April 25, 2011

This is already old news, as TORTURE DIVISION, the best Death Metal band (for free), returned on March 28, 2011 with their newest demo called "Through The Eyes Of A Dead" available for free download at www.torturedivision.net. Offering 3 songs of brutal Death Metal with perfect sound mixed by the hands of Dan Swanö the band keeps on sticking to their philosophy. Make sure to check out the band page and download this demo and their old stuff and support them with clicking the "Donate"-button in case you like the stuff you got, as only Death is for free and donations come in more than irregular so far…

STRYCHNOS‘ "Undead Unsouls Unbound" CD was recently re-released through German F.D.A. Records. See a review of it in the review section here. A new release with all of their old material will come out soon as 12" vinyl through the German Kneel Before The Masters Throne Records. Keep your eyes open for those releases and check out www.myspace.com/strychnosterror

PLASMATION is a newly founded Mexican Death Metal group with Isaias Huerta from NECROCCULTUS on vocals. According to Isaias words the band is playing in the vein of Scandinavian bands as TOXAEMIA, CREMATORY, DEMIGOD, DARKTHRONE, THERION, GRAVE and BOLT THROWER as non-Scandinavian influence. A demo will be out soon. Further news here anytime soon… Besides Isaias’ involvement in NECROCCULTUS and PLASMATION he is handling the vocals on the upcoming 2nd album of DENIAL, too. A label is yet to confirm, but rumors saying that it will be Cyclone Empire Records to release it.

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