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April 26, 2012

Belgium’s Death Metallers EMPTINESS (featuring members of ENTHRONED) have released a video for the track ‘It And I’ taken from their newest full-length "Error". The video was shot in the band’s own Blackout Studios and can be viewed at this location. All further info on the band you may find at www.emptiness.be

April 25, 2012

Australian based label Abysmal Records have just released a new Split 7" EP. This little vinyl gem is a joint venture of New South Wales Deathers INNSMOUTH and Brisbane Black / Thrashers MONGRELS CROSS. Expect nothing less than a lethal dose of violent and intense underground Metal in its purest form, done the Australian way. Interested headbangers, who would like to get hold of a copy, should get in touch with the label at www.abysmalsounds.com.

April 24, 2012

To The Death / K2 Records will release a compilation LP from Swedish Thrashers DAMIEN, entitled "Memorandum". The double gatefold vinyl is limited to 500 copies (the first 100 in splatter vinyl) and will feature the band’s five demo tapes "Egypt Eyes" (1985), "Hammer Of The Gods" (1986), "Onslaught Without Mercy" (1986), "Chapter One" (1987) and "Chapter II" (1987) as well as the "Requiem For The Dead" 12” EP (1988). A 28 pages A5 booklet with lots of info and rare pictures complete the package. You can check out the title track here. For all further info go to www.tothedeath.se

Here’s the tracklist for the new BOMBS OF HADES album "The Serpent’s Redemption": ‘Crawl Away And Bleed Forever’, ‘Darkness, My Soul’, ‘Burn’, ‘The Serpent’s Redemption’, ‘Forgotten In Graves’, ‘Incubus Descending’, ‘Skull Collector’, ‘Scorched Earth – Part 1: Into Chaos, Part 2: The Throne Of Flesh, Part 3: Rapture’. The cover artwork was created by Polish illustrator Rafal Kruszyk (INTERMENT, HOODED MENACE, MACHETAZO, CIANIDE, etc.).

"On Death And Cosmos" is the title for the upcoming EP by Avantgarde Metallers EPHEL DUATH, which will be released through Agonia Records on June 21, 2012 in Europe and August 14, 2012 in the United States. www.facebook.com/ephelduathofficial

EMPATIC have launched a new video to the song ‘The Game’, from their debut album "Gods Of Thousand Souls" at this location. The video was recorded during a gig at the Progresja Club in Warsaw, Poland on January 21, 2012. More info at www.empatic.com

April 21, 2012

VORE have signed with Germany’s AFM Records. The deal will see a re-release of VORE’s most recent album "Gravehammer" (which was released by the band in December of last year) on July 20, 2012 on CD and vinyl. Barely a month after its release, "Gravehammer" had already reached the # 4 spot on Amazon.com’s Death Metal downloads chart and received praise from critics around the world. www.vore.org

Eighteen years after their debut "Splenium For Nyktophobia" Sweden’s UNCANNY returns with two brand new tracks ‘Creation’s Tomb’ and ‘The Path Of Flesh’ featured on a 7", that will be released in three editions: a black vinyl version with matte finish glue pocket and insert, a green vinyl version which is exclusive to the UK’s Me Saco Un Ojo Records and the white vinyl version exclusive to Dark Descent Records. The cover art was created by Rafal Kruszyk. The track ‘The Path Of Flesh’ is now streaming online at this location. More UNCANNY at www.facebook.com/uncanny666

Polish Black / Death Metallers PANDEMONIUM have officially published another song from their recent album "Misanthropy". For ‘Only The Dead Will See The End Of War’ they used pieces of one of their last concerts. You can check it out at this location. For all further info on the band go to www.facebook.com/pandemoniumpl

April 20, 2012

Abyss Records will release three new titles this month, including "Against All Odds (on April 27) from Irish epic Black Metallers ETERNAL HELCARAXE, "Holy Wrath" from Latvian Death / Sludge unit DISEIM (on April 30) and "The Seth Avalanche" EP (also on April 30) from Swedish Death / Thrashers SEPTEKH. More info at www.officialabyssrecords.com

Apostasy Records have just released DEADBORN‘s new album "Mayhem Maniac Machine". The follow-up album to 2007’s "Stigma Eternal" was engineered, mixed and mastered with producer Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios (NECROPHAGIST, DEAD EYED SLEEPER, etc). DEADBORN has just been confirmed to take part in the German edition of 2012’s EXTREMEFEST, which runs from July 05 – 07, 2012 in Hunxe, Germany. DEADBORN will appear alongside the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, EXODUS, ORIGIN, NASUM, SUFFOCATION and many more. For details visit www.de.extremefest.eu. More DEADBORN info at www.deadborn.de

