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July 31, 2015

Norwegian Death Metallers BLOODREDTHRONE have just released a video for the song ‘Patriotic Hatred’ at this location. The track is taken from the upcoming new BLOODREDTHRONE album which will be released later this year. For all further information check out www.facebook.com/bloodredthroneofficial

July 30, 2015

"Mysterium", the new album from French Black / Death Metallers TEMPLE OF BAAL, will be released on October 02, 2015 via Agonia Records. The first single ‘Divine Scythe’ features guest vocals by Georges Balafas (DROWNING, EIBON, DECLINE OF THE I). You can check it out right here. More about TEMPLE OF BAAL at www.facebook.com/pages/temple-of-baal/20135072962

July 28, 2015

Finnish Death Metallers PURTENANCE will release their third album "…To Spread The Flame Of Ancients" on September 01, 2015. Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Invocatio’, ‘Perventio’, ‘Waiting To Be Free’, ‘I, The Sacrificed’, ‘On The Far Side Of Knowledge’, ‘Destroyed Human Mind’, ‘Blood Oath’, ‘Cornerstone Of Insanity’, ‘Disseminated Death’, ‘The Unseen’ and ‘Kaaos On Kanssamme (Chaos Is With Us)’. An advance track from the album can be checked out here. More info at www.facebook.com/purtenance

American Death Metallers WARFATHER have issued a studio update on the progress of the band’s as of yet untitled new album. The rhythm guitars, drums and bass tracks are completed. The vocals should be finished soon. The artwork is currently under consideration. WARFATHER’s Steve Tucker (who recently replaced David Vincent in MORBID ANGEL again) just issued the following statement: "Working with Erik Rutan on this record is both an honor and an amazing experience. Erik knows Death Metal better than any producer or engineer on this planet! He knows how to get the best performance out of everyone who steps through Mana Recording studios’ doors. A true professional and a legend!" Producer Erik Rutan added: "Recording with Steve and the guys on the new WARFATHER album has been fantastic! It has been a blast to be working on this monster album in the studio once again with my great friend and former band mate. The songs are heavy as hell and just outright awesome. We have some great tones and performances and I’m really excited about the whole process. We have just finished all the drums, bass and rhythm guitars. The massive foundation has been formulated. Now it is time to start vocals and solos and onward to the mix!" "Orchestrating The Apocalypse", the band’s debut full length from 2014, is still available as a digipak CD and digitally from Greyhaze Records. More about WARFATHER at www.facebook.com/pages/warfather/240931366011521

July 27, 2015

Dutch Death Metallers LUCIFERICON will start recording their new 3 track EP "Brimstone Altar" on August 15, 2015. The CD version will be released by Invictus Records and the 12" vinyl version via Blood Harvest Records. The artwork comes courtesy of Manuel Tinnemans (PENTACLE, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, etc). More info at www.facebook.com/lucifericon

July 25, 2015

Asvamedha Productions, in co-operation with Black Vomit Records, have made 1992’s NECROMANTIA / VARATHRON split LP "The Black Arts" / "The Everlasting Sins" available again on vinyl. It is limited to 500 copies (400 on black and 100 on white vinyl, the latter comes with an exclusive t-shirt) and features the original cover and identical artwork of the first pressing. It was remastered by the Magus himself. More info and ordering details via asvamedhaprods@gmail.com, www.blackvomitrecords.com/catalog or www.facebook.com/blackvomit666

July 24, 2015

Finnish Death Metallers AMPUTORY have released a video for the song ‘Cleansing By The Blade’ at this location. The song is taken from their debut album "Ode To Gore", which was released via Xtreem Music on May 10, 2015. More AMPUTORY at: www.facebook.com/amputory

Norwegian Black Metallers TSJUDER are streaming the first track from their upcoming new full length "Antiliv" at this location now. The album will be released on September 18, 2015 via Season Of Mist. The artwork has been designed by French artist Vincent Fouquet (MELECHESH, HIMINBJORG, BETHLEHEM) and the full tracklist reads like this: ‘Kaos’, ‘Krater’, ‘Norge’, ‘Djevelens Mesterverk’, ‘Demonic Supremacy’, ‘Slumber With The Worm’, ‘Ved Ferdens Ende’ and ‘Antiliv’. The digibox will additionally have the following bonus tracks: ‘Kaos’ (rehearsal version), ‘Slumber With The Worm’ (rehearsal version), ‘Antiliv’ (rehearsal version), ‘Deathcrush’ (MAYHEM cover) and ‘Unholy Pagan Fire’ (BEHERIT cover). More about TSJUDER at www.tsjuder.com or www.facebook.com/tsjuderofficial

