June 20, 2014

On August 01, 2014 Iron Bonehead Productions will release CEMETERY FOG‘s "Towards The Gates" as a 12" MLP. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘Withered Dreams Of Death’, ‘Embrace Of The Darkness’, ‘Shadow Of Her Tomb’ and ‘Outro – Towards The Gates’. All additional information about CEMETERY FOG you may find at www.ironbonehead.de or www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

Hungarian Death Metallers COFFINBORN have signed a deal with Xtreem Music. The band’s debut, a 4-song mini CD entitled "Beneath The Cemetery", will be released on July 15, 2014. The cover artwork was created by Mark Riddick and and the following tracks will appear on the EP: ‘Enter The Nightmares Of Horror’, ‘Beneath The Cemetery’, ‘Putrid Stench Of Death’ and ‘Corpse Collector’. The opener ‘Enter The Nightmares Of Horrors’ can already be checked out at this location. For all further information check out www.xtreemmusic.com

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