October 22, 2015

Bay Area Power Thrashers HEXX have added new vocalist Eddy Vega and second guitarist Bob Wright (from BROCAS HELM) to their line-up. The band is currently working on new music and preparing re-releases of all albums from their classic back catalog. "Morbid Reality" will be reissued on CD via Dark Symphonies / The Crypt Records in January of 2016, "Quest For Sanity" and "Watery Graves" will be handled by Vic Records and the band’s two early Power Metal classics "Under The Spell" and "No Escape", which earlier this year were reissued as limited edition vinyl albums on Metal Blade Records, will get a 2 CD / DVD Box set treatment as well. More about HEXX at www.facebook.com/officialhexx

In December Chile based Death Metallers SAVIOUR will release a new four track EP entitled "Mystical Perpetual Sleep" via Melipulli Records. One of the songs, ‘The Crypts Of The Impure’, is already streaming right here. More SAVIOUR info you’ll find at www.facebook.com/saviour.chile

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