Peru’s MORBID SLAUGHTER have just released a song from their upcoming album "A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death" right here. The album will be released on September 04, 2015 on vinyl through Boris Records in North America, deluxe digipak CD through Inti Records in South America and die hard tape edition by the band. The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Cannibal Butcher’, ‘Zombie Splatter Axe’, ‘Chainsaw Blade’, ‘Fuck Off, We Murder’, ‘Death’s Cold Blood’, ‘Torture Without Anesthesia’ and ‘Slay With Steel’. All additional info you will find at www.facebook.com/morbidslaughterofficial

"Chronicles Of Perversion", the fourth full length from Norwegian brutal Death Metallers KRAANIUM, will be released on September 18, 2015 via Comatose Music. The track ‘Hung By Your Entrails’ can already be checked out here. And a promo video for ‘Evisceration Of Pre-Teen Cadavers’ can additionally be found at this location. More information at www.facebook.com/kraaniumslam

July 23, 2015

German old school Death Metallers DEMONBREED have been signed by Testimony Records. The band rose from the ashes of the disbanded LAY DOWN ROTTEN and gets completed by Fernando Thielmann (MILKING THE GOATMACHINE, CARNAL GHOUL) on guitar. The debut album will be released by the end of this year on CD and vinyl (including a limited edition). The track ‘Red Countess’ (from the album’s pre-production) can already be checked out here. More info at www.facebook.com/demonbreedofficial

Brazil Death Metallers REBAELLIUN will re-release their 1999 "At War" CD single as a vinyl 7” EP via Hammerheart Records in October. A new album (working title "The Hell’s Decrees") will be recorded this Winter, with a release scheduled for May 2016. The band’s two albums “Burn The Promised Land” and “Annihilation” will also be re-released in deluxe CD versions, digitally and on vinyl. For all additional REBAELLIUN information check out www.facebook.com/rebaelliun

July 22, 2015

1992’s split release between Finland’s CARTILAGE and Sweden’s ALTAR will be re-released on August 20, 2015 via Xtreem Music as a double CD with 7 bonus tracks by each band (taken from their early demos). All songs have been remastered and the re-release comes with a remake of the cover artwork (the original cover is included as well) while the booklet will features photos, flyers and demo covers. A vinyl edition with the original split album tracks will follow in the future. Sound samples can be found here (ALTAR) and here (CARTILAGE).

July 21, 2015

HELTER SKELTER is a Black, Death and Grind zine, originally created between 1990 – 1993, but never officially released. On October 30, 2015 it will finally be out as a luxurious hardcover book (around 150 pages), limited to 1000 hand numbered copies. The layout was done the old school way with the help of a typewriter, glue and scissors. The following interviews will be featured: MAYHEM, SAMAEL, EXULCERATION, ROTTING CHRIST, IMPETIGO, FILTHY CHRISTIANS, EUCHARIST, CADAVER, SOLITUDE AETERNUS, RIPPIKOULO, UNCANNY, FURBOWL, FUNERAL FEAST, REGURGITATE, PARADISE LOST, XYSMA and one of the very first IN FLAMES interviews. Tons of demo reviews and big size posters of old MAYHEM and SAMAEL and a Nekromantik movie poster complete the picture. The first 500 copies will also include an extremely rare item. Pre-order and all additional information at www.facebook.com/helterskelterzine/posts/809903609105851 or via the following email: helterskelterfanzine@gmail.com

"Fragments", the new full length from Boston’s DYSENTERY, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by Adam Rourke at the RedRoom in Waltham, MA and Marco Hasmann (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, SEPTYCAL GORGE) created the cover art. It was released earlier this month via Comatose Music. More about DYSENTERY at www.facebook.com/dysenterygrind

US old school Thrashers SONICK PLAGUE are currently streaming material from their re-recorded, self-titled 1988 debut (originally entitled "What’s The Purpose"). The album will be released digitally via Pavement Music and on CD directly through the band on July 24 2015. You can listen to the tracks ‘Street Wars’ here and ‘One Swift Kick’ here. For all additional band information check out www.sonickplague.com or www.facebook.com/sonickplague

