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July 27, 2012

Swedish Death Metallers DIABOLICAL have released a pre-production teaser for their upcoming fifth album "Neogenesis" at this location. Vocalist and guitarist Sverker Widgren comments: "The recording is well under way and the results are very pleasing so far to say the least. However, it will take a while before we can share any of the actual album material, so we figured we can share some of our demo / pre-production material with all of you out there. I think it will be obvious to everyone now why we are very thrilled about the new album and it is our hope that you can join us in the excitement." The recording process for "Neogenesis" already began in June at Necromorbus Studio with Widgren once again handling production duties. A series of video reports featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of "Neogenesis" are being posted on Youtube as the album develops. The first two episodes can already be seen here and here. The complete tracklist of the album reads like this: ‘Into Oblivion’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Oracle’, ‘Ex’, ‘World In Silence’, ‘Reincarnation Of The Damned’, ‘Fields Of Nihil’, ‘Dialogue With The Dead’, ‘Wolves’ Choir’, ‘The Age To Come’ and ‘Humanitas’. More info at www.diabolical.se or www.facebook.com/diabolicalofficial

July 26, 2012

"Now… Submit Your Flesh To The Master’s Imagination", the debut full length by Portugal’s Death Metallers UNDERSAVE, was released on July 09, 2012 by War Productions. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Paulo Vieira at Brugo Sound Studios and Moshpit Studios during the end of 2011. Artwork was supplied by André Coelho. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Now… Submit Your Flesh To The Master’s Imagination’, ‘Digging And Blocking The Exit To The Unwanted Freedom’, ‘Assuming A Position… A Way To Criticize One’s Own Hypocrisy’, ‘Akedía’, ‘Disfigured Routine’, ‘Abnormal Virility’ and ‘Anthology… Landings’. Two of the songs can be checked out at the band’s soundcloud page at this location. All further info at www.facebook.com/undersave

July 25, 2012

On August 03, 2012 Cyclone Empire will release a new 2-song FACEBREAKER 7" entitled "Zombie God". The EP is limited to 333 copies in white vinyl and 333 copies in black vinyl and comes with an additional lyric sheet. The cover art was done by Mark Riddick.

Chaos Records have just released the vinyl edition of "The Key To A Black Heart", the new album from Swedish old school Death Metallers BLOOD MORTIZED (the CD version was already released by F.D.A. Records on May 18, 2012). This limited edition 180g vinyl (500 copies only) comes in standard black, blood red or splatter white / blood red and features a gatefold jacket (with exclusive cover art by Dutch artist Thomas Knyst), a printed inner sleeve and an exclusive A2 poster. Orders will begin shipping on August 13, 2012. The follow-up to the band’s "Bestial" EP was once again recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by drummer Mattias Borgh at Underworld Recording. A stream of the title track has been posted at this location. All further info or ordering details at www.bloodmortized.com or www.chaos-records.com

After a hiatus of more than two years Austria’s Grindhouse Music has returned to the scene. Their first new release will be a re-release of MASTER‘s 1998 album "Let’s Start A War" on September 11, 2012. The re-release will come up with a new cover artwork / booklet design and also features the "Follow Your Savior" EP as a bonus. A special limited edition pre-order package will include the CD in a DVD slimcase, a t-shirt and a sticker. Pre-orders start on August 27, 2012. For more information check out www.xgrindhousex.com or www.grindhouse.bigcartel.com. The label has also just released a new issue of the A5 sized, pro-printed and english written fanzine METÄLEN. The fourth issue features short interviews with ASPHYX, GRAVEHILL, DAN SWANÖ, REQUIEM, MISERY INDEX, NOMINON and CATTLE DECAPITATION as well as with Indonasion artist Cucu Somantri of Gencuy Brutal Art. The fanzine itself is for free, but make sure to contact them for shipping conditions at one the the addresses mentioned above or check out their facebook site www.facebook.com/grindhousemusic

