June 12, 2015

"In Death We Meet", 2012’s debut full length from Pittsburgh based Doom / Deathers DERKÉTA, will be re-issued via Ibex Moon Records on June 16, 2015. It was remixed by GRAVE’s Ola Lindgren at Studio Soulless and includes the two bonus tracks ‘Darkness Fades Life’ and the SEPULTURA cover ‘Troops Of Doom’ (both songs have been recorded and mixed by Matt Schor at The War Room). The vinyl edition will additionally feature the four live tracks ‘Shadows Of The Past’, ‘Obscurities Of Darkness’, ‘Witchburned’ and ‘Time Of Awakening’. More DERKÉTA info at www.derketa.com or www.facebook.com/derketadoomdeathmetal

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