June 18, 2017

Original SLAUGHTER drummer Ron Sumners has re-recorded the track ‘Tales Of The Macabre’ with bassplayer / vocalist Nick Sagias (OVERTHROW / SOULSTORM) and guitarists Jorge Romero (TORRE DE MARFIL) and Steve Waller (EPILEPTIC BRAIN SURGEONS) at Corpselicker Studios. Drums and lead guitar were recorded near Zürich, Switzerland in November 2016 and vocals, bass and rhythm guitar in Toronto in December 2016. Steve Waller assembled, mixed and mastered the final audio. Ron commented on this project as follows: "We’ve called the project SLAUGHTERING SLAUGHTER, and we hope to re-record a few more tracks from the "Strappado" album with different friends and Metal enthusiasts from different parts of the world." A video from this session can be found at this location.

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