July 24, 2012

SADISTIC INTENT, L.A.’s undisputed kings of old school Death Metal, will finally conquer Europe with a full length tour in September this year. The tour kicks off on September 01 at Denmark’s Kill-Town Death Fest and ends on September 16 at the Incubate Festival in the Netherlands. The complete dates can be found in our tourdates section now. For all further info and updates check out www.facebook.com/killtownbookings

On August 03, 2012 Cyclone Empire Records will release another edition of their IMPERIAL ANTHEMS 7" split-series. Volume 10 features two CANDLEMASS covers by Spanish GRAVEYARD and Swedens NOMINON (‘A Tale Of Creation’ and ‘Dark Are The Veils Of Death’ respectively). The EP is limited to 500 handnumbered copies and comes in coloured vinyl, incl. a printed text and photo inlay. More info at www.cyclone-empire.com

In August Hellthrasher Productions will release a a limited edition digipak split MCD of Polish extreme Metal acts DECEPTION and DEMONIC SLAUGHTER entitled "Worshippers Of The Darkness". DECEPTION ‘s side features 3 brand new tracks of sinister old school Black Metal, while DEMONIC SLAUGHTER’s stuff combines raw Black Metal with some Death Metal elements and a guest apperance of Gonthi from SOUL SNATCHER, MOON or ABUSIVENESS.

Blistering.com has posted an exclusive stream of the song ‘Scriptures Of Foreign Tongues’ off of DEADLY REMAINS‘ debut full length "Severing Humanity" at this location. More info at www.facebook.com/deadlyremainsofficial

In September 2012 IUBARIS will release a compilation album called "Magnum Coeptum Satanicum" via Polish Black Death Production, containing the two previously self-released "Ars Sathanae I" and "Ars Sathanae II" mini-albums on one Cdas well as additional versions as a bonus. You can check out all of the songs on the band’s official SoundCloud profile http://soundcloud.com/iubaris/sets. All further information at www.facebook.com/iubaris

July 20, 2012

On July 16, 2012 Tanquam Aegri Somnia have released DEHUMAN‘s "Black Throne Of All Creation" on 12" LP (under official license from Kaotoxin Records). The LP is available in two editions: regular black vinyl and a red vinyl version that is limited to 100 copies. Both LP and CD versions can be ordered at www.kaotoxin.com. The album is also available for streaming or digital download at kaotoxinrecords.bandcamp.com. For more info check out www.facebook.com/dehumandm

Danish old school Death Metallers DEUS OTIOSUS will release their new album "Godless" on Deepsend Records in late summer 2012. You can already listen to the song ‘Pest Grave’ at this location. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Snakes Of The Low’, ‘In Harm’s Way’, ‘New Dawn’, ‘Pest Grave’, ‘Surrounded By The Dead’, ‘Cast From Heaven’, ‘Face The Enemy’ and ‘Death Dance’. More info at www.deus-otiosus.com or www.facebook.com/deusotiosus.dk

Polish HELL UNITED will release their new full length "Aura Damage" on September 11, 2012 via Hellthrasher Productions. The album has been recorded in spring this year at Roslyn Studio under the supervision of Krzysztof Godycki. A preview of the track ‘Deathlike Cold’ was posted here. More info at www.hellunited.com, www.facebook.com/hellunited

July 19, 2012

Pulverised Records have signed American / Swedish Doom / Death Metallers SKELETAL SPECTRE. The band is fronted by Vanessa Nocera (WOODEN STAKE, SCAREMAKER, etc) and already released two full-length albums via Razorback Records. A brand new track ‘Bone Dust’, taken off the upcoming new album "Voodoo Dawn", is now available for streaming at this location. For more information check out www.facebook.com/pages/Skeletal-Spectre/167747449913361

