May 10, 2018

Spanish Death / Grinders NASTY SURGEONS will release their second album "Infectious Stench" on July 05, 2018 through Xtreem Music. An advance track has already been posted at this location. The band commented on the track as follows: "This is our own tribute to the gods CARCASS. The main riff reminded us from the beginning and that’s why the title of the song was ‘The Carcass’. We adapted the title and the text. This is perhaps the "softest" song on the album and it has a catchy riff, but we love it and it is an essential element for our live performances. Enjoy!" The cover artwork for "Infectious Stench" was once again created by Juanjo Castellano and the complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Ex Putrefactione Generati’, ‘Smell The Carcass’, ‘Infectious Stench’, ‘Subdural Haematoma’, ‘Impaled Crucified And Beheaded’, ‘Forensic Necrophilia’, ‘The Lobotomist’, ‘In Peaces’, ‘Mouth To Anus’, ‘Infernal Bacterial Infection’ and ‘Dr Death’. More about NASTY SURGEONS at

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