KRAANIUM will release their third full-length "Post Mortal Coital Fixation" on May 22, 2012 via Comatose Music. The album was recorded by Hannes Nystèn at Sweden’s Vomitation Studios and mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Post Mortal Fixation’, ‘Stillborn Necrotic Fuck Feast’, ‘Bursting Rectal Sores’, ‘Compulsive Mutilation Disorder’, ‘Slurping The Vaginal Pus’, ‘Crack Whore Pounding’, ‘Coprophagial Asphyxiation’, ‘Slammed Kranial Remains’, ‘Sculptures Of Perverse Suffering’, ‘Baptized In Boiling Sewage’, ‘Orgy Of Cannibalistic Fornication’ and ‘Entrails Full Of Vermin’ (ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY cover). The band has posted a teaser video at this location. In support of the album’s release, KRAANIUM will join Comatose Music labelmates ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY and COATHANGER ABORTION for the ComaTour 2012 this June. More info at www.facebook.com/kraaniumslam

April 19, 2012

ONHEIL have just entered the studio with producers Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES) and Yuma van Eekelen (EXIVIOUS, ex – PESTILENCE) to record their next album "Storm Is Coming" which is scheduled to be released in the fall. You can check out a video for the track ‘Nemesis’ Light Fading’ from their previous album "Razor" at this location. For all further ONHEIL info go to www.onheil.com

April 18, 2012

UNCONSECRATED‘s "Awakening In The Cemetery Grave" will be co-released by Chaos Records and Dark Blasphemies in June, with a vinyl edition to follow later in the year. It features all material that the band has recorded to date (both demos "Unconsecrated Cemetery" and "Dark Awakening" from 2006 and 2007 respectively, as well as 2010’s "Slave To The Grave", which was previously released as a 7" EP on Dark Descent Records). The material has been remastered by Skaldir at Kalthallen Studios in Germany (2011) and the cover art comes courtesy of Daniel Devilish (ENTRAILS, MALFEITOR, BLOOD MORTIZED). For all further info on UNCONSECRATED check out www.facebook.com/pages/Unconsecrated/166423820042730

Italy’s ANTROPOFAGUS have returned to the Death Metal scene with a new album entitled "Architecture Of Lust", which is out through Comatose Music now and comes with a 16 page booklet. GunShyAssassin.com has posted an exclusive premier of the song ‘Blessing Upon My Redemption’ Here’s the tracklist: ‘Architecture Of Lust’, ‘Sanguinis Bestiae Solium’, ‘Demise Of The Carnal Principle’, ‘The Lament Configuration’, ‘Exposition Of Deformities’, ‘Eternity To Devour’, ‘Sadistic Illusive Puritanism’, ‘Blessing Upon My Redemption’ and ‘Det Helgerån Av Häxor’ (outro). More info at www.facebook.com/antropofagus.official

April 17, 2012

Since we get requests about it every now and then, we have finally added scans of the entire VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE columns, that originally appeared in the German Horror Infernal magazine from July 1991 to April 1993. You can download rar files (that include the column pages and the magazine cover) of each single issue in our HISTORY section. But please remember that they still have been written in German and that the mentioned address at the end of it is no longer valid.

Century Media Records will release a complete demo collection of Sweden’s EVOCATION, entitled "Evoked From Demonic Depths – The Early Years". Included is "The Ancient Gate" demo, the "Promo 1992" demo, previously unreleased rehearsal tracks and the unreleased track ‘Genesis’ which has been written in 1992, but so far has never ever been available before. All tracks have been mastered (using the original master tapes) at Fascination Street Studio (OPETH, PARADISE LOST, ENSLAVED, GRAND MAGUS). The CD version also includes three live bootleg video enhancements as a bonus. Besides the release is packed with several band photos, concert flyers and other visual content from the years 1991 to 1993 plus in-depth information on the history of EVOCATION, from their start in 1991 until the reunion in 2005 and on until the release of the band’s third studio album "Apocalyptic". Guitarist Marko Palmén comments on every song with a detailed view into the writing process of the demos. "Evoked From Demonic Depths – The Early Years" will be released as CD with 32-page booklet and an O-card as well as on deluxe 2 LP (180g vinyls, gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeves) and as digital download at the end of June 2012. More info at www.evocation.se

April 16, 2012

On May 01, 2012 Selfmadegod Records will be releasing the "In Permanent Twilight" MCD by Uppsala, Sweden-based Death / Crust act USURPRESS. It was recorded and mixed by Lawrence Mackrory in Blueflame Studio and Great Scot! Audio. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Pleasing The Usurpress’, ‘Unpunished’, ‘I Am An Empire’, ‘The Initiated (Will Fall)’, ‘Embrace Your Non-Existence’, ‘Primitive Majesty’, ‘Downtrodden Isolation’ and ‘In Permanent Twilight’. USURPRESS was formed in 2010 and previously already released a demo and split 7"es with BOMBS OF HADES and PYRAMIDO. Following the release of "In Permanent Twilight" the band will embark on their first European tour this Summer, coinciding with the release of their debut album which is being finalized now for release via Selfmadegod on CD and Iconoclast on LP. More info at www.facebook.com/usurpress, www.usurpress.com

