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July 29, 2011

Artists needed! Since we’re currently re-creating the entire VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE website we’re in need of some cool old school underground artwork for the new layout. So, if you think you have something to offer in that department, don’t hesitate to contact us with more details and / or artwork samples at artwork@voicesfromthedarkside.de.

July 25, 2011

Polish Black Metallers CHRIST AGONY have completed work on their ninth album, "NocturN", for a fall release via Mystic Production. The CD was recorded over a two-week period at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland with engineer Szymon Czech. The cover artwork and the graphic design for the follow-up to 2008’s "Condemnation" were handled by BlackTeamMedia. Session drums on the effort were performed by Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Prominski (BEHEMOTH, AZARATH). According to a press release, "NocturN" will consist of "one long suite, divided into eight heavy-as-hell opuses." You can check out an official "NocturN" trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8xIWzrdXWg

July 23, 2011

Veteran Metal journalist Andres Padilla, has been working intensely on his new book UNDERGROUND NEVER DIES (UND!) which will feature the most vivid collection of Thrash / Death flyers from all over the world, including North America, Europe and South America on approximately 200 pages, designed in the old fashioned copy / paste way. The author of "RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (1983-1993)", the first book that graphically depicts the story of the Chilean Thrash Metal scene, responsible editor for several fanzines from late 80s, and editor of Grinder Magazine since 1993, is currently looking for contributors who want to help this initiative in order to complete the most respected collection of Thrash Metal / Death Metal flyers from the 80s and early 90s. Secondly, there will be a part in the book that is dedicated to the phenomenom "underground". "Underground" is a very used concept in Metal", comments Padilla, "it is a simple word that we see everywhere, but nobody has ever really explained to us what it really means. After several years of research and interviews with the most significant characters of the music scene, UND! will be the perfect tool to answer this question. It may seem simple, but it is not. Where does it go? How did it start? What does it mean to us? How have many of the interviewed actors adapt it as a philosophy of life?" The book is planned to be released in a limited version together a 12" compilation LP. Unlike Padilla’s previous book, RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (1983-1993), UND! will be written in English. All interested parties can get in touch to: corvusdiscos@gmail.com.

New Jersey’s Death / Thrashers ENTRENCHED have inked a deal with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions who will release their debut album "Preemptive Strike" on CD August 30, 2011. Among others the band is influenced by GHOUL, SODOM, ENTOMBED, SEPULTURA and REPULSION. The tracklist of "Preemptive Strike" reads like this: ‘Intro (Mobilize)’, ‘Bred To Kill’, ‘ICBM’, ‘Landbrecher 666’, ‘Frenzied Amputation’, ‘Anesthetic Death’, ‘Burnt And Destroyed’, ‘Tooth And Nail’ and ‘Dropping The Tsar Bomb’. More info at www.myspace.com/entrenchedusa

July 21, 2011

On September 06, 2011 Deathgasm Records will release MORDBRAND‘s "Necropsychotic" MCD. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Eaters Of The Void’, ‘Graveyard Revisited’, ‘Skärseld (Return To The Unholy)’, ‘The Fall Of Flesh’, ‘Deathbound’ and ‘Deliverance’. The band’s line-up features GOD MACABRE vocalist P. Boder. More info at www.myspace.com/mordbranddeath

July 20, 2011

Chicago’s three piece BONES have finished their self-financed debut album which will be released through Planet Metal Records. The band consists of Jon Necromancer, Carcass Chris and Joe Warlord and the tracklist of the album reads like this: ‘March Of The Dead’, ‘Bloodlust’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Apocalyptic Warrior’ (DEVASTATION cover), ‘Good Die Young’, ‘Slowburn’, ‘Lovely Death’, ‘666’ and ‘Delirium Tremens’. More info at www.myspace.com/bonesofchicago

July 18, 2011

The second full length by Sweden’s old school Death Metallers ENTRAILS will be entitled "The Tomb Awaits" and is scheduled for a September 09, 2011 release through F.D.A. Records, along with "Desechos Humanos", the third release by Germany’s Death / Grinders GOREGAST. Already out is the new album "Harsh Realities" by Finnish Death / Grinders DEATH TOLL 80K, which was released on LP / CD. More info at www.fda-records.com.

Hellthrasher Productions and Sufficiently Studios are about to release the upcoming MALFEITOR / BIRCH MOUNTAIN split CD "Dawn Of Silent Decay" in September 2011. The album consists of 10 destructive Death Metal tracks, 5 from each band. The artwork was created by the owner of Sufficiently Studios, musician and the originator of this project – Benny Moberg from MALFEITOR. The bands are featuring members and ex – members from EXCRUCIATE, MASTICATION, BLOOD MORTIZED, EXHUMED, MORPHEUS, STIGMATA and E.G.Y.P.T. For further information contact Hellthrasher Productions at bartdeath@interia.pl or check out the band’s myspace pages www.myspace.com/malfeitorswe and www.myspace.com/birchmountain.

