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May 31, 2010

Sascha Beselt, guitarist of Germany’s old school Deathers MANDATORY, informed us that they already got signed by Xtreem Music way back in September 2009 for two albums… So, they aren’t looking for a label anymore, as mentioned in our previous news from May 26. www.myspace.com/mandatory1989

Robby Settles, original drummer for BITCH, passed away on May 26 at approximately 7am due to complications from an almost year-long battle with leukemia. Rest in peace Robby! 

May 30, 2010

ATHEIST will enter LedBelly recording studios in Atlanta, GA on July 5 to lay down the tracks for their long-awaited, yet untitled, fourth studio album. Engineering the recording session will be Matt Washburn, while Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM, CHIMAIRA, DEVILDRIVER and many others) will handle the mixing. "I can’t believe we are about to record this album finally" vocalist Kelly Shaefer states. "We have been working our asses off for a year, and have taken great strides to make this the record we, as fans, would want to hear from ATHEIST. It’s ferocious, intelligent, and dead balls heavy as shit! When people hear this they’re going to say, ‘It’s ATHEIST!’" "We are also honored and totally stoked to have Jason be a part of this album with us" says drummer Steve Flynn. "He went to great lengths to make this happen for us, and we are grateful. We anticipate collectively taking extreme Metal to new places. Jason has quickly become one of the most sought-after engineers / producers in the industry, and we’re excited to be working with him. He truly understands the legacy of the Florida Death Metal scene, and the importance of this record. We’re confident that Jason will deliver an absolutely monster production. Additionally, we DO realize that the record has taken a long time to create. However, there are so many twists and turns in the average ATHEIST song, and we felt like it was very important to have enough killer material written so as to make it the most interesting record we have ever created. We wanted to make sure we took the next logical step in the evolution of our music. According to the critics out there, it’s a tall – almost impossible – order. However, we feel like we have done it." "Our late and great friend and foundational element of the ATHEIST sound, Roger Patterson, was always with us in spirit in the process of writing" adds Shaefer. "In fact, that frantic, technical Patterson spirit has come shining through once more in the form of Jonathan Thompson, our newest guitar player. ‘JT’ is a young-spirited multi-talented player – he also plays bass for Flynn’s band GNOSTIC. As long-time ATHEIST fans, JT and Chris Baker understand what ATHEIST is at its core and what the fans expect. Both have proven to be invaluable in bringing out that classic ATHEIST sound and have been instrumental the course of writing this long-awaited record." On a related note, the band states: "We do wish to sincerely apologize to the promoters, fans, and DEW-SCENTED for the cancelation of our appearance at this year’s Hellfest, and a handful of club dates surrounding it. We had to do it in order to get this album recorded. As soon as it’s done we will come see you all on tour for the next 18 months! We owe the continuing legacy and re-ignition of ATHEIST to everyone who has ever demanded more from their Metal, and a huge salute goes out from ATHEIST to all of the bands that carry the flag that we unceremoniously planted 22 years ago with "Piece Of Time". Thank you all for making it possible for us to make the most important piece of art we have individually and collectively ever made." ATHEIST’s forthcoming album is tentatively scheduled for a late 2010 release and will be followed by a world tour in 2011 and on.

May 28, 2010

Detest Records from Belgium announced some new releases yesterday: MORBUS CHRON – pre-album 7" (September 2010), STENCH OF DECAY – first full length album on 12" (2011), SWALLOWED – first full length album on 12" (2011), MIASMAL – first full length album on 12" (2011) and KRYPTS – first full length album on 12". Check out www.detestrecords.com to know more.

May 27, 2010

The first 7" by Sweden’s GRAVEHAMMER has just been released by Detest Records from Belgium. For more details check out www.detestrecords.com