July 18, 2012

German Death Metallers OBSCENITY will release their 8th album "Atrophied In Anguish" on September 14, 2012 through Apostasy Records. The album was recorded at Soundlodge Studio (GOD DETHRONED, SINISTER, DEW-SCENTED) with producer Jörg Uken and is the band’s first release since 2006’s "Where Sinners Bleed". The band has issued the following statement: "Atrophied In Anguish" is the quintessence of the diverse epochs of OBSCENITY. We combined typical ’90s melodic parts and leads with modern blast parts. The new album is a mixture of "The 3rd Chapter" and "Cold Blooded Murder" with a giant sound that is made without Lego-Triggers and other technical stuff." Here’s the tracklist: ‘Erase The Divine’, ‘All You Can Kill’, ‘Atrophied In Anguish’, ‘From Heroic To Depraved’, ‘Swine To The Slaughter’, ‘Perfect Pain’, ‘Neurotic Frenzy’, ‘Diary Of A Scapegoat’, ‘Monoistic Living’ and ‘Hysterical Illusion’. More OBSCENITY at www.facebook.com/obscenity.official

July 17, 2012

AVULSED‘s performance at AltaVoz Festival, which took place on October 16, 2011 in Medellin, Colombia, has been uploaded at this location. The show is 55 minutes long, it was recorded with many cameras, has a great picture quality and was shown live on TV. The guitarist that you can see on the right is Miguel Barez, a good friend of the band from INNTRANCE, who replaced Cabra on this show. More AVULSED at www.facebook.com/avulsed1991

Legion Of Death Records have just released the "Icons Of The Wicked" split 7" EP by SAVAGE DEITY and GOATCHRIST666 (both bands are from Thailand) as well as the "Depths Of A Cold Abyss" 7" EP by Paraguay’s blackened Death / Thrash Metallers MASTER OF CRUELTY. More details and sound samples you’ll find at www.legionofdeathrecords.com

INCANTATION will return to Europe this August for a series of festival dates. The band comments: "As we are still in the mists of the recording process for our 8th and latest studio full length, which will be released through Listenable Records, we will make the short run to play some of Europe’s most brutal festivals. We are honored to have been asked to play these amazing fests this year, we will be playing some new tracks from the upcoming new release later this year, as well as our classics. We just toured Brazil and the response for the new material was horns held high and an outbreak of Death Metal overload!!! It has been brought to our attention (that there has been) interest in INCANTATION playing additional shows / fests in August, but unfortunately were not able to play any more Euro festivals at this time. The aforementioned shows are all we have agreed to play. Of course, we are disappointed not to be able to play every show asked, but extremely happy to be playing the shows we are. Due to recording obligations and (lack of) booking details, time restraints (will prevent) us from being able to play all of them. I would personally like to apologize to any organizers that might have been mislead into thinking we were playing, and thank all of you for the continues support of INCANTATION!!!!" www.incantation.com

July 16, 2012

Swedish Death Metallers DIABOLICAL have started recording their fifth album "Neogenesis" at Necromorbus Studio in June. Guitarist / vocalist Sverker Widgren, who produced the band’s 2008 release "The Gallery Of Bleeding Art", is once again handling production duties. Guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv explains the album title: "Apart from being a physiological term, the title "Neogenesis" translates to ‘new beginning’. The word originates from Greek and Latin and it marks a new beginning for DIABOLICAL in many ways. Furthermore the title has a much more profound significance to the theme and concept of this album. The drum tracks laid down are amazing, and we are all very excited about continuing to work on "Neogenesis". There are definitely some new flavors to our sound, and most importantly, the song material of "Neogenesis" is by far the greatest we’ve done." The album’s tracklist reads like this ‘Into Oblivion’, ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Oracle’, ‘Ex’, ‘World In Silence’, ‘Reincarnation Of The Damned’, ‘Fields of Nihil’, ‘Dialogue With The Dead’, ‘Wolves’ Choir’, ‘The Age To Come’ and ‘Humanitas’. Episode two of the band’s online studio diary is posted at this location. All further info at www.diabolical.se or www.facebook.com/diabolicalofficial

July 15, 2012

MUTILATED‘s "In Memoriam" double LP will be released in 2012 on Triumph ov Death / OPN Records. Deluxe copies will be available on subscription only through the label and will feature two 180 gram 33 rpm LPs with MUTILATED’s ’88 & ’91 demos + live material, never before seen photographs, a t-shirt and an exclusive 7" EP featuring the songs that were to be published in 1993. Subscriptions will end in August 2012. Regular copies will be available upon closing of the subscription but will not come with the shirt or the 7" EP. For further info contact : triumphovdeath@gmail.com or opnrecords@gmail.com

July 14, 2012

In collaboration with Apoch’s Metal Review, "Reaper’s Consecration", the new EP by Mexico’s ZOMBIEFCATION, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. The stream will only be available for a very short limited time period which ends this coming Sunday.

