April 24, 2024

Southern California based Doom / Deathers TZOMPANTLI have just released a song from their upcoming sophomore full length “Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force”. You can check out ‘Chichimecatl’ over here. The album will be released on May 17, 2024 via 20 Buck Spin. It was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Erol Ulug at Bright Light Studios. The cover artwork was crafted by Adam Burke. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Tetzahuitl’, ‘Tlayohualli’, ‘Tlaloc Icuic’, ‘Chichimecatl’, ‘Tetzaviztli’, ‘Otlica Mictlan’ and ‘Icnocuicatl’. www.facebook.com/tzompantlidoom

Vancouver, Canada based Death Metallers REVERSED have just premiered the track ‘Hungry Graves’ over here. It will be featured on the band’s upcoming debut full length “Wildly Possessed”, which will be released on May 24, 2024 via Invictus Productions. The previously revealed video for ‘Final Death’ can still be watched at this location. The complete “Wildly Possessed” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Wildly Possessed’, ‘Maelstrom Juggernaut’, ‘Hungry Graves’, ‘Beneath Evil Eyes’, ‘Final Death’, ‘Rusted Breath’ and ‘Black Seed’. The album was recorded at Fiasco Bros. Studios and mixed and mastered by Marco S. Vermiglio at The Forge Music Productions. www.facebook.com/reversedmetalofdeath

Denmark’s old school Death Metallers MORBID GRAVE will release their debut full length “The Slime Crawlers” on May 17, 2024 on CD and digital formats via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. It will also contain the band’s previously released EP “Pandemic Mutations” as bonus tracks. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Slime Crawlers’, ‘Recycled Body Fluids’, ‘NecroVomit Convulsions’, ‘Crypts Of Death’, ‘Tormented By The Undead’, ‘Gruesome Disfigured Existence’, ‘Silent Screams From The Deep’, ‘Corroded Bodies Dissolved In Slime’, ‘The Reanimating Process’, ‘Infected Impending Doom’, ‘…Slow Crawling Death…’, ‘Corrosive Stench Of Disgust’, ‘Into The Caves Of The Cursed’, ‘Morbid Corpses’, ‘Moldy Dungeon Of Skulls’, ‘Pandemic Mutations’ and ‘Forever Rotting’. You can already check out the single ‘Recycled Body Fluids’ at this location. More MORBID GRAVE info you will find at www.facebook.com/morbidgravedk

Spanish Thrashers HOLYCIDE will release their third full length “Towards Idiocracy” on June 06, 2024 via Xtreem Music on CD, vinyl LP, cassette tape and digital formats. It was mixed and mastered by Javier Fernández Milla (AVULSED, GOLGOTHA, THE HERETIC) and Davide Billia (HOUR OF PENANCE, BEHEADED) and the artwork was created by Daemorph Art (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, SORROW, BODYFARM). The following tracks will be featured on the album: ‘A.I. Supremacy’, ‘Towards Idiocracy’, ‘Remote Control’, ‘Lie Is The New Truth’, ‘Power Corrupts’, ‘Technophobia’, ‘Angry For Nothing’, ‘Chemical Dependency’ (ATROPHY cover), ‘Pleased To Be Deceived’ and ‘Flamethrower ‘Em All’. You can already check out the opener ‘A.I. Supremacy’ over here. All additional HOLYCIDE information you will find at www.holycide.com

“Underground Forever”, the third full length from Canadian Death Metal four-piece DUSKWALKER, will be released via Black Lion Records on July 26, 2024. It was recorded by John Robinson at Castle Tracula and mixed and mastered By Marko Tervonen. You can already stream the album’s first single ‘Crippled At The Core’ at this location. Here’s the complete “Underground Forever” tracklist: ‘Crippled At The Core’, ‘The Loss’, ‘Never Going Back’, ‘Underground Forever’, ‘City On A Cemetery’, ‘Posing Corpses’, ‘Artillery Communion’, ‘Vanquisher’, ‘Blasted Past Extinction’ and ‘Inhaling The Dust Of Bone’. www.facebook.com/duskwalkerofficial

“Endo Feight”, the eighth full-length of Norwegian SARKE, featuring DARKTHRONE’s Nocturno Culto on vocals, will be released on June 21, 2024 via Soulseller Records on vinyl LP, CD and digital formats. It was recorded and mixed at H10 Productions by Lars-Erik Westby and mastered by Sofia von Hage and Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering. The cover artwork was created by Kjetil Nystuen. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘Phantom Recluse’, ‘Death Construction’, ‘Lost’, ‘Abyssal Echoes’, ‘Old Town Sinner’, ‘I Destroyed The Cosmos’, ‘In Total Allegiance’ and ‘Macabre Embrace’. www.facebook.com/sarkeofficial

Portuguese blackened Thrash / Death / Punk duo SPITGOD will release an EP entitled “Through Life ‘Till Death” on May 24, 2024 via Gruesome Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Hugo Ferrão at Studio Lote 71. More about SPITGOD at www.facebook.com/spitgod

On May 24, 2024 Hells Headbangers will release a new six-song mini album from “True Vampyric Metal Punk” trio SPITER, “Enter The Gates Of Fucking Hell”, on CD and cassette tape formats. The vinyl LP version will be released on July 26, 2024. You can already check out the title track at this location. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Enter The Gates Of Fucking Hell’, ‘Drowning In Darkness’, ‘Tears Of Blood’, ‘The Creeping Serpent Psychosis’, ‘666 On The Crucifix’ and ‘Reflection Of The Vampire’. https://spiter.bandcamp.com

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