach Open Air Festival in Austria. It will be a great honor to play there once again since we haven’t played there since our tour opening up for NILE and UNLEASHED a good while back. The lineup for the fest is nothing short of amazing and it will be great to play alongside such great bands and friends. We are looking forward to spewing forth our style of pure raw underground Death Metal." In other INCANTATION news, February will see the release of the Scapegoat 7" picture disc. This release will be limited to 1000 copies. Visit www.ibexmoonrecords.com for details and ordering information.

February 14, 2010

Ibex Moon Recording artists HOD will be part of a mini tour of Texas with GRAVEHILL starting at the end of the month. The band has issued the following statement on the Lone Star State assault: "San Antonio, Houston and Austin prepare for a crushing Metal onslaught. Coming from California will be Death Metal lunatics GRAVEHILL. This will be their first Texas shows ever, so everyone needs to come out and represent Texas Metal Pride. Also on the tour will be new Deathgasm Records recording artists BLASPHERIAN! Anyone who has seen this band live knows what a totally heavy Death Metal performance they will bring. Death Metal done the old true way! And from San Mucas, I mean San Marcus, Texas will be DISFIGURED on the tour as well. You can always expect a solid grinding Death Metal assault from these guys. We look forward to sharing the stage with these bands! We look forward to drinking all your beer. We look forward to raising some Hell!" For more info, check out HOD’s official myspace site: www.myspace.com/hodtheband

February 13, 2010

Brazil’s Black / Death / Thrash Metal pioneers VULCANO are looking for booking agencies and bands who are interested to participate in the band’s first time ever European tour 2010. The plan is to hit Europe in October / November. For more details you can contact them at one of these addresses: viertel_velloso@ig.com.br, mrzoooom@hotmail.com, www.myspace.com/vulcanobrazil

ACHERON have officially added two new guitarists to the band: lead guitarist Art Taylor, who has been working with the band for close to a year now, and guitarist Eric Stewart. Taylor came to ACHERON from WEHRWOLFE and Stewart was in MANGLED FAITH and INFERNAL FAITH. Years ago the two played in a KING DIAMOND / MERCYFUL FATE tribute band called THEM. Founder and frontman Vincent Crowley said: "This band has gone through an evolutionary process since day one. It just gets better and better as time moves on. We were very pleased with the last album "The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God" and knew we really needed two killer guitarists who lived in our general area to work on the next ACHERON releases. Art who had already been working with us, introduced me to Eric. Those two together are a force to be reckoned with! We can’t wait to unleash some new studio recordings to the fans." Former guitarist Maximus Otworth couldn’t continue in the band, due to him living too far away. He is presently playing in the band THE EDDINGTON LIMIT. Vincent Crowley also commented: "Max did a great job while working with us and we only wish him the best of luck. He’s a talented young guitarist that he has a lot to offer the Metal world." All further info at www.myspace.com/acheron

GRAVEHILL‘s 12" vinyl release of "Rites Of The Pentagram" will be released in the coming months, via Ibex Moon Records. The band will also be putting out the CD version of said release, complete with new packaging and the inclusion of the five-song "Metal Of Death" / "Advocation Of Murder And Suicide" EP. GRAVEHILL’s sophomore record "Pravus Tyrannis" will once again be recorded at Trench Studios with engineer John Haddad. Some songtitles set to appear on the album are ‘Unholy Executioner’, ‘Suffer No Man To Live’, ‘When All Roads Lead To Hell’, ‘Devil Worshiper’ and ‘War Prayers’. More info at www.myspace.com/gravehill666

February 11, 2010

French SIDEBLAST are currently busy working on new material. Right now they are recording and mixing a brand new song for one edition of Cyclone Empire’s split 7" series "Imperial Anthems". The partner band for this split vinyl is already fixed… According to the label "it will be a band everyone into that music will know and mostly also love." The band is also writing songs for their second album, which is scheduled for a late May / early June release. SIDEBLAST will also be playing this year’s Summer Breeze Open Air in Dinkelsbühl / South Germany. For all further info check out www.myspace.com/sideblast.

GLORIA MORTI are in the studio since November 2009, still working on new songs for their upcoming album. Everyone is invited to visit their homepage www.gloriamorti.com where a studio blog is posted and where you can follow the progress of their work.

February 10, 2010

DEMONICAL‘s Martin Schulman has issued the following statement on behalf of the "Accession To The Throne Tour 2010" tour-package: "We are very sorry to inform that we have been forced to cancel the scheduled show in Zagreb, Croatia, on Thursday February 25th featuring DEMONICAL, DEATHBOUND and MY OWN GRAVE. We are unable to arrange and obtain in time the documents and permissions needed for entering a non-EU country, hence we have no other option than to cancel the show. We are deeply sorry for this and the possible inconvenience it might cause to the fans and Bosko at Migrena Promotions (the Croatian promoter)."