After two demos and 2011’s "Ascend To Chaos" EP, Finland’s GOREPHILIA have now released their debut album "Embodiment Of Death" via Dark Descent Records (the vinyl edition is coming later this year courtesy of Me Saco Un Ojo). The band is currently streaming the track ‘Pantheon In Flames’ at this location. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Pantheon In Flames’, ‘7 Gates, 7 Spheres’, ‘Forget Mortality’, ‘Gods Stand Aghast’, ‘Exist To Suffer’, ‘Bloodspawn’, ‘Saints Without Souls’ and ‘Vision Of Hell’. All further info at www.gorephilia.com or www.soundcloud.com/gorephilia

UK’s blackened Thrashers CULTFINDER will release a vinyl 7" EP entitled "Black Thrashing Terror" through Eldritch Lunar Miasma in August. Side A (to be played at 45rpm) features the title track, while side B (to be played at 33rpm) offers ‘Archangel Burial’ as well as ‘Witching Curse’ (a re-recording from their 2011 demo). The first 111 copies include a woven CULTFINDER patch, available exclusively through the band or Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records. The artwork comes courtesy of Mark Riddick who described the band’s demo as "excellent Black / Thrash much like early NECROPHOBIC, BESTIAL MOCKERY, MORDANT, CRUEL FORCE…" You can listen to samples of the track ‘Black Thrashing Terror’ at this location. For all additional information go to www.unholycultfinder.com or www.facebook.com/unholycultfinder

July 13, 2012

Hungarian Death Metallers SIN OF GOD have been signed by PRC Music. The band’s debut full length "Limbus" will be released on CD and digital formats on December 04, 2012. You can listen to the track ‘Seeds Ov Death And Pain’ at this location. For more info, check out www.facebook.com/sinofgodhu

Indianapolis’ Crusty Crossover Thrashers RADIATION SICKNESS will release their first studio album in two decades on June 22, 2012 via Abyss Records. "Entitled Reflections Of A Psychotic Past" features seven brand new tracks and will also include a re-mastered copy of the 1990 release "The Other Me, A Journey Into Insanity". A promo video of the song ‘Tripping In The Seas Of Madness’ was posted at this location. The band will appear at this weekend’s Central Illinois Metalfest at the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL on Saturday the 14th at 3:00. For festival details and a complete line-up, visit www.facebook.com/centralillinoismetalfest. All further info at www.facebook.com/RadiationDoug

New England’s Black Metallers AUTOLATRY have kicked off their 40+ date U.S. tour in support of their self-released EP "Of The Land" last night in Worcester, MA. The band will be on the road until the August 24, 2012 for a homecoming show in New Haven, CT. AUTOLATRY will keep fans posted with an online tour diary featuring updates, photos and live videos from every show. The blog is posted at www.autolatrytour.blogspot.com.

July 12, 2012

"Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations", the debut full length by UK’s brutal Death Metallers ENGORGEMENT , will be released on July 17, 2012 via Comatose Music. It was mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio in Italy and the album’s artwork was created by Andrey Kroms. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Ejaculation Over Defiled Human Remains’, ‘Paraplegic Punch Bag’, ‘Cranial Devourment’, ‘Fornicating the Disfigured’, ‘Putrefying Colonic Irrigation’, ‘Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations’ and ‘Full Body Prolapse’. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/engorgement