May 26, 2010

The upcoming second issue of Chile’s COMPILATION OF DEATH ‘zine will once again feature reprints of the following classic interviews: THERION and SEPTICEMIA (Hammer of Damnation # 3), SADISTIC INTENT (Voices From The Darkside # 5), PESTILENCE (Blackthorn # 5), MORTA SKULD (Mutilated # 2), AUTOPSY (Metal Meltdown # 9), CADAVER and BOLT THROWER (Sadistic Noise # 2), HADEZ (Under Metal # 2) and MESTEMA (Under Metal # 1). You’ll furthermore get an extensive IMMOLATION special with an old and in-depth new interview, and new in-depth interviews with CARNAL DISSECTION, MALFEITOR, Perra Karlsson (ALTAR / SUFFER / NOMINON, etc.), Dave Rotten (Drowned Records / Repulse Records / Spain Is Different ‘zine / AVULSED, etc), IMPRECATION, DESULTORY, GOREAPHOBIA, INCANTATION, DEFILED, MERCILESS DEATH, Chris Aubert of RIPPING HEADACHES ‘zine, CIANIDE, BODY BAG, CEMETARY URN, NECROS CHRISTOS, PUTRID, AFFLICTION GATES, MACHETAZO, ENCOFFINATION, VERMINOUS, AXIS POWER, UNDERGANG, THRONEUM, STENCH OF DECAY, ASCENDED, a Spain scene report, review section, pictures, old and new flyers plus a giant IMMOLATION poster. Distributors, traders, bands, labels and zines can get in touch at one of the following email addresses: Gabriel Gatica: compilationofdeath@hotmail.com, Joseph Curwen: joseph_curwen@hotmail.com. People from Europe can contact Nathaniel Colas: nathanieldeathmetal@hotmail.com

Germany’s old school Death Metal heads in MANDATORY finally completed the production of their first full-length "Adrift Beyond". The band is still searching for a label to release it, nevertheless scheduled a release date for summer 2010. Keep your eyes open and check out www.myspace.com/mandatory1989 for updates.

May 25, 2010

DIABOLIC will release its first full-length album since 2003’s "Infinity Through Purification" on June 8, 2010 through Deathgasm Records. The album is entitled "Excisions Of Exorcisms", was produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (MORBID ANGEL, TERRORIZER, UNHOLY GHOST) and features cover art from Joe Petagno (MOTÖRHEAD, KRISIUN, ANGEL CORPSE, MARDUK). DIABOLIC’s current line-up includes founding members Aantar Coates (drums), Paul Ouellette (bass, vocals) and guitarists Kelly McLauchlin (UNHOLY GHOST, PESSIMIST) and Jeff Parrish (BLASTMASTERS). DIABOLIC is scheduled to appear at the 20th Anniversary edition of the Michigan Deathfest on August 20-21, 2010 alongside DECEASED, NATRON, GODHATE, GODLESS RISING and more. All further info at www.myspace.com/diabolic666

Maldives-based melodic Thrashers SERENITY DIES will release their "Hacksawcracy" EP on July 15, 2010. The EP features guest appearances from Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) and Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas) who perform guitar solos on ‘Psycho Ride’ and ‘Dystopian Law’ respectively. "Hacksawcracy" was produced / mixed by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom) alongside Grammy Award winning engineer Gavin Lurssen (Slumdog Millionaire, Across the Universe, Iron Man, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper). More info at www.myspace.com/serenitydies

Reactivated legendary Death Metallers DESULTORY has recently completed work their upcoming album, which will be entitled "Counting Our Scars". The band recorded, mixed and mastered the effort with Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Unanimated, Deströyer 666, etc) in Alvik, Sweden. Work is also currently underway for the new album’s cover artwork and layout, and more announcement on this will be made available soon. Among some of the song titles to be included (in no particular order) on "Counting Our Scars" are ‘In A Cage’, ‘Counting Our Scars’, ‘Ready To Bleed’, ‘This Broken Halo’, ‘Uneven Numbers’, etc. The band commented: "What gets inside always stays inside. This music once shaped us and the marks it left will forever keep itching. DESULTORY never died, it just went down deep below and beneath the surface it slowly kept growing. Throughout the years, there are many of you out there who never stopped waiting, asking the same question over and over. Now when we finally meet again, "Counting Our Scars" feels like liberation, the bleeding is over. This album is for all of us who never stopped waiting." More info at www.myspace.com/desultoryofficial

May 24, 2010

Polish Death Metallers ARMAGEDON have announced the European and US release dates of their already highly acclaimed "Death Than Nothing" album. The European release already dates back to May 17, 2010, in the US it’ll be out on August 11, 2010. For further details check out ARMAGEDON’s myspace page www.myspace.com/armagedonofficial