July 15, 2011

Patrik Jensen of WITCHERY released the following official statement: “We are saddened to announce the departure of Legion (ex – MARDUK, ex – DEVIAN), singer of last years WITCHERY ear crusher "Witchkrieg". Unfortunately, conflicting schedules made a continued collaboration impossible. We are very thankful for Legion’s input and work on our latest album, and we wish him only the very best for the future. WITCHERY will however not remain without a leader to take them thru the netherworlds and beyond. None other than Emperor Magus Caligula (ex – DARK FUNERAL) has decided to once again adorn his armor, and go off to battle for the better of darkness and evil.” Emperor Magus Caligula: "Getting an offer to play with some of Sweden’s finest elite in Metal, I just couldn’t resist. Together with WITCHERY, I will once again spread chaos and hatred upon this world. The emperor is back, and together we will conquer ALL!!!" Also fans in Finland, Germany and Norway can soon witness the power of Emperor Magus Caligula throat torture at the upcoming Tuska, Summerbreeze and Inferno Festivals.

Moribund Records have signed Italiy’s cult Black Metal act ABHOR. The band will make their Moribund debut with "Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protecti", set for release on September 27, 2011. Commenting on the signing, ABHOR stated the following: "After 16 years in the underground and a long period of silence, ABHOR is back. We’re finally proud to announce that from now on we’ll follow the sinister path along with the Moribund Cult. Expect the most occult music you’ve ever listened to…slow, sinister, and brooding with evil intent!" More info at www.moribundcult.com and www.legioneocculta.com

Scottsdale, Arizona based technical Deathers REIGN OF VENGEANCE are currently seeking a qualified new drummer. Interested parties should read the following: Must be able to tour and play live shows according to the band’s schedule. Must be able to record in Arizona. Should live in the Southwestern part of the United States. Must be at least 21 years old. Play to a click in the studio and live performances. Extremely versatile in all styles of drumming but also be a fucking blast machine with great stamina and flawless timing. Send a video playing along with ‘She’s Best Kept Headless’, ‘A Friendly Favor Returned’, and ‘Disemboweling Swine’. Engaging in side projects and other bands is alright but REIGN OF VENGEANCE is the top priority. Fans of horror movies and thorough horror movie knowledge is a huge bonus but not necessary as you will receive an education in this from the band and our label. No fucking drug addicts. Send an email to gregs@braindamagefilms.com to establish contact. Do not be a pain in the ass to deal with. REIGN OF VENGEANCE have just released their debut "Disemboweling Swine" through Brain Damage Music. More info at www.reignofvengeance.com

Georgia-based Black Metallers HELLGOAT will join forces with Alabama’s Death Metal manics GRAVE RITUAL for a mini-tour, that also includes a stop at the "Emperors Of The Black Abyss Fest" in Houston featuring PROCLAMATION, NECROHOLOCAUST, BLACK WITCHERY, IMPRECATION, MORBOSIDAD, WAR MASTER, NYOGTHAEBLISZ, MORBUS 666, BLASPHERIAN and NODENS. You’ll find the dates in our tourdates section

July 12, 2011

The new founded Mexican label DARK RECOLLECTION RECORDS recently issued its first release, “Dark Recollections – Compilation 1989 – 2011”. It contains on double vinyl the 7” EPs from Distorted Harmony Records (CARCASS – “Live Bradford 15-11-89”, CENOTAPH – “Tenebrous Apparitions”, TRAUMATIC – “The Morbid Act Of A Sadistic Rape Incision”, THOU SHALT SUFFER – “Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation”, ETERNAL DARKNESS – “Doomed”, SHUB NIGGURATH – “Blasphemies Of Nether World”). It offers a gatefold sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies only. For those interested contact the label at darkrecollectionsproductions@yahoo.com.mx or dark_recollections_prods@yahoo.com.mx

July 09, 2011

German Death Metallers ANDABATA have released their fourth full length CD "Corpse Grinding Machine" on May 28, 2011. More info and sound samples you’ll find at www.andabata.de

Ron Vento of AURORA BOREALIS sent in the following news regarding making their entire discography available for free to everyone: "I have decided that I want to make our entire discography available to everyone for free. There are tons of people out there can simply cannot afford to buy CDs in these tough times. Of course we will still continue to sell hard copies of the CDs that are still available to those people who collect CDs, or want the hard copies. I made this decision after the success we had from offering the new "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything" CD as a free download. The response was overwhelming from people who appreciated the gesture. We hope our fans enjoy this. We know some of our first few albums are very hard to find and are pretty expensive. There are still people out there that do not feel right stealing or downloading an album illegally so we want to make it easy for them without breaking the law. The free downloads section will also include a zip file ("Covering The Skies") of every cover song we were involved in or recorded. This is not for sale anywhere, nor will it be ever. Some of the covers sound really bad because they are so old and some sound great. Either way they are fun to listen to and we have had many people asking about them. The downloads can be found at www.auroraborealis.org/html/downloads.html. Some of the clips of the making of the new CD can still be found at www.youtube.com/user/AURORA4DTH?feature=mhee. We are also now on facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Borealis-official/110855228945757. We hope you guys enjoy this. It is our way of thanking you all for 15 years of support."

