July 07, 2016

"Non Existendi Cultus" (’92), "Curse The Course" (’90) and "Disgusting Reality" (’89), the three demos from reformed Spanish Death Metallers OBSCURE, will be re-released on CD via Xtreem Music on August 01, 2016. The CD will be entitled "Back To Skull" and the booklet will feature all demo covers, lyrics and tons of photos and flyers. You can listen to an advance song at this location. More about OBSCURE at www.facebook.com/obscuredeathmetal

Brutal Death Metallers NEUROGENIC will release their debut full length "Ouroboric Stagnation" on September 02, 2016 via Comatose Music. The album features the following tracks: ‘Absorption Of Oblivion’, ‘Subdural Breeding’, ‘Immersion’, ‘Warden Domain’, ‘Endless Outrage’, ‘Vortex Of Uncreation’, ‘Allotriophagical Obsession’, ‘Soul Entralled’, ‘Spirited Bloody Emesis’, ‘Ouroboric Stagnation’ and ‘Eternal Path Of Enslaved’. You can already check out ‘Spirited Bloody Emesis’ at this location. More about NEUROGENIC at www.facebook.com/neurogenicmetal

Cantabria (Spain) based Death Metallers GATHERING DARKNESS have released a split CD with Canada’s TYRANTS BLOOD via Hecatombe Records. It is entitled “The Light Won’t Save You“ and features five new tracks (TYRANTS BLOOD contribute 4 tracks). One of the songs can be checked out here. For all additional GATHERING DARKNESS information go to www.facebook.com/gatheringdarknessofficial

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