May 21, 2010

The following statement was issued by ACHERON‘s Vincent Crowley: "Metal Hellions, after a 22 year run, I am finally putting ACHERON to an end. It has been an interesting journey, but it is indeed over now. I know I have broken up the band in the past, but there is no turning back this time. This musical entity has run its course and I didn’t want to tarnish what ACHERON represented. Some people didn’t agree with my decision, but I feel I know what is right to do. ACHERON never set out to be the most technical, fastest or heaviest band out there. That was not what I strived to achieve. Those who resonated to our music knew the feeling and spirit it had behind it. And this music was not created for the masses, it was an art form to be embraced by other kindred souls who shared the same likes and interests. That is why the fans have always been very special to me. Their dedication and support fueled the Hellfires! In the end I never really cared what the media thought of us, but I did want the fans to always get 100% ACHERON. I’m glad we were able to put out our last album "The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God". I am very proud of the work we all did on it and was very pleased with the positive response we got from it. How ironic to have such a title. Very fitting, indeed! I’d like thank all the fans for showing their support throughout the years and keeping the Satanic beast alive for so long. I hail all you Metal Maniacs! I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of you throughout the years and the pleasure has been mine. I would also like to give special thanks to all the great musicians I have been able to work with the last twenty plus years. Without their contributions I couldn’t have continued to release albums and played shows. "Rites Of The Black Mass" was recorded in 1990 and it is now 2010. My 20 year pact with ACHERON has been fulfilled. But be assured, I will always be a thorn in the side of all that is Holy! (Ha, Ha) Originally we were going to play shows until the end of the year, doing the "Rites Of The Black Mass" set. Unfortunately, the line-up I had planned to use for the shows didn’t work out, so all those shows have been cancelled, including the C.I.M. Fest and Michigan Death Fest. I apologize to the fans and the promoters, but there is nothing I can do about it. So as of now, ACHERON will no longer be recording or playing shows. It has officially been laid to rest. Presently, I am slowly working on putting together a new project called CRIMSON HEROIN. And who knows what else I will get into? So you haven’t heard the last of me! (Sorry Media. lol) But I am taking my time and not rushing anything. For now I need a little solitude and escape from the populous. I hope you all keep an eye out for future musical assaults from me. Cheers! In Blood and Blasphemy – Vincent Crowley, ACHERON (R.I.P.)"

After years of rumors about their second coming, guitarist Drack aka Deviant and drummer Malkira of the French Black Metal pioneers OSCULUM INFAME have officially announced the band’s rebirth with "Manifesto From The Dark Age", the re-release of their demos on LP and CD through Ordo Decimus Peccatum. A new OSCULUM INFAME EP entitled "Quwm" is also available through Battleskr’s Productions. The band’s current line-up consists of Deviant, Malkira, I. Luciferi (from REVERENCE) and Dispater. Concerning certain circulating rumors the band has issued the following statement: "OSCULUM INFAME has nothing to do with mere human political ideas and draw its hate far away in darkness and chaos… We are at war against the mass, we’re coming in total hate and we fuck them all."

May 18, 2010

Pulverised Records have signed Japan’s Death Metallers GxSxD (which stands for God Send Death). The band commented: "Finally we have found our home!! We are very excited to work with Pulverised Records since we’ve been recognizing them as one of best label. We’ll prove what we can do. Expect our Pulverised release." Watch GxSxD performing ‘The Abyss’ live at Image, Okayama in Japan, taken off their 2008 split album "Fighting On The Edge" at this location. For all further info check out GxSxD’s official myspace site www.myspace.com/gxsxd

May 17, 2010

The MCD of Australia’s old school Thrashers HELLBRINGER (formerly FORGERY) will be released on vinyl through Iron Pegasus Records sometime in August. www.myspace.com/hellbringeraus

May 16, 2010

Wendy Dio, wife / manager of RONNIE JAMES DIO has just released the following statement to Blabbermouth.net: "Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45 a.m. (on Sunday) 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private goodbyes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever." Rest in peace, Ronnie! You will always be remembered!

Blabbermouth.net also reported that DEBBIE ABONO, well-respected and much-loved manager and promotional machine behind some of San Francisco Bay Area’s strongest Metal bands (POSSESSED, FORBIDDEN, EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, SKINLAB), passed away today (Sunday, May 16) as well at appoximately 9:59 a.m. PST after a battle with cancer. Rest in peace, Debbie!

According to Modern Drummer, ex – TWISTED SISTER drummer JOE MARKOWSKI (aka "Fast" Joey Brighton) died on April 14. He was 57 years old. Markowski was well known in the New York area as a drum teacher in the ’70s, working out of VANILLA FUDGE drummer Carmine Appice’s Oceanside drum studio. Top drummers – including Bobby Rondinelli (BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) and Joe Franco (GOOD RATS, TWISTED SISTER) – studied with Markowski, who himself had played with the GOOD RATS and TWISTED SISTER.

