April 18, 2020

American blackened Death Metallers VALDRIN have revealed a lyric video for ‘Red Burning Candles Of Hatred’ at this location. The track will appear on the band’s third album “Effigy Of Nightmares”, which will be released on June 12, 2020 via Blood Harvest Records. Vocalist / guitarist Carter Hicks commented on the album as follows: “Effigy Of Nightmares”, like our previous album “Two Carrion Talismans”, centers around the antagonist of our Mythos: Nex Animus. The story chronicles the tour of a nameless narrator through the halls of Hosptium Mortis, the nightmare hospital below the Orcus underworld itself, where Nex tortures and lobotomizes the dissident gods of his domain. We as the vessels of the Ausadjur Mythos have chosen this short and concise musical observation of Nex’s supreme power to be the final tale in the Orcus realm. In the future, we will return to the story of Valdrin Ausadjur, and continue after the events of Beyond The Forest.” The cover art of the album was created by Lucas Ruggieri, with layout by Anton Escobar and the full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Gates Of Hospice’, ‘Exsanguination Tunnels’, ‘Red Burning Candles Of Hatred’, ‘Serpentine Bloodhalls’, ‘Basilisk Of Light’ and ‘Down The Oubliette Of Maelstrom’. For more VALDRIN info please visit www.facebook.com/valdrinausadjur

Chicago based Black Metallers DISMALIMERENCE will release their debut full-length “Tome: 1” on June 26, 2020 via Transcending Records. It will be available on vinyl (black and gold marble editions), CD and digitally . The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Crimson Glow’, ‘Sequestered Hearts’, ‘My Only Love’, ‘Orchid’s Reverie’, ‘Pragma’, ‘Negligence Of The Forgotten’, ‘Vale Amor’ and ‘Destined For Solitude’. You can already check out ‘Negligence Of The Forgotten’ here. More about DISMALIMERENCE at www.facebook.com/dismalimerence

South American Death Metallers REPTILIUM have just released their sophomore EP “Adrenochromacy” via Slam Worldwide. It was recorded, engineered and produced by REPTILIUM’s Nirah (guitar and vocals) and Cecrops (drums) at Valley Of The Death in Quito, Ecuador. The mixing and mastering duties were handled by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings, Los Angeles, California. A full EP stream is available at this location. All additional band information can be found at www.facebook.com/reptiliumsect

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