MEGADETH founder and frontman Dave Mustaine has announced the return of original bassist David Ellefson (1983-2002) to the group. This reunion is appropriately timed to MEGADETH’s upcoming "Rust In Peace" 20th anniversary tour which kicks off on March 01 in Spokane, WA. At these shows, MEGADETH will play their 1990 album "Rust In Peace" in its entirety, in addition to other MEGADETH favorites. "This shows the power of brotherly love and forgiveness", Mustaine says. "David Ellefson belongs in MEGADETH. Next we are going to show you the power of getting your asses kicked… HARD!" David Ellefson concurs: "This is a huge moment for all of us, band and fans alike. It is a great celebration of the music from one of the biggest landmark albums of our career." Ellefson will join Mustaine and MEGADETH band members Shawn Drover (drums) and Chris Broderick (guitar) on tour in support of the group’s current CD "Endgame". "We’d like to thank James Lomenzo for several years of loyal service on the bass, and wish him the very best", Mustaine adds. For more information on MEGADETH, go to: www.megadeth.com

February 09, 2010

PAGANIZER have been forced to cancel all planned and upcoming live-activities due to major line-up problems… Rogga Johansson himself explains the situation: "We have been forced to cancel upcoming festivals as well as single gigs, and also a minitour with the French band AFFLICTION GATE wich was planned in May. Reason is that the drummer and bass player decided – previously agreeing to do the gigs – to leave their engagements. Of course they are fired and no longer in the band. Replacements will come at a later time as always with this band, but for now we must cancel all plans made so far for this year. PAGANIZER apologizes to promoters and bands involved, but the remaining members are as surprised and disappointed about this idiot-behavior as anyone else."

The first edition of Cyclone Empire’s brandnew "Imperial Anthems" split 7" vinyl series is about to be released in the beginning of March 2010. Vol.1 will feature DEMONICAL (with the unreleased English version of their "Hellsworn" track ‘Götter des Nordens’, now be called ‘Gods Of The North’) and PAGANIZER (with the especially composed and recorded new track ‘The Cyclone Empire’).

EXUMER will co-headline the Thrash Attack Festival in Sofia Sofia / Bulgaria on April 0 1, 2010 with fellow L.A. Power Thrashers SAVAGE GRACE. It is EXUMER’s first time playing live in Bulgaria and the tour start of the band’s "European Ignition Tour 2010". EXUMER has not appeared live since last year’s "5 Nights Of Fire" mini-tour. This year’s tour has a similarly intense routing and the band will appear for 7 shows in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Norway within 10 days. Vocalist Mem V. Stein: "We ended up on yet another whirlwind tour schedule where we play a bunch of countries in a short time. However, we have the opportunity to play in places we have never played before like Italy, Norway and Bulgaria. Last year’s tour was a fantastic experience despite the hectic schedule and the overwhelmingly positive response from the fans proved us right. We are keeping the band intentionally off the road so our fans can treasure the EXUMER live-experience. These European shows and few others in North and South America scheduled for later in the year will be all for 2010, making it special events for everyone involved." You can check out the exact tourdates here.

EVOCATION just posted a brandnew "European Plague" tour-clip. The music is from ‘Razored To The Bone’ off their 2008 album "Dead Calm Chaos". Here’s an official statement from the band: "Hi there folks! Finally we managed to cut together a video of all the footage we managed to take during the amazing European Plague Tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE, DYING FETUS and OBSCURA. If you attended some of the shows and hanged around us there is a good chance you are also caught on tape! Thank you all for coming to the shows around Europe, hope you enjoy the video." You can check out the video here.

February 07, 2010

To support the release of their upcoming fourth album "Monumentomb" (to be out on March 23rd through Deathgasm Records) Swedish NOMINON will hit the stages again in May. Spanish GRAVEYARD will join them on those dates, with additional support acts to be announced later. Check out our tourdates section for more details.

February 05, 2010

BURIAL INVOCATION‘s "Rituals Of The Grotesque" demo CD is available through Dark Descent Records now. Check out the review section for further details about this release. Besides this CD Dark Descent Records printed a limited number of both black and white BURIAL INVOCATION logo t-shirts. These shirts sell for $13 USD plus shipping for the black and $11 USD plus shipping for the white shirt. Inquire at darkdescentrecords@gmail.com. The CD can be purchased directly from the Dark Descent Records website at www.darkdescent.net

February 04, 2010

16 years after their last release Florida’s Death Metal legend KILLING ADDICTION are about to release a new CD via Xtreem Music. "Fall Of The Archetypes" includes 6 new songs plus 5 bonus tracks from the band’s 1994 split cassette release "Dark Tomorrow". Later on, still undetermined, the band’s 1993 debut album "Omega Factor" will also be re-issued through Xtreem Music, along with their "Necrosphere" 7"EP (from 1991) and "Legacies Of Terror" demo (from 1990) as bonus. The release of "Fall Of The Archetypes" is planned for the first days of March 2010. In the meantime, you can already check out some new sound samples at the band’s official MySpace site www.myspace.com/killingaddiction.

February 03, 2010

HIMINBJORG is have announced a new album on their own label European Tribes. "Chants D’hier, Chants De Guerre, Chants De La Terre" (Songs Of Yesterday, Songs Of War, Songs Of The Earth). It is dedicated to the struggle for the survival of European Pagan cultures, and said to be a continuation of the 1st demo "Hedning" and the album "Haunted Shores". It also features a new version of the song ‘Lonely’ (from "Haunted Shores"). The CD will be exclusively available on the band’s website and through Adipocere Records.

February 02, 2010

Detest Records are still keeping themselves quite busy. Here’s a little update on their latest activities. A very limited picture disc version of MIASMAL‘s self-titled demo 2008 is now available, the band’s first 7" will be released within 1,5 months by the label as well. KRYPTS‘ "Open The Crypt" demo will be released on 12" by Detest Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records within 3 weeks. The GRAVEHAMMER 7" is about to go to press and will be released in 1,5 months. PUTRID‘s second demo tape will be released within 3 weeks. Detest Records will also reprint the recently released and sold old Death Metal zine DOWNTUNED & MORBID within 2 weeks. ENTRAPMENT from the Netherlands signed with Detest Records. Their first demo tape will be released in April. More info about Detest Records and the aforementioned bands are to be found on www.detestrecords.com