Blabbermouth.net has published the following news regarding the rumors that RONNIE JAMES DIO has passed away: Contrary to published reports, Ronnie James Dio (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW) has not died after a six-month battle with stomach cancer. After rumors started circulating via the Internet late Saturday that Dio had lost his cancer fight, Blabbermouth.net reached out to Ronnie’s wife / manager Wendy Dio, who sent back the following message at approximately 11:35 p.m. PST on Saturday, May 15 / 2:35 a.m. EST on Sunday, May 16: "I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away!!!! He is not doing good, but he is not dead. I will let you know if anything changes. Thank you for your concern." Wendy Dio posted the following message on Ronnie’s official Twitter profile at approximately 3:45 a.m. EST on Sunday, May 16: "Don’t believe the rumors, Ronnie is still hanging in there!!! Hugs, Wendy Dio."

‘Venomous Habitations’, a track from Florida Death Metal masters DIABOLIC‘s upcoming new full-length album "Excisions Of Exorcisms", has been uploaded to the Deathgasm myspace player at www.myspace.com/deathgasmrecords            

May 13, 2010

Nicola Costantini, editor of the great ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SVENSK DÖDSMETALL, has been very busy working on a worthy follow-up release. Here’s some quotes of a blog he just posted: "What I’m proudly announcing here, is a new edition of the Svensk Encyclopedia. This will be by no means a reissue, but something really new. So beware, I’m returning with a new massive book! This will have 50% of the old material and 50% new for a whole package of more or less 400 A4 pages. Every single old article has been re-arranged in a different way and enriched with a different approach, with more in-depth details, different artwork and so on." Among others, the most relevant new features include new interviews with DISSECTION’s Peter Palmdahl (about the early days with Jon since kindergarten to the very first days of DISSECTION), DISMEMBER’s David Blomqvist (prepare to see tons of photos of the very first days of DISMEMBER: first gig, first time in Sunlight, days with the NIHILIST guys), Jens Näsström (regarding the "Projections Of A Stained Mind" history), a list of all MORBID bootlegs (courtesy of Joakim Westerlund), Johan ‘Liiva’ Axelsson (in depth on FURBOWL, DEVOURMENT and more amazing details about CARNAGE), Anders Nyström (a very very long interview about KATATONIA’s early days when they were still called MELANCHOLIUM), Martin Larsson (about HOUSE OF USHER), Jocke ‘Grave’ Göthberg (on DARKIFIED, GRIMORIUM), Orvar Säfström (on NIRVANA 2002 and more details about his time in ENTOMBED), Janne Rudberg (on EXHUMED, MORPHEUS and MASTICATION), David Isberg aka ‘Unholy Emperor’ tells the story of his metal affair with Christoffer Johnsson in PROCREATION and OPETH, Sandro Cajander (on MEFISTO), Patrik Jensen (recalling his first attempts in SÉANCE, ORCHRISTE and SATANIC SLAUGHTER) and Willy Wilhelmsson (on RABBITS CARROT). Nicola has covered all the bands from Eskilstuna (MACRODEX, CHRONIC DECAY, DEATH RIPPER, ASMODEUS) and the Mjölby-Motala-Linköping area (SALVATION, BELSEBUB, LUCIFER, NEFARIOUS, FUNERAL FEAST) as well as many other new chats with CEMETARY, GODDEFIED, CABAL, LUCIFER, ABSURD, SARCASM, ABHOTH, EMBALMED, MEGA SLAUGHTER, EXCRETION, MACRODEX, INTERNAL DECAY, SACRETOMIA, ALTAR, INCARDINE, SUFFER, CEMETARY, UNCANNY, DECAMERON, RUNEMAGICK-MASTICATOR, MACABRE END, VIRGIN SIN, BRAINDEAD, DION FORTUNE, MALFEITOR, DEAD END, ATROCITY, SCYPOZOA, NOCTURNAL RITES, MIDAS TOUCH… and more to come. The new edition will also have different artwork, courtesy of Daniel Desecrator from Chile and the title will probably be "Encyclopedia Of Svensk DödsMetall… The Return", unless someone comes up with a better idea. It’ll probably be printed in a very small amount of copies only (300 or something), so you better reserve yourself a copy! No release date has been set as of yet, but expect something for the end of this year or within the first months of 2011. We’ll keep you posted! More info and updates you will always find at www.myspace.com/nicola.costantini

