January 02, 2016

Guitarist / bassplayer "T" of German Death Metallers SULPHUR AEON, who just have been voted on # 2 in our BEST OF 2015 readers poll, sent in the following comments: "I want to thank all our supporters and the whole Voices crew! It feels really amazing to see that there are so many maniacs out there, who really appreciate our work. This is a huge honour! IÄ CTHULHU! IÄ YOG-SOTHOTH!" More band info at www.facebook.com/sulphuraeon

Spanish Death Metallers ORTHODOXY (featuring NTN of DOMAINS) are currently writing and recording their debut full-length which will be released via The Sinister Flame later this year. Polish Morbid Chapel Records recently released a limited CD edition of the band’s 2015 demo “Shaarimoth”. You can check out the songs at the Hexed Cemetery Records bandcamp site.

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