March 15, 2013

French Black Metallers AOSOTH has premiered a second song from their fourth full-length "IV:Arrow In Heart", which is going to be released on April 16, 2013 via Agonia Records. ‘Temple Of Knowledge’ is streaming exclusively at this location. The first revealed song, ‘An Arrow In Heart’, can still be found here. More information at

On April 08, 2012 Unspeakable Axe Records (a sub-label of Dark Descent Records) will release the debut full length by Texas based Crossover Thrashers BIRTH A.D. which is entitled "I Blame You". Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Mission Statement’, ‘Equal Opportunity’, ‘Burn L.A.’, ‘Failed State’, ‘Bring Back The Draft’, ‘This Scene Sucks’, ‘Violent Retribution’, ‘No, Man’, ‘I Blame You’, ‘Short Bus Society’, ‘Wrong Again’, ‘Fill In The Blank’, ‘Kill Everybody’, ‘No Jobs (Don’t Work)’, ‘Cause Problems’, ‘Parasites Die’, ‘Popular War’ and ‘Blow Up The Embassy’. For all further info check out

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