April 14, 2012

Nuclear Winter Records have re-released DEAD CONGREGATION‘s "Purifying Consecrated Ground" on MCD since the Konqueror Records and Enucleation Records versions are both sold out for some time already. More info at www.nuclearwinterrecords.com

The new BEGRIME EXEMIOUS full length "Visions Of The Scourge" has just been released by Dark Descent Records. The follow-up to 2010’s "Impending Funeral Of Man" comes with an eight-page booklet printed on uncoated card stock and features cover art by Dennis Thomsen. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Incestuous Servitude’, ‘Oath Of Impiety’, ‘Chasm To Obscurity’, ‘The Vault Of Ancient Bone & Poison Saliva’, ‘Perverted Decadence Churning’, ‘Sacrament Of Virgin Flesh’, ‘Vengeance Bestowed’ and ‘Relic Of Befouled Incantations’. In support of the release of the new album BEGRIME EXEMIOUS have also announced several shows. For further details check out our tourdates section or www.facebook.com/pages/Begrime-Exemious/93434439354.

"Death And The Beyond", the new album by DENIAL OF GOD, will be released on July 13, 2012 via Hells Headbangers Records. You can already check out a video here. More info at www.denialofgod.net

4 songs off the debut 7" EP by Norwegian Death Metallers GOUGE have been posted at this location.

In the coming months DENOUNCEMENT PYRE will enter the studio to record their second full-length "Almighty Arcanum", which is the follow-up to 2010’s "World Cremation". The album will feature 7 new tracks + intros and will once again be released on both CD and vinyl formats by Hells Headbangers Records later this year. The band will also perform live for the first time in half a decade appearing at Evil Invaders Festival (Sydney, Australia) in June, with more shows to be announced soon. More at www.facebook.com/pages/Denouncement-Pyre/18810643921

The Norwegian duo DEATHHAMMER will release their second album, "Onward To The Pits" through Hells Headbangers Records. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Deathrashing Sacrifice’, ‘Voodoo Rites’, ‘Fullmoon Sorcery’, ‘Emperor Of Sin’, ‘To The Evil’, ‘Final Black Mass’, ‘Army Of Death’, ‘Seduced By The Flames’, ‘Lead Us Into Hell’ and ‘Onward To The Pits’. www.facebook.com/deathhammerofficial

MONGRELS CROSS have finished recording their debut full-length, "The Sins Of Aquarius" which will see a late Spring release on Hells Headbangers. Tracklist: ‘The Sins Of Aquarius’, ‘Rabid Inception’, ‘Lead Them From The Promised Land’, ‘Hunters Of The Born Again’, ‘Indulge The Temple’, ‘Revelations Transpire’ and ‘When The Dragon Gives Birth’.

April 11, 2012

Polish Black Metallers UPIR will release a 6 track digipak CD entitled "Possession" via Eastside Records in May / June 2012. Band contact: upir666@hotmail.com

April 10, 2012

On May 15, 2012 badGod Music will release the debut CD "Hacked To Perfection" from Florida’s Death Metal duo NEVER TO ARISE. Here’s the tracklist: ‘The Femicidal Impulse’, ‘Hyperbaric Torture Chamber’, ‘Sloppy Surgery’, ‘In Debasement’, ‘Mutilation Supreme’, ‘Bereft of Conscience’, ‘I Made Her Famous’, ‘Snuff Film Superstar’, ‘Devoured by Wolves’, ‘Misogynistic Acts of Barbaric Sadism’. www.myspace.com/nevertoarise, www.facebook.com/pages/Never-To-Arise/117489404980631

BODYFARM from Amersfoort / Holland have been signed by Cyclone Empire. The band’s debut full length album “Malevolence” will be out later this year. Here’s what the band has to say: “We are very proud to announce that we have signed a record deal with Cyclone Empire Records. This is a milestone for us, since we have found a reliable, experienced and professional record company in Cyclone Empire Records. We’re having a very good feeling about the collaboration between BODYFARM and the Empire and the future looks bright!” www.facebook.com/bodyfarmdeathmetal, www.myspace.com/bodyfarmnl

Colorado’s female-fronted Death Metal band NEXHYMN have self-released their debut EP "Black Horizon" on March 27, 2012. It was recorded at Firestorm Studios and mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Decaying Monument’, ‘Undetermined Supplication’, ‘Repacious Temptest’, ‘Black Horizon’, ‘Exquisite Plague’ and ‘Death Emotion’. www.facebook.com/pages/Nexhymn/114334125249755, www.myspace.com/nexhymn