May 11, 2010

Philadelphia’s Black Metallers BLASPHEMOUS have parted ways with their longtime bassist, Decrepit. Vocalist RK has issued the following statement regarding the situation: "We have decided to part ways with bassist Decrepit. He’s been part of BLASPHEMOUS for most of our existence, covering two different stints with us. It always is tough to make a change, but sometimes it has to be done. We wish him luck in his future projects. Right now all live activity will be on hold until we find a replacement. We hope to see you all again soon. BLASPHEMOUS is looking for a new bass player. We have a couple releases out, including our newest release "Bearer Of The Darkest Plagues". We are looking for a dedicated bass player. We currently practice in Lindenwold, NJ (right outside of Philadelphia). Must have equipment and transportation. Someone who is a quick learner. The ability to write is a plus too. We are looking for someone thats over 18, preferrably from the PA / NJ / DE area. Be able to practice at least once a week. Be available for shows in and out of the Philly area. No drug addicts. No rock star egos, this is underground Metal, not Hot Topic Metal, so if you’re looking for fame and fortune you are looking in the wrong direction. Contact blasphemousmetal@hotmail.com if you are interested."

Relapse Records has announce a partnership with Perseverance Holdings Ltd. and the Schuldiner family to reissue the catalog of DEATH, CONTROL DENIED and MANTAS. Chuck Schuldiner’s DEATH, one of the most important and influential metal bands of all-time, will see the first official digital releases of it’s legendary albums "Scream Bloody Gore", "Leprosy", "Spiritual Healing", "Human", "Individual Thought Patterns" and "The Sound Of Perseverance" today at this location. These digital releases will come two days before Chuck Schuldiner would have celebrated his 43rd birthday. Schuldiner passed away on December 13, 2001 after fighting a long, recurring battle with brain cancer. Relapse will also reissue an expanded version of the classic debut album, "The Fragile Art Of Existence", from Schuldiner’s progressive Heavy Metal band CONTROL DENIED in late 2010 as well as the first-ever collection by his pre-DEATH project MANTAS. The expanded version of "The Fragile Art Of Existence" will include bonus tracks, extra band photography, expanded art and packaging and more. Details on both releases are forthcoming. Long-range plans include the completion and official release of the final CONTROL DENIED album "When Man And Machine Collide". Recorded over 10 years ago at Morrisound Studios with producer Jim Morris, the album was tracked by Schuldiner but left incomplete upon Chuck’s passing. A range of officially-licensed DEATH, CONTROL DENIED and MANTAS merchandise has also been issued here. Many classic album art designs will follow in the coming months, making some highly sought-after designs available officially for the first time in years. Stay tuned to EmptyWords.org, the official DEATH / CONTROL DENIED / Chuck Schuldiner website, and www.relapse.com for more information. Guitar World Magazine has released a special DEATH guitar transcription issue, available exclusively at this location. The book contains eight complete guitar and bass tabs for the following DEATH songs: ‘Pull The Plug’, ‘Zombie Ritual’, ‘Together As One’, ‘Spiritual Healing’, ‘Flesh And The Power It Holds’, ‘Crystal Mountain’, ‘The Philosopher’ and ‘Scavenger Of Human Sorrow’. All songs were transcribed by Guitar World’s ace transcription team and are note-for-note accurate. The book also features the complete life and times of Chuck Schuldiner, including interview with those who knew him best.

May 10, 2010

Blood Harvest Records have just released the European CD version of "Chaos Echoes", the third album of French dark Death Metallers BLOODY SIGN. The digipak version will be released soon on Ibex Moon Records for the American market, as well as the Gatefold LP version on Blood Harvest Records. www.myspace.com/bloodysign

Here’s the current bill for the Belgian Metal / Hardcore festival VLAMROCK (it stands for Very Loud Alternative Music): PRIMORDIAL, THE ACCÜSED, FIRST BLOOD, DIABLO BLVD, CONFRONTO, AFTER ALL, NO TURNING BACK, GORATH, THE SETUP, BATTALION, EXIT TEN, THE BLACK TARTAN CLAN, WAELCYRGE, HAVOC, SARDONIS, VIGGEN, POISON MY BLOOD, BLOODTRIAL, SEMPITERNA, KRIGAVAR and TORTURERAMA. The festival takes place on Saturday, August 28, 2010 in As, Belgium. For more info, check out www.vlamrock.be or contact Denny Drossaert: + 32 (0) 485 / 06.34.40, email: d_drossaert@yahoo.com.