July 11, 2012

The pre-sales for the new self-titled CRYPTOPSY album will begin on Friday July 13, 2012 and it will only be available through their new website www.cryptopsy.ca (which will be online on Friday as well). As a special thanks to the pre-sale participants, the band has decided to give some digital goodies. First, on August 14, 2012 – one month before the digital release and official street date – you will receive two songs from the new album CRYPTOPSY. Then on September 11, 2012 you will receive the "Making of CRYPTOPSY" (a 30 minute documentary) alongside your completed album. All pre-sale participants will be placed in a draw to win the following grand prize: autographed limited edition vinyls of "Ungental Exhumation", "Blasphemy Made Flesh" and "None So Vile", autographed "Cryptopsy" CD, a full merch package, guy shirt, girly and zip up hoody of "Cryptopsy". The official CRYPTOPSY trailer, a 3 minute musical and video medley, will be released on Friday to give you a taste of the new album. The band issued the following statement, "We hope that you enjoy the sneak peek of the new CRYPTOPSY, we greatly appreciate your dedication and support. It is thanks to your help alone that we can continue doing this!!!" More info at www.facebook.com/cryptopsymetal

US Death Metallers BLOODSOAKED have added Joe Darling (from MALEBOLIGA) as a second guitarist / vocalist to their line-up. The band will be playing three shows this month in Chesapeake, VA (July 19), Wilmington, DE (July 20) and Atco, NJ (July 21). For more details check out our tourdates section. BLOODSOAKED will also be playing a European tour this November. The tour will run from November 02 – 11 and hit Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Sweden. Exact cities and venues are currently being confirmed. Support will come from COFFIN SYRUP, GORGY and MANGLED ATROCITY. Full streams of the two BLOODSOAKED albums "Sadistic Deeds…Grotesque Memories" and "The Death Of Hope" are online at www.bloodsoaked.stereokiller.com. All further info at www.facebook.com/bloodsoaked666

Chicago Thrashers TRIALS have parted ways with guitarist Remy Walle. The band’s new guitarist is Ryan Bruchert (CENTAURUS, ex – HE WHO CORRUPTS). TRIALS are currently working on the follow up to their debut "Witness To The Downfall". More info at www.facebook.com/trialsmusic

Canadian Melodic Death Metallers LAIKA will be playing several shows in their homecountry in July together with technical Death Metallers ABHORUPT. The band has issued the following statement about the upcoming tour: "With this new tour we are showing the newer sound of LAIKA and exposing fans to true Winnipeg Melodic Death Metal. We have enlisted Ronnie Ladobruk on guitar to join us on the journey out west. If this name sounds familiar, you may know him from this year’s Canada’s Got Talent! He was part of the Winnipeg Auditions. Ronnie has been putting a crazy amount of effort to make this tour a successful one. He’s an awesome guitarist and we can’t wait to show him the tour life." After the tour LAIKA will be heading into the studio with Ryan Forsyth again to record the long overdue follow up to 2010’s "Crafting The Cataclysm", which was self-released and made available for free download at this location. A sneak peak of two tracks planned to be released on the second album can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud page. All further information at www.laikametal.com, www.facebook.com/laikaofficial

July 10, 2012

"Beyond Salvation", the debut full-length by Swedish Black Metallers FLAGELLATED SERAPH, will be released on July 23, 2012 via Hellthrasher Productions. The album was mixed and mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson in Endarker (MARDUK, OFERMOD , NEFANDUS , IXXI , etc.) and the tracklist reads like this: ‘Reminiscence Of The Serpent’, ‘He Who Bears The Mark’, ‘Beyond Salvation’, ‘I Am The Flame’, ‘Redeemer Of Nothingness’ and ‘Casus Belli’. Two tracks can already be checked out at this location.