On May 08, 2012 Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the first ever vinyl pressing of the ABSCESS collection "Urine Junkies" (featuring the band’s first three studio demos "Crawled Up From The Sewer" – 1995, "Raw, Sick And Brutal Noize" – 1994 and "Abscess" – 1994). It will be a deluxe edition, strictly limited to 500 copies, pressed on heavy picture disc vinyl and include a unique double-sided air freshener, a set of two name tags and a vile urine filled syringe pen. You can reserve your copy at this location. Horror Pain Gore Death is currently streaming an album sampler of this release at www.facebook.com/horrorpaingoredeath. More info at www.horrorpaingoredeath.tk

OCTOBER TIDE have officially signed a worldwide deal with Pulverised Records and are currently preparing their as of yet untitled new album. The recordings have been scheduled at Black Lounge Studio (SCAR SYMMETRY, CARNAL FORGE, IN MOURNING, CENTINEX, etc) in Sweden and production duties will once again be handled by Jonas Kjellgren. In related news, the band recently underwent a line-up change with both singer Tobias Netzell and bass-player Pierre Stam leaving the band for personal commitments and other musical projects. They were replaced by Mattias Norrman (ex – KATATONIA, ex – INTERMENT, etc) on bass and Alexander Högbom (VOLTURYON, SPASMODIC) on vocals. www.octobertide.net

April 05, 2012

The complete BLOODSOAKED discography is available for streaming at www.bloodsoaked.stereokiller.com now. Included are 2007’s "Brutally Butchered", 2009’s "Sadistic Deeds…Grotesque Memories" and 2011’s "The Death Of Hope", all of which are available through Comatose Music. The albums continue to be available at www.bloodsoaked.bandcamp.com as well. A video for the song ‘No God’ can be found at this location.

Polish extreme Metal act HATE has been confirmed to tour Brazil for the second time in their career. The tour will start on April 12, 2012 in Sao Jose dos Campos and will include 3 more shows in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Sao Paulo. Here’s a comment by the band’s leader ATF Sinner: "This tour is in support of our latest album "Erebos" which have been officially released in Brazil on Sadistico Records. We are really looking forward to invading Brazil again! This short tour is a good occasion for supporting our official release "Erebos" and meeting our crazy fans as well! You are all about to witness supreme Polish Blackened Death Metal at its best! So don’t fuckin’ miss it!" The band has confirmed signing an exclusive booking contract with the Rock The Nation agency. The agreement includes all European countries except Poland and Russia. Rock The Nation is one of the most esteemed booking agencies in Europe which is involved in organization of numerous Metal festivals and tours, such as Metalcamp, Paganfest, Full OF Hate Festival, Thrash Fest, Metalfest etc. More HATE info at www.hate-metal.com

EXUMER have been confirmed to headline the "Metal on the Rocks" Festival in Mexico City on May 04, 2012. The festival will also feature U.S. based MORBID SAINT and Mexican acts INQUISITION, RAGNELL and others. EXUMER were slated to play in Mexico in December 2010, but were not able to travel due problems with the local promoters at the time.Two additional shows in Mexico have been added on May 05 and May 06, making it a total of three events for EXUMER in the country. Vocalist Mem Von Stein comments: "We were devastated when we learned that we were not able to play those shows in Mexico in 2010. It was the first time in our career that we had to cancel a series of live shows in a country that has some of the most loyal and devoted Metal fans on the planet. We hope that we can make it up to the fans this time around and are proud to premier a brand new live set that will include songs from our brand new album "Fire And Damnation", for the very first time in Mexico!" EXUMER’s new album "Fire And Damnation" will be released via Metal Blade Records on April 10, 2012.

Swedish DEMONICAL have issued the following statement: "With a victorious salute we hereby reveal the dates for the "Summer Infernal Tour 2012", a tour and propaganda campaign containing all our battles from June to August. We are utterly thrilled to once again rip up the European summer and show each and everyone what Swedish death metal is all about!" Check out our tourdates section or www.demonical.net for the exact dates.

Plymouth-based UK Death / Thrashers HOLODOMOR, have just released their debut MCD "Témoignages De La Gnose Terrestre". It is limited to 500 copies and features the following five tracks: ‘Fall Into Time’, ‘The Spell Of Black Affliction’, ‘Tribulation Stigmata’, ‘Evoke’ and ‘The Iconoclast’. You can listen to ‘The Spell Of Black Affliction’ here. The band commented on the material: "The aim of realising "Témoignages De La Gnose Terrestre" was a sonic catalysation of fury, alienation and inhuman psychosis. The immense slaughter of HOLODOMOR destroys thoroughly and mercilessly devastates the last remnants of coherent thoughts in the attack resembling some more excellent spells by ANGELCORPSE, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, THRONEUM or REVENGE." More info at www.facebook.com/Holodomor