July 19, 2015

Colombia’s BELLS OF ACHERON ZINE has just released its third issue. Apart from the usual reviews it features a special about German Thrash Metal / Gama Records bands (interviews with DARKNESS, NECRONOMICON, STRANGER), a KING FOWLEY adventures article and interviews with DEATH COURIER, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, XENOTAPH, AGONY LORDS, JOSE LUIS CANO (writter of the book “BLACK METAL AND ITS SINISTER ANTECEDENTS IN ROCK AND HEAVY METAL”) HYPNOSIA, VANHELGD, SORCERER, BLOOD FARMERS, FORCED KILL, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, FUNERAL NATION, INFERNAL SLAUGHTER, CHANCRO DURO, UNDER THE CHURCH, BLACK JESUS, MACHETAZO and INFERNUS SERPEST. 76 pages in total. For ordering information please contact: traumarkhan@hotmail.com

July 18, 2015

On June 28, 2015 guitarist Don Gates announced that he is no longer part of Florida Death Metallers BRUTALITY. The reason for his departure he called "socio-psychological incompatibility with the rest of the band." Gates kept all material that he had already written for the self-titled BRUTALITY album and will release it on his own. One of the tracks (‘Karma’s Manifesto’) can be checked out here. It was recorded in his own studio and he performed all instruments on his own. Only with the lyrics and vocals he got help from two old friends, Randy Dewitt and Keith Suchland.

US Death Metallers ECTOVOID are currently streaming their new full-length "Dark Abstraction" in its entirety at this location. The album has just been released on CD via Hellthrasher Productions. More info at www.facebook.com/ectovoid

‘Cursed Blades Cast Upon the Slavescum Of Christ’, a track from the upcoming new ADVERSARIAL album "Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism", is now streaming at this location. The album will be released on August 21, 2015 via Dark Descent Records. For all additional ADVERSARIAL information check out www.adversarial.ca or www.facebook.com/adversarialofficial

July 17, 2015

Technical Death Metallers ATHEIST are currently streaming previously unreleased live footage of the band’s classic line-up over here. The video is taken from the upcoming Season Of Mist CD / DVD re-issues of the band’s early albums. It was shot on February 09, 1991 at the Waters Club, San Pedro, California at the last show of ATHEIST bassist Roger Patterson before his tragic death. More info at www.facebook.com/atheistofficial

"Chronicles Of Perversion", the fourth full length from Norway’s brutal Death Metallers KRAANIUM, will be released via Comatose Music on on September 18, 2015. The artwork was created by Marco Hasmann and the complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Rock Filled Orifice’, ‘Human Skin Fuck Doll’, ‘Hung By Your Entrails’, ‘Destined For Surgical Defilement’, ‘Evisceration Of Pre-Teen Cadavers’, ‘Chronicles Of Perversion’, ‘Acid Cumbustion’, ‘Rusty Knife Defloration’, ‘Fermented Uteral Mastication’, ‘Sodomize Her Headless Corpse’ and ‘Revisitate To Mutilate’. A promo video for the album track ‘Evisceration Of Pre-Teen Cadavers’ can be found at this location. For all additional info check out www.facebook.com/kraaniumslam

On September 04, 2015 Peru’s MORBID SLAUGHTER will release their debut album "A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death" on vinyl (Boris Records, North America), deluxe digipak CD (Inti Records, South America) and diehard tape edition (directly through the band). The following tracks will appear on the album: ‘Cannibal Butcher’, ‘Zombie Splatter Axe’, ‘Chainsaw Blade’, ‘Fuck Off, We Murder’, ‘Death’s Cold Blood’, ‘Torture Without Anesthesia’ and ‘Slay With Steel’. More band information at www.facebook.com/morbidslaughterofficial

"Aggregat 4", the debut full length from Dutch Doom / Deathers CONFRONTATION, will be released through Chaos Records later this year. More details will follow soon. More info about CONFRONTATION can be found at www.facebook.com/confrontationhm2

‘Zealot, Crusader Of War’, another track from HATE ETERNAL‘s upcoming new album "Infernus", is currently streaming at this location. The album will be released on August 21, 2015. More HATE ETERNAL at www.facebook.com/hate.eternal

July 15, 2015

On August 01, 2015 CEREBRAL FIX will enter Framework Studios in Birmingham to record the band’s fifth studio album. It is the band’s first album since "Death Erotica" from 1992. The release is scheduled for October / November 2015 through Xtreem Music and the working title is "Disaster Of Reality". The album will feature new singer Al Osta (RAVENS CREED), who replaces former vocalist Simon Forrest, who left the band in late 2014. It also marks the return of bassplayer Steve Watson, who already played in CEREBRAL FIX from 1987 – 1989. The current CEREBRAL FIX line-up is completed by Andy Baker (ex – SACRILEGE, VARUKERS, WARWOUND) on drums and Tony Warburton and Gregg Fellows on guitars. The two songs from 2014’s CEREBRAL FIX split 7" EP with SELFLESS can be checked out here (‘Never Say Never Again’) and here (‘Crucified World’). More about CEREBRAL FIX at www.facebook.com/cerebralfixdirtbirds

July 14, 2015

Contributors wanted! VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE is looking for reliable people again who can help us out with reviews, as we still get so much stuff that it’s difficult to keep track in this department. So, if you should have the necessary time, dedication and knowledge, get in touch with us for all further details here. If you’re running a magazine / zine on your own (or already contribute to one), you’re more than welcome as well.