Swedish Death Metallers SKINEATER have released an eleven-minute audio snippet of the band’s latest full-length album entitled "Dermal Harvest" at this location. "Dermal Harvest" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground (CARNAL FORGE, AMARAN, MÅNEGARM, etc.) and the album cover was designed and conceptualized by Matthias Björkbacka. The album’s complete tracklist reads like this: ‘He Was Murdered’, ‘Dismantling’, ‘Your Life Is Mine’, ‘Made Of Godsick’, ‘Through The Empire’, ‘Stab’, ‘Drifting’, ‘Thousand Dead Faces’, ‘Bring Them’ and ‘Solitude Discord’. www.myspace.com/skineater

July 09, 2012

Portugal’s PESTIFER will start recording their debut full-length album with producer / sound-engineer Bruno Silva at Estudio213 in Porto, Portugal. A few song titles are: ‘Brutal Eruption Of Chaos’, ‘Nothing Remains’, ‘Mars Exulti’, ‘Rage In The Dark’, ‘Awaken By Death’ and ‘Carved In Flesh’. More info at www.facebook.com/pestiferofficial

Sweden’s MORBUS CHRON will release a vinyl 10" entitled "A Saunter Through The Shroud". It will feature 3 new tracks that were recorded and mixed by Fred Estby (at Gutterview Recorders) in Stockholm and mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering in the UK. Like for the "Sleepers In The Rift" album, the band worked with Raúl Gonzalez for the cover artwork again. A teaser of the EP has been posted at this location. "A Saunter Through The Shroud" will be available as a regular black wax vinyl version (limited to 700 copies), a limited volcanic red version (limited to 200 copies through www.cmdistro.de) and a electric red version (limited to 100 copies) through www.detestrecords.com. The worldwide release is set to Monday July 23, 2012 but copies will already be available at the Hell’s Pleasure Festival on July 19 – 21, 2012 in Pößneck, East Germany where MORBUS CHRON will play their first live show in Germany. More info at www.facebook.com/morbuschron

July 07, 2012

Polish Death Metallers MASACHIST have just completed work on their second full-length "Scorned". The follow-up to 2009’s "Death March Fury" was recorded in mid 2011 at Monroe Sound Studio, with final production touches taken care of by guitarist Aro. The band consists of Thrufel (ex – AZARATH, ex – YATTERING) and Daray (DIMMU BORGIR, ex – VADER, VESANIA), Heinrich (VESANIA, ex – DECAPITATED, ex – Unsun), Aro (SHADOWS LAND, TORQUEMADA) and Pig (ANAL STENCH, ex – DECAPITATED). "Scorned" will be released worldwide by Selfmadegod Records on September 03, 2012. You can already check out the track ‘The Process Of Elimination’ at this location. For all further info go to www.facebook.com/masachist

July 06, 2012

New England’s Black Metallers AUTOLATRY are set to embark upon a massive U.S. tour in support of their self-released EP "Of The Land". The tour will kick off on July 12, 2012 in Worcester, MA with cities and venues confirmed through August 02, 2012. The band will remain on the road for another three weeks before wrapping things up with a homecoming show on August 24, 2012 in New Haven, CT. Confirmed dates and venues can be found in our tourdates section. More info at www.facebook.com/autolatry

Today Abyss Records will release SOUTHWICKED‘s debut full length "Death’s Crown". The band features Allen West (ex – OBITUARY, ex – SIX FEET UNDER, ex – MASSACRE, etc.) on guitar. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro (The Massacre Begins)’, ‘Death’s Crown’, ‘Craving For Blood’, ‘Killing Spree’, ‘The Phantom Prince’, ‘Graveyard Of Bones’, ‘Charming Karma’, ‘Green River Killing Fields’ and ‘The Only Living Witness’. A promo video for the song ‘Craving For Blood’ can be checked out at this location. All further info at www.facebook.com/southwicked

July 05, 2012

Polish Death / Thrashers NEYRA are currently looking for a label, willing to release their debut full length "Madness In Progress". A video for the song ‘Mors Nigra’ (taken from the album) can already be checked out at this location. All further info and sound samples at www.myspace.com/neyraband or www.facebook.com/neyraband

