March 11, 2014

PHLEBOTOMIZED‘s debut album "Immense Intense Suspense" will be re-released through Hammerheart Records on April 07, 2014 as a double CD package together with the band’s follow-up full length "Skycontact". Both albums got re-mastered and fully updated artwork and packaging. All additional PHLEBOTOMIZED information at or

On April 04, 2014 Soulseller Records will release a NECROMANTIA double CD entitled “Nekromanteion – A Collection Of Arcane Hexes”. It comes with an extensive 16 pages booklet and the tracklist reads like this: Disc 1 – ‘Family Of Dog (The Feast Of Ghouls)’, ‘De Magia Veterum (The Dawn of Utter Darkness)’, ‘Faceless Gods’, ‘Evil Prayers’, ‘Lycanthropia’, ‘La Mort’ (all from the "Promo Tape 1990"), ‘Lord Of The Abyss’, ‘The Feast Of Ghouls’, ‘Evil Prayers’ and ‘Lycanthropia’ (all from the "Vampiric Rituals" Demo 1992). Disc 2 – NECROMANCY (Pre – NECROMANTIA): ‘Visons Of Lunacy’, ‘Thrashifixion’, ‘Shattered Bodies’, ‘Outbreak Of Evil’ (SODOM cover), ‘Forbidden Rites’, ‘Nocturnal Cry’, NECROMANTIA: ‘Spiritforms Of The Psychomancer’, ‘My World, Your Hell’, ‘Death Rider’ (OMEN cover), ‘The Number Of The Beast’ (IRON MAIDEN cover), ‘The Demon’s Whip’ (MANOWAR cover) and ‘Mordor’ (RUNNING WILD cover). More band information can be found at For ordering details and all further info, check out or

Comatose Music will release "A New Code Of Morality" from UK’s brutal Death Metallers TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE on April 29, 2014. The album track ‘Peculiar Perversions Particular To The Piquerist’ is now streaming at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Peculiar Perversions Particular To The Piquerist’, ‘Of Rutting Beasts And Drifting Herds’, ‘Scores Of Sores, Legions Of Lesions’, ‘Made Loose, The Bonds Of Piety’, ‘A Hundred And Twenty Days In Sodom’, ‘The Repercussions Of Fetus Consumption’, ‘A New Code Of Morality’, ‘The Locard Principle’, ‘Eschewing The Advice Against Self-Trepanation’, ‘Well If The Turkey’s In The High-Chair, Where’s The Baby?’ and ‘The Pitezel Family Holiday’. More band information at

Bologna, Italy based progressive Death Metallers RELIC have just released their first official video of the song ‘Gates Of Utopia’ at this location. The band’s entire first EP is additionally streaming on ReverbNation. More about RELIC at

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