March 06, 2018

Australian old school Death / Grinders UNRAVEL have released another song from their upcoming debut full-length "Eras Of Forfeit". You can check out ‘Reign Of Wasps’ right here. The album will be released via Testimony Records on April 13, 2018 on CD, limited vinyl (100 copies transparent red / black marbled and 200 copies black, both versions will include a DIN A1 artwork poster) and digitally. The cover artwork was created by Dan Seagrave and the full tracklist reads like this: ‘Arbitraitor’, ‘No Validation For Violation’, ‘Reign Of Wasps’, ‘Carcinogenesis’, ‘Sycophant’, ‘Isle Of Rot’, ‘Perpetual Servitude’, ‘Scorched’, ‘Fostering The Festering Spawn’, ‘Mortals’ Thirst’ and ‘Vermankind’. More about UNRAVEL at

California based Death Metallers SKELETAL REMAINS have released a video for ‘Seismic Abyss’, the first single off the band’s forthcoming new album "Devouring Mortality", at this location. Guitarist / vocalist Chris Monroy issued the following comments on the video: "The song is simply based on devastation of earthquakes and how unpredictable they can be with SKELETAL REMAINS’s own touch on the topic. The footage from the video was filmed here in Los Angeles. It was our first time doing something like this and we had a lot of fun doing it. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!" "Devouring Mortality" will be released on April 13, 2018 via Dark Descent Records (North America) and Century Media Records (rest of the world). It was tracked at Trench Studios (ABYSMAL DAWN, EXHUMED, HIRAX) in California and mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio (ASPHYX, DISSECTION, BLOODBATH). The album features cover artwork by Dan Seagrave (ENTOMBED, MORBID ANGEL, PESTILENCE). More about SKELETAL REMAINS at

On April 13, 2018 Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release a compilation from Canada’s Death / Grinders HUMAN COMPOST entitled "Exhumations Of Death And Horror". The entire material was fully remastered and includes the "Degradation Of A Virgin Corpse" EP, "The Cold Flesh" EP, "Reduced To Human Sludge" EP, a 2015 unreleased promo and a brand new cover of IMPETIGO’s classic ‘Breakfast At the Manchester Morgue’ (featuring guest spots by Aaron Whitsell and Kevin Reece of CROPSY MANIAC). Also included are cover versions of GG ALLIN, AUTOPSY, MAYHEM and POSSESSED. The album track ‘Decomposed’ is already available for streaming over here. For all additional HUMAN COMPOST information check out

Italy’s Post-Black / Doom Metallers DEADLY CARNAGE have released two tracks (‘Lumis’ and ‘Ifene’) from their upcoming album "Through The Void, Above The Suns" at this location. A short studio trailer can additionally be checked out here. The album will be released at the end of March through ATMF. For more info and all further updates follow the band at

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