September 12, 2013

Comatose Music will release the re-recording of the long out of print SUTURE 2002 debut "Carnivorous Urge To Kill" on October 29, 2013. SUTURE recently assembled their original line-up and entered the studio to re-record this entire album, along with a couple bonus tracks from the band’s early years. It features guest guitar solos by James Murphy (DEATH, OBITUARY, DISINCARNATE), Rick Rozz (DEATH, MASSACRE) and Jim Nickles (ex – MALEVOLENT CREATION), plus all new artwork. The album track ‘Carcinoma Contagion’ is now streaming at More SUTURE info at

SLUTVOMIT have posted a new track from their forthcoming debut album "Swarming Darkness" at this location. The album will be released on September 30, 2013 through Invictus Productions and features the following tracks: ‘Swarming Darkness’, ‘Downward Falling Christ’, ‘Lucifer Unbound’, ‘Bombing The Chapel’, ‘Morbid Priest (Of Hell)’, ‘Poservore’, ‘Necrovoyeur’, ‘Servants Of Satan’, ‘Eden Ablaze’, ‘Incendiary Rape’ and ‘Harbringer Of Doom’. All additional info can be found at

PERDITION TEMPLE‘s new album "The Tempter’s Victorious" will feature eight new tracks and cover art done by Adam Burke. It will also be preceded by a 7" EP, with an exclusive original PERDITION TEMPLE track as well as a special B-side cover track. The recordings for "The Tempter’s Victorious" will begin in the coming months. The release is scheduled for early 2014 through Hells Headbangers. PERDITION TEMPLE has finally solidified its line-up and the band consists of the following musicians now: Gene Palubicki – guitars (APOCALYPSE COMMAND, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY, ex – ANGELCORPSE), Bill Taylor – guitars (IMMOLATION, ex – ANGELCORPSE, ex – FELDGRAU, ex – XENOMORPH), Impurath – vocals (BLACK WITCHERY, ex – IRREVERENT), Ronnie Parmer – drums (CATALYSIS) and Gabriel Gozainy – bass. More information at

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