May 07, 2010

Ibex Moon Records will release a special collector’s vinyl edition of ASPHYX‘s "The Rack" album. It will only be available from Ibex Moon Records and Abyss Records mailorder. The first 25 copies sold through either www.ibexmoonrecords.com or www.officialabyssrecords.com will be autographed by band members Martin Van Drunen and Bob Bagchus. It is limited to 666 copies on blue vinyl and includes new liner notes with commentary by journalists, fans, fellow musicians, and the band members themselves. The album also comes with an 18" x 24" ASPHYX poster. "The Rack" will ship on June 8, 2010.

May 06, 2010

FUNERUS will be playing some European festivals this summer. Here’s an official statements from bassist Jill McEntee on the festivals and the recording of the new album follow: "We are very happy to announce that FUNERUS will be playing some European festivals this summer. The band will be playing the Kaltenbach Open Air on July 15th in Steiermark, Austria, and July 16th at Obscene Extreme 2010, Trutnov, Czech Republic. We will bring the sewage! In other FUNERUS news, recording has been going well for our sophomore album. The new release will be titled "Reduced To Sludge". Anyone who was into "Festering Earth" will definitely like this follow up slab of sewage death! Hope to see a lot of you on the road in 2010!" www.myspace.com/funerus

Guitarist Daniel "Død" Olaisen of Norway’s BLOOD RED THRONE has posted the following update regarding the band’s current activities and line-up: "Cheers everybody. Some of you have noticed that Tchort has been away for a while and still are due to work and family commitments. Meanwhile, we’ve recruited Ivan Gujic from NEONGOD (www.myspace.com/neongodnorway) as his replacement for our upcoming live shows this year! Also, Anders decided to leave the band in February and after several auditions we’re proud to announce the young, but very talented Emil Wiksten from Sweden as our new killer drummer. Check out one of his videos here. I’ve also written 3 new tracks for our upcoming album and this time we’ll get back to the Altered Genesis style with fast and brutal shit and of course some groove as well!"

May 03, 2010

Long-running California Metallers AGENT STEEL have issued the following update: "As some of you may or may not have already heard the news that AGENT STEEL has parted ways with vocalist Bruce Hall. We as a band would like to acknowledge the accomplishments together with Bruce and the three solid Metal offerings; "Omega Conspiracy", "Order Of The Illuminati" and "Alienigma". Together we had the fortune of touring and sharing the stage in some amazing places and visited some breathtaking countries. Bruce dedicated over a decade to AGENT STEEL and for this he should be recognized, and we part on good terms. We as a band still have the fire and passion to deliver the Metal goods to fans from the past, present and future. We had been writing new material for the next chapter of AGENT STEEL and after the news got out that we separated from Bruce, we were contacted by original singer, John Cyriis. Call it destiny; call it what you will, but now the communicative channel is open between AGENT STEEL and vocalist Cyriis; we are in talks about an imminent AGENT STEEL reunion tour possibly involving Summer / Fall 2010 appearances and an extensive ‘2011’ Metal blitz. Honestly, we do not know how long this reunion will last; however this could be the long-awaited destiny of AGENT STEEL originally interrupted, so long as everything moves forward in an evolving good working climate. Our objective regarding this AGENT STEEL reunion is attached with the intentions of providing the opportunity to not only the dedicated fans, but also to a whole new generation of Metal fans the chance to see AGENT STEEL live on stage with Cyriis; the original voice on the classic "Skeptics Apocalypse", "Unstoppable Force" and "Mad Locust Rising" releases. The legacy continues… stay tuned." More info and updates on www.myspace.com/agentsteel

May 02, 2010

Per Valla, maincomposer and guitarist of the extreme metalband ELITE, has just released his first soloalbum "4. September" as VREDEHAMMER. The first 200 copies come as a digipak with different layout. More info at www.myspace.com/vredehammer

May 01, 2010

ASPHYX have recorded two tracks at Sonic Assault studio for an upcoming split 7" with Finnish Doom / Deathers HOODED MENACE. A new track entitled ‘We Doom You To Death’ plus ‘Bestial Vomit’, which is a cover of MAJESTY (U.S.), that originally appeared on their 1988 demo. The EP will be released via Doomentia Records. www.doomentia.com