July 03, 2012

Illinois-based Viking Thrashers THE HORDE have signed with Abyss Records for the follow-up for the release to 2011’s "Thy Blackened Reign". Guitarist Tim Matthews comments: "The HORDE are thrilled to have signed with Abyss Records. This is a match made in Valhalla as they will suit up in their armor and go to war with us as we ride into the flames of battle! We are currently working on our third album, which has the working title "Destroyer… Slayer Of Men". Some song titles are ‘Pray Hater’, ‘10,000 Strong’ and ‘Firevurm’. Will be entering Mercenary Digital Studios in Zion, IL at some point this winter to record with Scott Creekmore." THE HORDE is slated to appear at Spring Bash IV in April of 2013 in Milwaukee, WI alongside DECEASED, MORTA SKULD and other acts tba. More US festival appearances for 2013 are in the works. The band’s Abyss Records debut is scheduled for a fall 2013 release on CD and vinyl formats. A video for the song ‘Odin’s Blood’ (off "Thy Blackened Reign") can be found at this location. For more on THE HORDE, visit www.facebook.com/hordemetal

Norwegian Black Metallers RAGNAROK have released a new video for the title track from their last album "Collectors Of The King". The video was produced by William Brovold, directed by Stefan E Pedersen and the cinematography is by Lasse Roed. Drummer and RAGNAROK founder Jontho had this to say about the video: "It’s the first official video we’ve done for the band, and for a band that’s been around as long as we have, you could say it’s been a long time in coming. It’s a very dark piece in every sense of the word and perfectly conveys the atmosphere and subject matter of the track itself. We’re very pleased with the result, and now we’ve got a taste for it, it certainly won’t be the last video we make and you can rest assured that the new album will provide plenty of material for the next one." The ‘Collectors Of The King’ video can be seen at this location.

Germany’s DESASTER have shot their first official promo video for the song ‘Phantom Funeral’. You can check it out at this location.

GunShyAssassin.com are currently streaming the song ‘Modern Enslavement’ from French brutalists OFFENDING at this location. The song is taken from the band’s newest release "Age Of Perversion". The album’s tracklist reads like this: ‘Infested By His Burden’, ‘Within This World’, ‘Modern Enslavement’, ‘Dominion XXI’, ‘Religion Depravity’, ‘Age Of Perversion’, ‘Hopeless Submission’, ‘Raped By Religion’ and ‘Devotion’. All further info at www.facebook.com/pages/offending/150646044483

California Death / Thrashers SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER will team up with ISOLATION IN INFAMY and MADROST for the "Sickening Southwest Tour III", which kicks off September 23, 2012 in Los Angeles. You’ll find all details in our tourdates section. The tour is booked around the "Building Temples From The Dead Fest", which will take place on September 29, 2012 at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, Texas. The fest will feature performances from SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER and ISOLATION IN INFAMY, along with INGURGITATE, HOD, DESPISE THE SUN and many more (21 bands on two stages on one day). For more details on the fest visit this location. More info on SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER you can find at www.facebook.com/sacrificialslaughter

Here’s an official statement from Swedish old school Death Metallers DEMONICAL: "As a lot of people have asked us during the past months what’s up with the DEMONICAL line-up we feel that it is time to sort things out. Since February Pablo Magallanes is no longer a member of DEMONICAL. Only about two months after he officially joined the band we had to part ways due to him moving back to South America and as a result of this, some of the shows during the spring were done as f our-piece. The timing of Pablo’s departure was not the best as Johan had already last autumn notified us that because of personal reasons he needs to take some time off from all touring activities during this summer. However, Johan will be back again after the summer and everything will be back to normal. We have not yet decided and feel no rush in deciding what to do with the vacant guitarist slot. We will continue as a five-piece live – that’s for sure – but in which form (fulltime or session member) is yet to be decided. As for now we have Daniel Gustavsson and Antti Kurvinen with us to fill in on guitars and so far everything has worked out incredible well. The shows we have done this spring have been awesome – actually some of the best shows we have ever done – and we are all very much looking forward to the exciting festivals and club battles that we have ahead of us. See you all in the ditch!" – Martin, Sverker and Fredrik on behalf of DEMONICAL. More info at www.demonical.net