July 07, 2011

The latest opus from Swedish Death Metallers MORBUS CHRON, entitled "Sleepers In The Rift", will receive the vinyl treatment and to be released by the collaboration of Belgium’s Detest Records and UK’s Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Only exclusive to this 12" LP version, "Sleepers In The Rift" will contain an additional bonus track entitled ‘Obscuritas’ and will be a limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide. Also on an additional limited die-hard edition will be 100 copies pressed on colour vinyl. www.detestrecords.com

NECROWRETCH‘s first 12" MLP will be released this Friday by Detest Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Check out 2 tracks from this MLP on the band’s myspace: www.myspace.com/vladrituals

Mexican dark Death Metal masters AGONY LORDS, are currently recording their new album "A Tomb For The Haunted". The band announced the following update: "Alberto Martinez (ex-NECROCCULTUS, LEPPER MESSIAH) joins AGONY LORDS. Oscar Lopez, bassist for the band since 1995, has unfortunately left the band due to personal and professional issues." The new line-up is as follows: Jesus Bravo – vocals, Mauricio Barami – lead guitar, Jorge Inukai – lead guitar, Alberto Martinez – bass and Oscar Piñon – drums. "A Tomb For The Haunted" is being recorded at Revolution Studios in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico by the band and will be released later this year. More info soon. The new track ‘Rising The Occult’ is currently streaming at www.myspace.com/agonylords

July 05, 2011

Originally self-released on CD by the band in 2008 (limited to 666 copies), MITOCHONDRION‘s "Archaeaeon" will see an official release in late August by Dark Descent Records. "Archaeaeon" has been remastered by Colin Martson and will be released with an eight-page layout printed on heavy matte card stock. MITOCHONDRION released "Parasignosis" on Profound Lore earlier this year to much acclaim. More info at www.myspace.com/mitochondrion

ARES KINGDOM have tapped Mirai Kawashima (SIGH) for an original keyboard intro to a version of VULPECULA’s ‘Celestial’, slated the band’s upcoming all-covers release "Veneration." Other tracks include ‘Die By Power’ (SLAUGHTER LORD), ‘Act Dead’ (MEFISTO), ‘The Captive’ (SACRILEGE), ‘When Your Heart Turns Black’ (R.U. DEAD?) and ‘Oblivion’ (NEPENTHE). Guitarist Chuck Keller commented, "Mirai is one of the most accomplished musicians in the underground today. I was proud to contribute a solo to ‘The Memories As A Sinner’ on SIGH’s 2007 album, "Hangman’s Hymn", and we’re honored he’s returning the favor for ARES KINGDOM." "Veneration" is scheduled for release as a gatefold mini-LP and mini-CD in early 2012 through NWN! Productions. Artwork is being handled by Manuel Tinnemans (PENTACLE, BUNKUR, NECROPHAGIA, SPEARHEAD). More info: www.myspace.com/areskingdom

July 03, 2011

Konqueror Records have just re-released the "Official Live Tape 1987" from Dutch Death / Thrash veterans THANATOS on CD (limited to 500 copies). The classic front cover and layout was re-designed by Benny Moberg at Sufficiently Studios. For more details, go to www.facebook.com/konquerorrecords or www.thanatos.info

July 01, 2011


Finland’s CRYPTBORN have been signed by Dark Descent Records. In early August "Into The Grasp Of The Starving Dead", a seven-song, 28-minute EP will be released, shortly after a Detest Records’ cassette release at the Hell’s Pleasure Festival on July 22 – 23, 2011. You can check out the title track from the EP at this location www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9FqHqVZ6Pk. The complete "Into The Grasp Of The Starving Dead" track listing reads like this: ‘A Feast For The Grave’ (Intro), ‘Gift Of Rotten Flesh’, ‘In The Grasp Of The Starving Dead’, ‘A Nebulous Parting’, ‘Rotten Gates Of Heaven’, ‘Never Perfect When You Die’ and ‘Atonement From Hell’. More info at www.myspace.com/cryptborn

ROOT will release their 9th full length album "Heritage Of Satan" in Autmn via Agonia Records. The album will feature three special guests who have already recorded their parts: Erik Danielsson (WATAIN), Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen (ex – MAYHEM, AVA INFERI, AURA NOIR) and Adam "Nergal" Darski (BEHEMOTH). Erik’s and Nergal’s vocals are featured in two songs, while one song features Blasphemer’s guitar melodies. More info at www.rootan.net