SKELETAL REMAINS have just released a lyric video for the song ‘Beyond Cremation’ at this location. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming new album "Condemned To Misery" which will be released on August 07, 2015 (CD and digital) via F.D.A. Records. The vinyl edition will follow on September 04, 2015. More about SKELETAL REMAINS at www.facebook.com/skeletalremainsdeathmetal

July 11, 2015

"Fragments", the new full length from Boston’s DYSENTERY, has just been released via Comatose Music. It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Adam Rourke at the RedRoom in Waltham, MA and Marco Hasmann (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, SEPTYCAL GORGE) created the cover artwork. The album track ‘Invocation Of Parallel Bloodlet’ is streaming right here. More about DYSENTERY at www.facebook.com/dysenterygrind

July 09, 2015

Swedish old school Death Metallers WOMBBATH have just released a track from their upcoming new full length "Downfall Rising" at this location. The album was mixed by Jeramie Kling and mastered by James Murphy (DISINCARNATE, ex – DEATH / TESTAMENT / OBITUARY etc). It will be released in North America via Dark Descent on August 21, 2015. Pulverised Records will already release the album in all other territories on August 07, 2015. For all additional band information check out www.facebook.com/wombbath

July 08, 2015

"Buried In The Woods", the second full length from Finnish Death Metallers NECROPSY, will be released on August 01, 2015 via Xtreem Music. The tracklist reads as follows: ‘Buried In The Woods’, ‘Cold Fart Morbidity’, ‘Just Sharpen My Knife’, ‘Dead Inherit The Land’, ‘Full Moon Catlin’, ‘Pages Of Flesh’, ‘Best Day Ever’ and ‘Father Heresy’. For more NECROPSY info check out www.facebook.com/pages/necropsy/204404386244264. An exclusive advance track from the new album is streaming here.

GS Productions have just released a compilation CD from Russian Black Metallers WIND HEARSE. It is entitled "Nihilism" and comes as a six-panel digipak, limited to 100 numbered copies (20 of them will have an additional slipcase with an alternative cover and a patch). The compilation includes the album "Witch’s Arrows" (1997) and the "Trident" demo from 1996. One of the album tracks (‘Kryst’) is currently streaming at this location. More info at http://gsproduction.bandcamp.com

Century Media Records will officially re-release the entire discography from German Death Metallers DARK MILLENNIUM. The two demos (1991’s "The Apocryphal Wisdom" and 1992’s "Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be") have been restored by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony (ASPHYX, MORGOTH, GRAVE, DISSECTION) while guitarist Hilton Theissen remastered both albums "Ashore The Celestial Burden" (1992) and "Diana Read Peace" (1993) from the original sound sources. The discography will be released as a fairly-price limited 4 CD version and on vinyl as three separate limited LPs. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks. More about DARK MILLENNIUM at www.facebook.com/pages/dark-millennium-official/121119711312446

July 07, 2015

American Death Metallers WARFATHER will start recording their as-of-yet untitled follow up to 2014’s "Orchestrating The Apocalypse" at Mana Studios with Erik Rutan this week. The album will once again be released via Greyhaze Records. More about WARFATHER at www.facebook.com/pages/warfather/240931366011521

On August 14, 2015 Kaotoxin Records will release "Æra Dementiæ", the second album from French Death Metallers ANTROPOFAGO. The first pressing will be out as a limited digipak double CD (500 copies). It also includes an expanded version of the band’s 2012 "Between Fear And Madness" EP. Further physical and digital editions will be released on the same day as two separate releases. More info at www.facebook.com/antropofago.deathmetal

Ukranian Death / Thrashers HELL:ON will release their fifth full length "Once Upon A Chaos…" on August 31, 2015 via Ferrrum.com. The song ‘Curse Of Flesh’ can already be checked out at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: ‘Filth’, ‘Delirium’, ‘Curse Of Flesh’, ‘Self-Destruction’, ‘Obliteration’, ‘Lustration’, ‘Salvation In Death’ (feat. Andreas Kisser of SEPULTURA) and ‘I’m God’. For all additional HELL:ON information check out www.hell-on.net or www.facebook.com/hellonofficial

July 06, 2015

U.S. Death Metallers ECTOVOID will release their new album "Dark Abstraction" on July 17, 2015 via Hellthrasher Productions. Joshua Freemon of HELLGOAT handled the recording and mixing, while Damian Herring of HORRENDOUS mastered the album. The artwork was created by Bart Bomiej Kurzok. The album was written throughout the last three years and features the following eight new songs: ‘Obscure Altars’, ‘Visions Of Reflective Decay’, ‘Mental Netherworlds’, ‘Precipice Of Absolute Chaos’, ‘Rituals Of Hallucination’, ‘The Expanse Between Slumber And Death’, ‘A Prisoner Of Paradox’ and ‘Spawned From Unending Mystery’. You can already check out ‘Mental Netherworlds’ at this location. For more ECTOVOID info check out www.facebook.com/ectovoid

July 04, 2015

Slovenian Thrashers PANIKK are currently working on their second album. The release is scheduled for 2016. In the meantime they have released a new EP which is entitled "Pass The Time". It features 2 new songs and a live track. The EP is available for free download and as a very limited physical edition of 60 copies exclusively through their Bandcamp site. More band info at www.facebook.com/panikkofficial

Canadian Death Metallers ADVERSARIAL will released their new album "Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism" on August 21, 2015 via Dark Descent Records. The album track ‘Eonik Spiritual Warfare’ is already streaming here. For all further ADVERSARIAL information check out www.adversarial.ca or www.facebook.com/adversarialofficial

Akslen Black Art Records have just released "Vargtimen", the debut full length from Norwegian Black / Ambient Metallers MINNERIKET. The album is currently streaming in its entirety at this location. More about MINNERIKET at www.facebook.com/minneriket

July 02, 2015

The new MALEVOLENT CREATION album "Dead Man’s Path" will be released via Century Media Records on September 18, 2015. The cover artwork was created by tattoo artist German Latorres. The band’s current line-up features Brett Hoffmann (vocals), Phil Fasciana (guitars), Gio Geraca (guitars), Jason Blachowicz (bass) and Justin DiPinto (drums). More info at www.facebook.com/malevolentcreation

DESTRÖYER 666 have re-signed with Season Of Mist for the release of their next album which will be recorded in late July. The band is currently working on a South American tour which is scheduled for mid January 2016 with a couple of Australian dates to follow afterwards. More DESTRÖYER 666 at www.facebook.com/destroyer666page or www.destroyer666.uk

July 01, 2015

GROTESQUE‘s "In The Embrace Of Evil" will be re-released via Hammerheart Records in September as gatefold LP (splatter: 100 copies, black: 400 copies and picture LP: 300 copies) and deluxe digipak CD. More info at www.hammerheart.com

ABBATH will play their first European tour in early 2016 with BEHEMOTH, INQUISITION and ENTOMBED AD. Regarding the tour, King comments: "We look forward to sharing European stages with class acts such as BEHEMOTH, INQUISITION, and ENTOMBED AD. We will tour for the first time in support of our new album due to be released early 2016 by Season of Mist. Lock up your wives, daughters, and horses cause we’re soon coming to a town near you!" More info at www.facebook.com/abbathband or www.abbath.net

‘Athanatoi Este’, a track from the upcoming ROTTING CHRIST live double album "Lucifer Over Athens", is streaming at this location now. The album will be released on August 21, 2015 via Season Of Mist. Here’s an official comment from vocalist / guitarist Sakis Tolis about it: "After having been active for 27 years in the Metal scene and after playing more than over 1.200 shows in every corner of this planet, we have finally decided to release our first official live album ever! We have worked hard to make this record as rich as possible by including many fan favourites, while paying tribute to all phases of this band at the same time. We will take you back to our demo days and bring you right up to our contemporary creations. This is a live record with a soul. We invite you to a journey into the majestic world of ROTTING CHRIST!" For all further info check out www.facebook.com/pages/rotting-christ/290468585669

"Døden Læger Alle Sår", the new album from Danish Death Metallers UNDERGANG, is streaming in its entirety now at this location. It will be released via Dark Descent Records on July 10, 2015, the vinyl version will be released on Me Saco Un Ojo Records. More about UNDERGANG at www.facebook.com/undergangktdm